How and where do you catch Ditto in Pokemon Platinum?

  1. I need Ditto so I can breed some Pokemon that I don't have the evolution for and to trade them for other Pokemon that I need for my Pokedex. Also tell how you breed Pokemon with Ditto.

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    MV26 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Catching Ditto can be simple but it takes up alot of time so follow these steps:
    #1:Get the national pokedex (you can get it by seeing all 210 pokemon in the Sinnoh reigon)
    #2:Next go to Mr.Backlot's Mansion
    #3:Go into his office (The 1st room on the right)
    #4:This is a critical point! SAVE!! (It will let you restart in the next step)
    #5:Talk to Mr. Backlot and he will talk about seeing a pokemon in his Trophy Garden (Backyard) keep turning off the DS system and restarting until he says that he saw a Ditto.
    #6:Go to the Trophy Garden and keep walking in the the tall grass until a wild Ditto appears.
    P.S. Ditto is a good pokemon to have because he can breed with EVERY pokemon in the game even Legendaries!!

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Other Answers

  1. Get national pokedex go thropy garden . Talk first to brakhol. sorry . And try and try. He say ditto and caught and get it and show to him. Is take more one day.

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  2. Once you have the National Dex, a bunch of new Pokemon will start appearing daily in Mr. Backlot'sTrophy Garden on Route 212. Visit him every day. When he says that there are Ditto in his garden, this (and the next consecutive day) will be your chance to catch wild Ditto.

    You breed Ditto the same way you breed any other Pokemon--the only difference is that the resultant egg will produce a Pokemon of the other species in the breeding pair (in other words, the one that's not Ditto). It doesn't matter if you mate Ditto with a male or female (or genderless) Pokemon--as long as the Pokemon can breed (i.e., not legendary, not "baby" and not another Ditto), then you will have an egg.

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