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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sixthsage

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    |       This box represents the 79 character mark required by Gamefaqs        |
                             |  Naruto: Path of ninja 2  |                         
                             |     Genre: Action RPG     |                         
                             |   Platform: Nintendo DS   |
    Welcome: This time we’ll be taking a look at Naruto: Path of Ninja 2 for the
    Nintendo DS.  A solid RPG with a very diverse set of characters, this is one
    that any Naruto fan will enjoy.  The downside of the game is its length, you
    can beat the story mode in about ten hours.  Less if you Rush it.  Thankfully
    there's a load to do after the game is over.
    1.0     01-09-2009     Updated to Gamefaqs
    1.1     04-23-2009     Corrected Spelling and Grammar errors, more coming soon
    /table of contents/
    those sections marked with a * are not completed yet
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    Table of Contents
    General Tips
         First mirror
         Second mirror
         Third mirror
         Fourth mirror
         Fifth mirror
         Sealing the beast
         Tips *
    Kumite Missions
         Kumite *
         Limited Kumite *
         Survival Kumite *
    |x| | |   
    | |x| | - Raises Resistance to poison and blind
    |x| | |  
    This will be the formation you'll want to use near the beginning of the game,
    before you gain the status healing Jutsu.  This works especially well in
    the first boss battle as well, though the defensive formation works better.
    |x| | |   
    |x| | | - Raises ATK of Main Members
    |x| | |   
    I use this formation for random encounters only.  It doesn't work well for boss
    battles because your team will also take a lot more damage.  It does make
    random encounters much faster though, often letting you take all enemies out
    before they get a chance to move.
    | |x| | 
    |x| | | - Raises Defense of main members 
    | |x| |
    This formation works well for many boss battles, the two charachters in the
    back should either have long range weapons or offensive jutsu.  Temari makes
    a good back row character, as does shino.
    | | |x|
    |x| | | - Strengthens fire and water of main members
    | | |x|
    This formation never found a use through either of my playthroughs, but if you
    use Kiba as your front line member and load the two back units with fire and
    water chakra tags, I suppose this is viable.  I prefer the defensive formation
    | | | |
    |x|x|x| - Increases agility of the main members
    | | | |
    This formation works well as a temporary formation.  Start the battle in this
    formation and then move your characters into a different formation when you
    get your buffs set up.  I don't use it much, but it works quite well against
    particularly speedy bosses, like sasuke.
    |x| | |
    | |x| | - increases luck, makes members resistant to sudden death
    | | |x|
    There is only one ability that causes instant death, silent killing, and it
    doesn't warrant its own formation.  Pass this one up for better ones.
    /General Tips/
    1. Search everywhere - My guide simply walks you from point A to point B.  If
    you have to go out of your way to find an item, I’ll mention it, but generally
    I’ll assume that you explore on your own.
    2. Fight - About fifteen minutes into the game, you gain the escape jutsu,
    which allows you to escape from battle.  I recommend that you use this
    sparingly, as battles are important for gaining money and experience.
    3. Don't try to equip everyone - Pick a team of four and make sure they get
    the best equipment available, keep everyone else unequipped, they don't
    need equipment, if you switch characters, switch armor/weapons.
    4. Stock up - Don't sell any high level healing items, like medical packs or
    Family secret ointment.  Don't use them either.  You can buy chakra and health
    restoring items for a relatively low price.  Use them instead.
    5. Spend Chakra, don't waste it - chakra is important in this game, as you
    can't use your most powerful attacks without it.  if you have an attack
    that hits multiple enemies, use it for multiple enemies.  Don't use Gaara's
    Sand Tsunami for two enemies, make sure you get the full effect if you're
    going to spend all the chakra for it.
    Well, on those happy notes, let's get started...
    /the first mirror/ 
    Our game opens with a trio talking in front of a large cave.  They speak about
    breaking barriers and seals.  Sounds like they're up to no good.  Afterwards
    the village chief is informed and hands someone named nazuna a mirror.  She
    runs after him and after a bit of dialogue he falls from a cliff.
    Now we switch to the front of the Hidden leaf village, where Naruto, Sakura, 
    and Kakashi enter.  They talk for a while and then run into nazuna. (Naruto
    falls in love immediately, shallow thing that he is).  The three from before
    show up and demand the mirror.  After they rough Naruto up a bit, it's time
    to show them a lesson.  Battle time.
    This battle works like a tutorial.  Simply follow Kakashi's orders and you'll
    put your first win under your belt in no time.  After you knock the first one
    down, Kakashi will introduce you to jutsu.  Don't worry about using it if you
    don't want to, just have Sakura and Naruto attack until he falls.
    Afterwards, you are told to talk to the Hokage, to alert her about what's
    happened.  First, step to the right and stand on the hidden leaf symbol.
    This will heal your entire party, both HP and Chakra.  Use them whenever
    you see them.  While standing on the symbol, press the select button to save
    your game.
    Feel free to explore the town, there's plenty of items scattered around.  When
    you get ready to continue, head up a screen and to the right.  Head through the
    gate and into the round house with a woman standing next to the door.  Talk
    to Lady Tsunade.  After she gives you your mission, Jiraiya shows up and gives
    you a summoning ninja card.  and a summoning tutorial. Now, on to the valley
    of great evil...  You are also granted the first Hope mirror.  Well, that
    wraps that up, four to go.
    /The Second Mirror/
    First off, we need to head to the valley.  If you picked up some of the items
    from the village, you can sell them off for some cash and upgrade weapons
    and armor for Sakura and Naruto, but it's not required.  When you're ready,
    head out of the village, saving on the way.
    Head down and to the right, continue heading right until you come to two
    torches.  When prompted, blow into the microphone to light them.  After a
    brief intro from Jiraiya, we'll enter our first high speed map.
    Just press left and right to change positions and A to jump.  Grab all the
    scrolls and the frog icon, and avoid all the enemies.  Get all 20 tokens
    and the frog icon and you'll get the Jin scroll, collect all of them to
    "gain power"... We'll just have to wait and see...
    After the map, win or lose, you come to the Valley of great evil (who named
    this place anyway.)  Just press A in front of all the houses and then walk
    up to Jiraiya to continue the story.  After the cut scene, we find ourselves
    back in the high speed map, if you missed all the scrolls the last time
    around.  In fact, keep going in and out until you get all 20.  This is good
    practice anyway.
    When you're done, head back to the Leaf village, just follow the path or use
    the escape scroll if you found it back in the village.  Once you're back,
    go talk to Tsunade again.  This time, she dispatches you to find the other
    mirrors within a week.  She also dispatches Shikimaru, Choji, and Ino too.
    Keep in mind that you have a team of four now.  At such low levels, healing
    is important, so I recommend a team of Choji, Shikimaru, Ino and Sakura, Make
    either Ino or Sakura your reserve character, and build an anti-status
    formation.  See the formation section for more information.  I also recommend
    you hit the weapon shop and upgrade Shikimaru, Choji, and Ino's weapons.  Also
    remember to keep a long range weapon on Ino.  When you're ready, head out
    of town.
    to start, head straight down to the training field, here you can pick up a few
    good items, when you're done, head back to the leaf to heal and then head back
    out.  Exit to the left and cross the bridge, a little north of here is the
    entrance to the sulfurous valley.  When you arrive there will be a short
    cut scene.  once you're free to move, hit the save point to the left and take
    the LEFT entrance, enter the cave.
    Cross the bridge and head down the stairs.  Pick up the items here and head
    right.  Go down through the exit to emerge back outside.  Pull the lever and
    you'll get a message that something has changed in the cave.  Grab the two
    items below you and, if you followed my advice and put shikimaru in your
    party he should have learned the escape jutsu by now, use it to return to
    the entrance to the area.  Save and head to the right.
    Here you'll run into a rock.  When prompted, spin the wheel in the direction
    requested to have Choji perform the human boulder and knock it out of the
    way.  First, go into the other entrance, the one he didn't knock in.  Pick up
    the two items in here and ignore the one behind the rocks, we can't get it
    until much later in the game.  Head through the path Choji cleared earlier.
    Cross the bridge and pick up the three items in this area.  Afterwards, head
    down the stairs, and cross the bridge again.  Head up the stairs.  Cross the
    bridge and save.  Head down stairs when you're ready.  Head to the left and
    use Shikimaru's shadow possession to take control of the dog (draw a line from
    him to the dog.  After you get the dog to pull the lever 
    Really, I can't stress this enough.  A tough boss is coming up and you really
    should save.  Also, I recommend you place your units in the high defense
    formation with Choji in the front row and Ino and Shikimaru in the back.  It'll
    be easier.
    Make sure you save before continuing, last warning.  Now, head back down the 
    stairs and cross the bridge.  After a cut scene, it's time to rumble...
    boss: Rokkakku
          Disciple of MU x 2
    don't worry, this isn't the tough battle I was talking about, but it will
    require a bit of work.  IF you followed my advice above, you should have
    Shikimaru, Choji, and either Ino or Sakura as your main team (the girl you
    didn't choose should be your alternate character)  You should also be in
    the defensive formation.  To begin with, have Choji throw a human boulder
    at everyone.  Don't do it unless you can hit all enemies with it though.
    Shikimaru should try to use his shadow possession jutsu on Rokkakku.  If it
    works it'll keep him out of the battle for three turns or so.  Once the
    minions are down, Rokkakku get's a bit meaner, and starts using Force
    Dragon Palm.  Heal immediately after he uses this attack.  He can't hit
    more than one person at a time because of the formation we have, so just
    heal the person he hits.  After he uses his power up ability make sure you
    keep a good eye on your health.   Start having Ino heal every turn, if she
    runs out of chakra, switch Sakura in.  He should fall soon, just keep at him.
    Now, before you do anything else, trudge back to the heal/save point and
    heal/save.  Before you continue on, make sure you meet the following
    Sakura knows Heal all Jutsu and Release: Genjutsu
    Shikimaru knows hidden leaf shield
    Choji knows Choritos Chips.
    Level up near the Healing point if you need to, so that you can hit the enemies
    with heavy jutsu, then restore it all after each battle.  Once You're ready,
    set your formation as follows:
    | | |2|     1 - Choji
    | |1| |     2 - Shikimaru
    | | |3|     3 - Sakura
    Save and head back across the bridge.  Head up a screen for a cut scene.  After
    the cut scene is over, a battle begins.
    BOSS: Zabuza
    This battle can be rough, but there's a simple way to win it.  If you followed
    my directions earlier, you have Choji in the second row with shikimaru and
    sakura in the back.  This means you will take less damage.  Now we play a stall
    game until Zabuza runs out of Chakra.  Have Shikimaru keep everyone under the
    hidden leaf shield status, have sakura focus on healing, and have Choji focus
    on attacking Haku or casting Choritos chips on himself to keep his attack up.
    In between Shikimaru's casting of hidden leaf shield, he can throw chakra pills
    on himself and sakura when it becomes necessary.  Eventually, Zabuza will try
    to use an attack and it will say "Opponents attack Failed".  When this happens
    move everyone up a row, while keeping the same formation, and Have everyone
    focus on Haku.  Once he goes down, Have everyone focus on Zabuza, who is near
    helpless now.  He'll fall soon.
    After the battle you receive some gold, a load of exp, hidden mist greaves, and
    white silver Senbon.  Equip the greaves to Naruto or Choji and the Senbon to
    Ino.  The second hope mirror is also added to your key items.
    Have Shikimaru use his Escape Jutsu to return to the beginning of the area. Go
    down one screen and use it again to appear right in front of the hidden leaf
    village.  Save and head back into town with the second hope mirror in hand...
    /The third mirror/
    Go Visit the Hokage as soon as you get back in town.  She will grant you the
    summoning jutsu Mini Katsuyu.  Who will prevent you from taking terrain damage.
    Spend a little time shopping.  Upgrade everyone's armor first, and if you have
    enough cash, upgrade the weapons as well.  Step out of town to battle a bit for
    some more cash if you need to.  Don't bother buying a weapon for Sakura, as
    we'll get a better weapon for her in a minute.
    When you're ready, head out of town and use Naruto's Jutsu to summon
    mini-katsuyu, no point putting it off when we'll need her eventually.
    Exit to the left, then exit to the bottom, this will put you in a new
    area.  Take the exit immediately to your right for another speed map.
    Complete it to get the next scroll in the set.  If you want to just wait, we'll
    get something later that makes these maps MUCH easier, so you can do it now
    or wait till later, your choice.  Exit this town through the right for yet
    another speed map.  On the other end is Tanzaku Town.  Explore the area here
    for a "Sakura blizzard"  Equip this to sakura and spend a few minutes looking
    around the town, there's a ninja tag for Naruto among a few items to pick up.
    When you're done, Save and head out of town.  After the speed map, head up
    to find the crystal ravine.  Our destination.
    The first thing you'll notice about this area is that it if packed with purple
    sludge, this is the reason we summoned our pet.  Just walk to the sludge while
    Mini-Katsuyu is with you and she'll ferry you across, good slug... thing
    Spend a few minutes exploring the area, just run from battles or fight them out
    it doesn't matter.  We're about to change our party around, so there's no point
    in trying to level everyone up through this area.  Pick up the "clip on needles"
    and then head up below the bridge and step on the ninja tag.  Cross the bridge
    and circle around.  Cross the second bridge and save your game.  Head north.
    Here we'll run into a small cut scene.  After it's over, head a little more
    north for a save point.  Kiba and Shino will Show up, but something isn't right.
    They're under a jutsu of some kind, time to knock them out of it.
    Boss: Shino
    This battle is cake.  Just focus your attacks on Shino, as he's the most
    dangerous.  Keep everyone's health up and this battle will be over in less time
    than it took me to type this.  If you have trouble with it, Go on the defense
    and wait them out, but there really should be no need.  Finish this quickly
    to add the two guys to your team.
    Now that you have these guys, I suggest a team change.  Swap Shikimaru for Shino
    and Choji for Kiba.  If you don't want to, fine, but I’ll be using them for this
    walkthrough.  Kiba has higher attack than Choji, and Shino has a wider range of
    status effects than Shikimaru does, plus the ability to Deal damage.  Later on,
    Shino gains some truly frightening Jutsu, so be sure to make a place for him in
    your team.  Kiba is fast and very good at hitting multiple enemies, so he's my
    new front line attacker.
    Now, strip the equipment off of anyone not in your battle party and re-outfit
    your battle party with the best of the best, the exception being Shino, leave
    his parasites equipped, as they factor into our next boss strategy.
    Save your game and set some ninja cards on your battle team.  Make sure that
    sakura has fire style defense and defense up, Give Kiba the agility up tag,
    give shino the insect feast and the hidden leaf style tag, and give Ino
    anything you've got for her.
    Feel free to equip others, but I will assume that this I what you have for your
    ninja tags.  Now, save your game and head up one screen for a cut scene, when
    the cut scene is over, the battle begins.
    Boss: Jako
          Disciple of Mu x2
    For this battle, Keep on the offense.  Let Sakura keep everyone under the ATK
    up status and revert to healing when that's not needed.  Kiba can use fang over
    fang at the beginning of battle to wipe out the disciples and dish damage to
    Jako.  Have Shino use Insect wind Jutsu to help crowd control, and if sakura has
    her first spring jutsu, use it as well.  Keep everyone healed and let Shino and
    Kiba stay on the offensive to rip this guy a new one.  Afterwards, You get to
    do it again
    After the battle, Hinata breaks out of her bonds and challenges Jako to a
    battle of her own, one on one...  Poor Jako.
    Boss: Jako
    This battle takes all of five turns.  First, move to the back row and cast
    Byakugan.  Next turn cast substitution jutsu.  Now hit him with four water
    Senbon Jutsu and watch him fall.  If that doesn't take him down (he stayed in
    the front row for me) Then move in and wipe him out with hinata's boosted
    When he falls, Hinata re-heals everyone and it's time to battle again.  This
    battle is a carbon copy of the first one, so I won't repeat myself, just look
    above for the strategy, just be aware that everyone has more attack and more
    health than last time, so make sure you play a bit more defensively.  Nothing
    much changed, so don't worry about it too much, just kill everyone off so we
    can move on.
    After that bit of unpleasantness, head back down and heal/save.  You may also
    want to swap Ino out for Hinata.  She's a better healer all round.  Now go back
    up the stairs and into the cave.  After a quick cut scene Hinata will make sure
    everyone can see.  You'll find a few items in this room, including an insect
    master ninja tag, equip it to shino, as it raises his critical hit ratio when
    he has insects equipped.  Make your way through this maze-like area and pick
    up the chest with Man best Taijutsu, which does the same for Kiba as long as
    he has claws equipped.  Make sure the claws are equipped on him and swap his
    ninja tags around so that he has this tag on, throw on a few ally protecting
    tags as well.
    Climb the rope to get to the next room.  In here there are quite a few chests.
    Head up into the next area after you've pilfered them (who the hell left them
    here anyway, is there some dude running around putting stuff in boxes at
    In this room, step on the ninja tag and use it to teleport to an area with two
    more tags.  Take the right one for "parasites: Two" which you should equip to
    Shino.  Head back via the ninja tag and take the left one.  This gives you the
    option of two more tags.  Take the bottom one.  Slide down the ice to get
    "Sannin's Senbon" which fits well into Hinata's hands.  Make your way back via
    the ninja tags and take the top tag this time.  This leads you to the exit,
    head one screen north.
    In here, a cut scene, after which we control Akimaru (Kiba's dog) make your
    way through the cavern and take the left entrance first.  Pick up the
    item and head back into the cavern, take the right entrance and Akimaru will
    drop the rope so you can climb up.  Set your formation to the following:
    | |2| |     1 - Kiba
    |1| | |     2 - Shino
    | |3| |     3 - Sakura
    This gives you Kiba's offensive options as well as allowing Shino to attack
    fairly well.  Sakura can keep everyone healed and the formation bonus offsets
    the increased damage from being in the front row.  This will be your standard
    battle formation for the remainder of the game, unless I specify otherwise.
    Save your game and head north, where we'll find another mirror. After a quick
    cut scene, It's battle time.  
    Boss: Shakkaku
    Remember the big sand thing that Gaara becomes, this is who we're fighting this
    time.  When he uses Shakakku's sand, make sure you keep everyone out of the row
    it's summoned in.  If you can, keep at least Kiba on the offense at all times,
    but only attack if he's under the attack up state.  Have Sakura hit everyone
    with heal all level 2 and hidden leaf shield.  Have her Keep Kiba under the ATK
    up state as well.  Shino can focus on support, throwing healing or attack items
    when needed.  Since Shakkaku doesn't move, using a summon toad scroll or a
    insect weed will help speed the damage a bit.  Just keep at him and keep
    everyone healed.  For winning you get the chakra control ninja tag, which cuts
    required chakra by half.  I recommend giving it to Sakura or Hinata, to help
    them with healing chakra costs.
    after the battle, everyone gets pissed at Naruto, and we get another cut scene.
    Use Shikimaru's escape jutsu just like before to get back to the hidden leaf
    village.  Walk back in with the third mirror in hand.  Just two more to go.
    /The fourth Mirror/
    First, make sure all your battle characters have the best equipment on hand
    and that all of the characters not in your party have nothing equipped.  Sell
    all of the leftover equipment and upgrade the equipment of your main
    characters.  Just buy the best of the best, you should have plenty of money
    to blow.
    At the very least, pick up a heaven ninja fan for sakura, tiger claws for Kiba
    and four ninja suits for everyone.  If you're a little short, unequip the four
    armor vests and sell them to buy the ninja suits.  Head to the Hokage's house
    when you're done.
    We're headed to the hidden sand village, And Lady Tsunade also gives us Tonton,
    a pig who can knock down rocks that are blocking the way.  Summon Tonton as
    soon as the cut scene is over, as we'll need her soon.  If you want, head back
    to the sulfurous valley, where we found the second mirror, go back to the
    area where Choji busted that boulder for you, and head through the right
    door, pick up the moonlight sword courtesy of Tonton and warp back to the
    hidden leaf.  Save and head back out of town.
    exit to the left, then exit down, pick up the two items and step on the ninja
    tag.  Use Tonton to bust the rocks and step on the tag here as well.  This
    takes you to an area below the cliff.  Pick up the talent for Genjutsu tag
    in the top left and then head down and exit left.  Exit this area to the
    north to find a save point, which you should use.  Head north for a speed
    map, after which we'll enter the hidden sand.
    We need to find the old man that Temari was talking about earlier.  He happens
    to enjoy naps in the shade, which you can find out by talking to the
    villagers.  If you head just north of the entrance you'll spot a sign with
    pots in front of it, he's behind the right support girder of the sign, talk
    to him to continue the story.  Yell into your microphone so you can wake
    the old man up, and then he'll talk to you (wake me up by yelling at me
    and I’m more likely to cause you pain, but go figure.)
    There are no items in the village per say, but feel free to head north into
    the kazekage's mansion.  Here we'll find several items that make up for
    that fact, including a heavy pot for Gaara later, and a family secret
    head back out, leave the village through the high speed map, and save your
    game again.  head a little south to find a giant rock, which we don't have
    a way to break.  This is where Lee, Neji, and Tenten come in.  the group
    will show up and lee will break the rock.  Afterwards, they join the team.
    First, strip Lee, Temari, and Kiba of their equipment.  Afterwards, change
    Kiba out for Neji and make sure everyone is wearing the best of the best.
    If you happen to have a few stat items on hand, give any chakra/health items
    to Hinata and any attack items to Neji.  Save your agility and defense items
    for later.  Also, strip everyone's ninja tags and give the following
    Hinata: Gutsy reserve, Defense up: Toh
    Sakura: Attack up:Rin, Defense up: Rin, BTL summon: mini-katsuyu
    Neji: agility up: Toh, Eagle eyes, Healing
    Shino: Insect master, Blind resistance: Hyo, Hidden leaf style, Insect feast
    This gives you a heavy defense healer, a fast, high critical attacker with
    healing options, a battle summon, and Shino to protect injured allies.
    Head south and hit the desert of death.  Here, we have a timer, if the
    timer runs out, you'll start taking damage, make sure to drop into one
    of the holes in the ground to get out of the sun.  Pick up the 5000 ryo
    and climb the opposite rope.  Head back down into the hole and get to
    another puzzle.  Yell GUTS!!! into your microphone to jump the gap.
    across here you'll find a secret family ointment (good) and a cursed
    mark vest (BAD, do not equip)
    hit the surface and head back down in the new hole (there's an item to the
    right if you want it, just be quick) here, move across the path to find a
    small hourglass on the ground.  Neji will step out and use rotation
    to deflect some incoming kunai.  Pick up the chests here and save your
    game before heading back to the surface.  As you get to the surface, a
    cut scene and then a battle.
    boss: Jako
    This battle is not too hard, as long as you have a heal all jutsu ready.  Both
    of the bosses have the ability to hit multiple enemies (Rokkakku will have a
    hard time if you have the defensive formation)  Neji should hit them with the
    8-trigrams 64 palms attack, but only when under the effect of attack up.  Shino
    can throw insect wind jutsu out, or if you have it, parasite: blood suck. Let
    Sakura keep everyone healed and Neji under the attack up status.  Just focus on
    Jako, ignore Rokkakku.  when Jako falls, he'll hit you with a 999 all attack
    and the battle ends.
    after the battle, Rokkakku tries to finish you guys off, but Kakashi and Guy
    show up, and offer to fight in your stead.  Take them up on their offer and
    let's show them a thing or two.
    Boss: Jako
    Same battle, but things will be so much easier this time (not that it was hard
    the first time).  Just go on the offensive, have Guy unseal the 8 gates and
    hit them with the hidden lotus for a quick kill.  have Kakashi use Sharingan
    and the lightning blade combo.  If Guy falls (his gates ability deals damage
    to him) have Kakashi summon the eight ninja dogs and use their combo attack
    to crush the opposition.  This battle isn't even a challenge, just a chance
    to cool down from the last one, and a little revenge.
    after they fall, Kakashi grants you the use of Pakkun, who will make the
    number of enemies on the high speed maps decrease, which makes them much
    easier.  Start summoning him before you hit the high speed maps from now on.
    Pick up the two treasure chests and head to the left.  Here, save your game
    and start pressing A in front of the headstones to break them.  Some have
    treasures under them and some have holes, use the holes to keep the heat
    down and make sure you break all of them to get all the treasures.  Just
    hop in and out of holes until all of them are broken and all chests are
    After you get all the chests, start at the right and step into the holes one
    by one.  Get all the treasures and erase the seals by rubbing them with the
    stylus or your finger.  Once you knock down all the seals,  the door will
    open, but don't go in until you visit all the holes to get all the chests.
    (you may need to summon mini katsuyu for a few of the holes, some have
    Once all the seals are open and all the items are gathered, save and
    head through the gate.  Go north a bit to find a new mirror.  You know what
    that means.  Battle time.  After the cut scene, all hell breaks loose.
    Boss: Itatchi
    This battle is actually quite easy if one condition is true, Shino knows
    Parasite: Blood suck.  Have sakura use fighting spirit injection on him and
    Neji, and have Shino use Blood suck as many times as possible (he recovers
    chakra when he uses it.)  It will deal incredible damage and drain chakra.
    Focus on Kisame first, as he's the greater threat (he drains chakra).  have
    Neji use the 8 trigrams 64 palms attack, but only when under the effect of
    Sakura's attack up ability.  Once Kisame falls, Have Sakura revert to doing
    nothing but healing, and let the other two rip Itatchi a new one.  Too bad
    Sasuke wasn't here, this would be a choice battle for a one on one.
    After the battle we are awarded some new greaves and a load of exp points.  we
    also get a ninja tag for eagle eyes, but it's not important, we already have
    one.  As the cut scene comes to a close, a ninja from the hidden leaf teleports
    in (why couldn't we do that, would have saved a lot of time.) he tells us that
    the hidden sand is under attack.  Use the escape jutsu ONCE ONLY to exit this
    area, save your game, and head up to the hidden sand (summon Pakkun to make
    the high speed map easier.
    /the fifth mirror/
    When you enter the hidden sand, the area's covered in that purple mist from
    before.  Naruto will summon some clones to knock out some infected villagers,
    which wears him out.  Afterwards, some hidden sand ninja come out of hiding
    to challenge your team.  Compared to Kisame and Itatchi, they're pushovers,
    (compared to Zabuza and Haku they're pushovers) but I’ll do a section for
    them anyway.
    Boss? : sand ninja x 3
    Really, I don't even consider these guys bosses, but I've been classifying any
    non random encounter as a boss battle, and technically these guys qualify.
    Just use your strongest attacks and watch them fall one by one.  If they get
    a lucky critical hit or something, have sakura heal them.  If you have to use
    mobility heal at any point in this battle, level up some more after it, you've
    been running from too many battles.  Hurry up with this battle so Gaara and his
    team will join us already.
    After the battle, a cut scene where a small child is in trouble.  Gaara comes
    to the rescue and then the hidden sand trio join your team.  Time for the
    final team change.
    I recommend that you switch Sakura out for Gaara, and then the choice is yours
    between Temari or Shino, as either are a good choice at this point.  Temari
    will make the next boss battle shitloads easier, but Shino has more damaging
    potential with his higher level jutsu.
    Personally, I recommend Temari, as she gets better attack's later on and has
    a special battle summon.  Set up everyone's equipment and ninja tags as
    Gaara should focus on defense increasing tags, as well as protection tags,
    to guard other members.  Neji should focus on attack and critical hits. As
    he is our main attacker and all of his jutsu are contact based, you should
    also give him release Genjutsu, so he can deal with all status effects.  Temari
    should get the healing jutsu tags and any stat increasing tags you have left.
    If Hinata is level 39, give her Chakra control, if not, get her to level 39, she
    should be close as it is.
    Now, this is what I consider the final team.  Use those stat increasing items
    you've saved since the beginning.  Give Gaara any Ninjutsu and defense items,
    Hinata gets any chakra items, and Neji gets any attack.  Divide the agility
    out amongst your team.  Go ahead and use the Morale increasing items on
    everyone, so everyone has highest morale.
    Head to the right and Jiraiya will show up, he will grant you your last two
    summon jutsu: Gamatatsu and Gamakitchi, who let you walk across water and climb
    cliffs, respectively.  Head back to the save point and save, then head out to
    the right.
    Here, step on the ninja tag and exit to the left.  Summon Gamatatsu and walk
    across the rocks.  Summon Pakkun on the other side and enter the speed map.
    On the other side, we'll find a few treasures, including a new fan for Temari.
    After everyone's equipped, head a little north to get to two cave entrances.
    Your team will split up, with the sand ninja going left any the leaf ninja
    going right.
    Take a moment to set up your team with Shino, Sakura, Neji, and Hinata,
    with Hinata as your backup character.  Head deeper into the volcano, going up
    first, to pick up parasites: Three.  Now go back and go left.  Pick up
    Sanin's ninja sword and continue down the path.
    When you get to the rocks in the magma, summon Gamatatsu and walk across.  Pick
    up the master of shadows tag and head up a bit until you hit the giant rock.
    Now we'll switch over to the sand ninja.  Equip Kankuro with a bit of equipment
    and move in, follow the linear path, picking up equipment as you go.
    Eventually you'll catch up to the leaf ninja and Temari will give you a hand
    with that giant rock in your way.  Back to the leaf ninja.
    Pick up the family secret ointment and, on the next screen, the Sannin’s sickle.
    Head to the right across the lava stones to pick up an adamantine staff and
    some super brand chakra pills.  Sweet.  After you get done gathering items
    step on the rock to take it across the lava flow, but it will end up going in
    a circle.  After you go around a few times, Naruto steps in to state the
    obvious.  Time for the sand ninja to save us again.
    Walk around the path until you get to Naruto.  Gaara will use his sand to part
    the magma waterfall, what a hard ass.  Continue on across the bridge and behind
    the magma fall.  (it's not water, what else do you call it).  Here, we need to
    blow on the wicks at the same time, wait till Gaara gets done with the]
    countdown and blow.  After this is over, we re-join forces.  Re-make your team
    and pick up the item nearby.  Save your game and re-set everyone's equipment,
    making sure everyone has the best of the best.  Be sure to equip Naruto too,
    though you won't be using him much, just throw whatever you have left over on
    After you fix your equipment, save again and head into the next room.  Rokkakku
    greets you in this room.  After a bit of conversation the battle begins.
    Boss: Rokkakku
    he has a bit more power and a new jutsu, but he's still the same old pushover.
    Let Gaara and Neji beat up on him while Temari keeps everyone healed.  No
    Particular strategy needed,  If he boosts his strength, have Temari knock it
    off with her wind jutsu.  Feel free to tease him a bit, but don't worry, this
    will be the last time we fight him.  Have Gaara summon Shakakku’s sand to dish
    out some more damage to him.  Temari should focus on healing and removing buffs
    and Neji should use Byakugan and then 8 trigrams rotation to return his fire.
    he'll fall soon when faced up against your well oiled machine of a combat team.
    When he falls, he comes back with a good hit on the whole team... Except Gaara.
    Gaara's sand defends him and he decides to remove Rokkakku from the scene, by
    throwing him in Lava.  That solves one problem, now on to the mirror.  return
    to the last room and save, then continue on to the mirror (this time Naruto
    doesn't set it off on purpose, it's mostly an accident)
    This time, we get to fight our favorite traitor, Sasuke.  After the cut scene,
    Sasuke tries to act all tough and tries to take out a full team of four. FIGHT
    Boss: Sasuke
    this battle is either a piece of cake or a pain in the ass, depending on
    whether you have Temari in your party.  If you do, this battle will go rather
    smoothly.  Every time he powers up in any way, be it the Sharingan or dancing
    leaf shadow, throw a great fan windblast at him.  He's way too powerful if you
    allow him to power up his speed and activate the Sharingan.  Have Neji use the
    eight trigrams rotation and then just wail on him.  Have Temari power everyone
    up with fan telling off and herself with fan defense.  If Gaara knows Shakakku’s
    shield, use it to boost his defense, it also stacks with sand shield, making him
    untouchable.  Just keep healed, stay focused, and he'll fall eventually.
    Shakakku’s sand will speed things along as well, use it.
    after Sasuke falls, he knocks everyone over and you have to fight him one on
    one with Naruto.  Don't worry if Naruto is under leveled (level 8 on mine) he
    unseals the nine tailed fox and his stats are fixed anyway.
    Boss: Sasuke
    The first thing you should do is move to the back row and throw nine tailed fox
    healing.  attack him a few times to lower his attack and then hit him with two
    perfect rasengan from the front row to wipe him out.  Don't be afraid to throw
    medical packs on Naruto, if you lose this fight, you have to go through both
    battles all over again.  DO NOT DIE HERE.
    After you're finished, a cut scene plays and we need to get back to the hidden
    leaf.  Use Gaara or Shikimaru's jutsu to get there quickly.  Make sure you
    save on the way too.
    /sealing the beast/
    Ok, we have all the mirrors, we have our final attack team, we're ready to go
    kick some ass on this giant catfish thingy... Almost.  Still a few things to do
    beforehand.  First, make sure all characters not in your party have no
    equipment, and make sure that your combat team has the best of the best out of
    what you have in your inventory.  Sell all equipment you don't need and then
    buy the best of the best for everyone.  (Not the 100,000 ryo equipment, it's
    probably out of your price range, just buy the best you can afford.)
    When you have the best of the best, go browse the ninja tag store and upgrade
    Temari's healing tags.  Make sure she can use wide healing.  You may want to
    pick up a few more attack up or defense up tags.  Just buy whatever you think
    you need and then set up the ninja tags however you want.  I also recommend you
    hit the item store and stock up on anbu chakra and anbu food pills.  You may
    want to pick up a few medical packs too.  Prepare well and the final battle will
    be that much smoother.
    Also, I know I told you that we were done changing party members, but I have one
    last recommendation.  Leave the hidden leaf and head towards the hidden sand
    village.  On the way there, you'll find a ledge.  Summon Gamakitchi and climb
    the cliff to pick up the chakra damage ninja tag.  This tag makes Shino a beast
    from hell.  If Shino has enough Nin to equip the chakra damage tag and still a
    little left over for a healing tag or two, feel free to swap him out for Temari.
    I also gave him insect master and hidden leaf style.  He will make a great
    character here.  I'll explain why when it comes to that.  For now, head to the
    roof of the ninja academy.  there you'll find Tsunade.  She'll tell you to seal
    the beast and classifies this as an S rank mission.  
    Make sure you have at the very least 1 anbu food pills, 2 Toad brand chakra
    pills, and 2 versatile pills.  If you want to buy more, all the better, but
    you can easily make it with the above.
    Now, head to the valley of great evil, the area where the first cut scene in the
    game was.  Head to the back of the village and enter through the cave entrance.
    Here, summon mini katsuyu and travel across the sludge.  there are a few chests
    around here.  Pick up the Idaten greaves and give them to Shino, then head
    north for a cut scene.  We can't touch the save point yet, but we've got bigger
    things to worry about right now.  Jako shows up with Nazuna in tow, and he's
    holding her hostage for the mirrors.  Naturally, we hand them over, meaning
    that those things we worked this whole game for are no longer in our possession.
    We'll have to remedy that.  Jako has also sealed the door by scattering the
    four orbs that act as the key to the door.  We'll have to hunt them down in
    the surrounding area.  To start with, save, then head to the right.  Pick up
    the Hokage kunai and make your way through this area, summoning the correct
    pet to cross the obstacle in front of you (mostly cliffs).  Be sure to pick
    up all the items here and equip the Parasites: four to Shino, the Hokage
    shuriken to Hinata and the Hyuga wraps to Neji.  Save at the save point
    and walk up to the yellow orb.
    Boss: Treasure Keeper 1
    You'll fight this battle a total of four times, get used to it.  Shino should
    nail the puppet with parasite: blood suck.  due to his increased chakra drain,
    he'll get back more than he used to begin with.  Neji should hit the big boy
    with 8-trigrams, 64-palms until he runs out of chakra, then he should attack.
    Gaara should Throw sand showers at him, he'll fall eventually.
    Head further down and make your way around the path.  Fall down the hole and
    walk down the side path to pick up instant inner sakura.  useless to us, since
    we're not using Sakura.
    Head back and teleport across the stepping stones.  Save your game and teleport
    again.  Sakura steps in and releases the Genjutsu, allowing you to walk to the
    green orb
    Boss: Treasure Keeper 2
    Two out of four, just use the same strategy as the last one.  Feel free to go
    all out, there are 5 different healing/save points in this dungeon.  Crush him
    with overwhelming force, heal if needed, and summon Either Shakakku’s sand or
    parasite: Female.  these are quite good as the foe doesn't move, so it does max
    Teleport to the ledge to the upper left and climb the rope.  This is the first
    half of the dungeon checkpoint.  Save your game and head left.  Here we need to
    solve a ninja tag puzzle.  take the first tag you reach to pick up a
    ninja tag for awesome strength, which increases critical rate with knuckles
    equipped.  The only one with Knuckles is Neji, and he can't use the tag, so just
    teleport back and take the next one in line.
    Here there are three tags and a broken one. Examine the broken one for a quick
    cut scene and then step on the far left one.  The path is linear and it leads
    to the other half of the broken tag, that was easy.  warp back and take the
    center tag to get a chest with Taijutsu master.  Hold on to this, we'll arrange
    our ninja tags in a minute.  Step on the return tag and fix the broken tag.
    take it to find a save point.  I recommend you do the following.
    Give Gaara any defensive tags you can along with Instructor
    Give Neji Taijutsu master along with eagle eyes and release: general
    Give Shino Insect master, Chakra damage, and a few stat increasing tags
    give Hinata guts and Chakra control, this makes her your number 1 healer
    Make sure everyone has the best equipment and save your game:  walk up to
    the blue orb
    Boss: Treasure Keeper 4
    same as always, hit him hard and fast and heal when needed.  he can't do much
    to you.  When he falls, you only have one to go.
    Teleport with the tag above where the orb was.  Go left and hit the next tag
    to pick up a twin dragon sickle.  which we can't use at the moment.  Hang on
    to it and work back a teleport tag.  head to the right and into the hole.
    Teleport across the stepping stones.  head up and save your game, then jump
    across the cavern by yelling guts into the microphone.  Hit the red orb.
    Boss: Treasure Keeper 3
    We went a bit out of order, but who cares, the important thing is they're all
    dead.  Kill this one the same way you killed the other three.  Hard hits and
    light healing.
    Finally, that's over.  Head up and grab the treasure chest for a wind shadow
    pot.  give it to Gaara and climb the ladder.  walk toward the door to have the
    four orbs enter and open it.  Save your game and use escape jutsu to get back
    to the hidden leaf.
    If you don't already have the professor ninja tag, head out like you're going
    to the hidden sand village, cross the water nearby and get a treasure chest
    there, then continue down and climb a cliff (near the two ninja and the
    teleport tag) and pick up a chest there, it’s in one of those, I just don't
    remember which one.
    Now, head back to the leaf and hit the ninja tag store.  Set up Neji with
    Attack up: Toh, Hot blood, Blinding speed, and Eagle Eyes.  Set up Gaara
    with Defense up: Toh, Shakakku’s strength, Gutsy reserve, professor, hidden
    leaf style, and Team work.  Set up Shino with Insect master, Chakra Damage,
    medical license, and attack up: Hyo.  Hinata should have Chakra control, 
    guts and defense up: Rin.
    Save your game on the way out of the village and head back to the valley of
    great evil.  Save in front of the door and head on in.  Get the playing possum
    jutsu at the end of the poison path.  This is the best summoning jutsu in the
    game, in my opinion, it summons Shakkaku, the boss from earlier.  If you like
    summoning jutsu, throw this on Gaara, just keep defense up: Hyo on as well.
    Personally, I don't like summoning jutsu of any kind, so I'll keep Gaara as
    a wall.
    Go up to the floor with the 30 on it and have Naruto summon 30 shadow clones,
    which you have to charge up.  Afterwards, climb the wall and cross the poison
    path.  Take the teleport pad and cross the lower poison path.  Get instant
    Byakugan and equip it to Neji or Hinata (either is fine, I recommend Neji,
    as Hinata doesn't have the room, just replace Taijutsu master, or just don't
    equip it if you want Neji to stay as your high attack destroyer.
    Go back down and take the higher poison path.  Climb the cliff and cross the
    bridge.  Drop down the cliff and step on any one of the ninja pads, it just
    links to the other one.  Kiba steps up and gives one to Akimaru, looks like
    were going spelunking.  Pick up the chest to power up Akimaru and have him
    break the boulder at the end of the path.  Leave and you'll get a cut scene
    where Akimaru will drop the teleport scroll on the other side of the wall.
    Take the teleporter and go under the bridge.  Summon Gamatatsu and head out
    to the right.  follow the path around to get to the chest for an instant
    shadow clone (useless, we haven't used Naruto since the beginning of the
    game.  Go back to the entrance and go left to get the jinsoku Greaves.
    Give them to whoever's wearing the Idaten greaves and give the Idaten
    greaves to someone else. (hand me downs rock) :)
    Double back on the path, as the rest of it is a dead end.  Go back to the
    right and continue up (don't turn to go to the treasure chest).  Climb
    the wall with Gamakitchi and you'll land on a 100 floor.  Walk to the door
    and Naruto will try to summon 100.  I've never been able to do this fast
    enough, but after three tries, Naruto automatically does it for you.  Exit
    through the door to the next area.
    Save your game, the final boss awaits.  Make sure your Ninja tags are set
    up, everyone's equipment is set up, and that Hinata is your reserve
    character.  Also, I recommend you place the Repel Genjutsu tag on Neji, as the
    final boss will throw heavy status on you.
    Boss: Jako
    The final battle with this jerk is the hardest by far,  meaning that it may
    take you more time than usual, nothing more.  Pull Hinata in to increase Neji
    and Gaara's strength.  Swap her back out quickly and let the two fighters do
    their job.  Once he falls, brace yourself, the funs just begun.  Keep in mind
    that if you are going to bring Hinata in, have her cast guts on herself, so she
    doesn't fall.  you don't have anyone to revive her if she goes down.
    After the battle, Jako ties everyone up with some Genjutsu and our loyal final
    boss takes him out to feed his chakra to the spirit beast.  What a loser.
    Anyway, after a lengthy cut scene, we get to go at Gensho as a foxed out Naruto.
    (where are the sand ninja during this cut scene anyway, you'd think garra
    would help us out while everyone's getting wailed on.)
    Boss: Gensho
    Start with a fox healing and then start pummeling him.  No Sharingan counter
    to worry about this time, so wail on him.  Again, don't die.  Just hit him a 
    few times and then blast him with two Ultimate Rasengan to finish him off.
    I hate how everyone bitches at Naruto, but when they're in trouble, he's the
    first one they turn to for help.
    After this battle, a long cut scene and the final battle starts.  This is your
    battle team versus the spirit beast, and yes, it looks like a freaking catfish.
    Boss: Spirit beast Gensho
    Yeah yeah, he's not all that powerful for being the final boss.  First, have
    Gaara use Shakakku's Shield to raise his defense, on his next turn, have him
    use sand shield, then start pelting the boss with sand shower.  Neji should
    blast the enemy with a high attack power punch, and he should critical quite
    often.  Shino should summon an insect to deal damage over time, and heal.  If
    no one needs healing (if he focus on Gaara) then feel free to blood suck a
    bit.  Keep everyone's health up and keep Hinata out of the battle as much as
    possible, if she dies, it's a downhill run.  Keep Neji focused on him and keep
    Gaara on him when he's not shielding, and he should fall before fifteen turns
    or so.  Less if you get the chance to Blood suck with Shino a few times.  keep
    Neji ready with a few release: general to keep everyone healed.  If you die, go
    back to the hidden leaf to buy a load of revive/ healing items, just to make
    sure you have enough.  I was able to beat it on three revive items and two
    chakra items, but I’ve been through the game a few times.
    Note to readers.  As of now, I'm uploading this to Gamefaqs, but I will continue
    working on it.  I simply wanted to get it on Gamefaqs so everyone would have
    something to get them going.  The bonus sections will come later, promise.

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