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    Daily Event Guide by NegimaSonic

    Version: .94 | Updated: 10/20/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Daily Events and Points of Interest
                                   Version 0.94
    |                               Contents                                      |
    Use CTL + F to search with the codes. For BEST results, include the entire code
    so search ~Shard~ instead of Shard. Copy and paste makes this easier.
    1) Introduction                          ~Intr1~
    2) Intended Usage                        ~Usag1~
    3) Main guide                            ~Main1~
       Before Elite Four Locations           ~B4E41~
          Jubilife City                      ~JubCi~
          Oreburgh City                      ~OreCi~
          Floaroma City                      ~FloCi~
          Valley Windworks                   ~ValWi~
          Route 205                          ~Rt205~
          Fuego Ironworks                    ~FueIr~
          Eterna Forest                      ~EteFo~
          Eterna City                        ~EteCi~
          Route 206                          ~Rt206~
          Route 208                          ~Rt208~
          Hearthome City                     ~HeaCi~
          Solaceon Town                      ~SolTo~
          Route 210                          ~Rt210~
          Veilstone City                     ~VeiCi~
          Route 214                          ~Rt214~
          Valor Lakefront                    ~ValLa~
          Route 213                          ~Rt213~
          Pastoria City                      ~PasCi~
          Route 212                          ~Rt212~
          Celestic Town                      ~CelTo~
          Canalave City                      ~CanCi~
          Iron Island                        ~IroIs~
          Route 221                          ~Rt221~
          Snowpoint City                     ~SnoCi~
          Route 222                          ~Rt222~
          Sunyshore City                     ~SunCi~
       Post Elite Four Locations             ~L8RE4~
          Sandgem Town                       ~SanTo~
          Pal Park                           ~PalPa~
          Spring Path                        ~SprPa~
          Victory Road                       ~VicRo~
          Fight Area                         ~FigAr~
          Survival Area                      ~SurAr~
          Route 226                          ~Rt226~
          Route 227                          ~Rt227~
          Stark Mountain                     ~StaMo~
          Route 228                          ~Rt228~
          Resort Area                        ~ResAr~
          Pokemon League                     ~PkLea~
          Pokemon Centers and Daily Battles  ~PkCDB~
          Shard Tutors                       ~Shard~
          Sunyshore Market Guide             ~Markt~
          Battle Frontier Items              ~BatFI~
          Wifi Legendary Events              ~WLgEv~
          Random Sightings                   ~RanSi~
    4) Version History                       ~VerHi~
    5) FAQ in a FAQ                          ~FAQx2~
    6) Copyright Information                 ~NoCop~
    7) Credits                               ~Credt~
    8) Contact                               ~Alien~
    |                               Introduction       ~Intr1~                    |
    I decided while I was playing Pokemon Platinum to keep notes of different
    daily events because I always forgot where key characters such as the 
    Name Rater were. And suddenly I realized, hey maybe if I think some of these
    things are useful, maybe someone else could find them useful as well.
    Some of the places and characters noted most people won't have a use for but
    I just included them because they felt left out. Also, specific TM places
    and items you need to progress aren't noted because you'd be forced to find 
    those anyway or are better documented in other guides.
    This is also my first and probably only FAQ.
    |                               Intended Usage        ~Usag1~                 |
    This is not a walkthrough of the main game. This is not an item guide.
    This is just a reference for those times when you wonder "Where are the 
    shard tutors again? Where's that guy that deletes moves?" Or things you might
    have entirely passed by such as Old Chateau.
    I had to make up names for some characters because I don't actually know what
    title they really have. I don't really use cardinal directions in this guide.
    I decided to stick with simple up, down, up-left, etc directions.
    You can use CTL+F to search this guide based off of the codes above or maybe
    something specific that you are looking for like the "Name Rater." If you
    search Name Rater, you can find where he is fairly easily. I would not advise
    searching for exact phrase or matching case.
    This guide is for POKEMON PLATINUM ONLY. Some stuff may be consistent with
    Diamond and Pearl but I won't guarantee which ones.
    |                               Main Guide            ~Main1~                 |
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Before Elite Four Places~~~~~B4E41~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    These are places that have events that can be accessed before the Elite Four is
    defeated. They still include things that can be accessed after the Elite Four.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jubilife City~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JubCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Make-A-Group Man-in front of Jubilife TV Station, by a fountain
    He just allows you to make a group and join one with someone you've mixed
    records with.
    Pokemon Lottery Corner (daily) - inside Jubilife TV Station
    Win prizes based off of how close a Pokemon you have in your possession
    matches the random lotto number (includes Pokemon you have in boxes)
    Mystery Gift - inside Jubilife TV Station, 3rd floor
    Go to Jubilife TV 3rd floor and talk to TV Producer
        Opition of TV: Everyone  Happy
        Feedback on TV: Wi-Fi  Connection
    Mystery Gift will now appear on your title screen. Gifts you receive through
    MG can be picked up at any Pokemart, depending on the event it could be a
    Pokemon (so you may have to have a slot free) or a key item. For the "normal"
    person, the option you'd be most interested in is the "Get Via Nintendo WFC."
    If you have a mystery gift, you will have an option for "Check Card." I hear
    you can hold up to three of these cards.
    (partial thanks to CDGamer.)
    Trainer's School - to the left of the Pokemon Center
    Just in case you forget some of your Pokemon knowledge
    Global Terminal - far left of the Pokemon Center
    There's a lot in here but your game manual talks about most of those.
    Outside of the GTS and various things you do with your VS Recorder, there's 
    a Message to the world guy (1st floor)that allows you to make a statement 
    that goes on your profile if you're doing one of the previous things.
    There's also a place to register your location. You can only do this once, 
    you don't even have to do it at all really.
    There's also a "beauty" looking lady who will give you a backdrop (daily)
    List from thebattleax: Ranch, City at Night, Snowy Town, Outer Space, 
    Cumulus Cloud, Desert, Future Room, Open Sea,Total Darkness, Tatami Room, and
    Gingerbread Room.
    Near the water fountains in from of the Global Terminal
    There's a guy that asks you what type of Pokemon you like. Honestly worthless
    in my opinion. This eventually shows up in a TV interview I think.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oreburgh City~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OreCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Oreburgh Mining Museum - up and right from the Pokemon Center
    Makes pokemon from fossils that you may have dug up in the underground
    or gotten through trade
    Trainer Type Changer - inside the Pokemon Center
    Changes what type of trainer you appear as, in local and online interactions.
    You will still appear as Dawn or Lucas if you're battling someone though.
    Special Pokemon Trade - apartments to the left of pokemart
    Machop for an Abra
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Floaroma City~~~~~~~~~~~~~FloCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop (daily)
    Free berry. Shop with an awning over it.
    thebattleax adds: she gives you a single random berry from the #1-5 berry type.
    Near the back of Floaroma City, its own area.
    Buy Honey
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Valley Windworks~~~~~~~~~~~ValWi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Special Pokemon (Drifloon) Friday's only after beating Commander Mars
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 205~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt205~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pokemon Center like rest cabin just in front of the entrance to Eterna Forest
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fuego Ironworks~~~~~~~~~~~~FueIr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Requires the use of surf off Route 205
    Man trades shards for star pieces
    tradable in 1 or 10 increments; for every one star piece you give him you get
    1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 green shard
    These instructions are crappy so might want to use another guide 
    or video for real details, these directions are in button presses
    From entrance:
    2 up, 9 left, 1 down, 1 down, 2 left, 3 down, 5 right, 10 down, 
    1 right, 3 up, 1 right, 1 down, 1 right, 8 up, 
    5 right, 1 down, 3 down, 5 right, 2 left, 1 up, 
    1 left, 2 down, 4 left, 7 left
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eterna Forest~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EteFo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Old Chateau - Rotom (1 time only Special Night Pokemon)
    Some argue that its not a legend because you can breed it...
    Who cares? Catch it or faint it anyway!
    Secret Event - The Ghosts of Old Chateau
    At night time in game, you can occasionally see a ghost in Old Chateau. 
    There's only two that I know of. The first is the old man. He appears in the 
    first floor dining room.
    The second is a small girl. She is on the second floor. In the area with 
    5 rooms, she appears in the 1st room (counting from the right end). HOWEVER!,
    you must be in the room with the eyes (second from the right) in order to see
    her. There are no limits on how many times you can see them but their
    encounter rate isn't very high so you may have to reenter a room several times
    to get them to appear.
    thebattleax adds: Nighttime in game is from 8:00PM-4:00AM.
    I have seen one as early as 7:46 (19:46 in game) so I guess Evening counts too.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eterna City~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EteCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Underground Man - to the right of poke center
    Gain the ability to dig around in the underground and build a secret bases.
    Trade Buizel for Chatot
    Name Rater - he allows you to change the name of a Pokemon that you are the
    Original Trainer for. (thebattleax reminded me to finish description)
    Professor Oak - House nearest gym (must first ENTER Pal Park at least once)
    He'll give you information that will release Articuno, Moltress, and Zapdos
    into the world. (thanks to Zeldafan77)
    Secret Room - Team Galactic Base (must beat boss in base) must have secret key
    First floor all the way top left between wall and computer, 
    click on the upper wall to reveal a hidden room to let you 
    change ROTOM shape and give you an ability per shape.
    (Thanks to CDGamer)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 206~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt206~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Wayward Cave - under cycling road
    Flash is recommended to have. You can gain Mira as a partner.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 208~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt208~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Berry Master's House - a daily free berry** and
    Mulch Shop - change the way your berries grow
    **From thebattleax, he gives you a single berry from the #1-26 berry type.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hearthome City~~~~~~~~~~~~HeaCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Mr. Goods - short distance in front of Pokemon Center
    He gives you items based off of certain accomplishments in the game
    |Globe         | Connect over Nintendo DS Wi-Fi at least once          |
    |Gym Statue    | Obtain all 8 gym badges                               |
    |Cute   Cup    | Beat Master Rank of the Pokemon Super Contest (Cute)  |
    |Cool   Cup    | Beat Master Rank of the Pokemon Super Contest (Cool)  |
    |Beauty Cup    | Beat Master Rank of the Pokemon Super Contest (Beauty)|
    |Tough  Cup    | Beat Master Rank of the Pokemon Super Contest (Tough) |
    |Smart  Cup    | Beat Master Rank of the Pokemon Super Contest (Smart) |
    |Blue   Crystal| Greet 100 people in the Underground                   |
    |Pink   Crystal| Give goods to people 100 times in the Underground     |
    |Red    Crystal| Unearth 100 Fossils Pokemon fossils or Rare Bones     |
    |              | in the Underground                                    |
    |Yellow Crystal| Set 100 traps in the Underground                      |
    (thanks to Zeldafan77 for list)
    Bebe's House - to the right of the Pokemon Center
    She gives you an Eevee. Also changes the name of PC's from Someone's PC to
    Bebe's PC.
    Contest Hall - for Pokemon Contests
    Amity Square East Gate- go for a walk with "cute" Pokemon. I'd like to 
    specifically note the East Gate (right). There's a janitor hanging somewhere
    around in here but you must use these special hidden teleports in 
    "ancient sand castles" to reach him. His location changes day by day. 
    You cannot just walk inside them to get to him.
    The inside of the sand castles follows this format. Each "[]" is a block. The 
    one with the X in it is the one you should use to reach him. You might reach 
    him by going left but it is harder because it loops between two specific
    locations. By going right, it might take a little longer but you'll definitely
    reach him.
    According to thebattleax, the janitor gives out:
    five of one type of berry #27-35 or one of these accessories(there may be more)
    Mini Pebble, Glitter Boulder, Black Pebble, and Thick Mushroom.
    Permitted Pokemon to gain entrance into Amity Square are:
    Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape, Piplup, Prinplup,
    Empoleon, Pikachu, Clefairy, Psyduck, Pachirisu, Happiny, Buneary, Drifloon,
    Jigglypuff, Torchic, Skitty, and Shroomish.
    You can find a certain accessory item based off of what kind of Pokemon 
    you brought with you.
    Pokemon Fan Club - odd looking house with a Heart over it
    -Pokemon Fan Club president will give you a Poffin Case
    -His "assistant" checks your Pokemon's happiness, useless if you have the
     Happiness checker Pokemon app (both thanks to thebattleax)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Solaceon Town~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SolTo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pokemon Daycare
    Leave up to two Pokemon here to allow them to gain levels and experience.
    Also used to breed Pokemon.
    News Press (daily) - get random Poke balls and a Heart Scale for
    bringing them whatever Pokemon they request. 
    Zeldafan77 adds this: "the guy will ask you for a random Pokemon from the 
    Sinnoh Dex, not the National Dex, and it does not matter whether you’ve seen 
    it or not because he once asked me for Giratina when I only had about 5 badges"
    thebattleax also adds: This is the only place with a chance to get 
    Dive balls, other than importing them through Pal Park.
    Seal Boy - show him Unown that you catch and get a letter based off of that
    Solaceon Ruins - catch Unown in here
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 210~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt210~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Cafe Cabin - buy Moo Moo Milk and have a few battles(battles are one time only)
    Grandma Wilma's House - in a house in the foggy area to the right of 
    Celestic Town, which is accessible by Rock Climb. She teaches the Ultimate 
    Dragon move (Draco Meteor) to a Dragon Type Pokemon with Max friendship.
    (thanks to Zeldafan77)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Veilstone City~~~~~~~~~~~VeiCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    House North of Pokemon Center - A man gives you a free Porygon
    Massage girl - house south of gym
    She gives your Pokemon a massage to make them friendlier and gives you
    a bonus accessory item for contests or photos
    Coin case-in the house to the right of massage lady; clown
    Pick a hand, you'll get the case either way.
    Veilstone City Game Corner
    Go here to gamble uselessly in Pokemon. The prizes are nice though if you
    have the money or patience to buy/earn enough coins.
    If you get 10+ bonus rounds in the Game Corner, you will get TM64 Explosion.
    (thanks to thebattleax)
    Prize Exchange (right beside the game corner)
    There's a man inside who will tell you what the hidden power type of your
    Pokemon. Does not work for Pokemon who cannot actually learn Hidden Power.
    (thanks to thebattleax)
    Item			# of coins
    Silk Scarf		1000  coins
    Wide Lens		1000  coins
    Zoom Lens		1000  coins
    Metronome		1000  coins
    TM90 Substitute		2000  coins
    TM58 Endure		2000  coins
    TM75 Swords Dance	4000  coins
    TM32 Double Team	4000  coins
    TM44 Rest		6000  coins
    TM89 U-Turn		6000  coins
    TM10 Hidden Power	6000  coins
    TM27 Return		8000  coins
    TM21 Frustration	8000  coins
    TM35 Flamethrower	10000 coins
    TM24 Thunderbolt	10000 coins
    TM13 Ice Beam		10000 coins
    TM29 Psychic		10000 coins
    TM74 Gyro Ball		15000 coins
    TM68 Giga Impact	20000 coins
    Veilstone Department Store - sells a variety of things like Poffins, Berries, 
    TM’s, Vitamins, and Goods for your Secret Base in the Underground.
    (thanks to Zeldafan77)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 214~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt214~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ruin Maniac - directly south of Veilstone City Gate
    He's picking his way through this tunnel. The more types of Unown you catch
    the more progress he makes. If you get the entire 26 alphabet then he will
    finish and open up a secret Unown chamber with the "!" and "?" Unown.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Valor Lakefront~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ValLa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Seven Stars Restaurant - double battles (9AM to 11PM)
    (thanks to Zeldafan77 for exact times)
    Game Directors House - he wants to see your completed Pokedex. You can see a
    nice little certificate if you show him a completed one.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 213~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt213~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Hotel Grand Lake - Pokemon center like rest place
    Dr. Footsteps House - he checks your Pokemon's footsteps to see what they have
    to say about you. If they are happy enough, he will give that Pokemon a ribbon.
    Try bringing different Pokemon like Dunsparce or Porygon-Z to see what he says.
    Zeldafan77 adds that MAX friendship is required to get this ribbon.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pastoria City~~~~~~~~~~~~PasCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Great Marsh (or Safari Zone) - Inside a guy gives free shards (Daily)
    Scarf Guy - if your Pokemon has maxed out stats in a certain contest attribute
    you get a scarf based off that maxed out stat.
    Move Tutor or Move Relearner - house nearest surf water, south of berry patch
    He teaches any of your Pokemon a move they may have forgotten in exchange for
    a heart scale.
    Bug Boy - house to the left of Move Relearner
    Get a macho brace for male and female combee
    Free Berry (daily) - House nearest west exit
    The types of berries you get here are the "super-effective attack weakening" 
    berry type. 
    (thanks to thebattleax for the super-effective note. I never noticed that.)
    Secret Event - Croagunk Sighting
    Sometimes a Croagunk appears when you put your face through the back of the
    Croagunk sign in front of the Great Marsh. (Just in case, the back meaning
    your character's face should be visible through the sign). You will hear the
    sound of a Croagunk. It will look around and disappear into the marsh.
    You DO NOT have to be on your bike.
    You CAN do it after beating Stark Mountain.
    You do NOT have to start a Safari Game.
    You do NOT have to beat the Pokemon League again to make it happen again.
    My method:
    Fly to town (or load save). Run/ride to sign. If it doesn't work. Run inside
    the Great Marsh Observatory Gate and immediately run out (do NOT start a 
    Safari Game). Run/ride to sign again. Repeat as many times as necessary.
    Have patience. It might not appear on your first few times. Give it at least 20
    before giving up. This is MY Method. This doesn't mean this is the only way.
    (thanks to Zeldafan77 for informing me about this event)
    N/e/g/i/m/a/S/o/n/i/c/ wrote this guide. Please don't steal it. ^-^
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 212~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt212~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Shard House
    Pokemon Mansion - includes 5 Maid Exact Turn Knockout Challenge (daily)
    Rare candy trick from thebattleax
    "If you KO them in their randomly generated turn parameters (5 clefairies 
    for 5-9 turns), you can battle a lv35 Blissey, which provides almost 2000 EXP.
    But what's really surprising is the held item: Rare Candy. 
    You must use trick/switcheroo/thief/covet to get it, however, and there is 
    the omnipresent fear of Blissey using Fling, getting rid of the Rare Candy. 
    (You didn't think this would be easy, would you?). Other than spending a 
    whopping 48 BP on a single Rare Candy, this is the only way to get unlimited 
    ones, and it is Platinum-exclusive."**
    **pbob would like to point out that you can also get unlimited rare candies
    if you're lucky with a Pokemon with the ability pickup. The Pokemon with this
    ability are Meowth, Aipom, Teddiursa, Phanphy, Zigzagoon, Linoone, Parchirisu,
    Ambipom, and Munchlax. Though tecnically, this is NOT platinum exclusive.
    Levels and your percentage chances:
    21-30: 3%
    31-40: 5%
    41-100: 10%
    There's a lot more things you can get with this ability but I decided that is
    better noted in other guides ^-^;;
    (after national dex) - Talk to Mr. Backlot
    add one pokemon to the Trophy Garden everyday 
    although you can get the same type more than once includes:
    Azurill, Castform, Chansey, Cleffa, Clefairy, Ditto, Eevee, Happiny, 
    Jigglypuff, Marill, Minun, and Plusle
    Picture of Manaphy - you can find a picture of Manaphy for your Sinnoh Dex 
    in the same room as Mr. Backlot. (thanks to Zeldafan77)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Celestic Town~~~~~~~~~~~~~CelTo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pokemart House - guy with glasses gives the following once during following 
    periods of day:
    Choice specs (morning), Blackglasses (day), and Wise Glasses (night)
    There is a guy in the Pokemon Center on the left side who will
    give you a daily Great Ball if your lead Pokemon is friendly with you 
    (2 hearts small or big on the Friendship App on the Poketch).
    (thanks to Zeldafan77)
    (after national dex) -In Celestic, you can unlock Dialga and Palkia appearing 
    at Spear Pillar by talking to Cynthia's Grandmother. You will need to find the
    Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb (found at Mt. Coronet by using waterfall) and
    have it with you when you go to Spear Pillar. For specific details on this, see
    a full walkthrough. (thanks to Zeldafan77 and puenboy)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Canalave City~~~~~~~~~~~~~CanCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Move Deleter - house down (south) from the Pokemon center
    This is the guy you go to if you need to delete any move including HMs.
    Canalave Library - yay reading!
    Sailor Eldritch's House (and Canalave Dock)
    Go here for your all access pass to Iron Island
    or Fullmoon Island (after National Dex)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Iron Island~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IroIs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Riley - partner with him and earn a Riolu egg for your efforts. Really he's not
    very missable unless you barely explored Iron Island at all.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 221~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt221~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Old Man (daily) - in the only house on this route near Pal Park. 
    Gives you one of the below items if you show him Pokemon of a certain level. 
    They are: Black Belt, Expert Belt, and Focus Sash.
    Pal Park. However this place is useless until after you beat the Elite Four
    so I give it its own section in the Post Elite Four Events.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Snowpoint City~~~~~~~~~~~~~SnoCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Trade - Medicham for Haunter (the Haunter comes with an everstone)
    Shard man/Trendy Saying Man
    The Trendy Saying Man gives you words that go in the "Tough Words" category 
    whenever you get to give feedback (like typing a letter or answering an 
    interview in game). There are a total of 32 words you can get from him.
    (thanks to Michel Dijkstra and Zeldafan77)
    (after Elite Four) - ship to the "Battle Zone"
    Really only useful on the first trip. Otherwise, you'd probably use fly.
    Snowpoint Temple - after National Dex
    Regigigas is caught here if you have caught Regice, Registeel, and Regirock.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 222~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt222~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pokemon Size Contest - a Fisherman who wants to see a really big Remoraid
    Pikachu Fan Club - a Pokemanic with a passion for Pikachus...
    One of the Pikachus is actually a Poke Kid so prepare for battle.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sunyshore City~~~~~~~~~~~~~SunCi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Julia's House (daily) 
    You get the following ribbons based off of what day it is. It doesn't really
    matter what "story" you tell her.
    Sunday - Smile, Monday - Alert, Tuesday - Shock, Wednesday - Downcast,
    Thursday - Careless, Friday - Relax, Saturday - Snooze
    A House accessible only by Rock Climb
    Scientist gives Poketch apps for certain natures.
    Naive - Dot Artist, Serious - Calendar, and Quirky - Roulette
    Sunyshore Market
    -World's Seal Shop
    -Effort Ribbon lady (if your lead Pokemon has max 510 EVs, you get this ribbon)
    |                       Post Elite Four Locations           ~L8RE4~           |
    |  all areas below here require you to AT LEAST have beaten the Elite Four    |
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sandgem Town~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SanTo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Professor Rowan's Lab
    (after Pokemon League) - come here to get the national dex if you've seen 
    all 210 Sinnoh Pokemon
    Dawn/Luca's House
    (after national dex) - sister tells you where a pokemon swarm is
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pal Park~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PalPa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Migrate Pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered, and Leafgreen. (daily)
    Sort of. You can only migrate 6 Pokemon from a game pak once every 24 hours. If
    you have more than one game pack, you can migrate 6 per game pack. But you must
    catch all six from any given pack (and save) before you can do it again. You
    get a free berry based off your catching score.
    **of some note, messing with the DS clock forfeits and restarts the 24 hour
    wait even if you didn't migrate during that day. And the 24 hours doesn't start
    until you attempt to migrate those Pokemon again. So if you mess with your DS
    clock at 7:00 PM and forget to attempt to migrate until 10:00 PM then you can't
    migrate until 10:00 PM again after the game "adjusts" to the change.
    Anyway, that's a little too much for this guide. There are more detailed guides
    dedicated to this. Now for this guide:
    A girl on the first floor (to the left of the entrance) - she wants to see 
    two a Snorlax and a Kecleon (in that order). She'll give you Poketch Apps. 
    The Kitchen Timer (Snorlax) and Color Changer (Kecleon).
    On the second floor, a girl will give you a things depending on which pack you
    have in. Crown - Firered, Tiara - Leafgreen, Seafloor - Sapphire, 
    Sky - Emerald, and Underground - Ruby.
    (thanks to Zeldafan77 for pointing at that I should've added this,
    used CAHowell's Diamond guide for reference on the 2nd floor girl)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spring Path~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SprPa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Turnback Cave
    Okay technically, you get to see this area before beating the Elite Four but
    Cynthia blocks your way to getting back in. That's where the Griseous Orb is.
    Turns Giratina into the Origin form. And allows you to visit Distortion World
    one more time. Although this time around, you can't explore as much.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Victory Road~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VicRo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Victory Road 2 / Route 224
    Similar situation as above. A guy blocks your way until you beat the Elite Four
    You get to partner with Marley and gain access to Route 224 as your reward.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fight Area~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FigAr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Super Rod from Fisherman (after national dex)
    "Item Expert" - southernmost house
    He explains basic information about some competitive battle items:
    Lum Berry, Focus Sash, Expert Belt, Life Orb, Choice Scarf, Choice Band,
    Choice Specs, and Leftovers. Useful if you forgot exactly how much certain
    items boost your attack, heal, and so on. (thanks to thebattleax)
    Battle Frontier - contains Battle Tower, Hall, Factory, Castle, and Arcade
    Your versus recorder gets upgraded to tell you how many battle points you've
    earned and display "prints" you've earned on the Battle Frontier.
    Also, there's a scratch-off lottery card game. You can get either one nugget, 
    three of the EV-reducing, happiness-boosting berries, or super-effective 
    type weakening berry. (thanks to thebattleax)
    Battle Tower - special mention here. The only one of the facilities that has
    wifi features and multi battles with a computer partner. Also, the only one
    where you can work with a friend from Diamond or Pearl (and of course Platinum)
    There's also a judge (scientist sprite) he makes two statements about your 
    Pokemon's IVs.
    According to slg369
    (The first statement)
    If the IV total is between 0 and 90: 
    "This Pokemon's potential is decent all around."
    If the IV total is between 91 and 120: 
    "This Pokemon's potential is above average overall."
    If the IV total is between 121 and 150: 
    "This Pokemon has relatively superior potential overall."
    If the IV total is between 151 and 186: 
    "This Pokemon has outstanding potential overall."
    (The second statement)
    If the highest IV is between 0 and 15: "It's rather decent in that regard."
    If the highest IV is between 16 and 25: "It's very good in that regard."
    If the highest IV is between 26 and 30:"It's fantastic in that regard."
    If the highest IV is 31: "It can't be better in that regard."
    Wi-fi Quotes man (also in Battle Tower)
    There is a person (has the school kid appearance) who can change what you say
    when you appear on someone else's game through Wi-fi Battle Tower. There's
    "before battle", "upon winning", "upon losing", and "becoming No. 1" statements
    (thanks to thebattleax)
    Battle Hall - INCOMPLETE/TOO LARGE Unfortunately
    This particular area is unusual as you can get BP indirectly from battling even
    without winning. There's a guy standing beside the two monitors that show your
    records for your challenges here. He will give you BP for reaching certain
    benchmarks with your OVERALL wins. I don't remember the numbers before 100
    total but after that...
    100-450 total: get 5 bp every 50 matches (starting with 100)
    500-? total: get 10 bp every 100 (starting with 500) sadly I've only made it
    to 632 at time of writing and I probably won't progress further for awhile.
    Sent from Zeldafan77:
    "Depending on how many consecutive wins you have, you will gain Fans. 
    If your main character is a boy (Lucas), your major fan will be 
    Serena (a girl). If your main character is a girl (Dawn), your major fan will 
    be Winston (a boy). Their dialogue changes as you advance in overall wins.
    Visiting fan - You'll also get visitors cheering you on in the lobby. If your
    total record is over 500, you get Dawn/Lucas. Over 1000 you get Dawn/Lucas or 
    your mother; and over 10,000 you get Dawn/Lucas, your mother, Professor Oak, 
    or Jasmine." Of these I can only confirm Serena because I've never played as 
    a girl and because I'm not nearly good enough to get close to 500. 
    If/when you get over 10,000 consecutive wins you get Dawn/Lucas and your 
    mother for sure and either Oak or Jasmine, or if it is either Dawn/Lucas OR 
    your mother OR Professor Oak OR Jasmine. I got this information from the 
    From author:
    I'll try to make it to 1000 so I can clarify this a bit but this might be
    awhile. Also if you do make it to 500, as with a lot of other things, there's
    only a CHANCE of Dawn/Lucas appearing (they'll be seated beside the idol in
    front of the TV) AFTER you win or lose a challenge. They do not appear upon
    entry into the Battle Hall and they disappear if you leave the BH or start
    a new challenge (though they may technically reappear once that challenge is
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Survival Area~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SurAr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Shard man - access from Route 226 (requires Rock Climb)
    He also has a book that gives a hint as to why certain Shard Tutors like
    certain colored shards.
    Battleground (after completing the Stark Mountain mission) (daily)
    Fight gym leaders and "special" trainers here. The special trainers are any of
    the double battle partners you may have teamed with during the course of the
    game so Riley, Buck, Cheryl, Marley, and Mira.
    **Of some note** The number of trainers you get to fight are from 2 and 4. No
    more than 3 are gym leaders, and there's only one special trainer at a time.
    And it's decided randomly the first time you enter in a day. So save before you
    enter and reset if you don't like who you're facing or don't have the maximum
    number of opponents.
    Rival Level Up - Special note from Zeldafan77:
    In the Survival Area, your Rival stands right outside the Battleground every 
    day and says random stuff. If you talk to him on Saturday or Sunday you will 
    get to battle him.
    http://serebii.net/platinum/rival.shtml says that there are three phases. 
    In Phase 1, his Pokemon are levels 59-65, which the Guidebook and I agree with.
    According to the site, in Phase 2 his Pokemon are levels 69-75, which I cannot
    confirm because of the Guidebook (I’ll explain in a bit). 
    In Phase 3, the last phase, his Pokemon are levels 79-85, which I also agree 
    with. Because the site says they do not know how you upgrade each phase and 
    the fact that the Guidebook says His Pokemon have gained 12-14 levels, and 
    if you’ve entered the Hall of Fame more than 20 times, they’ll be even 
    stronger. (the first part talks about Phase 1 and the last part talks about 
    Phase 3) I believe that on your first visit to the Survival Area, providing 
    you have not yet entered the Hall of Fame more than 10 times, his Pokemon 
    will be at Phase 1. This leads me to believe that you can get Phase 2 after 
    entering the Hall of Fame at least 11 times. Therefore, Phase 3 will be after 
    21 times. The book told me that I needed to enter more than 20 times. 
    By the time I had done so, I had not seen Phase 2 and so the next time I 
    battled my rival, it was Phase 3. This is just a theory but whatever.
    (JER_Y confirms the Phase 2 information)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 226~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt226~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Foreign Languages Poke Man - powers up your Pokedex to read different languages
    offers a few alternate language Pokemon for trade himself
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 227~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt227~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pokemon Center like Rest House
    a creepy lady who wants you to keep resting...
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stark Mountain~~~~~~~~~~~~~~StaMo~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Partner with Buck. Earns you access to the Battleground in Survival Area.
    Also, gives you a chance to catch Heatran.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 228~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rt228~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ultimate move man
    He teaches an "ultimate move" to the final evolution of every starter Pokemon.
    Also, note that they must have max happiness (thanks to Zeldafan77). The moves
    are Blast Burn (for fire), Frenzy Plant (for grass), 
    and Hydro Cannon (for water)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Resort Area~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ResAr~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ribbon Syndicate - Get your Pokemon massaged here (daily)
    From a reader, Zeldafan77
    "you need a Total of 10 different ribbons to get in, not 45. You do not even 
    have to do any contests, just a ribbon for each day of the week from Juila, 
    the Effort Ribbon for max EVs, the Footprint Ribbon for Friendship 
    (2 big or small hearts I believe, might be max though), and the Sinnoh Champ 
    Ribbon (they do not have to all be one Pokemon but I do believe the six 
    Pokemon in your current party combined have to have them all).
    (JER_Y also sent similar info) 
    And from me, I'd like to say that although I do see a lot of people saying that
    you must have 10 different ribbons on a single Pokemon, I've gotten in and I 
    have never had a Pokemon on this version with more than 9 ribbons on it (and 
    one of those came from the Ribbon Syndicate so that means 8). That's why I
    support the 10 different ribbons among your current party theory. 
    Get your own villa
    The villa is free but most items are not. You unlock more items at certain
    in game achievements. Random people show up to check on your villa as 
    well. Some bust in, some wait outside, and some are already there.
    I also noticed something recently: your visitor is set from the first time you
    load a save that day, so soft resetting can help you see someone different if
    you desire. But the first time you save that day, even if you don't visit your
    Villa, the visitor is then set for that day.
    A list provided by Zeldafan77 for all items
    Note that the first 11 items are available from the beginning.
    1. Table-free
    2. Big sofa-$120,000
    3. Small sofa-$90,000
    4. Bed-$187,000
    5. Night table-$58,000
    6. TV-$220,000
    7. Audio system-$160,000
    8. Bookshelf-$150,000 (Professor Rowan can now come)
    9. Rack-$127,000
    10. Houseplant-$120,000
    11. PC desk-$168,000
    12. Music box-$25,300-can order once you have the rack
    13. Pokemon bust (left)-$150,000-can order once you battle each of the 
        Battle Frontier facilities more than once
    14. Pokemon bust (right)-$150,000-can order once you get any one type 
        of Silver Print (beat any Frontier Brain once)
    15. Piano-$146,700-can order once you’ve entered the Hall of Fame 10 times 
        (Cynthia can now come)**
    16. Guest set-$208,000-can order once you’ve had over 50 battles at the 
    17. Wall clock-$52,000-can order once you’ve planted over 50 berries
    18. Masterpiece-$140,000-can order once you’ve hatched over 30 Eggs
    19. Tea set-$108,000-can order when you get the guest set
    20. Chandelier-$120,000-can order when you’ve taken over 300,000 steps 
        since the beginning of the game
    **According to Taedan, she can visit you before entering the Hall of Fame 10x.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pokemon League~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PkLea~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Once the Battleground in the Survival Area is unlocked, you can revisit the 
    Pokemon League for a rematch with a stronger Elite Four and Champion, 
    all of whose Pokemon are the same but with a 15-16 level increase.
    (thanks to Zeldafan77)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pokemon Centers and Daily Battles~~~PkCDB~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Every Pokemon Center - 2nd floor first nurse - sign Trainer's Card
    Daily Pokemon Center Battles
    These trainers travel. Here's a chart of where they are on a given day.
    |Town       |Sunday  |Monday  |Tuesday |Wednesday|Thursday|Friday  |Saturday|
    |Jubilife   |none    |SReptrs |none    |SReptrs  |SReptrs |none    |none    |
    |Oreburgh   |none    |none    |none    |none     |none    |none    |none    |
    |Floaroma   |none    |Pokekid |none    |none     |Pokekid |none    |none    |
    |Eterna     |DRepters|DRepters|DRepters|none     |none    |none    |DRepters|
    |Hearthome  |Clown   |none    |SReptrs |none     |none    |SReptrs |Clown   |
    |Solaceon   |none    |none    |Pokekid |none     |none    |Pokekid |none    |
    |Veilstone  |none    |none    |none    |DRepters |DRepters|DRepters|none    |
    |Pastoria   |Guitarst|none    |Clown   |Guitarst |Clown   |none    |Guitarst|
    |Celestic   |none    |Clown   |none    |Clown    |none    |Clown   |none    |
    |Canalave   |none    |Guitarst|Guitarst|none     |none    |none    |none    |
    |Snowpoint  |Idol    |none    |none    |none     |none    |none    |none    |
    |Sunyshore  |none    |none    |none    |none     |Guitarst|Guitarst|none    |
    |Fight Area |SReptrs |none    |none    |none     |none    |none    |SReptrs |
    |Resort Area|Pokekid |none    |none    |Pokekid  |none    |none    |Pokekid |
    Sandgem Town, Pokemon League/Victory Road, and Survival Area never have
    trainers at their Pokemon Centers.
    DReptrs means Dual Reporters. The reporters that you fight as a 
    double battle.
    SReptrs means Seperate Reporters. You fight them as a cameraman and
    reporter seperately.
    Guitarst=Guitarist. Needed to cut off a letter for formatting
    I don't know where the Idol disappears off to on Wednesdays. 
    Maybe its her day off.
    (thanks to Ashunera and SnrChumber21 for confirming the Thursday Veilstone
    |                               Shard Tutors               ~Shard~            |
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Route 212 Shard Tutor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                   He likes blue ^-^
                          "Blue Shards are for special effects"
    |            # of shards and type        |
    |Move:       |Red   |Blue  |Yellow|Green |
    |Dive        |2     |4     |2     |0     |
    |Fury Cutter |0     |8     |0     |0     |
    |Icy Wind    |0     |6     |0     |2     |
    |ThunderPunch|2     |6     |0     |0     | -T-h-i-s- -G-u-i-d-e- -W-a-s-
    |Fire Punch  |2     |6     |0     |0     | -W-r-i-t-t-e-n- -b-y-
    |Ice Punch   |2     |6     |0     |0     | -N-e-g-i-m-a-S-o-n-i-c-
    |Ominous Wind|0     |6     |0     |2     | -T-h-i-s- -I-s- -H-e-r-e- -T-o-
    |Air Cutter  |2     |4     |0     |2     | -P-r-e-v-e-n-t-G-u-i-d-e-T-h-e-f-t-
    |Zen Headbutt|0     |4     |4     |0     |
    |Vacuum Wave |2     |4     |0     |2     |
    |Trick       |0     |4     |4     |0     |
    |Knock Off   |4     |4     |0     |0     |
    |Sucker Punch|0     |6     |2     |0     |
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Snowpoint City Shard Tutor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                       He likes yellow
                        "Yellow Shards are for status problems."
    |            # of shards and type        |
    |Move:       |Red   |Blue  |Yellow|Green |
    |Snore       |2     |0     |4     |2     |
    |Spite       |0     |0     |8     |0     |
    |Helping Hand|2     |0     |4     |2     |
    |Synthesis   |0     |0     |2     |6     |
    |Magnet Rise |0     |2     |4     |2     |
    |Last Resort |0     |0     |0     |8     |
    |Swift       |0     |2     |2     |4     |
    |Uproar      |0     |0     |6     |2     |
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Survival Area/Route 226 Shard Tutor (requires Rock Climb)~~~~~~~
                                         He likes red
                               "Red Shards emphasize power."
    |            # of shards and type        |
    |Move:       |Red   |Blue  |Yellow|Green |
    |Mud-Slap    |4     |4     |0     |0     |
    |Rollout     |4     |2     |0     |2     |
    |Superpower  |8     |0     |0     |0     |
    |Iron Head   |6     |0     |2     |0     |
    |Aqua Tail   |6     |0     |0     |2     |
    |Gastro Acid |4     |0     |2     |2     |
    |Endeavor    |4     |0     |4     |0     |
    |Outrage     |6     |0     |2     |0     |
    |AncientPower|6     |0     |0     |2     |
    |Signal Beam |2     |2     |2     |2     |
    |Earth Power |6     |0     |0     |2     |
    |Gunk Shot   |4     |2     |0     |2     |
    |Twister     |6     |0     |0     |2     |
    |Seed Bomb   |4     |0     |0     |4     |
    |Iron Defense|4     |2     |2     |0     |
    |Bounce      |4     |0     |2     |2     |
    |Heat Wave   |4     |2     |0     |2     |
    |                           Sunyshore Market Guide          ~Markt~           |
    Sunyshore Market (Daily) Seals
    Prices not listed because...well if you can't afford these...
    Star Seal A
    Song Seal G
    Foamy Seal D
    Flora Seal F
    Line Seal B
    Ele-Seal A
    Party Seal C
    Heart Seal A
    Star Seal B
    Fire Seal A
    Song Seal A
    Line Seal C
    Ele-Seal B
    Party Seal D
    Heart Seal B
    Star Seal C
    Fire Seal B
    Flora Seal A
    Song Seal B
    Line Seal D
    Ele-Seal C
    Heart Seal C
    Star Seal D
    Fire Seal C
    Flora Seal B
    Song Seal C
    Smoke Seal A
    Ele-Seal D
    Thursday (the man is happy this day)
    Heart Seal D
    Foamy Seal A
    Fire Seal D
    Flora Seal C
    Song Seal D
    Star Seal E
    Smoke Seal B
    Friday (the man is happy this day)
    Foamy Seal B
    Party Seal A
    Flora Seal D
    Song Seal E
    Heart Seal E
    Star Seal F
    Smoke Seal C
    Saturday (the man is happy this day)
    Foamy Seal C
    Party Seal B
    Flora Seal E
    Song Seal F
    Heart Seal F
    Line Seal A
    Smoke Seal D
    ~T~h~i~s~ ~G~u~i~d~e~ ~W~a~s~ ~W~r~i~t~t~e~n~ ~b~y~ ~N~e~g~i~m~a~S~o~n~i~c~
    ~T~h~i~s~ ~I~s~ ~H~e~r~e~ ~T~o~ ~P~r~e~v~e~n~t~ ~G~u~i~d~e~ ~T~h~e~f~t~
    |                            Battle Frontier Items         ~BatFI~            |
    This is the one section that might not belong really...but here's all
    the BP exchange values.
    Exchange Service Corner Blue
    Item:		BP Points:
    Protein		1BP
    Calcium		1BP
    Iron		1BP
    Zinc		1BP
    Carbos		1BP
    HP Up		1BP
    Power Bracer	16BP
    Power Belt	16BP
    Power Lens	16BP
    Power Band	16BP
    Power Anklet	16BP
    Power Weight	16BP
    Toxic Orb	16BP
    Flame Orb	16BP
    White Herb	32BP
    Power Herb	32BP
    BrightPowder	48BP
    Choice Band	48BP
    Focus Band	48BP
    Scope Lens	48BP
    Muscle Band	48BP
    Focus Sash	48BP
    Choice Scarf	48BP
    Razor Claw	48BP
    Fazor Fang	48BP
    Rare Candy	48BP
    Exchange Service Corner Red
    TM#		BP Points:
    06 Toxic	32BP
    73 Thunder Wave	32BP
    61 Will-O-Wisp	32BP
    45 Attract	32BP
    40 Aerial Ace	40BP
    31 Brick Break	40BP
    08 Bulk Up	48BP
    04 Calm Mind	48BP
    81 X-Scissor	64BP
    30 Shadow Ball	64BP
    53 Energy Ball	64BP
    36 Sludge Bomb	80BP
    59 Dragon Pulse 80BP
    71 Stone Edge	80BP
    26 Earthquake	80BP
    |                      Wifi Legendary Events             ~WLgEv~              |
    It has come to my attention that the next round of Legendary Events have
    started being distributed over wifi. So the Rotom event I had listed as 
    SECRET KEY in the Jubilife City section has been renamed Mystery Gift instead
    as it is the key to all other events, and the secret key is no longer being
    given out, I believe. So for now and future reference, here's all that I know.
    Go to a Pokemart and talk to a guy that appears near a counter (but not behind
    it) to receive any of these if you have received the appropriate gift. This
    is likely not the full list by the way.
    Rotom - Secret Key (expired in US). See Eterna City for full details as I
    already wrote about this one.
    Darkrai - Member's Card (expired in US, thanks zerathegamer). Go to 
    Canalave City's Harbor Inn (north of Pokemon Center).
    Arceus - Azure Flute (not in US so far) - Go to Spear Pillar.
    Arceus (2)? - coming November 7th to 15th, Toys R Us, United States
    and Puerto Rico, I'm not for sure if this will be an Azure flute one or not
    so I've listed it as a second Arceus
    Shaymin - Oak's Letter (in US now, Sept 28 to November 8) - Go
    to the end of Route 224 where there is a stone slab. Also, I'd be careful with
    what you enter as "your thanks" to the stone slab. It's permanent. So choose
    wisely unless you really do want "Bacon Bits" to stay there forever.
    Bonus: Sky forme vs Land forme, with Shaymin in your party, go to Floaroma Town
    and a lady will give you the Gracidea Flower.
    Rules from Pokemon.com: Use the Gracidea Flower on Shaymin, its a key item so
    it can be used more than once to turn in into Sky Forme. When night falls, 
    when it is frozen it battle, when it is deposited in a PC box, or traded, 
    it will revert to land forme.
    12th Movie Arceus - given directly to you (Japan only?) - Also unlocks the
    "Philosopher" Hiker detailed in the Random Sightings section.
    Pikachu Colored Pichu - given directly to you (Japan only?) - This may be
    outside the scope of this guide but I hear you should NOT evolve this due
    to some connection to Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
    This knowledge is generally targeted towards fellow readers with Platinum in 
    the USA. Maybe certain events are still around or coming to other countries.
    Diamond and Pearl don't matter here.
    (thanks to CDGamer for the original Mystery Gift and Secret Key; thanks to
    Galon for telling me that Darkrai was out; Now I can have my own!; thanks to
    Jordan for the 12th Movie Arceus and Pikachu Colored Pichu though I still
    partially disagree with how you have those cards DX; thanks to zerathegamer for
    telling me the Darkrai event was over and spurring me to look up info about
    the Shaymin event and the next Arceus event; and Zeldafan77 for originally 
    telling me to include more events. I ignored it for the longest because I 
    didn't know that US events for Platinum weren't over)
    |                           Random Sightings             ~RanSi~              |
    Ok. This section is pretty incomplete as I don't know how many or how often
    you can encounter these characters. Some characters can be seen before or after
    beating the Elite Four.  These sightings are for characters outside of where 
    you might normally find them (for example, Professor Rowan at his lab doesn't 
    count) and characters hanging at your villa do not count either. Storyline
    relevant encounters are also a no no (anytime you're forced to see Cynthia to
    progress the story).
                                -STATIC (stays in same area)-
    Looker: I've seen him in Veilstone Game Corner. I think he's there everyday.
    (confirmed by JER_Y)
    Cyrus's Grandfather: Route 228. House near the berry patch (requires using
    fourth gear on your bicycle). He is a non-special sprite character but I 
    thought he was interesting.
    Cynthia's Grandmother: Celestic Town, biggest house. She serves a purpose
    noted elsewhere. (suggested by JER_Y)
    Saturn - Galactic Veilstone HQ - although I can't say at which point in the
    game it is that he remains here. (thanks to thebattleax)
                          -HIT N' RUN (one time only; leaves afterwards)-
    Rowan: I've seen him on the bottom floor of Veilstone Department Store. 
    (according to JER_Y, this is also a one time only event which is why I haven't
    seen him again).
    Gardenia: Eterna Forest - outside the "cut" trees of Old Chateau. I think this
    is one that's not storyline relevant. I did it a long time ago so I don't 
    clearly remember.
    Byron: Iron Island - House. Gives you a metal coat. (thanks to JER_Y for
    correcting me)
                  -FIRST TIME (but NOT storyline forced)
    Roark: The first time you go into the underground. (thanks to JER_Y)
    Candice: Snowpoint Temple - first time you try to enter it after obtaining
    the National Dex (suggested by JER_Y)
    Crasher Wake and Barry (rival) - a certain part of Route 227 on the way
    to Stark Mountain your first time - this is forced on you but TECHNICALLY
    optional (suggested by thebattleax)
                  -ELITE FOUR (they return every time you beat them again)-
    Cynthia: Celestic - Cave Painting. Go up to the cave painting and examine it.
    She will run after you and start to tell you a long story. She doesn't give you
    anything for it so you don't have to listen to the whole thing but that would 
    be rude of you.
    Lucian: Canalave Library. Says one of up to five possible different quotes.
    Soft resetting can help you see them all if you're bored. 
    (thanks to thebattleax)
                  -OTHER (doesn't fit well anywhere else)-
    Contest Hall - Master Rank - occasionally the following characters are
    Johanna (your mom) with her Jumpy (Kangaskhan), 
    Fantina with her Loony (Drifblim),
    and Jasmine with her Rusty (Steelix). (thanks to Zeldafan77)
    "Philosopher" Hiker (Oreburgh Mine, then off to Canalave Library second floor)
    The Hiker can only be seen if you have the special Arceus from the 12th movie 
    giveaway. I don't know if trading for it counts but I did have it in my box
    when I encountered him, I did NOT have it in my party. He fills extra shelves 
    with the engraved text on the back of the plates you found around Sinnoh.
    After you encounter him at Oreburgh Mine, if you visit Canalave Library's
    second floor you will be forced to listen to him (or reset).
    (partial credit to thebattleax)
    I wonder is this all of them finally? Let me know if somehow I've missed
    someone worth noting. If I can confirm it, I'll put it in here with credit to
    you of course. Also, as this has come up recently, there's no need to include
    the day anymore. I've noticed that apparently that doesn't matter at all.
    |                           Version History              ~VerHi~              |
    October 20, 2009 - Version 0.94
    Ha...I thought my job was over but noooo, they had to put out more legendaries
    lol. Anyway, thanks to zerathegamer and Pokemon.com for all of these.
    September 2, 2009 - Version 0.93
    Kind of seeing this as one of my final possible updates. (Yay?) Although I must
    say it was kind of interesting writing this FAQ and getting contributions from
    different people. I'm sorry some stuff I wasn't able to include but I think
    there's a lot of interesting information in this guide. Hmm...this isn't really
    sounding like an update note is it?
    Some not so good things happened during the time this update was supposed to be
    released along with college registration so sorry for this lateness.
    Added some more info about the Amity Square Janitor.
    Added more info about the GT backdrop lady.
    Added a little more detail on Floaroma's Berry lady and Route 208's Berry 
    Added my own personal note about the Ribbon Syndicate 10 ribbons stuff...
    August 12, 2009 - Version 0.92
    Added the 12th Movie Arceus hiker. Added Item Expert in Fight Area.
    Put a note about Cynthia's visit to your villa.
    Added a note about the ability Pickup as another method for getting "unlimited
    rare candies." However, I am not expanding it to a full section as I
    originally thought. It's been done many times by better writers.
    Added Wifi Legendary Events. Personally, this is a bigger update than just .01
    but I still want to drag out on reaching Version 1.0 hahaha.
    August 5, 2009 - Version 0.91 (Special Apology Edition)
    Gah...I feel horrible. Turns out I accidentally credited some of thebattleax's
    contributions with JER_Y's . I owe an apology to both users as this means I
    wrongly credited one and I have to take some credit away from the other.
    Getting wrong info is bad. Posting wrong info is worse but this is horrible.
    For everyone else, there's nothing else wrong with the guide.
    No new info for this update.
    August 3, 2009 - Version 0.90
    Decided to make a special shout out to two continuous contributors.
    Decided finally to NOT include TEXT for the random sightings characters
    although I honestly want to.
    Got semi-massacred on the forums for doubting that the Route 228 Gentleman was
    Cyrus' Grandfather.
    Added all Battle Hall info that I had been holding out on. Sadly, the 
    information is rather large and I'd like to wittle it down as I learn more
    Changed the format of the Random Sightings section to better reflect the
    differences between the encounters.
    Added some statements to the Shard Tutors' section based off of the statements
    I found in a Shard Tutor's journal.
    Completed the description of the Name Rater. Somehow, I never finished that...
    Added the Wi-fi quotes guy in battle tower.
    Updated News Press info.
    Added more minor updates that I forgot.
    July 30, 2009 - Version 0.88
    Corrected Dialga and Palkia information as well as Seven Stars Restaurant 
    times. Added contest hall appearances to random sightings. Added a full list of
    Mr. Good's rewards. I'm holding back one piece of information for a future 
    update just because I'd like to see the results of this myself.
    Also lost a floppy disc with some of the updates I was going to add. Now I've
    got to look through my email again. *sigh*
    July 23, 2009 - Version 0.87
    More minor updates. More sites added. Added ghosts and croagunk events.
    July 21, 2009 - Version 0.86
    Made some minor corrections to contact details. Since this is still early in 
    the life of this guide other sites that I have allowed to host this have not
    updated the file, which is reasonable. It hasn't even been a month yet.
    July 18, 2009 - Version 0.85
    Added several things that I overlooked or didn't know about. Hahaha. I thought
    I didn't need to add Pal Park but I forgot that it had some special things to
    get there as well. 
    Changed the search codes. I realized my mistake in using
    numbers for if I leave something out. I have to fix them ALL. So I made a new
    less memorable but more accurate system. 
    Fixed a Roark mistake. It was supposed to have been Byron.
    Added SuperCheats.com to approved hosts.
    July 15, 2009 - Version 0.76
    Minor update. Added Neoseeker.com to approved hosts.
    July 10, 2009 - Version 0.75 
    Initial Release. Basic guide. I think this is essentially complete 
    but someone might email me with more information or a better strategy 
    so I'll leave space for a potential full release.
    |                          FAQ in a FAQ                 ~FAQx2~               |
    1) I spotted something in your guide that is wrong...
    MAKE SURE YOU ARE READING THE GAMEFAQs VERSION! That one will always be the
    most current one. Not to say that the ones on other sites are always wrong just
    make sure. If you have then...
    Pretty simple. Just email me. I'll fix it if it is a better idea and give
    you credit of course. Some things I felt did not belong in this guide though
    such as shopping lists for normal Poke Marts. Also, I use whatever name I see
    if you want some sort of alias or something. Please specify that.
    And I just realized that since updates may be slow if I get information from
    multiple people, the first two to point out the mistake get the credit. 
    2) Battle me now!!!
    Sorry. I don't have wi-fi. I did sort of have it last year because of my mom's
    job and my neighbors but both of those no longer exist now. Maybe when I go
    to college.
    3) Why haven't you responded to my email?!?
    I don't have internet either. I get online when I go to the library. I usually
    go about two times a week.
    4) Hahahahlolroflmao! Your name's not really Quaker is it?
    Yes it is. If by now, you have not encountered someone online or offline with
    an unusual name then you live in a very small world and I'd appreciate if you
    stayed there. Also, to keep a long story short it has nothing to do with 
    Oatmeal and a slight connection to the religion <but not majorly>.
    5) Hey I saw this info in another guide!?!
    Really I wrote this one for myself. I forgot that someone else probably has
    written about this info somewhere else and better than I did before I did
    as I did get this game late. Sorry if there is overlap but maybe this is
    shorter for you to read than a full FAQ containing everything about the game.
    6) EH? Thought you weren't going to include the other legendaries?
    I changed my mind now that it appears everyone WILL have a chance to obtain
    some of these items legitimately though once it's all over it really will be
    the same as I originally said...
    7) How did you get a 12th Movie Arceus?
    Don't think anyone really cares but I went to some party and against my better
    judgment some guy had a way to give out the Mystery Gift cards from the movie.
    So the Arceus is technically legit. Though if something ever goes wrong with my
    game I'm going to track him down and kill him. Jk...sort of.
    |                          Copyright Information        ~NoCop~               |
    Copyright 2009 Quaker Manuel aka NegimaSonic
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    The following sites are authorized to display it:
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Oddly enough, I got to copy the above straight from GameFAQs. 
    They said I could XD. But on a serious note, I don't think anybody wants this
    guide but just note that you can get in trouble if you do it without my
    |                                 Credits                ~Credt~              |
    I'd like to thank the following users indirectly here because I used their 
    guides as a basis on how to format this guide.
    aragornbird, Parrot_Lover, pancakes771, CAHowell, and Super Saiyan Zero.
    CAHowell's Diamond guide. I used it for the Pal Park part about the second
    floor girl and the Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon stuff (I knew Blast Burn). 
    That's it.
    I'd like to thank separately the following three users for contributing the 
    most (far too much -.-;; lol) to this guide:
    -Kevin AKA Zeldafan77 who always seemed to keep coming up with more and more 
    things for me to add to this guide. Reading and rereading this guide over and
    over. Heck, I learned about things I didn't know about. Made me wonder who
    really wrote certain parts of this guide.
    -thebattleax who was kind enough to contribute several unique tricks (like the
    rare candy Pokemon Mansion trick) and notifying me kindly that I had wrongly
    credited some of his things to someone else. I even got a complete listing of 
    ALL of the text for about half of the characters in the random sightings
    section. I decided far too late to not use it because I don't want to appear 
    to be trying too hard.
    -JER_Y who sent in and helped suggest things for the random sightings section.
    Also often served the special purpose of confirming some of the information.
    I wasn't sure (too lazy) to check on myself.
    And of course, EVERYONE who sent in info, suggestions, and corrections are just
    as important so here's the rest: CDGamer, Michel Dijkstra, Ashunera, 
    SnrChumber21, slg369, puenboy, pbob, Taedan, amd zerathegamer for corrections 
    or enhancements noted elsewhere in the guide. Phantomness gets an honorable 
    Nintendo and Game Freak for making this the best Pokemon handheld game to date.
    GameFAQs for hosting this and many other guides.
    Neoseeker,Supercheats, Gamesradar, and Cheatplanet for requesting to 
    also host this.
    "Official Pokemon Guide" and Serebii.net because although I didn't use them, I 
    have been told some of my readers got their information from those places.
    Pokemon.com for info about Shaymin and another Arceus event.
    Me? I deserve a little right?
    You. For reading this. Have a hug or a cookie. Your pick. ^-^
    |                                 Contacts            ~Alien~                 |
    I don't really see the point in emailing me (see the FAQ in a FAQ section)
    but I suppose I have to put it. I don't really check my alternate emails but
    I just realized that its not a good idea right now to use my main email just
    yet. So I'll try to check this secondary one more often.
    negimasonic (at) gmail (dot) com
    Obviously replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with . and remove and spaces.
    If you didn't read that other section, just note that it may take a little
    while for me to reply to you but I will. Unless your email is just spam or it
    got bounced back to you. Also, do me a favor and have a relevant title. Help me
    is clear but it doesn't really stand out. Lastly, try to find the GameFAQs
    version of this guide as that is the most current one.
    I also play Runescape but its kind of rare nowadays.
    Main account: Ninja_Rekauq
    Secondary: Ninja394

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