Are a Pokemon's EV stats maxed when you feed it enough Vitamins to get the Effort Ribbon?

  1. If you give a Pokemon that you just caught an even amount of each vitamin does that mean that it's EV's are maxed? I also have the Effort Ribbon on those Pokemon.

    User Info: Zeldafan77

    Zeldafan77 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    The reason I do this is because I really do not understand EV's at all and I don't think I ever completely will until the game explains them to you in great detail and/or has EV meters to help keep track and balance them so I hoped that since I have a lot of money (daily battleground and Pokemon Center battles and the restaurant) and can afford to buy alot of Vitamins, that this would make up for my EV ignorance. I have 26 of each Vitamin except HP up which I have 27.

    User Info: Zeldafan77

    Zeldafan77 - 8 years ago

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  1. If you just fed the Pokemon vitamins until it couldn't take any more, and then got the Effort Ribbon, then yes, its EV's are maxed.

    User Info: ApatheticIdiot

    ApatheticIdiot (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. I htink it matters about their base stat

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  2. If you got the effort ribbon, then the pokemon's EV's reached the maximum value. Considering each stat can go up to 100 EV points with vitamins, it's possible to reach the max EV capacity(514 EV points).

    User Info: LordCooler

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  3. If you have done that then you are really stupid and you need to reduce the evs with ev reducing berries and retrain it. You cannot receive the effort ribbon again tho, so try to keep track of the evs on paper.

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  4. These should help with any questions on EV training:

    If you need a tool to help keep track of how many EV's you're getting while training, you can use the Counter app to do so.

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  5. A pokemon can have roughly 500 EVs total, and roughly 250 per one stat, most people thus pick the 2 most important stats and max those to 250, for example say u have a machamp with all physical punching moves (dumb yes, its just an example) why give it any EVs for special attack? it would waste your EVs since he never uses special attack, you'd be boosting it for nothing, vitamins only give up to 100 EVs, 10 each, so like 10 proteins and they wont eat any more proteins, the last 150 EVs for that stat you would need to train yourself

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  6. WARNING, this can be long or short, depending on the way you want the info.
    Ok, I want to post a link that will direct you to the source but I dont know about how this site's link policies very well so you'll have to hear my explanation for now. If you want to know the site. email me at
    here's my explanation:

    First of all, people who answered before me, You can only have 510 EVs in one pokemon. and 252 in one stat.(its actuallt 255 but since 255 isnt divisible by 4, its limit is 252) which leaves an extra 6 EVs. First off, a pokemon can only be fed 10 vitamins in one stat. thats 500 EVs if you had used all stat boosts on the pokemon. A pokemon can't be fed any vitamins if it has ALREADY 100 EVs in that Stat. EVs are kinda simple if you're being taught the RIGHT way. first off, 4 EVs=i EV point at lv100. 252/4 is 63 so you can get 63 points if you EV trained than a pokemon thats not EV trained. Bear in mind that it makes no difference if you train at a high or low level. the results will spread as you gain levels. But training them to 100 is usless cause when you enter wifi, their Levels are automactically set to either 100 or 50 if you play by those rules. If you play "Free" mode, then its the level you left it at. 2nd, EVs are gained only thourgh exp. if you dont feed it vitamins. 3rd. Natures gives a nice 10% boost in EVtraining. so you'll get 6 points extra if you get the natures right.

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