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"Pokemon Returns!"

I've been playing Pokemon ever since I was young. I still think it hasn't lost the spark. I will admit that my reason for playing has changed from beating the story to competitive training.

The story is almost the same as D/P but it still hasn't lost any of it's flair. Nintendo added a few extra places to visit and have fun in. Mainly the Distortion World. I would have enjoyed a little more time here and maybe a harder puzzle to figure out. Having a little extra background of Cyrus's life was a nice touch.

I didn't like some of the controls in the Distortion World they were a little bit of a disappointment for being 3D. If the controls were a heck of a lot harder I could see some younger fans not being able to figure them out. Since most Pokemon fans in it for the story are younger Nintendo took the safe route. For all the other controls in Platinum I would give ‘em a thumbs sideways. They are not innovative but changing them could ruin the Pokemon feel to things.

Most of the graphics are the same but some areas got a major redo. Some in smaller quantities but still different than before. I like the more tropical theme surrounding Fight, Survival, and Resort Area. Some of the new Pokemon sprites are a little strange. Such as: Hippowdon and Quagsire. They basically need more shades. In your hometown there are patches of snow that were not in D/P. Those little patches must have influenced the clothes that your character is wearing. The new character clothes are much better than before.

Most of the D/P sounds were added to Platinum. Some were just made so sound a little clearer.

Replay Value:
All of the other games had tonnes of replay value but I have noticed that many Platinum players have decided to get a Black Trainer Card or a five star card. To do this you must catch every Pokemon in the entire game. I know for a fact to do that legitimately will take a long while. Even if you don't plan on catching every Pokemon there will still be lots of places to explore.

Pokemon Platinum is another fine addition to the Pokemon franchise. If you liked Diamond and Pearl you will enjoy Platinum too. I still bought it even though I had not played my Diamond in a long time. But Platinum was enough to make me enjoy Pokemon gaming again. Definitely worth the money you pay for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/06/09

Game Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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