How do I get past Norse level 5?

  1. I can't seem to decide where to defend and where to attack. I keep dying and I haven't even made it into their part of the map. I can't destroy there city without any units. What is a good strategy for this level?

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    Dropletvampire - 8 years ago

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  1. As it turns out, this Campaign can be won quite easily, even in Hard mode, by turtling, aging up early, and using all of your God Powers early.

    Retreat all units back to your Town Center area. Put your units on the forest squares North of your Tower and also on the Plains squares just South of the East/West Road (you'll also have to put a unit on the Roads square between your two lines, so there isn't a hole in your line--I used Brunnhilde). This means your units are on non-Roads squares, and the enemies will be on Roads. Don't use Ulfsark in the lines--they are easily killed by the enemy. Keep 1 Huskarl and the 2 Ulfsark behind your lines. I did *not* retreat the Battering Rams, instead leaving them in the Road to slow down the enemy advance. Also, some enemy Throwing Axemen run right up to them on day 1, and I can then attack those Throwing Axemen with the Battering Rams on day 2, not doing a ton of damage, but enough, I believe, that the Wild Fire will finish them off.

    Build 2 Shrines on day 1, research Improved Cavalry on day 1, research Marketplace on day 2, and *train or build nothing else until after aging up*. Then on day 3, use both of your God Powers, not only seriously weakening the enemy but making your units much stronger. In general, only do attacks where your front line units attack without moving--that is, maintain your strong defensive line. (I couldn't resist running the Ulfsark out from behind the lines to kill some Cavalry--the Ulfsark are killed by the enemy the next day, but it seemed worth it to get rid of the Cavalry.)

    On day 4, age up, choosing Baldr to get the Ragnarok God Power and the Troll Myth unit. On day 5 or 6, use the Ragnarok God Power, this supercharges your units yet again, as well as creating 3 Huskarl (make sure your Town buildings are all "empty" before using the God Power, or you might get less than 3 Huskarl). By day 7 or 8, even in Hard mode, you have devastated all units that came to attack, which is most of the units the enemy has, so then you can move forward at high speed into the middle area, take out the two Towers there, and flood into his area to win. Make sure you are building maximum units every day--I think having at least 4 Trolls is very useful to finish off the enemy with minimal fuss.

    Using this strategy I won Normal mode in 15 days and Hard mode in 16 days.

    (More details will be found in my soon-to-be-published FAQ.)

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    iloveaoe (FAQ Author) - 8 years ago 4 1


  1. Goody, this mission looks fun...
    The way I see it, there are 5 entrances at which the enemy can come from. I think you should pull all of your units back to your base and defend from there. It's risky, but that's what I did in Greek mission 7. I think the mission will get easier as you age up. I think the CPU never goes to the 4th age.

    User Info: brokendwarf

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  2. I'm also stuck on this mission, but I agree with brokendwarf. That is also what I did on Greek mission 7 and it worked alright. The only problem is the resources. If you play as an isolationist you only have that one gold spot and that one wheat spot. I think that the very best way to play would be to rush forward and build up a town at the next settlment, the one that acts almost like a crossroads of two of the enemy entrance points. Of course, this is much easier said than done, as keeping an army present at your knew twon center, as well as protecting your first and the resources near it can be quite difficult unless you do it just right and are fairly lucky. Taking that second town center is so vital, however, because if you take it and can get buildings built, it well block two of the enemy's entrances, as well as give you a better position for the vital surge into enemy territory when the time comes. I think that the very best strategy here is to take the second town center, build it up, and create a lare invading force to attack all at once and surge over the enemy fortifications.

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  3. The way I see it, once you age up, the campaign will get much easier. And resources are a problem, mainly because you're the Norse, or because there just isn't a lot on the map that you can get Ox Carts to without them dying.

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  4. I hate to admit it, but I was wrong. I haven't actually beat the level, I didn't finish, but iloveaoe seems to be right. Play it as an isolationist to be safe. I, however, worshiped different gods, but I doubt it really matters, it depends on your playing style.

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  5. Use iloveaoe's guide that he posted above. I was able to beat the level with their help.

    Thanks, yo.

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  6. iloveaoe's strategy is what i used except for the bit about choosing bladr instead i chose someone else i thin it was Heimdall and tyr

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  7. Definately use iloveaoe's guide. it definately helps

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  8. I just rushed forward while developing my economy

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