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"Platinum- the Best Version of the Same Exact Game You've Been Playing for Years"

For those of you who don't know Platinum is an "updated" version of Diamond and Pearl. Nintendo still refuses to even touch the gameplay formula or even attempt to write a decent story for a 20+ hour RPG. I guess they figure Pokemon has become a classic game like checkers and who wants a new way to play checkers? Don't get me wrong, like checkers, Pokemon is a very fun and addicting game the first eight games you play through but after over twelve years the formula is the exact same. Even being a recent hardcore Pokemon fan, I find it hard to force myself through this one.

Alright, to sum up Platinum basically, if you already have Diamond or Pearl, Nintendo is just reselling the game to you. If you have not played Diamond or Pearl then Platinum will be the best choice for experiencing the fourth generation of Pokemon. You will still be running around catching Pokemon, battling, trading, and exploring unless you're really desperate enough to actually do the contests. You will switch on and off fighting your way to the gym leaders and fighting the newest gang in town out to end the world using only zubats and meowths. Oh and then I guess you could catch the legendaries or you could just transfer the same exact Pokemon from your Diamond or Pearl version but then you wouldn't have access to the new and exciting "forms" Nintendo tries to use in place of actual new Pokemon.

Nintendo did do some things right with this game I guess. Instead of giving us the usual sprites, they let us walk on 3D terrain with our 2D sprites which they manage to do some cool things with. I'd rather just, you know, have an actual 3D Pokemon game. They also managed to throw in a lot more double Pokemon battles which is pretty fun but still not in 3D. I still found myself having to train and use the SAME exact Pokemon I used in Diamond because there really aren't many options to choose from (I'm looking at you, Starly). They mixed the Gym Leaders up a bit and they randomly threw in the original three legendary birds and the three legendary rocks so you could finally catch the fourth legendary rock without having to buy or trade from another Pokemon version.

Oh and not to mention the other legendaries that Nintendo expects you to fly all the way down to New York or California so you can get the in-game event. This forced me to use Action Replay again and once you use Action Replay the games pretty much over because there's no way to keep yourself from getting 1000 masterballs and rare candies as well. I'd love to talk about actual gameplay changes but as you can see, there are none. The Pokemon are still the same from Diamond and Pearl and so is pretty much everything else except for a few gimmicks and aesthetics.

Overall, if you haven't ever played Diamond or Pearl or Pokemon in general this is the way to start but as a Pokemon "veteran" I can't stand another minute of this generic boring gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/13/09

Game Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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