?How do I find a SHINY Pokemon using the pokemon Radar?

  1. -Overall, I know what 2 do;
    pick an area that has few species of pokemon, use lots of repels,
    don't have a game in the duel slot 2 better ur chances (unless u wanted a pokemon from the duel slot), and 2 continue the chain u must either knock out or catch the pokemon 2 find another shaking piece grass.
    -However, even though I have a Torkoal in the lead possition (4 white smoke ability 2 repel wild pokemon), gave it a Cleanse Tag, used Max Repels, AND the Black Flute (all of which repel wild pokemon) I can't get more than a 5 pokemon chain! I think I'm doing something wrong.
    -How does it work? R u supposed 2 keep battling the same type of pokemon till u find a shiny? Do u have 2 go into the patches of grass that flickers, or does it not matter? If u started the chain with the regular grass (or Shiny grass), do u have 2 keep going in those same type patches 2 keep the chain going?
    -I know these r a lot of Q's (4), but I'd b great some1 could please help me out.

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    I 4got 2 mention that I do use the Poke Radar & go in2 the shaking grass (both the green & flickered) 2 hunt 4 a shiny pokemon.

    Thanks 4 the help so far!

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    Thanks 4 the tip, gamesmaster1990. I'll try that as well.

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    Acually myers4325, its 1-in-8,000 somethinng. And as 4 shiny pokemon, I know how u feel. I saw a Ryhorn in Saphire's safari zone, as well as a Pikachu in Emerald's Battle Frontier Battle Pike; U can't even catch Pokemon in there at all!

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    I'm getting closer! I've managed 2 get 30 in a row! Tthere's something that I've realized through this hunt: Say if u started with a shiny grass, & 1 time (after defeating that pokemon) there is only 1 non-shiny grass & u must go into it. After u beat that pokemon, u will have 2 start going into the non-shiny grass from there on. Same thing woks if u started w/ non-shiny & went 2 shiny.

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Accepted Answer

  1. You forgot one thing starknight. always target the farthest patch that's shaking for the most chance of the same pokemon. go to www.cheatplanet.com there is a guide on chaining. got 62 ralts in a row and also a shiny ralts!

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Other Answers

  1. You must battle a same pokemon in same area. If change you chance become 0 again. You must same battle with same species. And it will get 4 times to get it. Few times i go out grass and used pokeradar. I lucky get shiny mareep and today i get shiny bidof. Is hard. You must in shiny sprinkle grass. Is very hard.

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  2. The only thing i can think of is that you're either not going in the shaking grass, or you're not in a big enough area. I have had my radar stop working cause i was in too small of an area and it didn't have much space to work.

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  3. Choose a grassy area with a large amount of uninterrupted grass--that is, few or no blind-spots, open patches, etc. As you mention, avoid having a GBA game in the dual slot (unless that's what you're aiming for). Also, check with Dawn/Lucas's sister in Sandgem Town to see if a Pokemon is swarming in the area you're in--that way you can avoid that area, unless you're trying for the swarming Pokemon. And as well, unless you're targeting a specific Pokemon that only shows up at a specific time, avoid the area during those hours (e.g., Kricketot or Kricketune in morning and night).

    Using Route 201 as an example, the area just west of Sandgem Town would be a good area to search in--pretty much square, only a couple of blind-spots, no open patches. During the day you can catch Nidoran (M or F), Bidoof, or Starly. In this case, since all the Pokemon are vulnerable to Normal attacks, I'd suggest using a Pokemon with False Swipe in the lead (e.g., Scyther). Switch your Poketch App to the counter and reset it to 00000. Save the game, then use a Repel (as opposed to a Max Repel, since they cost less, even if they only work for 50 steps, plus depending on the level, Pokemon with Pickup ability may find lots of them).

    Use the Pokeradar. For rarer Pokemon, you're going to want to head for the patches that shake energetically and sort of change color. However, whichever patch you decide to go to, make sure you remember HOW it shook. Once you enter that patch, if you want to continue the chain, you will need to look for patches that shake EXACTLY the SAME way. You will be more likely to encounter the same Pokemon at the same level. If you want the chain to extend beyond four or five, you need to encounter the same Pokemon at the same level. On Route 201, you have to encounter either Bidoof or Starly or Nidoran (M) or Nidoran (F). For Bidoof and Starly the gender won't matter; for Nidoran it will.

    The more potential Pokemon in an area, the harder it will be to get the same Pokemon, even if you only target specific grass patches. However, you need to extend your chain as long as possible if you are going to encounter a shiny Pokemon.

    On rare occasions you CAN go into different patches of grass and encounter the same Pokemon, but this is risky. Sometimes, however, that's the only way the grass shakes. However, while you may be lucky if you go from slowly rustling grass to a wildly rustling grass, you are almost certainly to have problems going the other way. Also, be careful of moving straight up towards a patch of grass above you: the grass directly behind your avatar MAY have rustled, but you're blocking it and can't always tell for certain.

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  4. I have guide about and size is 4mb. Ug but no complete yet. I will post in my blog or in gamefaqs?

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  5. Gamesmaster1990 is right, that is the main thing in every guide. dawn/Lucas tells you sometimes too. does the pokeradar increase the chance you'll see a shiny, b/c last time i checked the chance of seeing one is 1 out of 3000 something. my first shiny was in the safari zone and i thought "crap why here, where it can flee". it was a budew.

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