Were can you find Regirock,regiice,and registeel?

  1. Ive been searching for but not any luck

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    GanSigma34 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You need to have the 11th Movie promotional Regigigas in your copy of Platinum. This is likely incredibly hard to get without using a GameShark or Action Replay code.

    Assuming you have it, though:

    Regirock is found in a special cave in the middle of Route 228 that only appears if you have the Regigigas in your party.
    Regice is found in Mt. Coronet. Near the exit to Route 216, there is an extra cave if you have the Regigigas in your party.
    Registeel is found in Iron Island. Navigate it like you did before, and near the exit there was the room where you found a Metal Coat. Go in there with the Regigigas in your party and it will be different.

    In the case of all 3 rooms, walk across all the spots on the ground, and then interact with the statue in the back.

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Other Answers

  1. You need the event Regigigas to unlock them. The caves for them are in the desert below and to the right of Stark Mt. (regirock), just before you leave Mt. Coronet to go north to Snowpoint city (regice), and before you leave the cave on Iron island, right side of cave (registeel).

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