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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zetta_Chaos

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 09/24/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -Monster Rancher DS FAQ/Walkthrough-
    |Written By: Michelle L. Meyer                          |
    |E-mail: stormdragon7777@msn.com                        |
    |Guide Version 3.5 (September 24, 10)                   |
    Version Changes-
    Version 1.5: 
    Added more info to nearly all sections of the Guide. 
    Corrected some errors. Put names in Credits;
    included their info. Created How to Unlock section.
    Version 2.0:
    Fixed errors. Finished Walkthrough.
    Added more info again; started on Item List.
    Version 2.5:
    Finished Errantry (Obtainable Items). Added
    Other Battles section, more info. 
    Version 3.0:
    Organized IX. Item List and fixed an error.
    Added B-1 Grand Prix.
    Version 3.5:
    Corrected a spelling error. Edited
    and added to the VII. Monster Creating List. 
    Added to VI. Breeding and Battle Talents and
    info for Henger.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction 
    II. The New (and Some of the Old)
    	A. Creating Monsters
    	B. Combining
    	C. Drills 
    	D. Errantry 
    	E. Anything Else I Should Know About?
    III. The Basics 
    	A. Hints and Tips
    	B. Battle Tech. Symbols
    IV. Walkthrough 
    	A. First Steps to Ranching 
    	B. The Prime of Your Life 
    	C. The Official S Class Cup
    	D. The Four Heavenly Kings
    V. Other Battles
    	A. Rising Dragon 
            B. B-1 Grand Prix
            C. Icicle Battle
    	D. Battle Royal 
    VI. Breeding and Battle Talents 
    VII. Monster Creating List
    	A. Magic Field
    	B. Magic Spell
    VIII. How to Unlock
    IX. Item List
    X. FAQ
    XI. Credits	
    XII. The Legal Stuff
    I. Introduction
    Welcome fellow Monster Ranchers to my little guide! Currently it's
    completed, although I may add more (namely the Creating List).
    There are spoilers, though I can't really call it that; hint: this 
    game doesn't have much in storyline, but that's usually how the MR 
    games are. Instead it's about the gameplay- a little bit dated given 
    how unchanged the majority of it is and tedious at times, but still 
    good never the less. 
    Feel free to contact me (my email is up there) if you have questions, 
    suggestions, spot any errors, etc. Any info you can give for this guide 
    is much appreciated, and I'll add you to the credits section (just 
    tell me the name to write). 
    II. The New (and Some of the Old)  
    A. Creating Monsters:
    There are now three new methods of making monsters, 
    the only one same method is by the Encyclopedia. 
    I should warn you that these new methods are very picky- even 
    drawing the same object in a different angle or area will result 
    in a different monster. 
    1. Magic Field: Draw anything you want in the field. 
    2. Incantation: Say a word or even make a sound.
    3. Magic Spell: Write down words. Note that I
    unlocked this after beating the Rising Dragon Cup. I'm not 
    certain if this can happen just by getting any of the locked
    WARNING: From what I've been hearing, the Magic Spell has a nasty
    glitch if you use it too frequently at once, causing game crashes and 
    errors. Make sure you save before using this method, just to be on the
    safe side.
    B. Combining:	
    No longer are combinations based on chance. You basically choose what 
    you want, however be aware that only the main types of the monster can
    be either main or sub-types, while sub-types are only allowed for the 
    sub slot.
    For example, if you take a Tiger/Lesione and combine it with a 
    Suezo/Tiger, you cannot make a Lesione main type.
    When you do pick the species, the top screen shows the resulting 
    stats (Lifespan, Stat Ratings, Guts Recovery, Movement, etc.).
    Ratings are like those for the Techs, except you may notice an X.
    X is worse than the Triangle. 
    Inherited Techs and Talents are random. 
    1. How to Make Unique Monsters
    First you need to make an -ish Monster. You've probably seen one
    in some of the battles: completely light blue, with no other 
    features. In order to make one, you need to combine one main-type
    with a specific sub-type. The sub-type depends on the main-type.
    For example, combining and choosing a Mocchi main-type and abyss
    sub will make a Mocchi-ish. Or a Ducken main and a Tiger sub
    will make a Ducken-ish.
    Next, take the -ish Monster and combine it with the main-type
    species you want. So let's say you want a unique Ducken. Use
    the -ish Monster's sub for the sub slot, and the Ducken for
    the main-type slot. Congrats, you just made a unique Ducken,
    Duck Fever!  
    *Note: The -ish Monster does not have to be the same type
    as the other one used in combining for uniques. 
    C. Drills:
    Just like the previous games, it costs 2000 for drills (except for sale 
    dates, then its 1000), it lasts a month, and it's how you mainly learn 
    techs. But now when you go to train, you use a board game. Basically 
    you roll a die and land on one of these spots:
    1. Parameters Up: Your stats increase; indicated by the blue guy 
    2. Parameters Down: Stats go down; same as above, except with an X over 
    it. On the bright side, your stats decrease by only a fraction compared 
    to increases.
    3. Rolls Up: # of rolls increases by 2; look for the green die.
    4. Rolls Down: # of rolls down by 1; green die with an X.
    5. Monster Encounter: You encounter a wild monster and (what else) beat 
    the crud out of it. How difficult the wild Monster is, is based on your 
    Monster's rank. If you win, you gain stats but if you lose, it 
    goes down (or you lose a roll).
    6. The ?: Named obviously after the symbol; you'll either lose or 
    gain stats or rolls or fight a wild monster.
    As you can guess, you can get tons of points if you're lucky, 
    or get squat if not so lucky.  
    Note: Press the start button during the Parameter scenes to skip them.
    Note #2: The older your Monster is, the more number of 
    rolls you get. 
    Note #3: Each area is unlocked after reaching a higher Breeder Rank.
    After getting Rank S, all areas are now available to all of your Monsters.
    How to get the best out of Drills: 
    Rolls Up and Parameters Up are the ones to go for. Monster encounters 
    are not worth it, unless you're trying to avoid Rolls Down and 
    Parameters Down, or you picked the Wild Monster to get the bounty 
    beforehand. Also, pay attention to the different paths: see how many 
    numbers are left on the count to decide which path would have you land 
    on the best spot. Tap the direction button that you want to go twice 
    to move. 
    Do Drills at the prime of a Monster's life, which starts around 9-12 
    months. Your gains are much higher around this time.
    One more thing to note: try not to overdue it with the Drills. Your 
    monster will be exhausted or tired and might get stressed out, as Cleo 
    will tell you. Try to use Drills once between two to three months at 
    most, to avoid hurting lifespan (albeit the effect is small).
    D. Errantry
    Errantry is how you get all sorts of items, some of which you cannot
    get anywhere else in the game. The previous Monster Rancher games 
    had you focusing on Life and Intelligence (and to a lesser degree, 
    Power) to do well in Errantry. Here Life plays the most important
    part, with Power being the second. 
    In Errantry, your Monster will be shown at the top exploring the
    field with a Life bar above, while the bottom shows it's icon and 
    a map of the area. Bring out your stylus and tap where you want 
    them to go, or you can use the control pad and press A instead.
    If your Monster listens, a lightbulb will appear above their head
    and they will run to where you clicked (Or close enough). You'll
    probably need to click multiple times for them to listen.
    When you see a blue crystal, click on it to receive an item. If you
    come across a red crystal, you'll fight a wild Monster or get an item.
    Yellow crystals are what you need for unlocking new Monsters. 
    Be aware that fighting Wild Monsters, clicking on crystals,
    trying to open up new paths, searching for items, and moving all
    drain Life. Do your best to conserve health so you can unlock the
    Monster in the area first.
    *The house symbol is the entrance. Click on this and lead
    your Monster to the edge of that path, and Cleo will ask
    you if you want to go back to the Ranch. 
    *Press start to pause.
    Note: Each Errantry area is unlocked, indicated by the Rank beside 
    Danger. This refers to your Breeder Rank NOT the Monster Rank, so 
    once you hit Rank S, it is always available.
    Note #2: Some of the Errantries have paths to open, which means you
    need Power. Getting above 600 or 700 for the tougher Errantry areas
    should work.  
    Obtainable Combining Items:
    1. Murmouge Coast: Beaclon
    Wait until Summer to do this Errantry. Head to the beach on
    your left- a yellow crystal is there near the water. A Beaclon
    shows up to challenge you to arm wrestling. Make sure you have 
    high Power (400 should work). Winning gets you the Pupa item.
    2. Kalaragi Jungle: Zan
    Head southeast of your starting position until you reach the broken
    tree. A yellow crystal will appear; if you have enough Power, 
    you'll break the tree (or with multiple tries). Follow this opened 
    path and click on another crystal. Cleo will ask if you saw 
    something, say yes. Continue on and break another fallen tree.
    Take the route on your left and head directly north until you find
    another yellow crystal. Cleo will whine, say no to her question. 
    Go to the fallen tree closest to you and destroy it. Another 
    crystal appears as you come through- this time Cleo shrieks like
    a banshee. Take care of the last tree. 
    Head south, then go right (your right, not the Monsters; at the top
    of the lake). Click the crystal, and tell Cleo yes. Now go straight,
    in the direction your Monster is currently facing. This crystal is
    close to the bottom of the second waterfall. You'll stop to rest,
    with Cleo babbling so much it puts the Monster to sleep (can't 
    say I blame them...).
    Zan finally shows itself...only to dash away. Head southwest- the
    crystal is hugging the wall, above the entrance (house symbol) and
    slightly above the patch of hill (or whatever it is). Go back to 
    the base of the waterfall- the tenth crystal is right between the 
    Thankfully that's the last crystal. The Zan gives you the Ninja Sword
    item for your effort. 
    3. Papas Alps: Durahan
    The first yellow crystal is the northwest wall, directly west of the 
    hill with two trees. A scene shows Durahan walking across the 
    mountain. Head straight to the top, where the narrow path is as
    well as another crystal. Have your Monster inspect the area, and 
    you'll find an Old Sword.
    Southeast of your position (south of the tree on your right hand
    side), a crystal is near the hole. You'll receive an Old Sheath.
    Go back to the location of the first crystal, and click another
    one. Durahan (or his ghost, according to Cleo) shows up, and the
    Sheath and Sword become Twin Edge.
    4. Volk Magma: Phoenix 
    This one is straighforward, as there is only one direction to 
    follow. However, you need a lot of Life for this one- at least
    650. Also high Intelligence is not necessary for the Peach,
    although it would take less tries. My Tiger had barely
    100 Int, and I got the Gold Peach after just 10 tries. 
    The first crystal is straight ahead of you, shows the 
    Phoenix flying overhead. Continue to the right, until you reach
    the right corner. Say yes, as your Monster will make a path to 
    the tree.
    Go forward and check another crystal here to receive an item 
    that comes out of the geyser. Another crystal is closeby- 
    inspect the burnt tree. This is where you get the famous Gold 
    Peach, an item that increases your Monsters Lifespan. Note that
    you HAVE to get a Peach, in order to get the Phoenix and 
    have the next crystal show up. 
    Now continue back down the path you were 
    originally on and go south to another crystal in that corner. The 
    Phoenix is there, injured. You give it the Peach, and it flies
    away, but leaves a Fire Feather combo item. 
    Now that you got the Phoenix item, you can take a shortcut back
    to the entrance. Find another yellow crystal to the west. You'll 
    create a rock bridge, courtesy of your Monster. Click another crystal, 
    and it will take you right back to the entrance.
    *Glitch Warning: If you try to exit after taking this shortcut,
    it might not let you leave. If this happens, have your Monster go 
    north for several steps, then head back to the entrance. This time
    Cleo will ask if you want to leave. 
    5. Promias Ruins: Xenon 
    First inspect a yellow crystal in the northwestern room, and receive 
    a piece of slate. The second one is in the middle room, the one 
    directly above the bigger middle "chamber". Receive another piece.  
    Head to the last crystal (southeastern room) and a Xenon will appear
    after clicking the crystal. Defeat it and you'll get the King's Proof
    6. Angsworth Way: Joker
    Wait until Spring. Simply follow the road to each bridge and
    push it down. Continue onto the last section of road, and a Joker
    will fly (literally) at you. If you had an easy time with A Class
    battles, this will be a piece of cake. Afterwards you get the
    Cursed Mask.
    E. Anything Else I Should Know About? 
    1. Multiple items can be fed to a monster in a week, rather than 
    just one.
    2. You can ask Cleo how your Monster is doing (under Data/Health).
    3. A crystal will sometimes appear at the Ranch, represented by a 
    sparkle on the bottom screen. Tap the sparkle with your stylus to have 
    the Monster check it- you'll get an item.
    4. Notes about Upgrading: for the House, each time unlocks more item 
    capacity and two new Training methods. For the Stable, it allows you to 
    have bigger Monsters and also your Monster recovers more energy (in 
    other words, less days having to rest).Occurs on the 1st week of Oct.
    The first upgrade costs 4000G for each, and the second time
    is 8,000G (House) and 12,000G (Stable), and the third costs
    24,000G (?).  
    5. BEWARE of the Magic Spell glitch; check the A.Creating Monsters
    section at the top for more details.
    6. The Drill maps change each season.
    III. The Basics
    A. Hints and Tips
    Watch your Monster's status. If it's tired, let it rest; if stressed 
    out, give it a Monster Candy or other Stress-relieving item. To check 
    their status, pick Data, then Health, and Cleo will tell you. 
    Checking your Journal (under Data) will give you a recap of what you've 
    done with your Monster, represented by symbols. Zzz means rest, VS means
    a battle, Training symbols show up for what type you did (and a circle
    besides it means Success, while a donut means Excellent), and a Monster
    species symbol flashing means the date of creating it. 
    Try to keep the Monsters' Discipline Even or at least Soft, but never
    below that. Also make sure it's Shape stays Normal. 
    For Battles: 
    Based on the foe's Offense stats, stay in the range of
    weaker techs (either Int or Pow). This will let them waste Guts while
    doing less damage to you, with the benefit of giving you time to build
    up Guts. 
    Avoid an enemy's tech if it steals Guts. 
    Life for Guts sacrifices a certain percentage (somewhat less than 1/3)
    of your Life and gives you up to 80 Guts in return. How do you know if 
    your Tech has this property? Select a Tech and it will say "Life for Guts".
    Used at the right moments, this can be helpful (especially in the later
    ranks, when most enemies will not go down with just one or two hits).
    -Which stats should you focus on?-
    Three of them, at least. First off, decide on the type of offense, 
    either Power or Intelligence. Usually looking at your Monsters beginning 
    stats will tell you what they prefer, but you also need to consider what 
    Techs they use (since Techs will either be based on Power (yellow) or 
    Intelligence (greenish-blue). Both Pow. and Int. affect the damage 
    caused by opponents. In other words, if you have high Int., the 
    enemy's Int. attacks will do less to you. 
    Next is protection- Speed, Life, and Defense. I generally don't fret 
    about Life (at least for battles), since Drills increases that, although it
    doesn't hurt to do some Training now and then. Speed decreases the 
    percentage that your opponent will hit you, however it won't be as useful 
    if your opponent has Skills levels to match. Defense of course reduces 
    damage amounts. 
    Skill is something you should focus on, regardless of what else you pick. 
    One-hit kills are nice, but they won't be useful if it can't hit your 
    Choose whichever strategy you like, but I would not recommend trying to 
    boost all your stats instead of focusing on a few.
    B. Battle Tech. Symbols
    These symbols are next to Life Damage (L-DMG), Guts Damage (G-DMG),
    Skill Rate (Skill Rt), and Critical Rate (CT Rt), and represents 
    the rating of each. 
    1. Triangle: Poor
    2. Circle: Medium
    3. Donut: Good
    4. Star: Excellent
    IV. Walkthrough:
    A. First Steps to Ranching 
    After you put in your name and ranch name, Cleo will waltz in and be 
    your assitant. And yes, the BOMBA president has taken one too many blows 
    to the head. After all the talking, you can create your monster by two 
    choices. You haven't created any monsters yet (obviously), so you can't 
    use the Encyclopedia, and the Magic Letter method will be available 
    Once you've gotten your monster, more talking takes place and now you'll 
    have your first fight (after the battle tutorial). Don't worry though,
    it's easy. Afterwards your enemies will run off. Before you head to the 
    Ranch you should buy a few items from the Market, mainly for 
    stress-reduction. Do whatever else you want, then choose Ranch. Right now
    your stable is small, so larger monsters can't fit (meaning you can't raise
    them). Anyway, Cleo will introduce you to Hootie (guess what animal that 
    is XD). 
    Time to train! If the course you pick causes a note symbol to appear 
    above it's head, that means this stat gains more at each training then
    the others. If a sweatdrop appears, it is lower than regular. Picking 
    a course you did the previous week will have the "..." appear. This 
    means your gains won't be as good- you'll have to use another course 
    this week for the ... to vanish. And one more thing- if your Monster 
    cheats, punish it. Cheating isn't worth it, as the gains will be lower. 
    Once done, a familiar face will show up from MR 2. Colt delivers your 
    mail, giving you your breeder card and rank certificate. The Rookie Cup 
    she mentions is soon; go, as it's easy and you could use the cash. Also 
    take note that you have to fight in the Official cups in order to rise 
    to the next rank. There are three of them each year.
    On week 4, another character will pop out, who thinks Cleo is "h-hot". 
    He's Errick (I know, odd name) and instantly decides to be the best 
    breeder...too bad you'll have to crush his dreams.
    Next week (and every first week of the month after), you pick what 
    your Monster eats. Using an item once won't have much impact on them, 
    but do it occasionally and your Monster could end up fat, thin, or 
    stressed out (if you feed it nothing or something it doesn't like). 
    There are also stress and fatigue reducing food, but you should stick 
    with Potato for now (most of the time, unless the Monster hates it).
    Off you go to the Rookie Cup. The first Monster is weak, then you fight 
    Errick and his Mew called Katz. If you happen to lose, don't worry. 
    Regardless of the outcome, Errick comes out again. And the next week 
    another (annoying) character comes around, admiring Hootie, and telling 
    Cleo about Star Rock which supposedly grants your wish. Also Cleo is 
    some sort of Owl-Whisperer. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not too 
    enthralled by the story of the game (or most of it's characters)...
    May Week 4- now back to the training. Colt will come around and tell 
    you that next month the Town Guide will finish being built. That means 
    you'll be able to do Drills. Make sure your Monster is rested up for 
    next month, then head to the Town Guide. Its only 1000g (sale time), 
    and you could use a new Tech. Note that most of the other Drill 
    areas are not avaliable until you get higher ranks.
    Don't bother with anymore drills after this one; the gains aren't 
    worth it until your Monster gets out of it's "baby" stage (about 7-10 
    months). Anyway in the first week of Oct., Bancho will show 
    up, telling you that next year (same date) he'll come back to 
    upgrade the Stable and House (each for 4000g, so 8000g total).
    Whenever you're ready, enter the Official E Cup (and yes, Errick 
    is there). Your opponents are no threat: beat them down, and Colt 
    will come next week- congrats on entering Class D. Now two of the 
    Errantry areas will be opened: Angsworth Way and Murmouge Coast. 
    Errick will jabber as usual, then you'll meet another person, Torr. 
    Oddly enough he'll ask if you want to buy his rare items, but says 
    he's out of them when Cleo says yes. He runs off, but will come back
    later with an actual item for sale.        
    Next week, you guessed it, another person comes along. Ross, 
    another breeder, tells you about Errantry. When you enter the 
    Official D Cup, you'll be fighting him (his Tiger/Abyss) instead 
    of Errick. Before you do, raise your Skill and whichever offensive 
    stat you picked to at least 200. 
    B. The Prime of Your Life
    Being at the C level, you'll get more areas for Drills and the 
    Kalaragi Jungle Errantry as well. The pair who were chasing Cleo 
    earlier turn out to be....DUN DUN DUH- her father (Mr. Amino...I 
    kid you not) and his assitant. Defeat them again, and Cleo will 
    berate them. I could go on, but let's face it- they're not important. 
    Tackle the Official C Cup; I had 482 Power, 426 Skill, and 285 Life at 
    this point, but it was pretty much overkill. You just need over 300 
    for your offense stat and at least 250 Life. I would get at least 350 
    Skill, given Pran (Cleo's father's assistant) has a Monster with nearly 
    300 in Speed. It would also help to have a Tech with decent accuracy. 
    Being defeated doesn't sit well with Cleo's father, and he's planning
    something. Not really surprising, eh?
    Welcome to the B Rank! Now the only areas locked in Errantry and Drills
    are the desert and the volcano. The following week Crysta will show 
    up,asking for directions to the Alps. Then two seconds later she comes 
    back again, lost and confused, asking for directions again, then
    talking about breaking some seal.
    At the B Cup, your strongest opponent this time is Crysta, and 
    she has a Zan/Dragon: 563 Pow, 227 Int., 445 Skill, 319 Spd., 
    319 Def., and 444 Life. This thing hits hard, so make sure you 
    hit harder. By this point, you should have at least one 45 (Guts)
    attack that can do the job.
    Crysta stops by afterwards, telling you she won't lose
    next time (not if we can help it ^_^). Then Pran and Mr. Amino stop 
    by, with him whining about Electra (the BOMBA president) 
    concocting schemes that ruined his life...or so he says. Cleo tells 
    him about the Star Rock granting wishes, so that he won't cause trouble.
    Not really a wise idea, as you'll see later on.       
    Now there is just one spot left for Errantry and Drills. Expect Holly
    to stop by soon...yes, that Holly. Now would be a good time to get your 
    strongest Technique (usually the one costing 45 Guts) in case you didn't 
    get it earlier, in preparation for the Official A Cup. Get your offense 
    over 500, Life over 400, Skill over 550,and the other stat around 400. 
    Ross is back, this time with a Durahan/Abyss: 629 Pow, 530 Int, 553 
    Skill, 630 Spd, 340 Def, and 430 life. To make things more annoying, 
    you'll have to fight Cleo's dad next: his Beaklon/Durahan has slightly
    better stats than the previous opponent. Having at least 700 for both 
    you offense and Skill will make this Cup much less frustrating. 
    On the second week of the following month after your Official Cup win,
    the BOMBA president visits. Her pendant is the Star Rock,
    and she tells you if you beat the Official S Class Cup, she'll give
    you the Rock. Meanwhile a scene shows Errick having a "sweet idea"...
    cue the evil Mandark laugh.
    C. The Official S Class Cup
    Tackling this cup, not to mention what will follow after, won't 
    be that easy with your first Monster. It's not impossible though.
    Or, if you want, you can freeze your current Monster (that is if 
    Cleo told you it's too old), raise another, and combine the two
    to have a Monster with much higher starting stats. 
    Whatever you decide, make sure you prepare yourself. I had 999 Pow,
    966 Skill, and 786 Life when I won this Cup. 
    A little tip: if you get a tech that has Life for Guts, it can
    be a big help here. I used this (Force techinique) in conjuction 
    with Combo and Somersault for my Tiger, whenever I knew my opponent
    would not die in one hit. 
    1. Your first threat is Mr. Amino. He's brought a Dragon/Golem, and 
    holy jells, does it have some impressive stats: 1137 Pow, 992 Int, 
    422 Skill, 715 Spd, 822 Life. If you take a hit, and you don't have
    a very high Defense, you'll take quite an amount of damage. 
    However he has an Achilles' heel, only 282 Defense. Bring out a 
    Tech that has a star Life Damage rating and kill him fast. And an
    FYI- this thing has Grits.     
    2. Crysta's Monster has more rounded stats: 944 for Pow and Int,
    over 700 for Def, and over 600 for the other stats. It's attacks
    deal less damage than your previous foe, but has a higher chance 
    to hit you. It's Last Resort tech has a low chance of hitting, 
    so you could try staying at long range if you need to build 
    up guts. But do this only if your Int. is high to keep the 
    damage down. 
    Also, be aware this thing has attacks that take away
    your guts (mostly the Power attacks). 
    D. The Four Heavenly Kings
    After winning, a scene takes place with Cleo celebrating 
    (but no party?!), then the credits roll. Don't think it's over
    yet. The BOMBA president comes by...with no Star Rock. 
    Errick stole it; sadly, you can't strangle him. He summons the 
    Star Spirit, but thanks to his speech problem (and the not so 
    intelligent Spirit), his wish is misinterpreted.The 4 Heavenly 
    Kings land on the planet via a meteor: a Naga, Gali, Centaur, and
    The Centaur (named Centauros >_<) talks, saying that they declare war
    on BOMBA and challenge a Monster to fight them (yes, meaning you). 
    Cleo refuses, and they hold Colt, Torr, Mr. Amino, Pran, and Electra 
    captive as a result. 
    Until you free Cleo's dad, you can't buy Medicinal Herbs anymore. 
    Also, you won't get any half-priced Drills.
    Check the Battle screen to find a new rank opened up, Class SS. This
    is the class with the Kings. 
    So are these battles difficult? On the plus side,each Cup has you 
    fighting only two opponents. On the down side, they have better
    stats then the Class S Monsters.
    *Just like the S Class, using any Life for Guts tech. can help here. 
    *There is no particular order to defeating the Kings, so do it
    however you want.
    1. Naga Coliseum (1st Week of Sept.)
    a. Your first opponent is a Naga/Dragon: 1248 Pow, 584 Int, 768 Skill,
    512 Spd, 768 Def, and 920 Life. Mid-range is where it's weaker
    Int. attack is.
    b. The second is a pure Naga; the stats are almost the same as your
    first foe, but only slightly better. This time the Int. attack
    is located in Long-range.
    Winning sets Colt free, and she gives you the Naga Scale item.
    *If you check Data/Monster, you'll notice they're now in Class SSS.
    2. Gali Coliseum (1st Week of Dec.)
    a. The Gali/Centaur has 1040 Pow and Int, 920 Skill, 440 Spd, 
    880 Def, and 480 Life. 
    b. Gali: 880 Pow, 1056 Int, 733 Skill, 477 Spd, 920 Def, and 
    733 Life. 
    Pram and Amino are free, much to Cleo's annoyance. They give
    you the Gali Mask.
    By now, Dr. Loroy and Viola should stop by- now two more characters
    can be written for the Magic Spell.
    3. Centaur Coliseum (1st Week of June)
    a. 1040 Pow and Int, 603 Skill, 573 Spd, 533 Def, and 920 Life.
    b. 1196 Pow and Int, 880 Skill, 535 Spd, 495 Def, and 654 Life.
    I found this guy easy, due to the fact he has low Defense and 
    For no apparent reason, Electra was talking in a southern accent.
    After freeing her, she gives you the Knight's Lance (the Centaur 
    combining item).
    4. Monol Coliseum (1st Week of March)
    a. Monol/Golem: 1056 Pow, 880 Int, 552 Skill, 920 Spd, 512 Def,
    and 880 Life. 
    b. Monol: 880 Pow and Int, 280 Skill, 920 Spd, 960 Def, and 880
    Torr is freed. He doesn't even realize he was being held hostage...
    I guess the Kings dropped him on his head or maybe a Monol fell
    on him. Ahem, anyway you get the Black Slate item for getting
    Guess what? You have another battle to fight. Centauros wants you
    to fight at The Big Bang Coliseum. There you'll face 3 opponents. 
    According to him, it has the "most powerful monsters in history".
    It may sound threatening, but it actually isn't: the opponents are 
    weaker than the Kings Cups with the exception of your final 
    5. The Big Bang Coliseum (4th Week of June)
    It's Centauros: 1081 Pow and Int, 761 Skill, Def, and Life, 
    and 601 Spd. FYI, he has Grit. 
    With his butt kicked, everyone (and I mean everyone) comes over
    to congratulate you. Then, just to make things ominous, a scene
    shows Centauros deciding to break the Star Rock into 12 pieces 
    so that it can do "his bidding the world over".
    And the credits roll yet again. 
    V. Other Battles
    A. Rising Dragon (3rd Week of February; Class B)
    Win the Official Grade C Class Cup. Colt will bring the invite for 
    the Rising Dragon battle. If you beat that Dragon, you'll get the 
    Dragon Fang so you can finally have Dragons. 
    The Dragon you face has over 500 in Power, over 400 in both Def. and Life, 
    over 300 in Skill and Spd, and a little over 200 for Int. If you think 
    you don't have high enough stats, just wait until next year to try. 
    When you do fight him, keep out of of the range that has power attacks- 
    his Flutter attack is weak and does not take away Guts, so try to stay 
    in the Mid-range.
    B. B-1 Grand Prix (4th Week of July; Class SS)
    Beat the Official S Class cup to have this show up on the 
    calendar. Holly will stop by and tell you about the Prix. Whatever
    Monster you are raising at the time she challenges you will be
    the type you face at the battle. 
    Expect the same difficulty here as the SS Class fights. Your opponents
    (in order) are: a Joker, Pixie/Dragon, Dragon/Joker, Durahan, and
    finally the type you were raising. You get a Gold Nugget for winning.
    C. Icicle Festival (2nd Week of December; Class A)
    I'm not 100% sure how you get this. I'm guessing you just
    need to have all but one Monster to unlock, since this was the 
    circumstance for myself. 
    If you've already beaten Class S, this fight is incredibly 
    easy. Once you do win, Sapphire tells you about Overdrive,
    which is how a Monster can have over 999 of a stat. First
    you need to win a Slate Fragment (combo item) from the Battle 
    Find the battle that fits your desired Monster's main-type, as 
    that is the required fragment needed. So, for example, if you 
    have a Golem in mind you would need to beat the Golem Battle Royal.
    D. Battle Royal
    I've listed all the Battle Royal dates, in alphabetical order
    according to Monster species:
    1. Abyss: 3rd Wk of Jan., Class S
    2. Baku: 3rd Wk of Aug., Class A
    3. Beaclon: 2nd Wk of May, Class SS
    4. Centaur: 2nd Wk of Dec., Class SS 
    5. Dragon: 2nd Wk of July, Class SS
    6. Ducken: 4th Wk of March, Class A
    7. Durahan: 2nd Wk of Aug., Class SS
    8. Falco: 1st Wk of Dec., Class S
    9. Gali: 2nd Wk of June, Class SS
    10. Golem: 1st Wk of Sept., Class S
    11. Hare: 1st Wk of March, Class S
    12. Henger: 2nd Wk of Feb., Class SS
    13. Lesione: 3rd Wk of July, Class S
    14. Mew: 2nd Wk of Feb., Class A
    15. Mocchi: 4th Wk of April, Class A
    16. Monol: 2nd Wk of Nov., Class SS
    17. Naga: 2nd Wk of Jan., Class SS
    18. Ogyo: 1st Wk of June, Class A
    19. Pancho: 2nd Wk of July, Class A
    20. Pandora: 1st Wk of Nov., Class A
    21. Phoenix: 2nd Wk of Sept., Class SS
    22. Piroro: 3rd Wk of Oct., Class S
    23. Pixie: 3rd Wk of April, Class S
    24. Plant: 1st Wk of Jan., Class A
    25. Suezo: 4th Wk of Sept., Class A
    26. Tiger: 1st Wk of June, Class S
    27. Xenon: 2nd Wk of March, Class SS
    28. Zan: 2nd Wk of Oct., Class SS
    Win one Battle Royal, and Sapphire comes by again. She explains
    more about Overdrive, telling you that the total sum of your 
    parameters cannot exceed 5,994 (the amount if all your stats
    were at 999). Basically this means if you want a certain stat to
    go over 999, you have to put less than max into another stat.
    VI. Breeding and Battle Talents:
    A little note about this section: What the skill does is listed first,
    and how it is learned/activated is second. If the info is missing, I
    haven't discovered everything about the Talent yet. 
    1. Brawny: Increased Power gains from training and drills.
    2. Warrior Spirit: Breeding Talent's effects for stat gains are 
    improved, plus both Fatigue and Stress are lessened; I'm not 
    100% sure how I got this. Cleo said it comes with a Monster's 
    frustration. Some things I noticed was my second Monster (Tiger) 
    was more often stressed and had Even discipline longer than my 
    first. Basically, I spoiled it a lot less.
    3. Savvy: Increased Skill gains from training and drills. 
    4. Brainy: Increased Intelligence gains from training and drills.
    5. Quick: Increased Speed gains from training and drills.
    6. Tough: Increased Defense gains from training and drills.
    *Monster types that (can) have each skill initially are listed.
    More will be added. 
    1. No Prob: Opponent's Hit percentage drops by almost half.
    Monsters: Mocchi
    2. Spunk: Def. and Guts Recovery Speed increases, Pow. drops;
    take multiple hits.
    Monsters: Mocchi, Durahan, Beaclon, Naga, Zan, Gali, Phoenix,
    3. Grit: Come out of K.O. with one Life; happens when K.O.'ed.
    Monsters: Xenon, Tiger, Ducken, Piroro, Dragon, Zan, Phoenix,
    4. Fury: Raises attack power but lowers defense; take a 
    critical hit. 
    Monsters: Tiger, Centaur/Zan, Falco, Joker, Zan, Phoenix  
    5. Rage: Increased Guts damage (of Techs) and Guts Recovery Speed;
    happens occasionally when low on Guts.
    Monsters: Xenon, Ducken, Henger, Beaclon, Naga, Gali, 
    Color Pandora 
    6. Moxie: Increased Defense and Move Speed; take a hit when Guts
    are low.
    Monsters: Golem, Zan
    7. Focus: Increased Skill, but higher Guts cost for Techs; happens
    by using a Tech while having a large amount of Guts saved.
    Monsters: Ogyo, Plant
    8. Fight: Raises attack power for one attack per opponent; life is 
    Monsters: Xenon, Abyss, Henger, Naga, Pancho, Centaur
    9. Fire Up: Increased Move Speed and Guts Recovery Speed but damage 
    taken happens more often; your attack fails or take multiple hits. 
    Monsters: Pixie, Hare
    10. Wild: Increased Critical Rate chance; have less life percentage than
    opponent and short on battle time.
    Monsters: Lesione, Tiger/Lesione, Baku 
    11. Hyper: Raises Move Speed; hit an opponent first.
    Monsters: Monol, Mew, Suezo
    12. Wrath: Increases Power greatly, but lowers Defense; random, take a
    hit from opponent while activated, and only happens once per match. 
    Monsters: Xenon
    13. Genius: Raises Speed and Intelligence, but lowers Defense; dodge
    a series of attacks.
    Monsters: Piroro, Henger 
    VII. Monster Creating List
    A. Magic Field
    Thanks to an email I received from Leigh Pogue, I've been told (and 
    after some tinkering around), there are actually rules for the Magic 
    Field, albeit very strict ones.
    This list (and the Magic Spell) is comprised of Monsters I've currently 
    made. If you're curious for more possiblities, please check #6 in the 
    FAQ section.
    Note: The last part is the location; the letters refer to the 
    horizontal squares, while the numbers are the vertical.
    Small blocks are the smaller cubes within the large squares.
    1. Abyss/Falco: fill the bottom rightmost small block (D4).
    2. Color Pandora: dot the intersection of second horizontal line
    and second vertical line.
    3. Falco/Abyss: dot the intersections of third horizontal line.
    4. Golem: dot the intersection of third horizontal line
    and third vertical line.
    5. Golem/Suezo: dot the intersection of the second horizontal line
    and first vertical line.
    6. Hare/Pancho: dot the intersections of third vertical line.
    7. Lesione: dot the intersections of second horizontal line.
    8. Mew/Abyss: fill right half of B2.
    9. Ogyo: fill the leftmost column (small blocks) of A4.
    10. Pancho/Piroro: fill top row (small blocks) of B4. 
    11. Plant/Ducken: fill left half of C3.
    12. Pixie/Ogyo: fill right half of A3.   
    13. Tiger: fill right half of C3.
    B. Magic Spell
    Note: As I've stated before, do NOT use this method more
    than 6-8 times at once or you'll suffer from glitches/errors.
    NEVER save after these Magic Spell glitches/errors happen! 
    1. Ducken-ish: fill only the upper right or bottom left 
    block (small), first slot. *WARNING* Your game might crash
    when creating this! 
    2. Pancho/Ogyo: fill the bottom blocks (small), first two slots.
    3. Tiger/Henger: mark the vertical middle line for five slots.
    VIII. How to Unlock
    *The items you receive are combination items.
    *All crystal locations are written at the Errantry section
    of this guide.
    1. Dragon: Beat the Rising Dragon Cup (Class B) on the 3rd week of Feb
    and get the Dragon Fang.
    2-5. Naga, Gali, Monol, and Centaur: Defeat the Official S Class to 
    make the Four Heavenly Kings appear, then defeat each respective one
    to unlock that Monster and receive the combo items.    
    6. Xenon: Do Errantry at Promias Ruins; find the slates at the
    two yellow crystals to the north, then check the last one
    at the southeast room. Fight the Xenon and receive King's Proof.
    7. Zan: Do Errantry at Kalaragi Jungle and find all ten yellow 
    crystals; receive Ninja Sword.
    8. Beaclon: Do Errantry at Murmouge Coast in the Summer and beat
    at arm wrestling; receive Pupa.
    9. Durahan: Papas Alps Errantry; find the yellow crystals and Durahan
    transforms the items into Twin Edge.
    10. Phoenix: Volk Magma Errantry; check yellow crystals and get the
    Gold Peach to give to injured Phoenix- receive Fire Feather.
    11. Joker: Angsworth Way Errantry; follow yellow crystals to the
    eastern road, click on the third crystal, and defeat the Joker- 
    receive Cursed Mask.
    12. Henger: Click the yellow-orangish crystal on your Ranch; it will 
    appear in August(?), around the Hoho tree (the one southeast). Say 
    yes to Cleo when she asks if you should pull. Defeat the Henger 
    (being at Class A or above will help) and receive Ancient Weapon. 
    IX. Item List
    *If an item says Perpertual, the item just needs
    to be in your inventory to have an effect. 
    -A. Stress and Fatigue Reduction-
    1. Monster Candy: small amount.
    2. Elixir: medium amount.
    3. Sea Angel: large amount.
    4. Ice Cube: Reduces Stress in the Summer; Perpetual; Won at 
    Platinum Memorial (Class B, 1st Wk Sept.).
    5. Cricket Chime: Reduces Stress in the Fall; Perpetual; Won
    at Cricket Cup (Class C, 1st Wk Sept.).
    6. Gemini's Pot: Reduces Stress; Perpetual; Won at Gemini Cup 
    (Class D, 1st Wk June). 
    1. Banana Ring: small amount.
    2. Medicinal Herb: medium amount.
    3. Honey Shroom: large amount.
    4. Weather Doll: Reduces your Fatigue in the Spring;
    Perpetual; Won at Rainbow Cup (Class D, Aug. 3rd Wk).
    5. Fire Stone: Reduces Fatigue in Winter; Perpetual; Won at
    Treasure Cup (Class A, 2nd Wk Feb.).
    6. Music Box: Fatigue reducing effects of Rest are increased;
    Perpetual; Won at Master Cup (Class S, 4th Wk Oct.).
    7. Sculpture: Reduces Fatigue; Perpetual; Won at Artemis Cup
    (Class D, 1st Wk Sept.).
    -B. Wits, Shape Affecting, and Discipline-
    1. Soda Lozenge: Increases Wits.
    2. Worm Fungus: Decreases Wits.
    3. Fatty Meat: Increases weight.
    4. Blade Weed: Decreases weight.
    5. Roll Cake: Increase Dependence.
    6. Shock Rock: Decreases Dependence. 
    -C. Combination-
    1. Dragon Fang: Combine for a Dragon.
    2. Knight's Lance: Combine for a Centaur.
    3. Naga Scale: Combine for a Naga.
    4. Black Slate: Combine for a Monol.
    5. Gali Mask: Combine for a Gali.
    6. King's Proof: Combine for a Xenon.
    7. Ninja Sword: Combine for a Zan.
    8. Pupa: Combine for a Beaclon.
    9. Twin Edge: Combine for a Durahan.
    10. Fire Feather: Combine for a Phoenix.
    11. Cursed Mask: Combine for a Joker.
    12. Slate Fragment: Combined Monster can have over
    999 for any stat (depends on the species you fought 
    at Battle Royal; see Other Battles section).
    13. Ancient Weapon: Combine for a Henger.
    -D. Stat Changing-
    (The following increase it by 2).
    1. Ski. Fruit: Raises Skill.
    2. Int. Fruit: Raises Intelligence.
    3. Def. Fruit: Raises Defense.
    4. Pow. Fruit: Raises Power.
    5. Lif. Fruit: Raises Life.
    6. Spd Fruit: Raises Speed.
    (WARNING!: These items lower your lifespan.)
    1. Hot Lozenge: Increases Skill and Speed (for a week 
    of battles).
    2. Soybean Flour: Increases Power and Intelligence (for 
    a week of battles). 
    3. Spook Bug: Increase Power and Intelligence (for a week 
    of training).
    4. Red Mango: Increases Defense and Life (for a week 
    of training).
    5. Bell Flower: Increases Skill and Speed (for a week 
    of training).
    6. Dragon Scale: Increases Defense and Life (for a week 
    of battles).
    -E. Others- 
    1. Silver Nugget: Sell for 5000G. 
    2. Gold Nugget: Sell for 10,000G. 
    3. Platinum Nugget: Sell for 20,000G.  
    4. Rosemoon: Use before a Cup to increase your Fame gain.
    5. Gold Peach: Increases Monster's Lifespan.   
    X. FAQ
    1.What's the best monster to beat the game?
    There really is no answer for this. Each monster has their 
    own strengths and weaknesses,along with specific techs, lifespans,
    likes and dislikes, and traits. One thing you can do is ask 
    yourself what playing style suits you. Want power and accuracy? Then
    pick a Tiger. Like to sap your opponents Guts? Get a Mocchi or Ducken.
    BUT there is one recommendation I have: make sure you have a 
    decent Skill level. Why? In the MR series, Skill has a big effect 
    on your chance to hit an opponent (the others would be Tech. accuracy 
    and your Speed stat). It won't do you much good if you have 
    one-hit kills but can't even touch the other Monster. 
    2. I can't find what I'm looking for!
    Use the Ctrl-F feature and type in the words or the Section title. 
    If it's not in the guide, contact me and I'll try to help. 
    3. My attacks keep missing even though I have 60/70/80/etc. percentage!
    It happens. I've had times when a Tech. had a 96% or 99% chance, 
    and it missed multiple times, either in a row or in a single fight. 
    Or my opponent has a below 30%, yet keeps hitting. 
    4. My Monster won't listen to me at Errantry!
    Don't keep Wits at it's very highest, but have it above even. 
    Tigers, whatever the subtype, have done well at Errantry for me. 
    Discipline and Trust should help too: have the first at Even, 
    and the second at it's highest (Soulmate). 
    5. How do I raise my Monsters stats beyond 999?
    This is known as Overdrive. In order to do this, you'll need to
    first fight in the Icicle Festival, then the Royal battles, which you
    get after unlocking the locked Monsters*?. 
    *Not 100% sure of this- see the V. Other Battles, Icicle section for 
    details on Overdrive.  
    6. Anything else?
    If you want to know how to create more Monsters, check 
    =0&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 . FredMSloniker has a list posted. 
    XI: Credits
    Thanks goes to Zack (starwolf) for some of the combinable items
    at Errantry.
    Also kudos to Leigh Pogue for emailing me about the Magic Field 
    creations and telling me about the somethingawful forums post. 
    And a hearty thanks to everyone for their support and appreciation.
    XII. The Legal Stuff
    I take plagiarism, copyright infringement, and the like very seriously. 
    Personal, private use, such as printing this guide for reference, 
    is fine. Using this guide for public reasons, such as posting it 
    at another website, is not allowed UNLESS you get my permission. 
    Claiming this work or parts of it as your own, selling it for profit, 
    or breaking copyright rules will result in legal action against the 
    Copyright 2010 Michelle L Meyer

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