Review by keyos27

Reviewed: 04/30/09

Superior upgrades make Platinum so irresistible

It already has been 2 years since D/P got released. It seems like just yesterday when all the Pokemon fans were so excited about new features such as Wi-Fi battle, new Pokemon, items and moves etc. As many of you noticed, there were a few things that you could not find from previous generations in D/P. However, you will be able to experience everything you ever wanted in Platinum. My review will cover improvements from D/P and reasons why Platinum is worth buying.

First of all, everything has become faster. We all are aware of how surfing speed was so slow that we did not feel like going through the sea more than once right? Finally they sped up almost twice. Not only that, the duration of weather effects is decreased by a second. I also notice bicycle speed is slightly faster. Dialogues move a lot faster as well. I have no idea why Gamefreak made this kind of essential improvements after D/P. We could have saved tons of time. For Poketch, you don't need to press forward button numerous times to go back. There is a backward button in Platinum. There are some exclusive new features on Poketch too. The difficulty of game has raised interestingly. Some trainers know when to switch their Pokemon and how to use priority moves to finish us off. In other word, they got smarter. Move tutors we had in Emerald are back in Platinum. Many new moves would be used by unexpected Pokemon. On Wi-Fi side, we now have access to challenge battle facilities, make Pofin and play mini games in Wi-Fi Plaza with your friends.

As expected, there are not many changes in a plot since the main goal of Pokemon game always has been beating street trainers, evil organizations along with Elite 4 and champion. What is new? There are new characters on both good and bad sides. Also you will be able to learn about the existence of Giratina and Sinnoh continent more deeply by exploring a place that does not exist in D/P. You also can catch some legendary Pokemon from previous generations.

Graphics is back with clean pixels and better resolution. It is hard to distinguish differences, but if you observe carefully such as trees, volcano, and moves, it looks much better than before. Pokemon sprites are changed with different poses. Their back sprites are more vibrant, I like when Infernape opens its jaw. They also changed an interface where name, level and HP bar are located. It is darker and sharper. I found previous one better because it is easy to read and looks simple. Sound is still classic and original. New tracks have been added for new places. I especially like the music of frontier brain battle.

Play Time/Replayability
I have never played a certain game for more than 1000 hours except Pokemon D/P.
Catching hundreds of Pokemon, training with our own style, and battling friends all over the world have been a blast and that is why Pokemon is endless and it is the best game for replayability. Platinum would be no exception, Many new places got introduced especially battle frontier that has 5 arenas where a different rule applies. As I mentioned above you can choose your partner to challenge so it is more fun. Although it is slower than playing by yourself but you get more BP(Battle points) and you can build a team work which helps in double battle.

There is no doubt that this game would be the best game of 2009 among DS games.
I have seen people suggesting D/P players not to buy Platinum since the main thing we do after finishing the game is battling people via Wi-Fi. However, improvements will refresh your mind and give you more excitments and comfort than D/P. Seriously I am just satisfied with the fact that they sped up things that were slow in D/P. You won't regret purchasing Platinum.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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