Review by BATOSloco09

Reviewed: 05/04/09

Pokemon catch em "again" but more fun than ever.

Pokemon Platinum Version is simply Pokemon Diamond and Pearl combined together to make a much better game. Very much like Yellow Version (in the First Generation of Pokemon Games), Crystal Version (in the Second Generation of Pokemon Games), and Emerald Version (in the Third Generation of Pokemon games), Platinum Version is the Fourth Generation's of Pokemon games and improved remake.

Pokemon Platinum has a very good challenge! It's much harder then it's predecesors Diamond and Pearl, and there are alot of the game has been re-vamped.

The sound and graphics are very good! Pokemon sprites have all been re-vamped and Pokemon sprites now move when they're encountered, very much like the Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald.

Interfaces have also been revamped such as the battle screen and your Poketch, and of course the Union Room and the Wi-Fi rooms have also been re-vamped.

The challenge and length of the game is very good. The game has extra features such as the Distortion World and the all new Battle Park, which is very much like the Battle Frontier in Emerald Version.

The storyline is still similar to that of Diamond and Pearl's, but there have been a few slight changes you may notice, such as the Distortion World and Garatina.

Other than that, Platinum Version is very well worth getting. You can catch Pokemon from both Diamond and Pearl in here and everywhere you go, you will notice lots of changes since this game has been re-vamped so much since Diamond and Pearl!

Of course, there are also exclusive events for Platinum Version such as the Gracedia Flower event where you can transform your Shaymin into it's Sky Forme. You can also transfrorm Giritina into it's Origin Forme as well. And the Secret Key event that came out on April 20, 2009, allowing you to trandform Rotom into it's 5 new forms!

There are more legendary Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl, such as the ability to catch the three legendary birds in Platinum, and if you get your hands on an event Regigigas, you will be able to catch the other three Regis!

I recomend getting Platinum instead of Diamon and Pearl, since they are the same price. Theres so much more in Platinum! It's definitely worth getting this game! Buy it now. Don't rent it becuase I'f you return it, and liked it. You will have to start from the begining, which is a pain.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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