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    Helper to Hero Guide by GenoGar

    Version: .65 | Updated: 10/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -=Kirby Super Star Ultra=-
    "Helper to Hero" In-Depth FAQ
    Last updated Sept. 30, 2008
    Version Number .65
    Written by GenoGar (C) 2008
    -=Version History=-
    .65 - Updated Introduction, Conclusion, Tires Don Exits
        - Minor fixes and changes in The Helpers and The Bosses
        - Major changes in Best Times
    .60 - Added Introduction, Tires Don Exits, The Helpers, Best Times, Frequently 
          Asked Questions, About me and the FAQ, Conclusion, Legal Stuff
        - First set of Bosses and Helper strategies added
    -=Things to be Added=-
     -Second set of Bosses and Helper strategies
     -Final set of Bosses and Helper strategies
    -=Table of Contents=-
    Use the "Find" function on your internet browser (Ctrl+F) and type in the code 
    in brackets to jump to a section (e.g. [B01], [C13]).
    1. [A01] Introduction
       [A02] - About this FAQ
    2. [B01] Tires Don Exits
    3. [C01] The Helpers
       [C02] - Knuckle Joe
       [C03] - Parasol Waddle Dee
       [C04] - Chilly
       [C05] - Sword/Blade Knight
       [C06] - Simirror
       [C07] - Sir Kibble
       [C08] - Plasma Wisp
       [C09] - Waddle Doo
       [C10] - Poppy Bros Jr.
       [C11] - GIM
       [C12] - Birdon
       [C13] - Bio Spark
       [C14] - Bonkers
       [C15] - Burning Leo
       [C16] - Capsule J2
       [C17] - Buggzy
       [C18] - TAC
       [C19] - Wheelie
       [C20] - Rocky
    4. [D01] The Bosses
       [D02] - 1st  Boss: Whispy Woods
       [D03] - 2nd  Boss: Mid-Boss All Stars 1
       [D04] - 3rd  Boss: Kracko
       [D05] - 4th  Boss: King DeDeDe
       [D06] - 5th  Boss: Dyna Blade
       [D07] - 6th  Boss: Fatty Whale
       [D08] - 7th  Boss: Chameleo Arm
       [D09] - 8th  Boss: Mid-Boss All Stars 2
       [D10] - 9th  Boss: Twin Woods
       [D11] - 10th Boss: Heavy Lobster
       [D12] - 11th Boss: Computer Virus
       [D13] - 12th Boss: Meta Knight
       [D14] - 13th Boss: Wham Bam Rock
       [D15] - 14th Boss: Wham Bam Jewel
    5. [E01] Best Times
    6. [F01] Frequently Asked Questions
    7. [G01] About me and the FAQ
    8. [F01] Conclusion
    9. [G01] Legal Stuff
    1. [A01]
    =What is Helper to Hero?=
    It is a brand new subgame released specifically for this game. It is unlocked 
    after you have completed The Arena subgame at least once.
    In this mode, it plays similarly like a The Arena but with a twist. Instead of 
    Kirby, you play as his Helpers! This mode lets you tackle 13 set bosses and 1 
    secret boss with any of the 20 Helpers available.
    In this Arena type game, each level consists of a boss you have previously 
    fought, but each boss sporting different color specifically for this game. 
    After you defeat a boss, you'll be taken to a special resting room where you 
    are given 3 unreplacable Maximum Tomatoes to heal. Each Maximum Tomato will 
    then be replaced by regular tomatoes. After consuming the regular tomato, 
    nothing else will grow back.
    You are given 0 lives, which means you can't afford to die even once. It is 
    all or nothing.
    Strike hard... Stay safe... and most importantly...
    ...Don't get cocky.
    =About this FAQ=  [A02]
    This FAQ was made to help people beat this sub-game with every single helper 
    in the game. It isn't required to achieve the 100% for this game, but you if 
    you do accomplish the task of beating it with every helper, you'll unlock 
    content that would otherwise be unobtainable by other means.
    To truly 100% this game, you MUST complete this mode with every single helper.
    Some helpers are clearly better suited than others for boss fights and such, 
    but you're forced to use all of them regardless. For this guide, I will assume 
    that you know nothing about the helpers themselves and their abilities. I know 
    that even beginners at this point would know most of the copy abilities, but 
    this guide will go indepth on how moves should and should not be used.
    Who knows, you might know a helpful trick when using your favorite 
    Also, excuse the use of Super Smash Bros terms. They were both made by the 
    same division (Hal Laboratories), so I always find that some of the Smash 
    Terms suit well with some of the mechanics in this game.
    2. [B01]
    -=Tires Don Exits=-
    For those who only wish to complete this once, here's a tier list of the best 
    helpers available. Tiers aren't exactly needed, but they are ranked on what I 
    (me, myself, and not others) think are the best and worst helpers available 
    to beat this mode. If you want a good chance of beating this mode with little 
    to no problem, helpers on the higher end of the tier would probably be your 
    best bet.
    This list accounts for the helpers abilities and strengths, but not ease of 
    use (this assumes that you know how to use all the helpers). All abilities 
    have a small learning curve, some larger than others, so don't be too 
    intimidated by it.
    * Top *
    Plasma Wisp
    Capsule J2
    ^ High ^
    Knuckle Joe
    Bio Spark
    - Mid -
    Sword Knight
    Blade Knight
    Waddle Doo
    Parasol Waddle Dee
    v Low v
    Poppy Bros Jr.
    Sir Kibble
    Burning Leo
    Note: This list is subject to change in any future update.
    3. [C01]
    -=The Helpers=-
    In this section, each helper will be talked about indepth. Their description, 
    abilities, and usefulness will be noted here. This is NOT a guide for Helpers 
    in general, but for the sub-game Helper to Hero.
    If you want, search for your favorite helper (Ctrl+F on Keyboard) to read 
    about them.
    The basic format is as follows...
    -=Helper Name=-
    Move Name/ Button Input
    Move Description
    The descriptions and move names are taken straight from the game itself. 
    This will start with the first character from the top left and end with the 
    last character at the bottom right.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ^ Knuckle Joe ^ [C02]
    Ability: Fighter
    Description: Hi-yaa! Hold the B Button longer for a stronger blow! That punch 
    is an instant KO!
    Vulcan Jab/ Short B
    Quickly tapping B will give you quick tiny Multi-hit jabs. They are fairly 
    weak, but start and end very quickly.
    Smash Punch/ Long B
    Holding B a bit will give you a giant Punch. It has great range and power, 
    and can instantly kill small enemies or objects. The ending lag of the move 
    is probably the only flaw to this move, BUT you can cancel the lag by moving 
    after the punch. You can also use this trick to Smash Punch, then retreat 
    while you are canceling it.
    Leg Sweep/ Dash+Short B
    Probably not the greatest of all moves, especially in Helper to Hero. It does 
    propel you forward just a bit, so you could use it to avoid things... The 
    damage isn't all that great either.
    Spin Kick/ Dash+Long B
    A greater Leg Sweep that rushes you forward farther with a stronger hit. 
    There's ending lag though, so it's best not to use it recklessly. This move 
    DOES give you invincibility frames, so use this to avoid certain moves.
    Down Kick/ Short B in air
    A small kick aimed diagonally downwards. This should be used to hit enemies 
    prior to landing, but it isn't all that strong.
    Double Kick/ Long B in air
    A large kick similar to Smash Punch. Great range and power, and kills small 
    enemies with ease. It has a bit of ending lag, but nothing big. It does not go 
    through walls. You will be using this almost as often as Smash Punch.
    Rising Break/ Up+Hold B
    A multi-hit rising punch, it sends you upwards with a giant punch. The last 
    hit does the most damage. Make sure you HOLD B for this move to work. On top 
    of all that, you're invincible during this move, so use it to avoid otherwise 
    unavoidable attacks.
    Grab foe/ Any Direction+B near foe
    A standard grab similar to most grabs, press any direction (not backwards) and 
    press B to grab them. While you're holding your enemy/object, you're 
    Arm Throw/ Grab+B
    After you successfully grab your enemy/object, you can throw them upwards by 
    pressing B. Kirby can throw them backwards, but Knuckle Joe can not. It's 
    difficult to throw them at most bosses because of the wide arc it's thrown at, 
    but if it hits, you will deal a lot of damage.
    Knuckle Joe is extremely versatile, and decently balanced in every area. He 
    has a strong move, a semi-projectile, an invincibility move, and a grab. 
    Everything you want in a Helper is in Knuckle Joe.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    v Parasol Waddle Dee v [C03]
    Ability: Parsol
    Description: Guard against falling objects! Twirl to attack or just drift. Or 
    do a parasol throw!
    Parasol Swing/ B
    A basic swing. You can deal the most damage by hitting with the wind that 
    comes out at the far end of the parasol... direct contact with the parasol is 
    actually weaker. You can use this move repeatedly to keep up a barrage of 
    Parasol Shield/ Hold B
    Waddle Dee "spins" his parasol and guards against most projectiles and 
    advancing enemies. If used on a boss, it can continually hit them if held out. 
    Still, it is very weak.
    Parasol Drill/ Dash+B
    Waddle Dee rushes forward with stars flying out of his parasol. It advances 
    you forward quite a bit. There are no invincibility frames, so this is pretty 
    much useless other than maneuvering. If you dash, then jump+B, you'll be sent 
    clear across the screen.
    Parasol Dive/ Down+B in air
    Waddle Dee drills his parasol downwards while speeding diagonally downward 
    with stars flying out. Again, no invincibility frames, so it's hard to use 
    effectively. Don't use this to land on anything. Holding B will keep the 
    Parasol Dive out.
    Circus Throw/ Any Direction+B near foe
    Waddle Dee "grabs" enemies/objects and bounces it on his parasol. Holding no 
    direction will launch it straight up while holding forward will launch it 
    forward. This move completely slaughters aerial bosses if used directly below 
    them because of the interesting properties of the "bouncing" part of this 
    attack. Even if you miss, you can still throw the enemy at bosses for a lot of 
    Parasol Drift/ Drop
    If you're falling, the parasol will automatically catch air and you will 
    slowly descend. Nothing too extreme about this move, but you can stall in the 
    air with it.
    Drift Stall/ Down while dropping
    If you're in the middle of Parasol Drift, pressing down will close the parasol 
    and you will fall normally. Useful if you need to fall quickly...
    Parasol Drill/ B underwater
    There are no underwater bosses, so this move is useless in Helper to Hero.
    Parasol Dive/ Down+B underwater
    Again, no underwater, no use.
    Parasol Waddle Dee's parasol gives him a neat shield for blocking against 
    aerial projectiles as well as damaging enemies above him. However, he lacks 
    invincibility frames so he must rely on his ultra maneuverability to dodge 
    everything. The Circus Throw can destroy most bosses, but you can't "hold" the 
    grab for long to be effective.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Chilly - [C04]
    Ability: Ice
    Description: Freeze foes with icy breath! Kick ice cubes into others! When you 
    dash, you skate!
    Skate/ Dash
    Instead of a running animation, Chilly will "Skate" along the ground. It's actu
    ally slower than most running animations, but you get to see little sparkles. 
    Oh joy.
    Ice Breath/ B
    Similar to the Fire Breath, a multi-hit stream of ice is spewed which freezes 
    enemies/objects thrown at you. Note that some objects like stars can't be 
    frozen. Anything frozen gets turned into an ice block which then can be used 
    to launch at other enemies.
    Ice Sprinkle/ B in air
    A short multi-hit diagonal "spin" of ice... sprinkles, its damage is average. 
    It can still freeze enemies though. Deals decent damage.
    Super Ice Sprinkle/ Dash+B in air
    Two Ice Sprinkles done quickly, it's actually very useful against aerial 
    bosses. You can switch the direction of this attack, which would flip the 
    hitbox. The range is on the short side, but it's quick and and deals decent 
    Ice Storm/ Dash+Hold B/ BBB
    Dashing then pressing B or pressing B three times quickly will initiate a 
    shield of ice. The damage is extremely high and freezes projectiles thrown at 
    you. Holding B will continue the move. If you do this while dashing, and the 
    move connects, you'll be recoiled backwards. A trick to using this is to 
    cancel to move by guarding. Dash toward an enemy and use Ice Storm while 
    holding Guard. You should hit them while being pushed back and be in guarding. 
    Think of this as a sort of "L-Cancel" since you can repeatedly Ice Storm by 
    tapping the guard after every use.
    Ice Suction/ Any Direction+B near foe
    A grab, press any direction except backwards plus B to grab your enemy/object. 
    Pressing B again will spit out the object in the form of an ice block, which 
    is slightly not as damaging as a standard enemy/object being thrown. While 
    grabbing, you can change the direction of where you want to shoot. Although 
    you can't freeze objects with other moves like stars, you can grab them with 
    this move and spit them out as an ice block. Oh, and you're invincible during 
    this move as well.
    Ice Kick/ Tap frozen foe
    Not really a "kick", but if you touch an ice block, the block is sent 
    horizontally towards the direction pushed on it. Ice blocks not kicked after a 
    certain time will blow up, which CAN hurt enemies/bosses.
    Chilly is on the lower end of usefulness, but is still blessed with a good 
    defense, grab, and projectile game. His aerials are average. His more powerful 
    moves like Ice Storm are quick to pull off as well especially if you cancel 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Sword Knight & Blade Knight - [C05]
    Ability: Sword
    Description: You wield the king of blades! At full health, you shoot beams! 
    Show your sword mastery!
    Chop/ B
    A standard slash. It is used to set up for the Multisword combo. As a 
    standalone move though, it's effective for getting in quick hits.
    Sword Beam/ B with full health
    If you are lucky enough to have full health during a fight, you'll be blessed 
    with the Sword Beam. Simply doing a Chop will send a short "Beam" for you to 
    attack with. Up close, it deals two hits, one for the Chop and one for the 
    Sword Beam. You can use this to safely distance yourself and attack bosses. If 
    you lose just 1 point of health, this attack will be unusable, so try to keep 
    a No Damage streak going. Note that this only works for the "Chop" move, so a 
    small window of time is needed inbetween strikes if you don't want to start 
    the Multi-Sword Combo.
    Uppercut/ B after Chop
    After using Chop, pressing B again will initiate the Uppercut. It does roughly 
    (if not, the same) damage as the Chop.
    Multisword Attack/ BBB
    After the Uppercut, pressing B again will initaite a multi-stabbing animation. 
    It's a weak multi-hit attack with a long animation, so I don't recommend using 
    it. Try keeping a Chop-Uppercut combo instead of ending with this move.
    Stab/ Dash+B
    A prolonged stab that can deal multiple hits. The best part of this move is 
    the invincibility frames you get with it. Use this to avoid difficult to avoid 
    Sword Spin/ Dash+B in air
    A spinning sword attack (reminesnce of Rekkuzan/Tempest) that deals weak 
    multi-hit strikes. It's incredibly weak and leaves you vulnerable if your 
    aerial momentum propels you forward too much. You can use this repeatedly in 
    the air by tapping B repeatedly, but it's still a move to avoid using.
    Chop and Thrust/ B in air
    One of the better moves for Sword/Blade Knight, its a quick slash that deals 
    decent damage. Hitting with it near the beginning of the move will recoil you 
    backwards while hitting with it near the end will go right through enemies. 
    You can quickly tap B in the air to do the move several times before you hit 
    the ground, or you can hold B to keep out a "Sex-Kick" or a prolonged attack 
    frame. A tip to using this is to jump after the recoil of the attack to do 
    another hit, then repeating this process.
    Down Thrust/ Down+B in ar
    Much like Super Smash Bros Link (other than Brawl), a downward sword-plant is 
    used to hit enemies below. Hitting at any part of this move will recoil you 
    upwards-backwards, a perfect set up for a Chop and Thrust combo.
    Up Thrust/ Up+B
    Exclusive to Sword Knight, Sword does an upward Stab to hit enemies above him.
    Around the same damage as regular slashes, and is pretty quick. Great for 
    aerial bosses.
    Sword Knight and Blade Knight are identical in every aspect in their stats. 
    What makes them different are the game sprites(of course) and the single move 
    given to Sword Knight, Up Thrust... so there's nothing defining between the 
    two of them. They lack strong and consistant ground moves, so you might find 
    yourself using them effectively in the air. One isn't better than the other 
    really... so you'll either win with both of them, or lose with both of them.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ^ Simirror ^ [C06]
    Ability: Mirror
    Description: The mirror has odd powers! Deflect projectiles or project doubles 
    of yourself!
    Mirror Cut/ B
    A basic slash from Simirror's wand. It's actually one of his strongest 
    attacks. Try "jab-cancelling" or delay each hit so you do not activate Reflect 
    Force. It's a very strong single hit, but with poor range.
    Reflect Force/ Hold B
    A barrage of mirrors are sent forward to reflect and damage enemies. It has a 
    huge multi-hit hitbox, so you can hit most enemies with ease. You can quickly 
    end the move to defend as well. It isn't TERRIBLY strong, but still decent.
    Mirror Body/ Dash+B
    Extremely useful against minibosses, if you attack while dashing, you split 
    yourself in two directions to deal damage to whatever you hit. You are 
    invincible during this move as well. Using this in the air isn't as useful 
    because there are unknown ending lag frames which makes it very sluggish in 
    the air. Also your aerial momentum is screwed up if you use it in the air. On 
    certain bosses, if you're close enough, you can deal two hits.
    Reflect Guard/ L/R
    A super shield that reflects almost everything in the game. Simirror's guard 
    surpasses everyone's except TAC's and Rocky's.
    Simirror is actually very decent in Helper to Hero since he's nearly 
    invincible to all the boss's attacks. His Mirror Cut does great damage and 
    he's supurb in defense.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    v Sir Kibble v [C07]
    Ability: Cutter
    Description: Throw a boomerang all over! Slash! Jab! Strike! You can even cut 
    Cutter Boomerang/ B
    A quick, weak boomerang. It is sent forward, then comes back. If you jump over 
    the boomerang, it will fly backwards forever... until it hits something. You 
    can throw boomerangs opposite of your enemies and jump over them so they hit. 
    Overall, this is a very weak move.
    Cutter Dash/ Dash+B
    A quick, lasting stab that boosts you forward. You're invincible during the 
    move, and the boost can get you through most things in the game. It deals 
    multiple hits, which are fairly weak as well.
    Sweep Cutter/ Hold B in air
    A "sex kick" that stays out to deal multiple hits. Its damage is decent, and 
    can add up if more hits can hit the enemy. A boomerang is thrown at the 
    beginning, which cancel the hit dealt from the first hit of the Sweep Cutter 
    due to the delay Bosses can be damaged... and the boomerang is... weak. This 
    is probably your main move to use against bosses.
    Cutter Drop/ Down+B in air
    A downward cut that shoots you down quickly. Unlike most downward attacks, 
    there is no recoil from the move and you'll fly straight into the enemy or 
    boss. There's no invincibility frames, so this move is hard to use 
    effectively. If you could air-stall with this move, Sir Kibble would have 
    been a lot better. Too bad.
    Cleaving Cutter
    A very weak slice. It's very quick, but does zero knock-back. It should be 
    used to start up Final Cutter.
    Nonstop Cutter Final Cutter/ BBB near foe
    Weird description name, pressing B repeatedly near an enemy will result in a 
    Final Cutter. You're invincible during this move, but only during the "jump" 
    part of the move. It's difficult to land on certain bosses, and it isn't all 
    that strong either. The final hit of the move does the most damage.
    Sir Kibble is probably the weakest of all helpers in the game. He's much 
    better suited for slaughter regular enemies rather than bosses. He lacks a 
    grab and a decent defensive move. His standard attack is extremely weak even 
    though it is a projectile. Stay distanced and throw boomerangs if you want to 
    play it safe.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    * Plasma Wisp * [C08]
    Abilities: Plasma
    Description: Tap the +Control Pad to make and store an electric charge! Plasma 
    shots go through walls.
    NOTE: CHARGES DIMINISH OVER TIME. Also, receiving damage depletes your current 
    Plasma Needle/ No charge+B
    A fast needle attack that can be spammed repeatedly as a multi-hit attack. 
    It's very weak, but can be used to after a full charge to grab an extra hit in.
    Plasma Arrow/ Some charge+B
    An arrow that has a bit more range than the arrow, but still very weak. You 
    can't multi-hit with this, so it's not very useful. You get this charge by 
    tapping the directional pad 3-6 times.
    Plasma Spark/ More charge+B
    A close-ranged attack that stays out a bit. Stronger than the arrow, but lacks 
    range. You get this charge by tapping the directional pad 7 to 10 times.
    Plasma Laser/ Lots of charge+B
    A quick, strong attack. This and the full charge should be your main attacks. 
    You get this charge by tapping the directional pad 11 to 21 times. A trick to 
    getting this on the dot is to rotate your controller twice and one half very 
    quickly to instantly get this. 2 1/2 rotations would equal 11 taps.
    Plasma Wave/ Tons of Charge+B
    Considered the best move, but slightly difficult to pull of consistantly. It's 
    fast and incredibly strong. The only weakness in the move is that you can't 
    pull off many of these in a short amount of time, so you would have to use 
    this plus a different charge against certain bosses. You need a whopping 22 
    taps on the directional pad to get this charge. Spinning five and one half 
    (5 1/2) times would give you 22.
    Plasma Barrier/ Max charge+Release
    The wording is confusing, but there's a barrier that shows up after having a 
    Max charge. The barrier gives you an electric shield which can damage enemies 
    and destroy ANY projectile thrown at you. Very useful for defending. Every 2 
    or so hits you deal with the barrier makes you lose it, so you have to 
    recharge it a bit to keep it up. A trick to using the guard+Barrier is to hold 
    R and continually rotate your direction pad to be nearly invincible.
    Plasma Wisp has the unique ability to float in the air. He can also move while 
    shooting any of his charges. He slowly descends to the ground, but his shield 
    keeps him in place in the air. You can set up charges while guarding, so you 
    can stand your ground while setting up a charge for a Plasma Wave or a Plasma 
    Barrier. Plasma Wisp CAN dash in the air, but he can't instantly change 
    directions. He can't ascend or descend in the air quickly, which makes him in 
    danger of the more difficult attacks.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Waddle Doo - [C09]
    Ability: Beam
    Description: Flail this beam like a whip. It has many useful attacks. Try to 
    store up a super shot!
    Beam Whip/ B
    An incredible weak multi-hit beam. It's fairly quick, so use it only to sneak 
    in last millisecond attacks. Its hitbox is quite large, but again... it's 
    still weak.
    Cycle Beam/ Dash+B
    Slightly stronger than Beam Whip, but a heckuva lot longer. A blue multi-hit 
    bubble wave spins forward. The lengthy duration of the move can screw yourself 
    at crucial moments. 
    Beam Blast/ Dash+B in air
    Dashing in the air and attacking will rain stars on the ground. A weak 
    multi-hit attack, your aerial momentum gets screwed up. You can do this 
    several times in the air before you hit the ground.
    Capture Beam/ Any Direction+B near foe
    A grab, press any direction except backwards plus B to grab your enemy/object. 
    While grabbing, you're invincible. Pressing B while you're grabbing them will 
    launch them upwards. You can change directions while grabbing too.
    Wave Beam/ Hold B long+Release
    Holding B will let you charge your Beam Whip into a strong blast that you can 
    launch at your enemies. It's strong, but its usefulness is hindered by the 
    charge up. If a boss is large enough, this attack can hit them twice. While 
    charging, you can switch directions as well.
    Waddle Doo is average as average can get. The only invincibility frames he 
    gets is from a grab, so it might be hard to avoid attacks if the situation 
    needed it. His Wave Beam is decent as a projectile, but charging it might be 
    hard. Most of his moves lack power, but he can still manage with the few moves 
    he has.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    v Poppy Bros Jr. v [C10]
    Ability: Bomb
    Description: Grab a bomb and hold the button to set the throw angle. Toss it 
    and it'll go Ka-BOOM!
    Ready Bomb/ B
    Pressing B will let you grab a bomb. While a bomb is out, you can not double 
    jump. Also, holding a bomb for too long will explode in your hands and damage 
    you. Another interesting note, letting a bomb explode in your hands at a rest 
    area will not damage you at all.
    Bomb Throw/ Ready Bomb+B
    While you have a bomb in your hands, pressing B will let you throw it. Holding 
    B will let you aim the bomb according to the target that appears next to Poppy 
    Bros Jr.. You can barrage your enemies with bombs by pressing B repeatedly. 
    Angling is not as useful as it is for Kirby since Poppy Bros Jr. can jump 
    repeatedly in the air.
    Straight Throw/ Dash+Bomb Throw
    If you dash and throw a bomb, you'll pitch it horizontally straight until it 
    hits something. There's ending lag at the end of the move, so it isn't 
    spammable. Decent move if you want to hit a boss that runs off screen.
    Bomb Drop/ B near foe
    If you use Ready Bomb next to an enemy or object, you'll plant a bomb on top 
    of them and it'll explode them. Sort of like a grab, but not really... You can 
    do this to things like stars, and the explosion can hurt other enemies.
    Bomb Set/ B+Down
    Pressing B and Down will let you plant a bomb right on the ground. 
    Interestingly, it does a bit more damage than if you threw it. This can be 
    used in the air, and there's a funny thing you can do with it. While 
    repeatedly jumping and holding down, pressing Jump then B, Jump then B, 
    repeatedly very quickly will let you "rain" bombs on the ground. You will 
    start falling down after your jumps lose "power". Perfect for many many 
    Poppy Bros Jr. is quite strong and all his attacks can be used from a 
    distance. Holding a bomb can hinder your maneuverablility quite a bit, but it 
    shouldn't be a problem if you let go of it quickly. He has zero invincibility 
    frames, so he's vulnerable to many attacks that would otherwise be easy to 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ^ GIM ^ [C11]
    Yo-Yo Throw/ B
    Your basic attack, GIM throws his Yo-Yo forward. If you're close enough, you 
    can deal two hits, the first hit throwing forward, and the second hit coming 
    back. It dips in low, so you might miss the first hit.
    Break Spin/ Dash+B
    A spinning multi-hit dash that tears through enemies, but isn't that strong. 
    You're invincible during this so you can avoid many attacks with this.
    Yo-Yo Up/ Up+B
    GIM slings his Yo-Yo at an upward arc, but not that high. This is useful for 
    getting aerial enemies.
    Yo-Yo Down/ Down+B
    Same as Yo-Yo Up, but sent downwards instead. You can maximize its usage by 
    jumping over enemies and Yo-Yo Down them before landing.
    Jump Spin/ Dash+B in air
    Same as the Break Spin, but in the air. Same in almost every aspect to Break 
    Spin, including the invincibility frames, but your aerial momentum is halted 
    at the end of the move.
    Hammer Drop/ Any Direction+B near foe
    A grab move, press any direction except backwards plus B next to an 
    enemy/object to grab them. While you're grabbing them, you're invincible and 
    can throw them in two directions, forward and backward. To throw them forward, 
    press B. To throw them backward, hold back and press B. Again, hitting a boss 
    with the enemy/object will deal a lot of damage. For some reason, the time you 
    can hold your enemy/object is shorter than most grabs, so be sure to let go in 
    Gazer Spiral/ Down+Up+B
    The only move that requires three button inputs to use, this is a suped up 
    version of Break Spin where it helicopters yourself upwards, then falling back 
    down. You're invincible during this move as well. This move was nerfed from 
    its SNES days because it ends sooner.
    GIM pretty much has two moves that have different variations to them, which 
    makes him an easy character to play as. He's well balanced, but lacks high 
    damage output. He technically has 3 invincibility moves plus a grab, so that's 
    a big plus for him.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    v Birdon v [C12]
    Ability: Wing
    Description: Midair spins and shuttle loops! Spread your wings and fly, little 
    Kirby! Doesn't that feel good?
    Feather Gun/ B
    Pressing B will shoot a single feather straight at a decent range. Pressing B 
    repeatedly will shoot several feathers straight, diagonally upwards, and 
    diagonally downwards. If you're using this on the ground, the diagonally 
    downward feather will just vanish into the ground. The feathers are pretty 
    weak, but are still quick and versatile. They can be used in the air.
    Condor Head/ Dash B
    Dashing and pressing B will rocket you forward. You are invincible during this 
    move, but only the 3/4 of it... the last 1/4 of the move has zero 
    invincibility frames. This move requires precision to use the invincibility 
    frames effectively.
    Bomber Head/ Down+B in air
    While in the air, pressing down and B will send you rocketing downwards. 
    You'll move a bit backwards at the start of the move. If you hit the ground, 
    the impact will shoot shockwaves around it, which does decent damage. You can 
    cancel the move in the air by simply jumping. You're invincible until you hit 
    the ground, or until you cancel it.
    Condor Dive/ Dash, Jump, Down+B
    Same as the Bomber Head, but you're sent diagonally downward. Doing this move 
    after hitting the ground will result in another Condor Dive.
    Toss/ Any Direction+B Near Foe
    A different kind of grab, when you press any direction except backward plus B, 
    you'll "fling" your enemy/object upwards. You're invincible during this, but 
    it doesn't last long. This is to be used in conjunction with the next move.
    Shuttle Loop/ B after Toss
    Meta Knight's glory killing move in Brawl originates from Birdon. After a 
    Toss, pressing B again will do a loop-of-sorts, destroying whatever you 
    tossed. Hitting bosses with the actual loop will deal a lot of damage. You're 
    invincible during the move, and you'll be propelled forward. From here, you 
    might be in danger of hitting a boss, so it is completely situational. You can 
    rest easy, Meta Knight doesn't have this move in this game.
    Hover Flap/ A/Y in air
    Instead of air "jumps", Birdon flaps his wings and can gain trajectory quicker 
    than all the other helpers. You will not lose any "power" in the jumps you 
    make, so you can flap all day with no fear of falling down.
    Birdon is harder to use in Helper to Hero, but he's still well off in many of 
    his moves. The main problem that Birdon faces is power, but Bomber Head 
    shockwaves can suffice in most cases. Toss+Shuttle Loop can rarely be used 
    without taking damage, so it is probably one of the worse grabs compared to 
    other helpers.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ^ Bio Spark ^ [C13]
    Ability: Ninja
    Description: Hide in shadows and darkness. Use ninja skills on your mission. 
    You're a ninja! A NINJA! Cool...
    Knife Throw/ B
    You throw knives by repeatedly tapping B. The damage is actually decent, so 
    you can camp from a far place and spray your enemies with knives.
    Quad Shock/ B
    Bio Spark slashes very close to him and if it hits, a shockwave is shot 
    forward. It's hard to pull off in Helper to Hero without certain risk. 
    Incredibly strong, it's also a multi-hit attack.
    Dash Attack/ Dash+B
    A multi-hit dash attack, it's risky to do against some bosses. It propels you 
    forward a bit.
    Ninja Kick/ Down+B in air
    Extremely useful to camp above enemies, you shoot diagonally downwards to kick 
    an enemy. If it hits, you recoil upwards from the hit and you're free to do 
    another kick or jump away. The damage is great, and it leaves little to no 
    risk of using it repeatedly, just don't miss. The diagonal property of the 
    attack let's you escape jumping bosses easier too. You may have to double jump 
    to get into position for another kick.
    Air Drop/ Any Direction+B near foe
    A Ninja Drop of sorts, press any direction except backwards + B to grab your 
    enemy/object to carry them off the screen, then fly back down to crush them. 
    This is a grab, so you're invincible during this move. If you hit a boss with 
    the enemy/foe you launched this move with, you'll deal a lot of damage. If 
    you're right next to a grabbable enemy/projectile, I recommend holding up or 
    down instead of forward to grab.
    Hide Guard/ Take damage+B
    Pressing B after you get hurt will make you "explode" and disappear for a 
    short time. Pressing B again or waiting a bit will let you re"explode" back to 
    the screen. Both explosions will hurt enemies. I wouldn't recommend using this 
    because you get no invincibility frames when you get hurt. The invincibility 
    frames you get from getting hurt the normal way is plenty to avoid attacks.
    Wall Cling/ Push on wall in air
    Hugging a wall will let you cling onto it until you let go. The only walls you 
    can cling on are from Whispy Woods, and Meta Knight's platform before you 
    fight him. So... yeah... not that useful.
    Wall Jump/ Wall Cling+A/Y
    Jumping while hugging a wall will let you jump off of it. Again, there aren't 
    any walls you can use to make this move useful.
    Bio Spark gains the advantage of a really great projectile, a grab move, and a 
    stalling kick. They all do great damage and are very quick as well. His 
    strongest move, the Quad Strike, can demolish many bosses as well. His foot 
    speed is also near the best. On a side note, he's my personal favorite helper 
    in Kirby Super Star as well as Ultra.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    * Bonkers * [C14]
    Ability: Hammer
    Description: This hammer packs a wallop! Punish stakes and blocks! When it's 
    on fire, foes beware!
    Hammer/ B
    A quick but strong hammer slam. This is his quickest move while standing. It 
    should be used sparingly to sneak in hits quickly. Stars bounce out in front, 
    and are weaker than the actual hit.
    Hammer Swing/ Dash+B
    A multi-hit swing that hits multiple times. The interesting property of this 
    attack gives you invincibilty during the time that it is out, so use this to 
    avoid difficult attacks. As a multi-swing, it's effects are very limited since 
    certain bosses can only take one hit before they have an "invinciblity" frames 
    before you can hit them again.
    Giant Swing/ B in air
    It's his quickest move in the air and has the shortest length of all of 
    Bonkers attacks as well, it's a single swing swung around Bonkers. It's a 
    single hit, so think of it as a the "Hammer" in the air... It should be used 
    sparingly to sneak in hits quickly." A neat trick is to jump, then press A 
    then B very quickly to "float" and continually swing your hammer. Roughly does 
    the same damage as Hammer.
    Ultra-Giant Swing/ Dash+B in air
    Like the Dash+B on the ground, it's a multi-hit move, but no invinciblity 
    frames. This is probably Bonker's worst move. Still, great against a few 
    aerial bosses.
    Hammer Flip/ Up+B
    Bonker's best move, it slaughters minibosses and takes out chunks of health 
    from bosses. It has a large start up time, so timing is very important. There 
    are two parts to this attack, the actual swing, and the flames that shoot out. 
    The flames do average damage.
    He's big and he's strong. His Up+B can kill most of the Mini-Bosses in a 
    single hit. His aerials are also incredibly strong. Unhindered by Kirby's 
    aerial limits, he's probably one of the strongest aerial fighters as well.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    v Burning Leo v [C15]
    Ability: Fire
    Description: Burn bright with fire power! Light the fuse! Yow! Hot! You're on 
    fire, man! Yoww!
    Fire Breath/ B
    Holding B will let you spew flames infront of you. It's a multi-hit attack 
    that deals a bunch of weak hits. Very basic, but weak.
    Aim Fire/ Fire Breath+Direction
    Tilting up or down will let you aim the fire upwards or downwards. This lets 
    you hit enemies that are slightly above the range of the regular Fire Breath.
    Fireball Inferno/ Hold B+Hold Back
    Using Fire Breath then holding Backwards will aim the fire toward yourself 
    until you burst and engulf yourself in flames. The damage is extremely high, 
    but the start up of the move is very slow.
    Burn/ Dash+B
    From the Burn Ability in other Kirby games, you will rush forward as a small 
    fire ball and burn everything you touch. You're invincible during the attack 
    as well. You can do this repeatedly in the air until you jump again or hit the 
    ground. You can also aim this upwards or downwards when you do this in the 
    air, but you'll soon lose upward trajectory. If used on the ground, the end of 
    the move gives you ending delay.
    Fireball Spin/ B in air
    A wheel of fire, it comes out very quickly. There are many problems with this 
    1) The hitbox is very tiny. You only have a small window you can hit with 
       before you actually hit with Leo himself, which will hurt you.
    2) There are no invincibility frames. Unlike the Fireball Roll and Burn, Leo 
       is completely vulnerable to all attacks.
    3) It's weak. It isn't weak as say... Sir Kibble boomerangs, but it is fairly 
    Fireball Roll/ B prior to landing
    Before you land, doing a Fireball Spin will wheel you forward along the 
    ground. Unlike the Fireball Spin, the Fireball Roll gives you invincibility 
    frames, but you should still use Burn instead of this. Like Burn, you will 
    suffer ending lag.
    Burning Leo is probably the worst character for Helper to Hero. He lacks 
    decent aerials and strong ground attacks to use against some of the quicker 
    bosses. Most of his moves require dead-on accuracy, and even then they aren't 
    that strong.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    * Capsule J2 * [C16]
    Ability: Jet
    Description: Strap jet power to your back! Hold the B Button to charge, then 
    let got o hit Mach 5!
    Store Power/ B
    The basic move for Capsule J2. The startup deals fire damage behind him which 
    is useful to get some quick damage while storing power. To stop charging, you 
    can jump or guard, but I would recommend guarding. Getting hurt depletes your 
    Jet Kick/ Release B
    Not very useful in Helper to Hero. It basically lunges you forward with a tiny 
    kick. You'll probably get hit yourself since bosses don't budge from their 
    Jet Headbutt/ Release B in air
    A short push, it propels you through to air with a small hit... and that's 
    pretty much it. If you dash, it sends you farther.
    Jet Dash/ Max power+Release B
    While having a max charge, releasing B will propel you... very far. It plows 
    through enemies, but don't use it on bosses near a wall or you'll get damaged 
    in the process. You're invincible during this.
    Jet Cracker/ Jet Dash+B
    This is your basic damage dealer. During a Jet Dash, pressing B again will 
    stop him completely and send circle shaped shockwaves to damage enemies. It's 
    fairly strong, and should be used if there are no enemies/objects to grab.
    Jet Blow/ Any Direction+Release B near foe
    A grab, pressing any direction except back plus B will grab an enemy/object 
    and blow it away horizontally. The enemy/object being shot deals a crazy 
    amount of damage to whatever hits it, so this move is very useful for grabbing 
    projectiles to use against enemies. Fire spews close to J2 during this move, 
    so try not to use this too close to enemies.
    Rocket Dive/ Max power+Jet Blow
    Doing a Jet Blow with Max Power will result in this move. You fly across the 
    map, hitting all in your way, and finally impacting the ground to send your 
    enemy forward. The damage from this is tremendous, and you're invincible 
    during this move as well. The only drawback from this move is that you can't 
    control where you land.
    Power Save/ Store Power+A/Y
    Jumping while storing power will let you save your charge. They don't mention 
    guarding though, which is quite surprising. But yeah... guarding saves your 
    charge as well.
    Hover/ A/Y in air
    Instead of multiple jumps like move helpers (and Kirby) have, Capsule J2 
    hovers with his Jet. This has it's ups and downs, but overall is somewhat 
    helpful. If you're not used to it, you might get hurt in the process. Multiple 
    jumps will NOT let you hover, you must HOLD jump to hover/move up.
    Ultra Jet Jump/ Max power+A/Y in air
    This move keeps the Jet ability from getting too powerful, but still a bit 
    useful. If you Hover (or tap Jump in the air), you'll "Super Jump" yourself 
    toward the ceiling. You're invincible during this move as well. It's annoying 
    to lose your charge for jumping in the air, so be aware of this.
    Capsule J2 is incredibly versatile with several invincibilty moves and aerial 
    maneuverabilty. Something to take note of, Capsule J2 falls faster than other 
    helpers, so be sure to get used to it. His Rocket Dive takes out 80%-90% on 
    certain bosses as well. Capsule J2 himself might be confusing for newer 
    players because of the "intricacies" of his move.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Bugzzy - [C17]
    Ability: Suplex
    Description: This burns with fighting spirit! Grab foes and throw 'em! Learn 
    all 8 throws to be a champ!
    Dash Grab/ B
    You rush forward and grab any object or enemy. If you hit something that can't 
    be grabbed (like a boss or a wall), you'll be pushed backward. If you 
    successfully grab something, you're invincible until you let go of your 
    enemy/object. If you fail to grab an object, you'll suffer ending lag frames 
    and will be extremely vulnerable. Once you grab, you can't change directions.
    Turbo Dash Grab/ Dash+B
    Same as a dash grab, but farther. They both end around the same time as well, 
    so this might have better uses than a standard Dash Grab.
    Pinpoint Kick
    This is Bugzzy's only attack that doesn't involve a grab. It's very quick and 
    does decent damage as well. If you hit something with it, you'll be recoiled 
    upwards and from there are free to kick again or fly away. This is useful to 
    stall in the air.
    Fury Stomp/ B when Grabbing
    As soon as you grab an enemy, press B to use this attack. The animation is 
    rather long and does the same damage as Bugzzy's other attacks, so its only 
    use is to look pretty for your friends or family to see. Even though Meta 
    Knight does this in Brawl, sadly he can't use Fury Stomp in this game. If you 
    grab something in the air, you can use this to stall in the air.
    Lift/ B near foe
    When you press B next to a grabbable object, you will grab them instantly.
    Back Breaker/ After Lifting, Up
    Pressing Up while grabbing will make you "hop", slam to the ground, then 
    tossing your enemy/object diagonally upwards. You can deal two hits from this, 
    the first "hop", and the thrown enemy/object.
    Body Slam/ After Lifting, Down
    Pressing Down while grabbing will make you throw your enemy/object to floor 
    and launching them forward from the impact. It's very quick to use and the 
    enemy/object is thrown at a lower angle than Back Breaker.
    Pile Drive/ After Lifting, Forward
    Pressing Forward while grabbing will make you pile drive forward and launch 
    your enemy/object at a very low arc. Use this if the enemy is low to the 
    ground and a bit in front of you. This move propels you forward, so don't go 
    forward into bosses with this.
    Big Suplex/ After Lifting, Back
    Pressing Back while grabbing will make you flip backwards and launch your 
    enemy/object at a very low arc. Useful if a boss ends up behind you while you 
    grab something.
    Torrent Lariat/ After Lifting, B
    After grabbing your opponent, pressing B will result in a giant punch. The 
    enemy is then launched at a diagonally upward backward angle. You'll also 
    advance forward a bit as well. This move is very situational. The animation is 
    like a giant punch in the face to Big Money Corporations everywhere.
    Rock Drop/ After Lifting, A/Y
    While grabbing, jumping will result in a huge pile driver. You can use this to 
    hit bosses who are in the air and are too high for other moves. You can use 
    this move even if you grabbed in the air.
    Air Body Slam/ All but Down in air
    If you press any direction while grabbing something in the air, you'll launch 
    your enemy/object diagonally upwards. Very quick, can be used quickly throw 
    something at a boss while grabbing another enemy/object.
    Plunge Body Slam/ Down in air
    Pressing Down while grabbing something in the air will make you throw an 
    enemy/object directly downwards. This probably isn't very useful for Helper to 
    Bugzzy is one of the best as a stand-alone helper, but in Helper to Hero, he's 
    one of the more difficult helpers to use for newer players. His Pinpoint Kick 
    can chip away boss' HP very nicely, so you won't have to rely on grabs.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    * TAC * [C18]
    Ability: Copy
    Description: Use a strange light to analyze and then copy foes' abilities. 
    Might you learn weird ones?
    Steal/ B
    Unfortunately, you can't steal abilities in this mode. But this is a very 
    strong and quick jab. The worst part of this move is the length it stays out 
    if you hit NOTHING.
    Cat Magnum/ Hold B and release
    A brand new move specifically for this game, TAC can charge his Steal and 
    release it to increase its power and range. It doesn't take a whole lot of 
    time to charge, but it can be tricky to know when it's done. A neat trick to 
    know is that you can only change direction when the charge is complete, so you 
    can use it as a "guide" of sort.
    Discard Copy Ability/ X
    You can't steal any abilities, so you can't do anything with this.
    Tac Hide/ L/R
    This guard is rivaled to the Stone Ability. This guard is unique in that it 
    completely removes TAC from all the action. This can be used to avoid ANYTHING 
    in the game. The only insignificant flaw to this guard is that it doesn't 
    damage bosses who run into you while guarding.
    TAC is seriously nerfed for Helper to Hero, but he's still one of the best. He 
    loses his Healing and Stealing properties in his moves, but he still has the 
    tremendous damage and quick attacks to make up for it. His guard is also one 
    of the best in the game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ^ Wheelie ^ [C19]
    Ability: Wheel
    Description: Roll to be nearly invincible or ride a Wheel Helper! Beware 
    thorns and holes.
    Dash/Stop Dash *Works on water/ B
    This starts the Wheelie's basic dashing move. You're invincible during this, 
    but you lose your invincibility when you turn. It does decent damage as well.
    Brake/ Dash+A/Y
    This slows you down... You lose invincibility frames as well.
    Go Slow/ Dash+Hold A/Y
    Holding the Jump button will slow down Wheelie, as well as make him lose his 
    invincibility frames.
    Turn/ Dash+Opposite Direction
    It makes you change direction where you were dashing. Turning gives you the 
    max speed, but you're vulnerable during the turn. Be careful not to dash 
    straight into a boss that is hugging the wall, or you'll get hit 99% of the 
    time because turning won't help.
    Turn Jump/ Dash+Repeatedly turn
    It gives wheelie a "jump" if you "dash dance" or quickly Turn repeatedly. Not 
    useful in Helper to Hero though... you're not invincibile during it.
    Wheelie is a strong competitor because of his invincibility during his Dash 
    moves as well as his damage. You are basically relying on one move which is 
    really good, so Wheelie is a good contender for everyone if you use him right. 
    To hit aerial foes, repeatedly jump so you're above your enemy and simply use 
    Dash to tear through them. A change from the old SNES Wheelie is that you 
    can't jump while dashing unless you have Kirby ride it, but there's no reason 
    to jump here anyway.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    * Rocky * [C20]
    Ability: Stone
    Description: Pound! Pound! CRUSH! Change into man heavy forms. When on a 
    slope, you'll sliiiiide.
    Stone Change/ B
    This is more of a guard than a move, it turns Rocky into a stone which makes 
    him invincible to everything in the game. Probably the best guard in the game.
    Stone Smash/ B in air
    This is the basic attack Rocky will be using to damage enemies. It does a LOT 
    of damage and it leaves stars on the ground for even more damage. Another 
    trick to using this is to rapidly press B or A+B in the air to do mulitple 
    Stone Smashes to do maximum damage. Untransforming on the ground will let you 
    "hop" a tiny bit, so pressing B very fast will initiate "Stone Smash" even 
    though you are on the ground.
    Turbo Stone/ Dash+B
    Another attack that slides Rocky a bit while changing. Not useful, but is very 
    Rocky is the ultimate defensive helper, and deals out a lot of damage. One can 
    play through Helper to Hero with Rocky without taking a single hit if you're 
    patient enough. He's very limited to certain attacks, so certain fights might 
    take a while if you care about taking damage.
    4. [D01]
    -=The Bosses=-
    In this section, each boss will be explained in-depth on what their attack 
    patterns are. It will list every single helper for the strategies you can use. 
    Knowing your bosses well is the key to beating them flawlessly, or at least 
    If you want to skip ahead and read about a specific boss, go to the Table of 
    Contents near the top of the page and use the "Find" feature on your internet 
    browser (Ctrl+F for most) and search for the small code in brackets 
    (e.g. [D02], [D05]).
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =1st Boss: Whispy Woods= [D02]
    This is an easy fight and should be completed very fast as well. To make the 
    fight longer, the developers make you run down to Whispy before you can battle 
    him... not that it matters.
    Enemies/Objects: Apples
    Blow Wind: Whispy will blow puffs of wind at you if you take too long to kill 
    him. Should you get hit, you'll be juggled and hit by all the puffs thrown at 
    you. Hugging the left of Whispy will let you avoid this completely.
    Apples: Apples come out for Kirby to suck up and spit out at Whispy. Since 
    you're a helper, apples have no use in this battle. Staying near the top will 
    run risk of bumping into them while they fall.
    Knuckle Joe: Smash Punch-Canceling is recommended here, you can use Rising 
    Break to destroy falling apples that might land on you.
    Parasol Waddle Dee: A basic swing is the only thing necessary. Your parasol 
    can also guard against falling apples.
    Chilly: Ice Storm will destroy Whispy, it will make you invincible for this 
    match and end it in a matter of seconds. It's actually slower than Ice Breath 
    since Whispy can only take a few hits at a time, but Ice Storm will keep you 
    safe no matter what.
    Blade/Sword Knight: Chop-Uppercut combo close to Whispy. If you are Sword 
    Knight, you can Up Thrust apples that might fall on you.
    Simirror: Strictly use Mirror Cut to damage Whispy. Reflect Force might be a 
    bit slow.
    Sir Kibble: You can do a Final Cutter on Whispy if you don't rush the hits. A 
    Sweep Cutter also works well.
    Plasma Wisp: If you're lazy, you shield right under Whispy and keep a Plasma 
    Barrier to damage him and stay invincible the entire fight. If you want to 
    speed things up, send Plasma Waves toward him.
    Waddle Doo: Any of Waddle Doo's multihit attacks are effective except Cycle 
    Beam. You might want to grab any apples and launch them at Whispy if you can't 
    kill him fast enough.
    Poppy Bros Jr.: Spam Bomb Set next to Whispy to end the match quickly.
    GIM: Spam your Yo-Yo Throw and the first or second part will hit. Use Gazer 
    Spiral to hit apples that might fall above you.
    Birdon: If you want to be safe, just Feather Gun right next to Whispy. You 
    COULD do Bomber Head for more damage, but you'll risk getting hit by the puffs 
    of wind.
    Bio Spark: Ninja Kicks will end the match fast as well as keep you situated in 
    the air. You will have to wait inbetween hits because of Whispy's cool down 
    from the hit. You could also Quad Strike next to Whispy.
    Bonkers: Two Hammer Flips and a Hammer will end this fight in less than 10 
    seconds. You can also Giant Hammer on the way down then use Hammer Flips if 
    you're going for a better time.
    Flaming Leo: Keep an Inferno going and it will end this fight quickly.
    Capsule J2: You can spam Jet Kick to damage Whispy. If an apple falls, Rocket 
    Diving or Jet Blowing will do a lot of damage.
    Buggzy: Pinpoint Kicks will end this match quickly and also keep you situated 
    in the air. There is no cool-down for Whispy, so spam away.
    Tac: Spam your Steal. No Cat Magnum needed. This will end fast.
    Wheelie: Hug next to Whispy and simply Dash. When you recoil from the wall, 
    hug Whispy again then Dash again.
    Rocky: This will end fast if you do the several changes in the air tactic. 
    Whispy will have a cool-down, so make sure to wait inbetween hits.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =2nd Boss: Mid-Boss All Stars 1= [D03]
    If you know your mini-bosses, this fight should pose no problems. Also note 
    that every single mini-boss does not attack for the first two seconds it is 
    summoned. Use this time to destroy them with your best attack.
    Fight 1- Chef Kawasaki
    Enemies/Objects: Plate, Stars
    Plate Throw: Chef Kawasaki will throw 3 plates at you, or just 1. Being far 
    enough or above him will render this attack useless. Plates are rather 
    difficult to grab, so I wouldn't try. Guarding against this will damage you a 
    Jumping: Chef Kawasaki will jump four times, and on the third and fourth jump, 
    stars will pop out for you to suck or grab. Don't worry, they don't hurt you 
    if you touch them.
    Frying Pan: Chef Kawasaki will stretch his frying pan to try to cook, salt, 
    and flambe you 20% of your HP away. This is a grab, so defending will not 
    guard against this. Just jump over it or run away.
    Fight 2- Bonkers
    Enemies/Objects: Coconut, Stars
    Single Jump: A single jump that shoots stars from the sides of him, these can 
    be sucked or grabbed. They do not hurt you on contact.
    Four Jumps: Four jumps, and that's it. No stars or anything. Use this time to 
    Coconut Toss: Bonkers will throw 1, or 3 exploding coconuts at you or above 
    you. Guarding against this will slightly damage you. When they hit the floor, 
    they will eventually explode and can hurt you a bit.
    Hammer Charge: Bonkers will inch backwards a bit, then rush towards you to try 
    and smack you with his hammer once or repeatedly. A star pops out at the end, 
    which do not hurt you. Moving away or jumping over it will completely dodge 
    this attack.
    Fight 3- Buggzy
    Enemies/Objects: Ladybug, Stars
    Fly: Buggzy will jump up and flap his wings. If you are in the air, he will 
    slowly follow you. Stay grounded or attack from a distance during this move. 
    If you hug the ceiling, Buggzy won't be able to reach you.
    Dash Grab: Buggzy will start flashing and rush toward you. If you get caught, 
    you'll be pummeled by his jaws. Guarding will not avoid this move. When Buggzy 
    has low hp, he'll start doing this twice in one go. If you're in mid air, he 
    will jump first, then Dash Grab you. It's easy to see coming, just be ready to 
    avoid it.
    Summon Ladybugs: Buggzy will flap his wings on the ground and two ladybugs 
    will come out. They will inch forward toward you while moving up and down. 
    These are suck-able/grabbable. They can act as a sort of shield as well...
    Three Jumps: Buggzy will jump very high three times... nothing big.
    Knuckle Joe: Distance yourself with Smash Punch. Grabbing anything is 
    pointless since Knuckle Joe throws at a high arc.
    Parasol Waddle Dee: Parasol Swing so that only the wind part of it hits. If 
    you need to run away, Parasol Drill will send you far away as possible.
    Chilly: Freeze any object thrown at you. Coconuts can't be frozen however... 
    If you can, try grabbing Stars and spit them back at the minibosses.
    Blade/Sword Knight: If you have sword beam, use it to distance yourself. You 
    can also do the Chop and Thrust aerial combo by double jumping after every 
    Simirror: Several well timed Mirror Cuts can actually kill the bosses before 
    they can do much. Try it! Don't underestimate the first hit of Mirror Cut. If 
    you want to retreat, Mirror Body can quickly tack on damage as well.
    Sir Kibble: When a Miniboss is summoned, run up and quickly do a Final Cutter 
    and retreat... minibosses won't attack for the first two seconds or so. Once 
    they start attacking, you can just throw boomberangs until they die. When they 
    summon near the top, you can Sweep Cutter while they fall down.
    Plasma Wisp: You can shoot Plasma Waves off-screen if you wanted to. Staying 
    in the air will keep you safe from almost all the attacks they shoot at you.
    Waddle Doo: You can attack from a far distance by spamming Wave Beam. Use 
    Capture Beam to catch any stars that might pop out and launch it when a 
    miniboss is close enough.
    Poppy Bros Jr.: When a miniboss is summoned, do a couple of Set Bombs near the 
    beginning to get some quick damage in. You could do the Raining Set Bomb in 
    the air to keep yourself safe. Anything works here really, you'll be attacking 
    from a distance.
    GIM: Grabbing objects here will destroy the bosses if you can hit them with 
    it. You can also just use the standard Yo-Yo Throw. You could also Yo-Yo Throw 
    close to the bosses for it to hit twice, but you risk getting hurt from them 
    moving forward.
    Birdon: Bomber Head works well here, but I wouldn't recommend Shuttle Looping 
    at all if you don't want the risk of getting hurt. Feather Gunning works as 
    Bio Spark: You have three options. You can stand from a distance and spam 
    Knife Throw, this will keep you safe through out. You can Ninja Kick from 
    above, this will keep you safe from everything except random jumps. You can 
    Quad Strike up close, this will kill minibosses quickly but will risk getting 
    you hurt.
    Bonkers: Near the beginning, Hammer Flip each boss. Chef Kawasaki = 1 Hammer 
    Flip + 1 Hammer. Bonkers = (2 Hammer Flips) or (1 Hammer Flip and 3 Hammers). 
    Buggzy = 1 Hammer Flip. 'Nuff said.
    Flaming Leo: Fire Breath works well near the beginning, but an Inferno might 
    be hard to pull off. Never ever use Burn to kill a miniboss because they might 
    end up landing on you in the process!
    Capsule J2: Jet Cracker works for a while until you can Jet Blow a few stars 
    or objects. Stars are much more easier to Jet Blow. It only takes a few to 
    completely destroy the minibosses. Two hits from a Rocket Dive is an instant 
    kill for most of the minibosses.
    Buggzy: Start by Pinpoint Kicking each of the bosses when they come out. When 
    a star or object comes out, grab it and throw it at the bosses. Body Slam and 
    Pile Drive work well here. It isn't necessary to grab objects since Pinpoint 
    Kick will probably get the job done quicker, and safer.
    Tac: When the minibosses are summoned, start by spamming Steal. When they 
    start their attacking phases, distance yourself and attack with Cat Magnum.
    Wheelie: Killing Chef Kawasaki might be a bit hard since he's summoned at the 
    very left part of the map, making Dash very risky to pull off unscathed. You 
    can hover to the left and Dash right to hit Chef Kawasaki until he dies. The 
    other two you can pretty much just change directions and plow right through 
    Rocky: Since the minibosses move often, try untransforming and escaping during 
    that time. This can be done easier when they start jumping. If you space 
    correctly, you can freely hit and untransform safely if you're close/away 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =3rd Boss: Kracko= [D04]
    Kracko is a fairly easy boss if you know what attacks he will do. In fact, he 
    starts with the same routine almost every time you fight him. Also the fact 
    that he's in the air makes him vulnerable to many many grabs+throws.
    This is his general attack pattern until you damaged him further. Once he's at 
    a lower HP, he'll start Sweeping as well as Moving and Swooping.
    Kracko summons to the right.
    Kracko will Moves/Swoop to the left.
    Kracko summons a Waddle Doo.
    Kracko uses Circling Beams.
    Kracko will Move/Swoop to the right.
    Kracko summons a Waddle Doo.
    Kracko uses Rain.
    Kracko will Move/Swoop to the left.
    Kracko summons a Waddle Doo.
    So yeah... "Move, Summon, Attack" "Move, Summon, Attack" x 9000
    Enemies/Objects: Waddle Doo
    Move left/right: Kracko will move from one side to the other. He will come 
    very very low to the ground as he nears the middle, so be aware of any attacks 
    that might hit him low.
    Swoop left/right: Kracko will swoop at a downward arc to the other side. You 
    can against this, or even jump over it. Hugging the left and right walls will 
    also avoid this.
    5-Point Sweep left/right: Kracko will fly down at several points on the ground 
    from one side, then to the other. The safest place to be is in the air, or at 
    the dead center, but you should still guard anyway.
    Summon Waddle Doo: Everytime Kracko moves from one side to another, he will 
    always summon a Waddle Doo. Grab these and launch them at Kracko.
    Circling Beams: Kracko will stand in place and whirl beams around himself. If 
    you get hit, you'll get electricuted and stunned for a bit. If you guard this, 
    you'll still take considerable damage. This is the only time where staying in 
    the air is not a good idea.
    Rain: Kracko will jump to you and start raining... water on you. You can avoid 
    this by simply staying above Kracko, or move 1 step to the right or left. This 
    is guardable as well. When Kracko is low in health, he will move slowly 
    towards you if you escape from it.
    Lightning: Kracko will start rushing across the screen and hail lightning 
    bolts across the ground. Guarding this will still get you damaged a bit. 
    Again, stay above Kracko, this is easier to predict and react to since he 
    starts from one side of the map and ends at the other.
    Knuckle Joe: Jump up and Spin Kick a few times. When a Waddle Doo pops out, 
    grab and throw it at him. Rising Break isn't necessary
    Parasol Waddle Dee: The parasol will not guard against the rain, lightning, 
    and beams, but it will guard against the Waddle Doo. If you Circus Throw 
    Waddle Doo and Kracko is above you, it will INSTANTLY destroy him if he stays 
    there long enough.
    Chilly: Ice Storm can hit Kracko, so this should be your main move against 
    him. You can freeze the Waddle Doos and kick them at Kracko as well.
    Blade/Sword Knight: The aerial Chop and Thrust double jump combo works like a 
    charm here. Be careful of the Circling Beams. Sword Knight can destroy Kracko 
    quicker by Up Thrusting.
    Simirror: Reflect Force should be able to reach Kracko wherever he is at. Just 
    hold it and be ready to guard. Aerial Mirror Cuts can also damage Kracko quite 
    a bit. Your guard can deflect and protect against everything except the 
    Circling Beams. Just be sure to avoid it completely.
    Sir Kibble: Using Sweep Cutter in the air can gain massive damage if all the 
    hits connect. Final Cutter'ing a Waddle Doo can also deal a bunch of damage to 
    Kracko if he's above you.
    Plasma Wisp: Stay opposite of Kracko and blast Plasma Waves at his direction. 
    Staying above Kracko lets you avoid all but one of Kracko's attacks. You could 
    also guard and Plasma Barrier Kracko the whole match.
    Waddle Doo: Try Wave Beaming in the air if you can get the charge in time. If 
    not, then just Beam Whip him until a Waddle Doo comes out. Capture Beam your 
    clone and launch it at Kracko for some massive damage.
    Poppy Bros Jr.: If you want to hit Kracko from the ground, you must angle you 
    bombs just a bit so it reaches him. If you want, you can Rain Set Bombs on 
    GIM: Yo-Yo Up Kracko until a Waddle Doo comes out. Grab the Waddle Doo and 
    fling it so that it hits Kracko for a lot of damage. Break Spin and Gazer 
    Spiral CAN be used to avoid some attacks, but I wouldn't recommend it.
    Birdon: Shuttle Looping comes with certain risk, but it does do a bunch of 
    damage if it hits Kracko. I suggest using this to kill Kracko instead of using 
    it to damage him because you'll most likely get hit in the process if Kracko 
    was still alive. Constant Feather Guns get the job done.
    Bio Spark: Ninja Kick Kracko to oblivion. There's only one move that can stop 
    you, and it is very easy to predict. If you want, you can Air Drop the Waddle 
    Doos to hit Kracko on the way up and down..
    Bonkers: When Kracko does a "moving" phase, it is possible to land a Hammer 
    Flip in the middle, but requires specific timing and lucky prediction. 
    Otherwise, just Giant Swing+Jump combo him until he's dead.
    Flaming Leo: Use your Fire Breath and aim upwards. You can also Inferno, but 
    it might take too long to use. To avoid moves as well as tack on damage, you 
    can use Burn to plow through Kracko's attacks.
    Capsule J2: At the very beginning, charge then use Jet Cracker very quickly on 
    Kracko then charge again. After Kracko moves to the left and summons a Waddle 
    Doo, use Rocket Dive on the Waddle Doo and Kracko will die instantly. Simple 
    Buggzy: Pinpoint Kicks should be used at the beginning. When Waddle Doo is 
    summoned, grab it and use Back Breakers to smack Kracko with. He should die 
    after several Pinpoint Kicks and a Back Breaker.
    Tac: If you're skilled at floating in the air while attacking, spamming Steal 
    is a great tactic. If you're having trouble, using Cat Magnum instead might be 
    better. They are both good for damaging Kracko. If you use your guard wisely, 
    you will never have to leave from the middle spot.
    Wheelie: The trick with Wheelie in this fight is to hover above Kracko, then 
    use Dash to plow through him while stopping when you hit the ground. The Dash 
    can be used to avoid most of Kracko's moving phases as well as his attacks. 
    You are welcome to plow through and hit the wall as well since Kracko's hit 
    box doesn't extend that far.
    Rocky: An easier fight for Rocky, just hover and Stone Smash through Kracko. 
    Use Stone to avoid all of Kracko's attacks.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =4th Boss: King DeDeDe= [D05]
    King DeDeDe is a tricky boss to beat, but once you know his moves, he's very 
    predictable. Spending time to know his moves will guarentee you less hits and 
    more punishment. Notably, King DeDeDe is the only boss other than Whispy 
    that actually gets stunned from your hits.
    There is about a 1/3 of second lag after DeDeDe gets hit. You can tell by the 
    expression DeDeDe's face, during that time, NOTHING will damage him. Multi-hit 
    attacks will make this fight 10 times longer. Focus on strong, single hits to 
    take out DeDeDe faster.
    You can also time your hits to keep DeDeDe stunned from the 1/3 second of lag. 
    DeDeDe won't have time to recover from anything.
    The key to predicting DeDeDe is to observe his startup when he attacks. Also 
    know that DeDeDe waits and smiles at you after every move he throws at you. 
    KNOW THIS. Beat the filth out that smiling face while he waits. 
    On top of that, he does NOTHING at the beginning of the fight. Run up punish 
    him with your strongest move.
    Objects/Enemies: Stars
    Hammer: His start up animation involves a small hop with his hammer raised 
    high. When you see this, obviously, DeDeDe will rush forward to smack you with 
    his hammer once, and sometimes four times. To avoid this, get in range of 
    DeDeDe's hammer, then step backwards. You will completely avoid the attack if 
    you do. You could also jump above it and over DeDeDe to avoid it. If you are 
    too high, DeDeDe will jump straight up and punish you. Never try to avoid this 
    move by clinging to the ceiling. I repeat, NEVER try to avoid this move by 
    clinging to the ceiling. In addition to this move, any attacks hit that hit 
    above DeDeDe will be nullified... because his Hammer is blocking his head. 
    Stars will appear after he smacks the ground as well. Guarding from this will 
    damage you significantly as well as pushing back a bit... so don't guard this.
    Super Inhale: His start up animation involves him taking baby steps backwards 
    then moving forward a bit. If you are close to his range, he will start 
    inhaling. This is considered a grab, so guarding will not defend against it. 
    If you get sucked in, DeDeDe will spit you across the screen and deal massive 
    damage. To avoid this, simply move away from it, or jump. DeDeDe will NOT 
    chase you in the air with this move.
    Trip: His start up animation is... NOTHING. He'll just start walking towards 
    you. If you see DeDeDe simply walking towards you, beware of his trip... it's 
    fast! It's his quickest move and quite annoying at close range. To dodge it, 
    just jump over it. If you're next to DeDeDe, it would be a good idea to move 
    away just incase he insta-trips. Walking away is sufficient, running or using 
    a skill is not needed. The classic DeDeDe trip is always a funny sight.
    Float: His start up animation is a hop, then DeDeDe puffs up, then floats a 
    bit. He'll then chase and try to bump into you. Every avid-Kirby fan and 
    veteran player should know the classic way of avoiding this attack. Just... 
    walk under him! After DeDeDe bounces, there is enough room for you to simply 
    walk right under his fat belly. This has been his downfall since the very very 
    first game he was in. Other than that... hitting him will instantly have him 
    grounded. At the end of the move, he shoots a puff of air like Kirby. It is 
    not a good idea to avoid this in the air...
    Super DeDeDe Jump: His start up animation is a crouch and a frowny-face, then 
    he'll shoot him self upwards and fall back down, creating stars (unlike Brawl, 
    these don't hurt you!). Fairly simple to see coming, you can straight under 
    him to avoid the move. If you walk under him while DeDeDe is in the air, he'll 
    halt his aerial momentum and fall straight down. Unlike his Brawl appearance, 
    he has no rigged Super Armor Frames, so feel free to attack him before or 
    during the jump.
    Knuckle Joe: Use a Smash Punch to damage King DeDeDe. If you have perfect 
    timing and spacing, DeDeDe should have no chance to attack you.
    Parasol Waddle Dee: A simple parasol swing is enough. Make sure you hit with 
    the wind part at the end to leave some breathing room. Parasol Drilling can be 
    used to move quickly across the screen. Circus Throw stars towards DeDeDe
    Chilly: Use the running Ice Storm-Canceling to damage DeDeDe. When he Hammers 
    or Super DeDeDe Jumps, you can spit stars back at him for a strong single 
    Blade/Sword Knight: The aerial Chop and Thrust double jump combo works well 
    here. If you have a sword beam, that will be even better. Make sure not to hit 
    the hammer while in the air.
    Simirror: Timing a Mirror Cut will destroy DeDeDe quickly. Mirror Body is a 
    bit too slow to be used effectively here.
    Sir Kibble: This will be a slow match since Sir Kibble lacks safe and strong 
    single attack. You could pelt DeDeDe with boomerangs if you want, or you can 
    aerial Sweep Cutter for more damage.
    Plasma Wisp: Stay far and blast Plasma Waves at him. Stay above DeDeDe during 
    this fight he won't be able to touch you... just stay away from the ceiling.
    Waddle Doo: Wave Beam from a distance to get maximum damage. Capture Beam his 
    stars and make sure you are right next to him when you use it.
    Poppy Bros Jr.: At the beginning of the fight, run up and use Set Bomb to get 
    a strong hit in... then just throw bombs at him. 
    GIM: Yo-Yo Throw DeDeDe until a star comes out from a Hammer or DeDeDe Super 
    Jump. Hammer Drop the stars for maximum damage. Break Spin if you are trapped 
    in a corner.
    Birdon: Bomber Head next to DeDeDe for the shockwaves to hit him. If you want, 
    you can Feather Gun from a distance. I'd advise against using Shuttle Loop.
    Bio Spark: Ninja Kick all of DeDeDe's advances. The recoil puts you in a safe 
    position every time, but you need to jump a few times to get in position to 
    kick again. If you wanted to, you can Knife Throw from a distance but Ninja 
    Kick is very very good against DeDeDe.
    Bonkers: Hammer Flip always runs risk of getting hit by a DeDeDe trip... so if 
    you're shooting for a No Damage run, I would never consider trying this move. 
    Standard hammers will get the job done. If you DON'T care about the small 
    damage you'll get, three Hammer Flips will destroy DeDeDe.
    Flaming Leo: Use Burn to plow through DeDeDe from one side to the other. Wait 
    until DeDeDe gets close to you, then Burn again. Inferno is entirely useless 
    here. If DeDeDe ends his attack from far away, just Fire Breath him. It's 
    slow, but safe.
    Capsule J2: At the beginning, charge then use Jet Cracker close to DeDeDe. 
    When a star appears from a Hammer or Super DeDeDe Jump, Rocket Dive the star 
    to chew DeDeDe's HP into nothing. Jet Blow is harder to use since the fire 
    blowing out can hit DeDeDe... thus letting the star do no damage.
    Buggzy: Pinpoint Kicks should be used at the beginning. When stars appear from 
    a Hammer or Super DeDeDe Jump, grab them and Pile Drive/Big Suplex toward 
    Tac: Retreating and Cat Magnum should be used to DeDeDe busy. A quick Steal 
    should be used to inturrupt his attacks quick attacks like the trip.
    Wheelie: Same tactic as Flaming Leo, bait DeDeDe forward and plow through him. 
    This is pretty straight forward. Do not try to Dash when DeDeDe is next to a 
    Rocky: Jump up and Stone Smash. You can wait until DeDeDe does a Super DeDeDe 
    Jump, Float, or trips. Just untransform at the right time.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =5th Boss: Dyna Blade= [D06]
    Dyna Blade has an interesting body frame of where you can hit her. You can 
    only damage the head while touching the rest of the body except the wings will 
    hurt you badly. For that, she is considered an aerial enemy. This is fairly 
    straightforward. A funny thing to know is that you are safe between Dyna 
    Blade's feet if you Guard under her until she jumps. She has low hitlag 
    cooldown between attacks, so feel free to unleash your best multihit attacks.
    Enemies/Objects: Stars
    Hot Air Puffs: It is "Hot" Air Puffs because you burst into flames if this 
    hits you. Dyna Blade will start shaking her head in a circle before doing this 
    move, so make sure you watch her head closely. Guarding this will make you 
    suffer damage. The best way to avoid this is to fly above Dyna Blade's head. 
    She will only shoot at a very narrow angle in front of her. Sometimes, she'll 
    jump and float in the air to shoot Hot Air Puffs at you which would force you 
    to go below her. Sorry, I couldn't think of a better name.
    Jump: Be aware, whenever Dyna Blade lands on the ground, two stars will form 
    on either side of her. Dyna Blade has a single jump which will remake those 
    stars again. Use this time to grab the star and fling it back at her. Her 
    jumps vary in duration, but she'll pretty much do the same thing. She will 
    sometimes jump toward the opposite side of the screen.
    Take off: Dyna Blade will jump off screen, then land on the opposite side. 
    Just don't stand in the same spot. Guarding works just as well.
    Swoop: Dyna Blade will jump, screech, then pull back then forward at a 
    downward arc and attempt to grab you. If you are on the ground when she does 
    this move, you'll be grabbed and strangled to death. The damage is high... so 
    best not be on the ground when this happens. Simply jump over her to avoid 
    getting grabbed.
    Head Attack: This move comes out quickly, but there is a way to tell when she 
    uses it. When you see her head sling back slightly, she is going to stretch 
    her head to ridiculous disjointed proportions to "peck" at you while 
    screeching. The key is to look at her head and if it slings back. Guarding or 
    moving away will avoid this attack.
    Dive Bomb: Dyna Blade will vanish off screen and reappear in the backround and 
    will try to crash into you. If you get hit, you'll get a boat load of damage. 
    When Dyna Blade is near full health, she will fly near the top. When Dyna 
    Blade is near death, she will fly near the floor. Just dodge accordingly, or 
    better yet, guard.
    Knuckle Joe: When stars appear when Dyna Blade lands, just grab and toss it at 
    her. You can Spin Kick her head at other times. Rising Break is a bit lengthy, 
    so it is a bit risky.
    Parasol Waddle Dee: If you Circus Throw the landing stars very very close to 
    Dyna Blades head, you'll instantly kill her if done right.
    Chilly: Reversing the Super Ice Sprinkle and Ice Storm-Canceling is 
    particularly effective against Dyna Blade. There is nothing to freeze, but Ice 
    Storm can guard against the Hot Air Puffs. If you wanted to, you can Ice Storm 
    the head, but this won't defend against the Head Attack. Just cancel in time 
    before that.
    Blade/Sword Knight: The standard Chop and Thrust aerial combo will take out 
    Dyna Blade quickly. 
    Simirror: Aerial Mirror Cuts will also take out Dyna Blade quickly. Your guard 
    can also reflect the Hot Air Puffs.
    Sir Kibble: Sweep Cutter is definitely one of the better moves to use here.
    Plasma Wisp: Stay afloat in mid air and blast Dyna Blade with Plasma Waves. 
    Your Plasma Barrier that appears when you have a max charge can guard against 
    the Hot Air Puffs.
    Waddle Doo: The Beam Whip is actually very good against Dyna Blade as well as 
    the Beam Blast, but be careful with the landing of Beam Blast. Capture Beam 
    any stars that come out.
    Poppy Bros Jr.: You have to slightly angle your bombs to hit if you're on the 
    ground. You can repeatedly jump to keep up a barrage of bombs.
    GIM: You will be using Yo-Yo Up until you can Hammer Drop one of the stars 
    onto Dyna Blade. Gazer Spiral isn't necessary, but you can use this at the 
    center to hit Dyna Blade as she comes down.
    Birdon: You will have to Hover-Feather Gun until Dyna Blade gets damaged 
    enough for Shuttle Loop to kill it, otherwise you'll get damaged if you try 
    Shuttle Looping other times.
    Bio Spark: Near the Beginning, Air Drop the star that appears when Dyna Blade 
    first lands. This should get Dyna Blade to 50% health. You can then now wait 
    for another star to finish the job, or Ninja Kick her to death.
    Bonkers: Aerial Giant Swings and Ultra Giant Swings will tear Dyna Blade 
    Flaming Leo: When you see where Dyna Blade will land, start Inferno to rack up 
    some damage. The Inferno can guard against the Hot Air Puffs but won't guard 
    against anything else. If you can manage, try Fire Ball Spinning the head.
    Capsule J2: Charge up at the beginning, then Rocket Dive the star that appears 
    when Dyna Blade lands. If the timing is correct, and the star doesn't 
    "blow up", this will 1hit KO Dyna Blade. This will probably be your easiest 
    and quickest fight in the game.
    Buggzy: Jump up and Pinpoint Kick Dyna Blade's head before she lands. When she 
    does, grab the star that appears and do a Body Slam if you're a bit too far, 
    or Back Breaker if you're close to her. The Back Breaker will do two hits if 
    you're close enough.
    Tac: Spam Steal while jumping in the air. Cat Magnum is okay... but I would 
    prefer Steal. Remember, your guard can defend against anything here.
    Wheelie: You can Dash through her head on either side. Dash toward Dyna Blade 
    and hit the wall... then switch directions and do the same. Simple.
    Rocky: Since her head leans out a bit, you can Stone Smash without the fear of 
    getting hit at the bottom. 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =6th Boss: Fatty Whale= [D07]
    Fatty Whale has a rather annoying attack cycle which would be difficult for 
    most helpers. He's just a fat moving hitbox that punishes just by touching 
    him. Be sure to guard every contact you have with him.
    Enemies/Objects: Blipper, Small Rock, Big Rock
    Swim: Fatty Whale will slowly cruise along the floor. When he's near the 
    middle, he will shoot out water, rocks, and sometimes a Blipper out of his 
    blow hole. Careful not to be above his air hole when he shoots out water... 
    This is the perfect opportunity to attack. The hitbox is misleading as well. A 
    tiny part at the end of the tail will NOT hurt you if you touch it, so this is 
    an ideal place to attack from if you are behind him. Rocks will still deal 
    damage if you guard against them.
    Bouncing Roll: Fatty Whale will slowly roll and bounce across the screen at 
    very high altitudes. This is also another opportunity to get some free hits 
    in. Be sure to run under him when he is above you.
    Jump: Fatty Whale will launch himself through the air and land on the other 
    side of the screen, causing water to splash and send you upwards. Unless you 
    are invincible, there is nothing you can do to prevent from being sent upward, 
    but you will not take any damage. What this does though is leave you 
    vulnerable to falling rocks and blippers. Sometimes, he will spin wildly while 
    doing this move. Again, guarding against rocks will still damage you.
    Barrel Roll: Fatty Whale will roll wildly across the screen close to the 
    ground. It's pretty quick, but easy to score hits from. Boy, if Peppy were to 
    see this, he'd be a proud little bunny...
    Tail Flip: At the center of the screen, Fatty Whale will backflip on the 
    ground and smack whoever was standing there. It's very quick to see coming, 
    but it should still be obvious. It's hard to punish this since Fatty Whale 
    submerges rather quickly.
    Knuckle Joe: Strictly use Smash Punch and Spin Kicks to stay away from Fatty 
    Whale. Grabbing a rock or Blipper is useless unless Fatty Whale is advancing 
    toward you while jumping, or is right on top of you. When Fatty Whale jump up 
    and splashes in the water, use Rising Break to avoid being pushed to the top.
    Parasol Waddle Dee: Keep Parasol Swinging, hitting only with the wind part. 
    Parasol Waddle Dee's lack of invincibility frames makes this a tedious fight.
    Chilly: Ice Storm is decent to get a strong hit him, but Ice Breath should be 
    used to keep yourself distanced. You can freeze rocks that might come down for 
    you to kick at Fatty Whale, and you can also grab and spit them back at him. 
    Ice Storm-Canceling works very well during most of the phases.
    Blade/Sword Knight: Down Thrust, Chop and Thrust, Jump, Chop and Thrust combo 
    works well here. Sword Knight can defend himself from rocks by using the Up 
    Thrust on the ground.
    Simirror: Mirror Cut quickly and move yourself safely in position for another 
    Mirror Cut. Your guard will protect you from damage from falling rocks. 
    Retreating while Mirror Cut should take out 80% of Fatty Whale's HP during the 
    Swim phase.
    Sir Kibble: Keep throwing Cutter Boomerangs while doing Sweep Cutters during 
    the Bouncing Roll phase. Final Cutter is impractical in the fight.
    Plasma Wisp: Distance yourself and blast with Plasma Waves. The Plasma Barrier 
    that is formed after getting a max charge will protect against falling rocks 
    and Blippers.
    Waddle Doo: Just shoot Wave Beams from a distance to keep yourself safe. 
    Capture Beam a rock or Blipper and aim it during the next phase.
    Poppy Bros Jr.: During the Swim phase, use Set Bomb while retreating to create 
    a path of bombs for Fatty Whale to swim to. Hard to explain really. You will 
    do just fine by throwing bombs from a distance.
    GIM: You will be using your Yo-Yo Throw often. When a rock appears, grab it 
    and Hammer Drop it near Fatty Whale. You can use the Gazer Spiral to avoid 
    being sent upwards by the Jump phase.
    Birdon: Use Bomber Head shockwaves to damage Fatty Whale during the Swim 
    phase. Feather Gun during the Bouncing Roll phase. Condor Head during the 
    Barrel Roll phase. If a Blipper happens to appear, keep it until Fatty Whale 
    appears again so you can do a low to the ground Shuttle Loop for a lot of 
    damage. You can Condor Dive close to the ceiling to avoid being sent up from 
    the Jump phase.
    Bio Spark: Ninja Kick the living heck out of all of Fatty Whales phases. Knife 
    Throw can be used to hit Fatty Whale off-screen as well. Quad Strike doesn't 
    work very well against Fatty Whale.
    Bonkers: Use Hammer on the Swim phase. Use the Hammer Flip, Giant Hammer, and 
    Ultra-Giant Hammer on the Bouncing Roll phase. Use Giant Hammer on the Barrel 
    Roll phase. Use hammer on the Tail Flip phase. Hammer Flipping on phases other 
    than Jump will most likely get you hurt.
    Flaming Leo: Use Burn and Fire Breath during the Swim, Bouncing Roll, and Tail 
    Flip phase. Use Burn on the Tail Flip and Barrel Roll phase. Inferno might be 
    risky, but it is doable during the Swim phase.
    Capsule J2: For this fight, you will have to rely on Jet Crackers. Charge up 
    at every moment possible and spray away the Jet Crackers. You can also Jet 
    Dash straight through Fatty Whale during the Barrel Roll and Swim phase. You 
    can use Ultra Jet Jump to avoid being sent up from the Jump Phase.
    Buggzy: Pin Point Kick during the Swim and Barrel Roll phases. The Bouncing 
    Roll phase is a bit hard to use Pin Point Kick. When a rock appears, be sure 
    to grab it and Pile Drive or Big Suplex towards Fatty Whale.
    Tac: Cat Magnum should be used while retreating. It can also be used to hit 
    Fatty Whale off-screen. Tac's guard can prevent you from being sent upwards 
    from the Jump phase.
    Wheelie: During the Swim, Barrel Roll, Bouncing Roll, Tail Flip phases, this 
    is your chance to Dash. If you can time it right, you can do two if Fatty 
    Whale gets off-screen before you hit the wall. Dashing will prevent you from 
    being sent upward from the Jump phase.
    Rocky: You will have to hover and Stone Smash during every single phase except 
    the Jump phase. You could probably get a few in the Swim and Bouncing Roll 
    phase, but only one during the Barrel Roll and Tail Flip phase.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =7th Boss: Chameleo Arm= [D08]
    Coming soon...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =8th Boss: Mid-Boss All Stars 2= [D09]
    Coming soon...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =9th Boss: Twin Woods= [D10]
    Coming soon...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =10th Boss: Heavy Lobster= [D11]
    Coming soon...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =11th Boss: Computer Virus= [D12]
    Coming soon...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =12th Boss: Meta Knight= [D13]
    Coming soon...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =13th Boss: Wham Bam Rock= [D14]
    Coming soon...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    =14th Boss: Wham Bam Jewel= [D15]
    Coming soon...
    5. [E01]
    -=Best Times=-
    This section is mostly a reference for players to use and compare to their own 
    scores. Every helper is more than capable to beat this mode with only a few 
    or no problems, but there might be a time where you would never think someone 
    could beat it with X helper.
    To get a general idea of how fast each helper can complete this mode, here is 
    ranking based on the fastest time completed.
    This list accounts for every technical skill each helper has to offer. If 
    you're saying "X Helper can't be that fast", study their moves and experiment. 
    You'll be surprised how effective each helper is during certain boss fights.
    1st:  Bonkers
    2nd:  Rocky
    3rd:  Bio Spark
    4th:  TAC
    5th:  Bugzzy
    6th:  Waddle Doo
    7th:  Chilly
    8th:  Sword Knight
    9th:  Simirror
    10th: Capsule J2
    11th: GIM
    12th: Plasma Wisp
    13th: Knuckle Joe
    14th: Blade Knight
    15th: Wheelie
    16th: Poppy Bros Jr.
    17th: Parasol Waddle Dee
    18th: Birdon
    19th: Burning Leo
    20th: Sir Kibble
    Knowing your Helper's abilities and strengths is key for a good time.
    6. [F01]
    -=Frequently Asked Questions=-
    Q: Who is the best helper in Helper to Hero?
    A: It is all about your personal opinion. If you are dying for a general idea, 
    you can refer to the tier list.
    Q: Who is the best ability/helper in the other games?
    A: For helpers, most people would point to TAC because of his Stealing, 
    Healing, and Hiding properties he has. For abilities, each ability has its own 
    use and it up to you to find which ability is the best for each situation. You 
    can't do everything in the game with only a single ability!
    Q: What do I get for beating this game?
    A: You get a Congratulations screen with your Helper in victory poses. Your 
    Helper in the Helper Selection screen will also have a gold coin next to it... 
    letting you know that you beat it with that helper. You will also need to 
    complete this once in order to unlock the True Arena sub game.
    Q: What do I get for beating this with all the helpers?
    A: You get a special notice that says "YOU ARE A HERO". You will then unlock 
    the past SNES Kirby Super Star sprite based movies in the Theater section. You 
    also get a neat medal on the Helper to Hero window.
    Q: Will this count towards my 100% score?
    A: Yes, and no. Technically, your game will read 100% even if you didn't beat 
    it with all the characters, but there is a movie that must be unlocked if you 
    do. This special movie doesn't count towards your 100%, but to truly TRULY 
    100% Kirby Super Star Ultra, you better start working on all those helpers.
    7. [G01]
    -=About me and the FAQ=-
    When I was little, I played the SNES Kirby Super Star with my friend almost 
    every day. It really was the greatest game at the time. The physics, the 
    graphics, the gameplay, everything was just marvelous.
    Before, I had hopes in writing an FAQ for this game, but already found that 
    there were many great FAQs already out... which ultimately discouraged me from 
    I got this game as soon as it was released, and started playing to soon find 
    out that nothing has changed since the SNES.
    It took a day and a half of marathoning the game to 100%, and another two days 
    to beat Helper to Hero with all the helpers.
    When I unlocked Helper to Hero, I found much depth that the other games did 
    not have which led to the making of this guide. Making a guide for The Great 
    Cave Offensive or Milky Way Wishes seemed pointless since there were already 
    guides made for those 10 years ago.
    Of course, this FAQ isn't complete! All the bosses will soon get done as I get 
    more time to finish.
    8. [F01]
    So there it is, everything you need to know about Helper to Hero is all right 
    here. I would like to thank Hal Laboratories for making the remake of an 
    awesome game... and Masahiro Sakurai's brain for thinking of the greatest game 
    character Nintendo could endorse... Kirby! I would also like to thank GameFAQs 
    for hosting this FAQ and to Wolf4knowledge for his single post which 
    encouraged me to get this guide going.
    Hopefully the rest of the bosses will be completed soon!
    If this FAQ gets some positive feedback, I'll consider doing a "True Arena" 
    FAQ in the future.
    9. [G01]
    -=Legal Stuff=-
    Copywrite 2008 Gene Kim
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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