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"Very nearly a perfect game"

Can I start by saying that this game is by far the greatest in this long running series? Seriously, Pocket Monsters Platinum is almost flawless. However, almost never sliced the cake, did it? It tweaks the mix once again just enough to make it seem a fresh game, but the formula may have almost finished with its lifespan.

Game play

OK, let's start from the top. The Game play. Well, the game play is altered minimally-it has not changed much from the past iterations of this series. It slightly alters the events of Diamond and Pearl to make it seem a fresh experience, when in actual fact it is almost the same as before, except with many large differences. These are changes that are added to make the game far more accessible, and make it a much better experience. Whereas Diamond and Pearl are worth of 7 or 8 out of 10, Platinum is worthy of the far more respectable 9, as its game play is very tightly pressed together into a nice, neat, refreshing package. Basically, you are a rookie trainer who must catch all the monsters you see and raise a team as you go through the ranks battling the Gym Leaders and eventually the Elite 4


Well, the pocket monsters game series has never had a monumental story, like, say, Metal Gear Solid. What it does have, however, is just enough to make it not seem pointless-you ascend through the trainers and battle Team Galactic various times along the way. However, instead of Diamond and Pearls plot, this introduces the Distortion World, which is a rift that is destroying both itself and our world, which adds some nice story twists to it.


The graphics on this game have been updated very slightly, so that it looks far smoother. They are very nicely presented, and help bring a nice groovy feel to the game. The Sound effects and music are also very good, and really suit this style of RPG game.

Play time/Re-playability Factor

This game takes around 30 hours to complete and has huge replay factor through its levelling system and you will want to catch every pocket monsters.


This game is quite simply a must purchase. There is nothing more to say. If there were a perfect pocket monsters game package, then this would be it as it nicely takes all the best elements of all the game series so far and refines it to near perfection. You will enjoy every moment of it, and then replay it again and again

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/04/11

Game Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (EU, 05/22/09)

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