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    Wifi Plaza FAQ by siasat9077

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 11/24/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (  ____ )(  ___  )| \    /\(  ____ \(       )(  ___  )( (    /|
    | (    )|| (   ) ||  \  / /| (    \/| () () || (   ) ||  \  ( |
    | (____)|| |   | ||  (_/ / | (__    | || || || |   | ||   \ | |
    |  _____)| |   | ||   _ (  |  __)   | |(_)| || |   | || (\ \) |
    | (      | |   | ||  ( \ \ | (      | |   | || |   | || | \   |
    | )      | (___) ||  /  \ \| (____/\| )   ( || (___) || )  \  |
    |/       (_______)|_/    \/(_______/|/     \|(_______)|/    )_)
         ______ _       _   _               
         | ___ \ |     | | (_)                      
         | |_/ / | __ _| |_ _ _ __  _   _ _ __ ___  
         |  __/| |/ _` | __| | '_ \| | | | '_ ` _ \ 
         | |   | | (_| | |_| | | | | |_| | | | | | |
         \_|   |_|\__,_|\__|_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| |_|
    Wifi Plaza FAQ Copyright 2009 Gerard Siasat [siasat9077] (C).
    Table of Contents
    1. Copyright and Introduction [WP01]
    2. Version History [WP02]
    3. Wifi Plaza [WP03]
       -Where is Wifi Plaza? [WP13]
       -What to do in Wifi Plaza? [WP23]
           -Overview [WP33]
           -Rooms    [WP43]
           -Tap Toys [WP53]
           -Surveys  [WP73]
       -Other Information about Wifi Plaza [WP04]
    4. Contact Details [WP05]
    5. Special Thanks [WP06]
                                    COPYRIGHT [WP01]
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal use.
    It may not be placed on any web site other than 
    www.gamefaqs.com [Yes Gamefaqs only]
    or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    Pokemon Platinum Wifi Plaza FAQ (c) Copyright 2009 Gerard Siasat
    Hello everyone and welcome to my 2nd FAQ. This FAQ will feature the Wifi Plaza
    from Pokemon Platinum TM of Nintendo TM. This guide will cover everything 
    about the Wifi Plaza. Well let us now begin having fun on Wifi Plaza.
                                VERSION HISTORY [WP02]
    March 28 2009 14:15 : I started the FAQ and finished the basic structures.[0.5]
    March 29 2009 13:40 : Detailed the Room Section and Wifi Plaza, corrected[1.00]
    few minor errors. I started researching on Minigames for the next update.[1.10]
    April 01 2009 13:12 : 2 people sent me information about the Tap Toys and
    the Minigames. 
    April 09 2009 19:30 : I have updated the poll, tap toys through the help of
    people mailing me. A new question sent by a reader is also answered. I'm
    banned from gamefaqs boards so I really can't access questions fromt there.
    May 01 20:32  : *IMPORTANT*
    There have been an issues regarding a lot of letter
    senders telling me they always got disconnected when the time alloted for 
    searching other Trainers for a minigame becomes 0. Find out why on [WP14]*NEW*
    A new survey has also been added.
                                 THE WIFI PLAZA [WP03]
    1. What is the Wifi Plaza?
     The Wifi plaza is one of the latest addition in the latest Pokemon Game of 
    Nintendo, the Pokemon Platinum. Wifi Plaza is basically a place for Pokemon
    trainers all around the globe for playing fun minigames and even partaking on
    surveys hosted by Nintendo.
     Of course you need Wifi to go there.
    2. Where is the Wifi Plaza? [WP13]
     It can be accessed through all of the Pokemon Centers of the following towns
    or places below. Just go through downstairs of the Pokemon Centers and talk 
    to the girl wearing blue headband.
          List of towns/cities and places that have the Pokemon Wifi Plaza.
               1. Oreburgh City
               2. Canalave City
               3. Floaroma Town
               4. Eterna City
               5. Celestic Town
               6. Hearthome City
               7. Solaceon Town
               8. Veilstone City
               9. Pastoria City
               10. Snowpoint City
               11. Sunyshore City
               12. Fight, Survival and Resort Area
               13. Pokemon League
    3. What to do in Wifi Plaza? [WP23]
     Wifi Plaza is a place where players in a certain room [refer to rooms section]
    interact with each other by playing minigames, exchanging tap toys and doing
    other things.
     You don't need to share friend codes on people just to play.
                           OVERVIEW OF THE WIFI PLAZA [WP33]
    Well basically the Wifi plaza is a "Plaza". At first it will seem to be an
    ordinary Pokemon-themed park. This feature is a great relaxation to get away
    from stressfull fights. I think that is the main reason that Nintendo added
    this attraction. 
                             WIFI PLAZA ROOMS [WP43]
    The Wifi Plaza has a total of 5 rooms. These rooms act like a server. Each 
    time you enter the plaza you are sent to a different room and each room 
    consists of mascots. Here is a full listing rooms with a list of their mascots
    ROOM    |              FEATURED POKEMONS                |  POKEMONS ON FLOAT  |
    MEW     |                   MEW                         |         MEW         |
    Other Room information
    1. Starting March 26 2009, Saturday, USA Versions of Pokemon Platinum will
    have a higher chance of entering the Mew-themed room.
    2. Every time you enter a room, you will be given a tap toy.
    3. Every time you enter a room the lady will ask you what is your type, you
    could choose up to 2 types and you could even choose nothing. These types
    are created to somewhat describe your Pokemons.
                                 TAP TOYS [WP53]
    Every time you enter a room you will be given a random tap toy. For every 
    minigame you ranked first your tap toy will improve. 
    Like its name, a tap toy will do its thing when you tap it. For example the
    Bell, once you tap it, It will create a sound of bell that everyone in the 
    room that are near to you will hear it. The maximum level of a Tap Toy is 
    level 3.
    Tap Toys can also be exchanged with other real life trainers in there. An
    exchange can be done when the trainer is not busy.
    List of Tap Toys I've encountered so far.
    1. Balloons
    2. Bells
    3. Cymbals
    4. Signal *
    5. Sparkle
    6. Popper ( Confetti)
    7. Ripple*
    8. Whirl *
    9. Drum [Thanks to Ross Teixera]
    *=Thanks to Kali for providing these.
    Tap Toy description according to the lady in the Wifi Plaza: Tap Toys
    are toys that you can play within only in the Wi-Fi Plaza. Besides playing
    them on your own, you can also share Tap Toys with friends. Tap Toys can
    be powered up by playing Plaza games, too.
    *I need someone to help me fill up this Tap Toy section with a complete list
    of Tap Toys. Check out the contacts section for more details.
    Minigames [WP63]
                 ==========Swalot Plop========== 
    No. of Players: Maximum of four, Minimum of 2
    Shoot berries into the Mouth of the rotating SWALOT. There will be 2 rounds
    per game. The 2nd round will give more score.
    Scoring System of 1st round
    1. You get 100 points per berry.
    2. Your score will get another 100 per consecutive ball. E.g. 2 consecutive 
    berry equals 200. 6 Consecutive berry=600.
    3. If you failed to shoot a berry the scoring will reset and go back to 100
    per berry.
    Scoring System of 2nd round
     -On the Second round, not only SWALOT will spin but his mouth will also
    close and open.
    1. You get 300 points per Berry.
    2. Your 300 points will get an additional of 300 per consecutive shots. 
    3. If you failed to shoot a berry the scoring will reset and go back to 300
    per berry.
                ==========MIME JR. Top==========
    No. Of PLayers: Maximum of four, Minimum of 2
    Keep MIME JR. Balanced on the ball and stay longer than your opponent. Keep
    the balance by rolling the ball on your touch screen.
    Scoring System
    1. The longer you stay the higher score you will get. It is like a combo
    system of multiplier. For every time the ball shines you get 100 and for 
    the next time you get 200 and then 600 and so on. 
    The Maximum score is 100,000 ( Thanks to Chris crimsonartist270@yahoo.com)
               ==========WOBBUFFET POP========== 
    *UPDATED* Thanks to "Chris" <crimsonartist270@yahoo.com>
    This is the only minigame where you and other players are teammates.
    When all of you popped out 10 ballons, your Tap Toy will upgrade.
    If you get less than 10 your Tap Toy will not Upgrade.
    Wobbuffet Pop is a mini-game using the touch screen to pump up ballons by a 
    Wobbuffet-shaped pump. Ballons are pumped with the stylus up and down to
    earn points. Some Pokemon on the top screen will make it harder for the
    player to pump balloons.
    The info on the Wobbuffet Pop board in the Wi-Fi Plaza mentions Skinny 
    Wynaut being bad. Thanks to Chris!
                              SURVEYS [WP73]
    Once per day, You can partake in surveys held in the rooms. The surveys
    change in a weekly basis. To take a survey, Go to the desk of the man and 
    woman, turn left and you will see a machine tied with a balloon. Go in front 
    of it and there you go. 
    The results can be seen and the end of your time, when the lights are turned 
    off, go again to the machine and see the results.
    Here is a list of Surveys I've encountered so far
    1. What do you do with your Technical Machines?
            A. Use them right away
            B. Store them for a while
            C. Keep them
    2. How is your PC Boxes
            A. Packed Tight
            B. Neat and Tidy
            C. Almost empty
    3. What are the levels of the six Pokemon in your party [Thanks to Kali!]
            A. About the same
            B. Quite different 
            C. Mostly Eggs
    4. Do others know you like Pokemon?" [Thanks to Zachary Fiskin]
            A: Everyone Knows
            B: Only some
            C: No one
    5. What do you let youPokemon hold? [Thanks to Kali!]
           A: Mostly items
           B: Mostly Berries
           C: Usually nothing
                  OTHER INFORMATION/ FAQs [WP04]
    1. Q:What is the maximum time I could stay in the Wifi Plaza?
       A:According on my experiment it is about 20 to 30 minutes.
    2. Q:What things can I do to interact with other players?
       A:You can share Tap Toys, Look at their mini-profile or chat with them
    using preselected words.
    3. Q:What does their "Mini-Profile" Contain?
       A:It contains their ID No., Name, Location, Their activity log and their
    tap toy.
    4. Q:How do I enter my location?
       A:Go to the Global Terminal at Jubilife and examine the Globe there.
    5. Q:How do I know my remaining time?
       A:Once you entered the plaza you will see a big screen with a rotating
    logo of Wifi examine the big screen and the green bars are your time 
    remaining while the Red bars are the time consumed.
    6. Q:What do I do in the footprint stamping station
       A:For me, it is the most useless feature of Wifi Plaza. You choose
    a footprint of the Pokemon in your Party and stamp in on the screen so
    everybody on the Footprint station will see it. Useless.
    7. Q:What is the purpose of the Giant Globe in there?
       A:You can see the location of everyone in your Room. Pretty amazing.
    8. Q:What are the chances of entering <Insert room name> *NEW*
       A:Fire, Water, Grass and Electric have a 22% chance, each. The Mew
    room have now a 12% chance.
    9. Question by Colby Blair" <project45x@yahoo.com>
       Q: I tried to play the plaza games but when I join and it counts down
    to 00 It drops me everytime. Any clue what's wrong?
       A: First of all, thank you for that question. I guess you are the 
    only player and as you have read above all games require at least 2
    members for it to run. If you are still experiencing it, mail me
    again. This happens frequently on the Mew Room because it has the lowest
    chance of being entered.
    10. Question by a letter sender, Benny Mcshane *NEW*
        Q: Is there a city or town where there are higher chances of getting a
    Mew room?
        A: Whether the city or town you are talking about is in real life or
    in-game. Mew Room chances remain the same.
    11. Question by Saint Cat *NEW*
    Q: I'm searching the whole web for an answer but i  was not able to find any.
    Is it maybe possible to choose wich avatar my Character will get as soon as
    it enters the plaza? You know, some of the people there are dressed in 
    other ways then others do 
    A: You get to choose what avatar OTHER TRAINERS will see at the Oreburgh PC
    find the man there what kind of trainer are you like. You can be an Ace 
    Trainer, Bug Catcher or any other type of trainer. Only other trainers will
    get to see your avatar and you will see yourself in your normal dress when 
    you are offline. ( I've confirmed this using Wireless Play.) 
                                  IMPORTANT [WP14] 
    From Colby Blair: I'm usually in the water or fire room, never seen the others. 
    As for the game issue, still going through it. 
    It will say there's 2 or 3 players and 2 or 1 spots left. 
    When the countdown reaches 00... still kicks me out and sometimes I'll see 2 
    people appear in the fenced in area. Still no luck at all.
    From: "Kiry Yamato" <kiryyamato@yahoo.com.au>
    For me, when i enter a game or host one, they start as 
    1 player, 3 spaces. then soon, some people come, changing it to 3 
    players or more. = 3 players 1 space. but once it goes to 00.00
    they say, starting game.. then kicks me out saying someone
    dropped out, or you cannot join this game. This happens everytime.
    From: "Lukino Angeloz" <zeladin567@yahoo.com>
    Every time I enter i get kick out either cause no one enters or someone drops 
    out. Even when there are 2-4 plays I still get kicked out. I manage to get in 
    one game per 30 minutes. What do you think is the matter?
    Ok then, let me get this clear. There aren't just these letter senders
    but there are a lot more of them asking why. My THEORY is that Nintendo is
    experiencing technical difficulties or it is just lesser people go to the
    Wifi plaza not unlike today. Very unlikely but you still has the chance of
    having "Disconnectors" in your rooms, meaning they Disconnect once the game
    will start and causing you trouble.
    I'll try to approach a Nintendo staff regarding this matter.
    Note: This issue has been up since the 2nd half of April up to present.
                          CONTACT DETAILS
    If you see any mistakes or errors in my FAQ or you would like to ask a 
    question you can email me at gerard9077@yahoo.com, Your help will be greatly
    appreciated. Your name will be included on my FAQ for every question or 
    corrections you will say. 
                     SPECIAL THANKS
    1. First of all thanks to God Almighty!
    2. Thanks to me, of course!
    3. And I'd say a very deep thank you from the bottom of my heart to you
    for reading this!
    4. Thank You also SBAllen and gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ.
    5. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net for the facts I needed.
    6. Oh and thank on my mom who bought my computer.
    7. "Chris" <crimsonartist270@yahoo.com>
    8. kali@mpgdesign.ca [BIG THANKS!!!}
    9. Ross Teixeira
    10. Thanks to 'Kuya Iyo' for introducing me on gamefaqs!
    11. Zachary Fiskin" <spearslinger@hotmail.com>
    12. Joseph Paolo F. Mangrobang, Dave Morente and Gaius Eva! 

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