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"Amazing game, surprisingly smooth genre transition"

Age of Empires: Mythology can be considered the next in line of the Age of Empires series for the DS. A series based off of the popular pc titles Age of Empires as well as Age of Empires. Despite the same title and same feel the genre has switched to a turn based strategy style. Considering the drastic change, the game was very well made and a blast to play!

Game play: 8.5/10
I would love to give the game a 10/10 but there are slight improvements to be made. The game is turn based, takes the core concept of the popular RTS series and makes it turn based. At first, the game may seem slow until you truly understand the depth of the concepts and skills required to play. Among these concepts are the type advantages included. In addition to the plain hero, human and myth types, there are also a sub-level of types such as light infantry, heavy infantry, calvary, and such. To improve units such researches are in reach, and are available to not only improve units but age up, which allows more units, buildings and allows you to worship more Gods. This is extremely important as it adds an element of surprise when you use God powers and such and how you manage the advantages of each race, God and unit. The unit types are completely unique for each race which include the Egyptians focused of defensive strategies, the norse, rendering a strong offense and the Greek offering a balance of both; each of these races with their own set of Major Gods which in turn relay a set of Minor Gods. It's surprising to see how a turn based game can entice you so easily and keep you on your toes from the start. This game manages to capture the strategic pace of turn based games and the rhythm Age of Mythology players might come to expect! Overall amazing game play. Oh and as a last note , the difficulty of certain scenarios can start off easy but as you move through the game youll notice it gets extremely difficult.

Graphics: 9/10
Amazing simply put for such a small DS cartidge this game manages to utilize the graphic style to the fullest. Not much to say, clear characters awesome colour palette and easily better than AoK

Sound/Music: 7/10
Interesting at best, and keeps to the mood. However nothing special. Catchy tunes and somewhat loud war cries give this category a solid 7.

Replayability: 9/10
Another of the games strong points. WIth 3 different races with their individual campaigns each increasing in difficulty in insane amounts Your bound to play for a while. Once your done that you have the option of playing scenarios and buying more scenarios. Neat huh? Dont forget the many achievements to unlock. It really keep s you busy added to the skirmish option which is just random play similar to in the pc version. A few different types of battle and the difficulty levels are sure to keep you going. Finally there's the option of multi player either in person or online. Online may be slow at times with slow opponents but its definitely worth a shot! All in all keeps you hooked.

Everything included, sound, core gaming concepts this games stacks up to a solid 8. I would love to give it more but a 9 for me is near perfection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/04/08

Game Release: Age of Empires: Mythologies (US, 11/24/08)

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