How do i get heatran?

  1. What do you recomend to use to catch it.
    How do u solve the maze.
    what is its info like lvl and attacts

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    davidhuga14 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Once you and Buck encounter Charon in the back room, a scene will occur with Looker, Charon, the 2 Grunts from Floaroma Meadow, and the Magma Stone. Afterwards, return to the Survival Area. Talk to Buck INSIDE the building he enters ("The Battleground") and Heatran will spawn at the room the Magma Stone was in. Rock Climb and the lack of a Partner will make reaching the room easier the second time.

    Take the following with you:
    -Lots of Dusk Balls (~40-50)
    -An Adamant, Impish, Careful, or Jolly Smeargle with Bubblebeam/Octazooka/Water Gun/Bubble (so you can weaken but not KO Heatran), False Swipe (so you can guarantee 1 HP), Swords Dance (False Swipe needs some help VS Heatran's Steel Type resistance to Normal), and Spore (Sleep and Freeze give twice the catch rate modifier that Poison and Paralyze do (and Burn as well, but Heatran's Flash Fire Ability and Fire Type prevent it))
    -Pokemon that can fight off the Wild Poison, Rock, and Fire Types on the way to Heatran.

    Heatran will be at Level 50. Any Wild Pokemon will know the last 4 moves learned before/at their encounter level, so Heatran will know Metal Sound, Crunch, Scary Face, and Lava Plume.

    Video Walkthroughs below (*SPOILERS*):

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Other Answers

  1. See for information. Lv in 70 or less and i not remember. And effective use dusk ball. Move ? Okay i see my heatran move set.

    User Info: andibad

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  2. You go to shark moutine help the dude with the red hair to the treasure area.

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  3. Stark mountion in the very back level 50, I really only had it use lava plume on me

    User Info: ghostofX

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  4. Okay i beginer for playing this game. I can tell you more sorry. Karlec is true about heatran and trick in nature pokemon. For video is spoiler . . . . .

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