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"A Shrine Must Be Erected Towards This Game!"

Its been a long ways (yes I typed ways) since red and blue to yellow to silver and gold and crystal to ruby and sapfire to leafgreen and fire red to emerald. Platinum owns all the versions.

History lesson
As you all know Pokemon Platinum is an expansion of pearl and diamond. There are many different and new in game features in this game.

Score 10 So you've played the other versions? Well the storyline of this version is the best in my opinon of all the other versions. It use to be pick your pokemon go out and train become a champion and collect more pokemon. Now its more like pick you pokemon laugh at your rival help out many people in forest or caves, stop a criminal organazation that goes out and bombs buildings (oh yeah they bomb it good) and theres even more content THAN EVER ONCE YOU BEAT THE GAME!!!

Score 9
Once you begin playing it seems all fuzzing and the world seems round but you get use to that feel and as you progress you'll notice the chances of much of the pokemon have better artwork and movements. The game also has new HM moves, when you use to cut in leafgreen what did you see? A puny tree evaporate in thin air? Now what do you see? You see a blue slash and a tree imploding! Isnt that awesome? Your pokemon look cooler and better and theres more comming.

Score 10 The sound effects will never get old on you there are over 200 moves in this game and they all have their own different sounds! Isnt that nice? Now you'll never want to not use a move unlike some other games out there were slashing a sword sounds like hitting a enemy with a staff ect.

Score 10
Is it just me or when I was playing the older versions I felt creeped out with the music when I was alone in caves or forest or enemy bases? Well now theres new music that makes the game a better stress reliever. Before the game I would be in a cave with creepy music and that just made me want to shut the game off and never play again. Now theres like jazz music in enemy bases! How cool is that. Your walking in and out of their bases and its just a good feeling you get when your in there.

game friendly?
Score 10 Is the game friendly to you? Does it provide you with the clues the items and the money to make it through to the end? In this case yes? The game starts out giving you pokemon, teaching you how to catch more, giving you free potions and pokeballs and even masterballs *cough *cough
now the game gives you hints on where to go next such as "You should really train at iron island before the gym match" so the game is great for new players and veterans alike.

Score 9 Everyone in this game is different, well every important person, gym leaders ect, the other people like trainers most of them look the same and thats why this score got what it did. But surly everyone has his or he intrest in the game.

score 10 Wow this game is smart my theory for tyhe other versions is that it used moves depending on what slot you used your moves in. Now this games AI smart it attacks your physical weakness and it hits you hard this AI is great and better than the other versions.

Overall Game score
It got what it deserved a 9 but if I could I would give it a 9.7 because this game is the best of all the other versions and it gives you a great sense of feeling.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/30/09

Game Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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