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"The best pokemon game since gold and silver"

Pokemon is still as addicting as ever. This game is no exception. This game is the like the yellow, crystal, and emerald version of Diamond and Pearl. Platinum has added a lot from its predecesors, moreso than yellow has added from red and blue, more than crystal has added from gold and silver, and more than emerald has added from ruby and sapphire.


The flow of battles seem faster, the climate has gotten much colder in Shinnoh, surfing is much faster, a new wifi area has been added, more pokemon are catchable, move tutors have been added, distorted world is added,battleground has been added allowing you to refight gym leaders, the shinnoh dex has added more pokemon, new forms of previously existing pokemon have been added(Giratina, Shaymin, and Rotom), the battle frontier has been added, gyms have been altered, and much more has been changed.


The graphics are probably the most flawed part of the game.The graphics have been slightly improved from Diamond and Pearl, but still don't look as nice as other DS games like Mario Kart DS, or Final Fantasy IV. The Distorted World is very unique and is probably the nicest visual part of the games.


The music is very memorable and beautiful. There are a few new tracks that remain to have the mellow and atmospheric feel of the previous pokemon game.


Two characters have been introduced. One character named "Looker" is a spy attempting to stop Team Galatic throughout the story. The other character is Charon is involved Team Galatic's scientific division. However, Charon isn't involved in the story until much later in the game. Cyrus has been a more developed character in this game and has a more clear motive than in Diamond and Pearl.

Lasting Appeal:

This is where this game thrives. Diamond already had plenty to do after you beat the game. But this game improves upon it even further. Platinum adds the battle frontier which includes of five different battle arenas instead of just one. It also adds the resort house which is a house you can buy furniture and some of the characters will visit your house depending on how much furniture you have. Also, the legenday birds, and regi's are obtainable. You can fight a stronger elite 4 on your second run through, and so much more.


Even if you already own Diamond or Pearl, buy this game. It's worth your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/14/09

Game Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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