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Reviewed: 07/24/09

Diamond and Pearl again, with a few twists!

Another Pokemon game? As the 13th mainstream game (12th in America), Platinum is one of the best.

Pokemon Platinum is the 13th mainstream Pokemon game, 12th in America. There are 26 popular Pokemon games, excluding the TCG and computer games. 12 years ago, Nintendo amazed us with Red and Blue. They later remade those games with Pokemon Yellow, adding new elements, such as Pikachu following you. That feature hasn't been seen since. With Gold, Silver, and Crystal Nintendo did it again, adding 100 new Pokemon and a new region. We were then introduced to Ruby and Sapphire, which improved graphics, sound and game play. From there, we have had Emerald, a remake of Ruby and Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green, remakes of Red and Blue (or red and green in Japan), and Diamond and Pearl, the 4th generation.

-Game Play- 9/10
Ah, the game play. Every Pokemon game is the same, select an attack, watch battle animations, watch damage be dealt, watch health change. For some odd reason, this has always been hypnotizing, and fun to do. It hasn't really changed much, but it's still fun. In this game, you can use the touch screen to select an attack, change Pokemon, or use an item, just like in Diamond and Pearl. There are new battle animations, and the levels Pokemon learn certain moves at have been changed, along with what moves they learn. Trying to get all of your Pokemon to Lvl. 100 is also always a fun and time consuming task. If you're a competitive battler, you'll be happy, because it's easier to get and raise your Pokemon to be competitive in Platinum.

-Story- 8/10
The story for Pokemon hasn't changed much over the years. In the beginning when you get your first Pokemon, it is different than in Diamond and Pearl. Instead of being attacked by Starly at the lake, you go to bring the suitcase to Prof. Rowan. He meets you before you go down the path, and lets you choose a Pokemon. You then battle your rival, and the story progresses from there. Also, the story is very different from Diamond and Pearl, which you will find out at various parts of the game, including Mt. Coronet and the Stark Mountain side quest. Speaking of Stark Mountain, the side quest there is a little longer than in Diamond and Pearl, as well as harder.

-Graphics- 7/10
The graphics are... ok. Nintendo and Game Freak could have done better than this, this barely uses the potential of the DS. There is, however, one part of the game with notably good graphics during the Mt. Coronet part of the story. Some of the Pokemon sprites have been changed, making them either better or worse. The graphics were improved from Diamond and Pearl, but not very much.

-Sound- 10/10
I'm not really sure why, but Pokemon music has always been appealing to me. Some people say "Oh, there just random boops and bleeps" but I say they are quality. And in Platinum, they aren't just random noises anymore, especially during certain parts of the Elite Four, including Cynthia, whose theme is played on a Piano, and it sounds epic. The battle music is much better than in all the previous games, along with the music on certain routes. Some music in this game wasn't very good, especially the music played if you don't touch any buttons when starting up the game.

-Play Time/Reliability-
As with every Pokemon game, the play time is extremely long if you Gotta Catch 'Em All. The storyline is laughably short, but it is still a good story. If you've played other Pokemon games, you would know how annoyingly long it is to get every single Pokemon. And now there are 493, so you better be trading a lot if you want them! Another thing to make it longer is if you want to EV train, a more advanced technique. I don't recommend completely restarting over by starting a new save file, because everything you did will be lost. I do recommend trying to beat the Elite Four again, as well as re battling any trainers or battling any trainers you didn't battle.

-Final Recommendation-
If you have Diamond and/or Pearl, this game pretty much would seem useless to you, unless you want to experience the Battle Frontier. If you want to experience the 4th Generation of Pokemon, then get this over the other two. Everything you can get in Diamond and Pearl, plus more is what you can get in Platinum. If you haven't played played Pokemon since the first or second generation, then get Platinum over Diamond and Pearl.

-Overall Rating- 9/10
Platinum is a great game, but not the greatest. Hopefully they can max out the DS's potential in Heart Gold and Soul Silver to make a fantastic Pokemon game, since Gold and Silver were the best Pokemon games in my opinion.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (w/Bonus Figure & Case) (US, 03/22/09)

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