"Tearing up a unique gaming experience"

Tearing up a unique gaming experience

People were expecting Platinum to be the same thing Emerald was to Sapphire and Ruby: Diamond/Pearl 2.0. However, this game, although similar to D/P, has enough "upgrades" to call it a new game completely.

Game Play

The game play has sped up from its predecessors. Surfing speed has increased drastically - in D/P, you moved in the water slower than you walked, but in Platinum, you surf faster than being on foot. Some of the Pokemon's beginning cries have also been cut, making it faster to get past wild Bunery or defeat Froslass quicker. Unlike in D/P, there are now five areas to go to in the Fight Area instead of one, and they all have unique characteristics to spice things up. There are also two new characters added in the mix - Pluto and a man codenamed "Handsome". Handsome is on the lookout to stop Team Galactic and their evil plot. Pluto is significant because, as revealed later, he gave a name to a rare Pokemon. Galactic Boss Cyrus now plays a more involved role, and you will see him often in the game. Also, you will see your rival show up much more than in D/P.


As expected, the storyline has been improved upon vastly. Not only is there more dialogue between characters, the story gets more complex as it progresses. A lot of the time, it's not just "go from gym to gym", but with sidequests that you need to complete first. Even after the main objective, defeating the Pokemon League, is completed, you still have much more to do, such as Turnback Cave, Fight/Survival/Resort Area, etc. There are tidbits of the story spread throughout the entire Sinnoh region, and you will need many hours to view and read them all.


The graphics have all been improved in one way or another by adding tiny little details, such as the arc in Floaroma City or the new design of the Galactic Headquarters. In Torn World, the area is a combination of 3D graphics with the 2D movement of a handheld Pokemon game, which adds a VERY unique gaming experience. While battling, tough opponents, such as Gym Leaders, now get an animation while coming into the scene. Also, most of the Pokemon sprites have been redone from both the front and back, adding more fluidity to battles. Some of the gyms have been redone, adding a new challenge.


All the themes from D/P remain, but new ones have been added. The new themes sound crisp and clear, and have been composed well.


Pokemon handheld games are known for their replayability, and this game is no exception. With all the areas to explore, moves to be learned, and Wi-Fi, this game will last for a long time.


If you loved Diamond and Pearl, you will love this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/16/08

Game Release: Pocket Monsters Platina (JP, 09/13/08)

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