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"Better than the others"

Pokemon Platinum is the third installment in the new Pokemon series Diamond and Pearl. Currently, only the Japanese version of the game is out. The Pokemon mascot is Giratina in its new form. Giratina's new form has no legs and looks like a floating centipede.

The gameplay is very similar to the other Pokemon games. You get three starter Pokemon, Turtwig, the grass turtle, Chimchar, the fire monkey, and last but not least, Piplup, the water penguin. You collect badges, battle the Elite Four, and try to complete your Pokedex by catching and trading Pokemon with different people.

New Features:
There are many new features in Pokemon Platinum compared to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. One new feature is the Poketch. Before you can only go up. Now, you can move down your apps.
Another feature is that Battle Frontier or something similar to it is back. Also, there is a new look. In battle, Pokemon looks are different and their poses are different. Also some trainers like your rival, do a dance before the battle. The name tags in battle are black instead of white. There are also new towns, new characters, new Pokemon forms, more items, and new places to explore. The title screen is also a different color.

The graphics look much cleaner than Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Also, the sprites are better done. Don't forget that the characters have new looks due to climate changes. So, now there is snow around buildings and trees.

The plot if much different from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In the beginning, you Professor Rowan gives your starter Pokemon instead of you having to use it in battle. After you receive your starter Pokemon, you have to battle your rival, which is your first battle. After your battle you and your rival decide to go to the lake and you meet the leader of Team Galactic there. No one knows what he was doing there. After that moment, your adventure begins.

Still kind of... dull. Pokemon Platinum still makes little use of the Nintendo DS' features. It barely uses the touch screen and microphone.

The music is the same as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Overall, Pokemon Platinum is a great Pokemon game. It has almost everything a Pokemon game should have. Anyone that is a Pokemon fan should buy this game but, of course, not now. The game is only released in Japanese.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/15/08

Game Release: Pocket Monsters Platina (JP, 09/13/08)

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