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Reviewed: 06/22/09

if you think pokemon is boring and stupid, think again

I was never a true Pokemon Fan. I play Pokemon solely because of my friends told me to play. Out of no reason, I found the Original game to be “Stupid”, “idiotic” and “Kid’s game” to be interesting, and I like it very much The game that I am playing is called Pokemon

Pokemon’s Forth generation start with a bang in the Diamond Series and also the Pearl series. The New Processor came for a quite a long time with the brand new Platinum Cover is on the table now. Pokemon was often called as a “Repeating game with old story”. I disagree and I think that the new series step up.

Game play:
If you have played the Pokemon series before, then you should be quite familiar with the following sentence: “Gotta catch them all”. The main idea of the game is to become a master in Pokemon and by doing so; you must collect all the badges of the Sihhon Region and Conquer the Elite 4 and obtain the every possible data on your Pokedex, a device used to record the Pokemon. For new fans, they may now have a chance to see if they can beat the Elite Four themselves, and explore the new region.

The game still uses the same old system that is turn-base strategy game with a lot of different combination of Moves and items that you can use. What I like about the series is the possibility of the combinations and the Moves are many and it is always something that you can do to develop another set of moves. The possibility of Pokemon is also enhanced by the new Pokemon introduced in the new generation and the new split of the types and the attacks. The game try to maintain a Simple system but allow people to go in depth with all the EVs (Effort Value) and IV (individual value) that the player can try to control and breed a stronger Pokemon. The old and new system easily makes people spending Hours and Hours to play and Hook up on their NDS.

The new game had also features more systems and more activity for player to do after the Elite four is beaten. The New battle tower with four new Facilities that are brand new to the game enhance the game’s Play hours. The Wi-Fi System allows the player to collect, exchange the Pokemon with the worldwide players all over the world. There is even Constant Activity held on Wi-Fi to distribute the Legendary Pokemon world wide at nearly every country. It is a system that allows people to do every sort of things on the game without getting repeating.

If you are not that kind of person that likes to collect Pokemon and engage in fierce battles, you may head on other activity of the game. No only it provides the battle system, the game also provides the beauty contest that is based on the Hoenn Region. The contest is much like a point system where players compete for higher points with different categories like beauty and Coolness. The game had a Million possibilities that await the player to self-explore and enjoy.

Again, if you have watch the old Anime series on TV or the old Pokemon series, then you should have a rough idea about the game’s story: You are in the game as a trainer, you collect and beat the Villain that tries to control the world, and you win and challenge the Elite Four and become the champion of the region. Yes, they are all truth in the game and this Utter-old plot had been twisted and changed in this series, again.

What the game really changes in the terms of the plot is the interaction between the people and the citizens and the villains. In the series, the Villain, Cyrus’s true attempt and the Story of him had been Covered; the two new character, Looker and also Charon. Looker being a new Cop that aims to stop the galactic team from rampaging, and Charon being the new Team leader after the mystery Disappear of Cyrus. Both Looker and Charon had a great Appearance on the game and their lines are most hilarious out of the Whole game.

Other then that, the game’s Story line at the Spear Pillar had changed as the Mascot had change from Dialga and Palkia to Giratina. Player also have the chance now to explore the New world consist a Fun and easy puzzle (At least it is for me) and catch Giratina on the main Story line. The New world had creepy music and Great Atmosphere for the Fight between the Villain and the Final Showdown, and the Plot with the Environment cooperates up to high degree. All in all, the new plot with the new world is a Welcome addition to the new game of the Pokemon story.

The Graphics of the game holds to the reputation of the series: Simplicity and also Elegant. Although there are no great animation on the game (Except the one on the Distortion world), the game had several element that is different from the Diamond and The Pearl series. The animation of some attacks have been Redrawn. Some of the movements of the Pokemon had been changed, and there are new layouts at the Survival Island. Some of the changes are significant while some of them are minor that most players would not Noticed. Most of the changes are welcome and it is not hard to see that the game had a lot in Details.

The music of the Game suits the environment, but no really surprises really. The new soundtrack on the distortion world and the battle music of Giratina are the biggest new sound track on the 4th generation that I think they are the best Sound Track on date on the Pokemon series. The others are rather standard and don’t bring me any new surprises. I feel satisfy about the sound track, but that’s it.

Replay ability:
Everyone knows that the game as a high Replay Ability game, and it is true with me. The game features a Self-Satisfactory system that can bring the player in hours with the game on activity like Breeding, Engage in all sorts of Activity that allows you to become a winner at any aspect. The game should have at least 50 Hours of total play time if you are that kind of person that wants to put time to win and conquer the Battle frontier, and even more if your quest is to explore the whole PokeDex and get every single entry at the Pokemon collection. It is more then a game, It is a small society that allows player to do all sorts of things at the game, as you become a part of the game.

Pokemon game was often criticized for two things: Too easy and also too boring. Part of the story is true and part of them is not. The difficulty of the main storyline is quite low and I think that most people are going to agree with me, but the rest of the part is quite difficult because the game is very competitive based. I do agree that with the second part of the agreement that sometimes of the game is boring. The level up part of the game, although may be recognized as a great time killer, it required great patient and a long time to do so. It may make people boring of the activity and shut down the game. Other then that, the general main plot of the game can be more creative. The same old plot is old and out dated. Although the plot is great at the series, there are more and more great plots outside that the Pokemon series should do something about it. The game’s needs more creativity on the plot.

Pokemon is a great family activity that makes people group and enjoy. The system is a great step up and the game proves that Pokemon is not empty and is back now. The New soundtrack is astonishingly great but no great surprise on the Graphics and the other old one. The Plot is Great on the series but kind of old when compare with the other games. Overall, the game is great game for all and you should buy it. I would scores this on an 8.9/10, as the game is recognizable and hold a place on the greatest game ever on NDS platform.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (US, 03/22/09)

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