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"The New Generation has Finally Arrived"

Yeah, we might have been really excited upon the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl(And yes, I bought my Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in the US although I live in the Philippines.), but one year and how many months later, then came Platinum. The “Yellow”, “Crystal”, and “Emerald” Version of the Diamond ang Pearl series.

At first, when I tried this game in the R4, it is twice bigger than the Diamond and Pearl Versions. So I thought, “Did Diamond and Pearl got merged in this version?” “Do I have to play both versions in this version?” Those were my first impressions of the game, before I even actually played it. But by the time I really went into the game itself, it is TOTALLY new. New and improved. New storyline, new characters, new gym puzzles, new gym order, new facilities and some brought back from previous versions, new places. I'll discuss these later in this review, and I'll try my best not to spoil. ^_^

So, let us start the ball rolling then, after you? No, after me! I'll explain, You'll listen, right? =p

Storyline (10/10)
In this version, the storyline is much same as in Diamond and Pearl, but is very much improved here in Platinum. They juggled and scrambled the storyline here(some later events that happened in D & P happened earlier in Pl.)and inserted new cutscenes, some funny, some serious. The villains here, now play a more, evil, sinister role and dig deeper now into the world of Pokemon, and they also had their ambitions almost come to life. But of course you'll stop them, no matter what they do. Your rival; at D & P, your rival wants to be the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world, but never got that title perhaps. At Pl, he'll finally get the chance to be the best, having buffed up Pokemon and buffed up levels at Post – Elite 4. Another challenge for you is that the gym leader Pokemon levels are a bit higher than on D & P, and they swapped the order of the gyms, but not all. They also have new gym puzzles to solve, but they are easy, do not worry. There is always the walkthroughs. =p Lastly, all I can say is, in this version, you will now fully experience a better and much more full Pokemon RPG World. The main core of the story has remained much the same throughout the years, fighting all 8 gyms and going to the Elite 4, but believe me, this simple routine has truly gone a long way.

Gameplay (10/10)
Not much has changed. But its still FUN. And added to the excitement are the new places to visit; and you'll also go to a world that utilizes full 3D experience, like you are walking with a magnet in your running shoes. And same addition to the D & P versions, Wi – Fi, and new to Platinum, a lone place where you will really go online besides the GTS. Then there is the all new, or maybe, should I say, welcome back, The Battle Frontier. This will replace the Battle Tower in D & P, and it is WAY better than the Battle Tower. New mini games in various forms, new gym puzzles as I said earlier, new order of gyms. Not much has changed, but this style of gameplay has gone a long way, even with only minor additions.

Replayability (10/10)
You will never get bored of this Version, seeing that you have 210 Pokemon to find in Sinnoh, before finally finding all 493 Pokemon at National. It depends, either if you want to catch ‘em all, if you want to create the best Pokemon with an unbeatable battle or contest move set, if you want to discover something that others have not discovered yet, if you want to make all your Pokemon to level 100, if you want to start the game all over again, its all right here! Boredom will be replaced by Addiction if you play this game.

Graphics (10/10)
Each town has its own backdrop, and almost all towns have a new shade of paint, as well as in the game menu. The in – game graphics are a bit modified, the trees seem more realistic to look at, the defog too, the places are more realistic, but as a whole, it will only take you, maybe 10 minutes to get used to the game's graphics. However, this graphics will keep you mesmerized in the game for a very long time, but will never give you boredom, in the simplest way.

Sound (9/10)
*sigh*. Sound is the same, except for the fact that more Pokemon screaming is added. And in my opinion, Platinum's sound is louder than of D & P's. But the good thing is, just add your past Pokemon memories, together with the sound, go through the game once more, and enjoy.

Overall Rating:


A must buy for a Pokemon fan. Don't miss this version! For those who are new fans to the game,there is no better time to start but NOW! Start saving your dollars or whatever currency you are in, and buy this! Once you jump into the vast world of Pokemon, you'll never miss a beat with this game, and you will never feel the boredom at your home again!

Pokemon! Gotta Catch ‘em All!

Copyright 2009 Nevin Y. Balibrea

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/09

Game Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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