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    Copy Ability Guide by LinkElfice510

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 06/12/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    First things first...79 characters:
    Okay, now that we are all set...
    By: Turner Bilodeau (LinkElfice510)
    Kirby ASCII Art by genis_sage777
    ---Table of Contents----
    1. Legal Information (LI)
    2. Version History (VH)
    3. Introduction/Greetings (I/G)
    4. Brief Intro to Kirby and Copy Abilities (BIKCA)
    5. List of Copy Abilites (LCA)
    6. In-depth Explaination of Copy Abilites (IECA)
    7. Copy Ability Combos (CAC)
    8. Enemies that give Copy Abilities (ECA)
    9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    10. Dumb Questions (DQ)
    11. Conclusion (CONC)
    12. Credits and Thanks (CT)
    ---1. Legal Information (LI)---
    This guide is copyright Turner Bilodeau (LinkElfice510) 2008-2009, and may NOT
    be replicated, used without permission, or placed on any website that I have 
    not personally given permission to. The only sites that may use this guide 
    Any other site found with this guide on it will be found guilty of copyright 
    infringment and illegal use of content. And my ex-girlfriend's dad is a 
    copyright lawyer, so don't try me. He told me that he would be happy to help 
    me with any issues with copyright infringment on this guide.
    If you want to use this on a site, email me at Lildrummerboy697@gmail.com and 
    most of the time, I will say yes. Be sure to include "KSSU Permission" in the
    topic header to catch my attention. But I swear to God, if you send me spam, 
    you will be a very sorry individual. The whole "Make you a very sorry 
    individual" part is a work in progress, but it'll be epic. I can tell.
    ---2. Version History (VH)---
    .5 (12/10/08): Guide started but not yet submitted. This could be the 
    longest section of the process, as I have exams coming up very soon. School is
    much more important than this anyways.
    1.0 (12/13/08): First version completed and submitted, a lot quicker than I 
    thought it would!
    1.05 (12/14/08): GUIDE ACCEPTED! YES! Oh, and ASCII art changed
    1.1 (1/1/09): New section started, new site allowed to use, and added extra 
    stuff in the Legal Information
    2.0 (I don't remember the date): New section completed, Suplex finished (didn't 
    realize that I hadn't finished it when I first submitted it <________<), 
    fixed a few typos, added a few snyde remarks to some of my own walkthrough 
    just for my humor and sanity, fixed Jet (sorry Nate, you missed the point of 
    the guide, \but I am still very grateful), added the "Dumb Questions" section
    2.2 (6/12/09): Updated copyright year, started Combo section, removed AOA 
    section; If you want boss help, use the guide found here: 
    ---3. Introductions/Greetings (I/G)---
    Hey there readers, thanks for choosing my Copy Abilites FAQ. I'm Turner 
    Bilodeau, or LinkElfice510 on the GameFAQs message boards. This is my first 
    guide to write, and I'm hoping it works out well.
    You may be wondering, "What is the point of this guide?" The answer is this: a
    very clear explaination of the copy abilites that Kirby can aquire in Kirby 
    Super Star Ultra. Sometimes the in-game explaination can be unclear and/or 
    hard to understand, so that's what I'm here for: to make everything seem easy
    If anything in this guide seems vague, email me. I will answer you question to
    my full capacity, update my FAQ if required, and add your question to my FAQs 
    ---4. Brief Intro to Kirby and Copy Abilities (BIKCA)---
    If you say Kirby to a friend, you will get two answers: "The vacuum cleaners?"
    or "That pink dude that eats stuff?". What this is all about is the latter. 
    Kirby became famous for his ability to eat an enemy with a special power and 
    in turn gaining that power. 
    These copy abilities give Kirby a fighting chance in the harsh worlds of Dream
    Land. If Kirby were to eat a dragon, he would get the ability to breath fire, 
    fly around, cause pain to townsfolk, and kidnap maidens to pleasure him and 
    fufill his sick and twisted desires. It's really that simple. People tend to 
    overcomplicate things they think about and this is a huge victim to that.
    Lastly, an ideal copy ability is one that has many moves, not too hard to 
    learn, and is very useful. One use only copy abilities lack variety and are 
    very cheap most of the time. That doesn't mean they aren't good though. In the
    guide, I will mark "ideal" copy abilities (in my opinion) with stars 
    surrounding their name.
    ---5. List of Copy Abilities (LCA)---
    The following is a complete list of the copy abilities in Kirby Super Star 
    **I will not be doing Starship because there is no object to swallow**
    Explainantions will of course follow, as well as what you can do. 
    ---6. In-depth Explaination of Copy Abilites (IECA)---
    I promised you explainations, and here they are. This is the whole point of my
    guide. Now, let's get started! 
    ***NOTE: ^ means up on the control pad, v is down, > is right, and < is left.
    ***NOTE: All directions are assuming you are facing right on the screen.
    ***NOTE: Don't be afraid of the walls of text. They are pretty easy to read in
    reality. But they do bite. You are warned.
    The explainations will be formatted in the following way:
    Name of power
    Difficulty to use (out of 5)
    Usefulness (out of 5)
    In-game details
    Moves that you can perform and how to perform them
    Special notes (number of times it can be used, etc.)
    Tips and tricks to this power
    Summary and my opinion of the power
    Difficulty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: **.5/***** (2.5 out of 5)
    Flail this beam like a whip. It has many useful attacks. Try to store up a 
    super shot!
    B: Beam Whip: To do this, tap B. That's it.
    Dash+B: Cycle Beam: Press B while running. Ta-da!
    Dash+B in air: Beam Blast: While running, jump and press B. Not too hard
    ^,>, or v+B near foe: Capture Beam: Get near an enemy, hold one of those 
    directions and press B. Press B again to release them and usually kill them.
    Hold B long+Release: Wave Beam: Hold B until Kirby blinks rapidly. The end.
    Special notes: None
    Tips and tricks: Use Wave Beam as much as you can. Charge it in midair, etc.
    Cycle Beam tends to hurt you more than it does help you, and Beam Whip is good
    for crowd control. Beam Blast is iffy, so use with caution, although it does 
    give you a little jump when executed.
    Summary and Opinion: Beam in other Kirby games has been considered one of the 
    worst Copy Abilites. In KSSU however, it is very (BITE) formidable and one of
    my favorites to boot in this game. Why Nintendo made it so bad, I don't know.
    When you are in a pinch, look towards Beam for quick salvation.
    Difficulty to use: ***/*****
    Usefulness: **/*****
    Grab a bomb and hold the button to set the throw angle. Toss it and it'll go
    B: Ready Bomb: Tab B and Kirby will be holding a bomb
    Ready Bomb+B: Bomb Throw: After using Ready Bomb, press B and a little 
    crosshairs will pop up. That shows the throwing angle.
    Dash+Bomb Throw: Straight Throw: While running and holding a bomb, press B
    B near foe: Bomb Drop: Near an enemy, press B to stick a bomb on then, similar
    to Solid Snake sticking mines on opponents in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    v+B: Bomb Set: While holding Down on the Control Pad, press B
    Special notes: If you don't throw your bomb soon enough, it will explode and 
    hurt Kirby. We don't like that.
    Tips and Tricks: Bomb Drop stuns the enemy(and can cause victims to drop food 
    most of the time) and hurts enemies that are too close to the explosion. Bomb 
    Set spam is great for hiding, and Straight Throw goes very fast.
    Summary and Opinion: Bomb is a copy ability that I never really took a liking
    to, but I tried to make sure that didn't affect its rating. The Bomb Throw 
    crosshairs can really inconveinence you because it doesn't go backwards. Also,
    the higher you toss it, the slower it moves. The saving grace in my opinion is
    Bomb Set spam. This is GREAT for fast killing and staying safe. Bomb Drop can
    help when you need food also. Bomb Set can also be used to clear an area that 
    you are dropping into; just drop bombs and kill anything that could be 
    Difficulty to use: /***** (Zero difficulty)
    Usefulness: *****/*****
    What's on today's menu? Put all your foes in the pot and stew them to 
    B: Cook Pot: Press B. That's all.
    Special Notes: One time use when you catch an enemy or star.
    Tips and Tricks: Use this when there are a lot of enemies and/or stars on one
    screen if you are close to death.
    Summary and Opinion: Cook is amazing. It kills all enemies (normal enemies, 
    not mini-bosses and bosses) and turns them into FOOD! Eat them up and get 
    healed. What could beat that? 
    Diffculty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: **/*****
    Use a strange light to analyze and then copy foes' abilites. Might you learn 
    weird ones?
    B: Analyze Beam: Press B to use this. Done and done
    Special Notes: Goes away once you scan an enemy that has a special power (not 
    mini-bosses or bosses). Kills normal enemies.
    Tips and Tricks: None really...
    Summary and Opinion: The only use for Copy that I know is in Milky Way Wishes,
    you can scan the Crash enemy and get the Crash copy ability. Very mediorce...
    Difficulty to use: /*****
    Usefulness: *****/***** 
    KO all foes with a big BOOM! But be careful. This ultimate weapon has only 1 
    B: Crash Fireball: Again, tap B and you're done.
    Special Notes: KOs all enemies and does massive damage to bosses.
    Tips and tricks: Use when a lot of enemies are around; they could drop food!
    Summary and Opinion: Crash is like Cook that has an extra AND missing feature:
    It can hurt bosses and kill mini-bosses, but there isn't a guarentee of food.
    And when food does appear, it's not nearly as much. It can also hit switches.
    *CUTTER* (Crap, now I have to write walls of text again)
    Difficulty to use: **/*****
    Usefulness: ****/***** 
    Throw a boomerang all over! Slash! Jab! Strike! You can even cut ropes!
    B: Cutter Boomerang: Press B to throw and it will come back to you.
    Dash+B: Cutter Dash: While running, press B. 
    Hold B in air: Sweep Cutter: While falling, press and hold B. Easy!
    v+B in air: Cutter Drop: Hold Down and press B. You will fall fast and hurt 
    anything that gets in your way.
    B near foe: Cleaving Cutter: When near a foe, press B. You will use the cutter
    like a sword
    BBB near foe: Nonstop Cutter->Final Cutter: Press B 3 times near a foe to use 
    this combo of epicness.
    Special Notes: None
    Tips and Tricks: Final Cutter works wonders on bosses. Spam at will.
    Summary and Opinion: Cutter has been reliable and useful since Day 1. With the
    addition of the Nonstop and Final Cutter, this copy ability made a claim to 
    fame as one of the most effective copy abilities that could be used as many 
    times as desired. Sadly, you cannot control the direction of the Cutter 
    Boomerang like you could in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Sadface. However, I
    still consider this an ideal copy ability
    Difficulty to use: **.5/*****
    Usefulness: ****/*****
    Hi-yaa! Hold the B Button longer for a stronger blow! That punch is an instant
    **This will be listed differently. L means hold Long, S means hold Short/tap**
    B[S]: Vulcan Jab: Tab B to execute
    B[L]: Smash Punch: Press and hold B for about a second to execute
    Dash+B[S]: Leg Sweep: While running, tap B
    Dash+B[L]: Spin Kick: While running, press and hold B for about a second to 
    B in air[S]: Down Kick: While in the air, tap B.
    B in air[L]: Double Kick
    **The following moves do not require B to be held for diff. amounts of time**
    ^+Hold B: Rising Break: While holding Up on the Control Pad, press B
    ^,>,or v+B near foe: Grab Foe: Hold one of the three listed directions down 
    and press B to grab a foe
    Grab Foe+B: Arm throw: Press B after using Grab Foe
    Grab Foe+< or v+B: Judo Throw: Hold one of the two directions down and press B
    after using Grab Foe
    Special Notes: Lots of power but lots of lag.
    Tips and Tricks: Use the powerful moves with discresion;the lag can leave you
    wide open.
    Summary and Opinion: Fighter has always been diverse, and in KSSU it's even 
    more so. The lag and power balance eachother out, and while some moves are 
    tricky to pull off, they are well worth time, patience, and practice. That is 
    why Fighter is an ideal Copy Ability.
    Difficulty to use: **/*****
    Usefulness: **.5/*****
    Burn bright wiht fire power! Light the fuse! Yow! How! You're on fire, man! 
    B: Fire Breath: Press and hold B to use properly
    Fire Breath+Control Pad: Aim Fire Breath: Up moves it up, left goes left, etc.
    Hold B+Hold <: Fireball Inferno: Hold B, hold Left, and wait until it hits you
    Dash+B: Burn: While running, press B. 
    B in air: Fireball spin: Press B in the air
    B prior to landing: Fireball Roll: When you are near the ground, press B to 
    Special Notes: None
    Tips and Tricks: Fireball Inferno is (BITE) pretty powerful. Also, when you 
    are blowing fire, any enemy that gets too close above you will be hurt. Use 
    Burn when lighting fuses.
    Summary and Opinion: If Fire was this way in all Kirby games, I would love it.
    The only thing that is keeping this from being an ideal copy ability is the 
    lack of firepower (no pun intended) from most of the moves. Use Fireball 
    Inferno to do damage fast.
    Difficulty to use: **/*****
    Usefulness: ****/*****
    This hammer packs a wallop! Punish stakes and blocks! When it's on fire, foes
    B: Hammer: Press B
    Dash+B: Hammer Swing: While running, press B to spin and swing
    B in air: Giant Swing: While falling, press B. Enjoy
    Dash+B in air: Ultra-Giant Swing: When you are running, jump, and press B to 
    watch the fireworks (hammerworks?)
    ^+B: Hammer Flip: While holding Up, press B. See more about this below
    Dash+X: Hammer Throw: X? Weird...anyways, while running press X.
    Special Notes: Hammer Throw does decent damage, but it costs you the copy 
    Tips and Tricks: Use Hammer Flip against bosses. It will dominate them. I 
    personally promise you this. Timing is key, however.
    Summary and Opinion: Hammer is powerful and has decent speed to boot. This 
    copy ability is surely worthy of Ideal Copy Ability, so if you are ever 
    offered Hammer, TAKE IT!
    Diffuclty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: ****/*****
    Freeze foes with icy breath! Kick ice cubes into others! When you dash, you 
    Dash: Skate: Simply run to skate.
    B: Ice Breath: Press and hold B to blow out icy air that freezes enemies
    B in air: Ice Sprinkle: While in the air, press B to spin around slowly, 
    shooting icy breath that freezes
    Dash+B in air: Super Ice Sprinkle: While skating, jump and press B to spin
    around shooting icy breath that freezes about 2-3 times faster than Ice 
    Sprinkle does
    Dash+Hold B/BBB: Ice Storm: This can be executed 2 ways: While skating, press 
    B -OR- Press B three times. This is based off Freeze from Kirby's Adventure on
    NES/Nightmare in Dream Land on GBA
    ^,>,or v+B near foe: Ice Suction: When near a foe, press one of the three 
    listed directions and B to inhale the enemy
    Ice Suction+B: Ice Ejection: Spit out a frozen block of ice that damages all 
    it hurts
    Tap Frozen Foe: Ice Kick: This couldn't be simpler;touch an ice cube that used
    to be an enemy and ta-da!
    Special Notes: The shield for Ice is a block of ice. No special effects but it
    looks interesting.
    Tips and Tricks: Ice Sprinkle/Super Ice Sprinkle is great for hovering enemies
    and bosses, but be careful on Kracko. Kracko Jr. won't do much to you though.
    Ice Storm destroys all projectiles so that's nice too. Ice Suction->Ice 
    Ejection is considered (BITE) the best grab/throw in KSSU.
    Summary and Opinion: God, Tips and Tricks were long winded...that was pretty 
    much everything I had to say :/ OH YEAH! Ice is really good in this game. The 
    diversity of the moves is a huge contributing factor to it being an Ideal Copy
    Nate Baker sent in the following Section, with some editing by me:
    Difficulty to use ****/*****
    Usefulness *****/*****
    Strap jet power to your back! Hold the B Button to charge, then let go to hit
    Mach 5!
    B (hold): stores power: Press and hold B to store power
    Release B: jet kick: Just tap B to do this
    Release B in air: jet headbutt: Tap B in the air
    Release B at max power: Jet dash: Hold B until Kirby starts blinking, and then
    release B to let loose
    B during Jet Dash: Jet Cracker: While Dashing, press B to send forth a HUGE 
    energy-thingie that does in fact own anyone it touches
    >,^, or v+B near foe: Jet Blow: Near a foe, press >, ^, or v
    Max power + Jet Blow: Rocket Dive: When you have max power, press >, ^, or v
    Store Power + A or Y: Power Save: While Charging, press A or Y to store power
    A or Y in air: hover: Hold A or Y in the air to hover...really dumb in my 
    A or Y with max power in air: Ultra jet jump: While in the air AND with max 
    power, press A or Y to jump upwards very quickly
    Special notes: During Jet dash you are in invincible until the end. If you are
    hit while storing power or saved power the charge will be lost.
    Tips and Tricks: You can also use power save by guarding. Guarding also 
    prevents the chrge from being lost when you are it. Spam Jet Cracker as it is 
    a ranged attack and does decent damage. It also stops you automatically if you 
    need to stop. You can use Jet Dash to go through most attacks.
    Summary and opinion: Jet is one of the ideal powers. It takes time to 
    effectively use it however. Jet kick and Jet Headbutt aren't very effective 
    but Jet cracker works wonders against bosses and mininbosses and again Jet 
    Dash is great for moving fast an going through attacks. Just make sure you 
    don't land on the enemy.
    Difficulty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: ****/*****
    Owowow! Ohh, yeah-ah! Yabba jabba yeah yeah yeah! Sing 3 times to silence 
    B: Megaphone->Desk Mike->Stand Mike
    Special Notes: 3 time use, and look at the funny outfits Kirby gets too ^.^
    Tips and Tricks: Use when lots of enemies are around, and some food could 
    appear randomly.
    Summary and Opinion: Mike is great, but it's not perfect. That's really all I 
    have to say about this one...short...yay?
    Difficulty to use: *.5/*****
    Usefulness: ***.5/*****
    This mirror has odd powers! Deflect projectiles or project doubles of 
    yourself! (Curse you 79 character per line limit!!!!)
    B: Mirror Cut: Press B to slice
    Hold B: Reflect Force: Hold B to send out little mirrors that also reflect all
    Dash+B: Mirror Body: While running, press B to split in two. Goes diagonal in 
    the air
    L/R: Reflect Guard: Hold down L or R to create a sheild that will protect 
    against all but grabs
    Special Notes: Mirror Cut doesn't cut ropes, Reflect Force will reflect all 
    prjectiles that touch it, and Mirror Guard is the best shield in the game.
    Tips and Tricks: While you are dashing in Mirror, you cause damage to enemies.
    Use this to your advantage. Also, Mirror Guard is amazing against Computer 
    Summary and Opinion: When I played Kirby Super Star, I thought Mirror was a 
    Beam clone because they have a similar costume. Boy was I wrong! This is my 
    favorite copy ability, and I did my best not to be biased in its ratings, but 
    I really do find it easy to use and very effective. That's why I gave it Ideal
    Copy Ability.
    Difficulty to use: ***/*****
    Usefulness: ****/*****
    Hide in shadows and darkness. Use ninja skills on your mission. You're a 
    ninja! A NINJA! Cool...
    B: Knife Throw: Tap B to throw a small knife
    Hold B: Quad Shock: Hold B to slash with one of those knives. This will also 
    create a tall pillar of what I presume is air that damages anything that it 
    Dash+B: Dash Attack: While running, press B to do a running slice.
    v+B in air: Ninja Kick: While in the air, press Down and then B to perform a 
    divebomb kick
    ^,>, or v+B near foe: Air Drop: While near an emeny, press one of these 
    directions on the Control Pad and B. Up, up, and AWAY!!!
    Take damage+B: Hide Guard: Once you take damage, within half a second you must
    press B for this to work. You will vanish from the screen and an explosion 
    will form when you leave and come back. You can stay vanished for 1.5 seconds
    Push on wall in air: Wall Cling: Jump towards a wall. Very simple
    Wall Cling+A/Y: Wall Jump: After using Wall Cling, press one of those two 
    buttons to jump quickly away from the wall you are on. You need to keep 
    holding the direction you were for Wall Cling for this to work
    Special Notes: None
    Tips and Tricks: Knife Throw and Quad Shock Spam are very useful in boss 
    battles, Hide Guard tends to be more trouble than its worth, and Ninja Kick is
    great for hovering enemies/bosses, but be careful when you are near a gap...
    Summary and Opinion: Ninja is one of the coolest Copy Abilites in my opinion. 
    I mean c'mon, what's cooler than ninjas? Nothing, that's right. The only thing
    that prevents this from being an Ideal is that timing can be tricky for a few 
    moves if you want to to be fully utilized.
    Difficulty to use: /*****
    Usefulness: ******/***** (6 OUT OF 5)
    Now's your chance to use it! A special onetime Copy Ability! Paint the town
    all of 7 colors!
    B: Paint Out: Press B. Simple as that
    Special notes: One time use, and use on bosses to deal MASSIVE damage. Kills
    everything else in one hit.
    Tips and Tricks: Again, does MASSIVE damage to bosses.
    Summary and Opinion: Remember when I asked what could be better than Cook? 
    This is it. Paint is the essence of win in Kirby Super Star Ultra. 
    The one time use is VERY well justified due to the fact that it can kill 
    nearly anything, and what it doesn't kill, I promise you will be hits from 
    death (on bosses it takes away about a third of their health). It also looks
    really cool when you use it ^_^ 
    Diffculty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: ***.5/*****
    Guard against falling objects! Twirl to attack or just drift. Or do a parasol 
    B: Parasol Swing: Press B, end of story
    Hold B: Parasol Shield: No, this isn't like guard. Hold B to protect yourself 
    from all FRONTAL attacks. This is useless for rear attacks
    Dash+B: Parasol Drill: Weird name for this move...anyways, while running, push
    B to dash forward and destroy a lot...
    v+B in air: Parasol Dive: While in the air, press Down and B to shoot 
    downwards very fast. Be careful above gaps, though. We don't like dumb deaths
    ^,>,or v+B near foe: Circus Throw: Near an enemy, press ^,>, or v and B to 
    grab a foe. Kirby will release the foe automatically, so don't worry about 
    Drop: Parasol Drift: When you fall, you fall very slowly. That's the end of 
    that story
    v while dropping: Drift Stall: This negates (BITE) the Parasol Drift
    B while underwater: Parasol Drill: While underwater, press B
    v+B underwater: Parasol Dive: While underwater, press Down and B
    Special Notes: If it touches the parasol, it will be harmed. End of story. 
    Also, the shield is Kirby hiding behind the parasol. Does not reflect however.
    Tips and Tricks: Parasol mostly covers front attacks, so be wary about rear 
    Summary and Opinion: Parasol was a disappointment in other Kirby games. That 
    is the exact opposite in KSSU. The wide variety of the moves and the 
    simplicity of said moves are quite simple. That is why I call this an Ideal 
    Copy Ability.
    Difficulty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: ***.5/*****
    Tap the +Control Pad to make and store an electric charge! Plasma shots go 
    through walls.
    *Rotate + to charge up*
    *If a shot can go through walls/enemies, I will put a * by its name*
    No charge (0-2 taps): Plasma Needle: Press B without tapping a direction more 
    than 2 times
    Some charge (3-6 taps): Plasma Arrow: After pressing a direction 3-6 times, 
    press B
    *More charge* (7-11 taps): Plasma Spark: After pressing a direction 7-11 times
    press B. This goes through walls
    *Lots of charge* (12-20 taps): Plasma Laser: After pressing a direction 12-20 
    times, press B to shoot. This goes through walls
    *Tons of charge+B (21+ taps): Plasma Wave: After pressing a direction more 
    than 20 times, press B. This goes though walls AND behind you a short distance
    Max Charge+Release: Plasma Barrier: This is a bit confusing when you look at
    it. All it means is when you have Tons of Charge, a barrier appears around you
    that hurts anything that touches it
    Special Notes: After time, your charge will go down, so release fast!
    Tips and Tricks: None.
    Summary and Opinion: I confused this with Spark when I first played, but it is
    way different. Plasma Barrier is one of the most effective shields, and 
    overall, Plasma is just plain cool. That's why I named it an Ideal Copy 
    Difficulty to use: N/A
    Usefulness: /*****
    Just a li'l while longer...Please. Let me sleep...
    You can't do anything until Kirby wakes up. Good night...
    Special Notes: You can't do anything until Kirby wakes up, so AVOID THIS!!!
    Tips and Tricks: None...
    Summary and Opinion: Sleep sucks. The end. Don't get this or you will be 
    unable to do anything for 3 seconds.
    Difficulty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: **/*****
    Pound! Pound! CRUSH! Change into many heavy forms. When on a slope, you'll 
    B: Stone Change: Press B, and to exit stone mode, press B again.
    B in air: Stone Smash: Press B in the air, and to exit stone mode, press B 
    Dash+B: Turbo Stone: While running, press B, and to exit stone mode, press B 
    Special Notes: Stone=Invincible, and you can be in stone mode as long as you 
    Tips and Tricks: Just try not to fall into a pit off a slope or from the air.
    Summary and Opinion: Stone has always been kinda bland, and it's really no 
    exception in KSSU. Sure, you have 2 new moves, but there is no difference b/t 
    Stone Change and Stone Smash...somewhat useless. It is helpful against 
    dangerous boss attacks though.
    Difficulty to use: **.5/*****
    Usefulness: ***.5/*****
    This burns with fighting spirit! Grab foes and throw 'em! Learn all 8 throws 
    to be a champ!
    B: Dash Grab: Press B, and this is the whole point of Suplex
    Dash+B: Turbo Dash Grab: While running, press B. The only difference b/t this
    and Dash Grab is the TURBO part, meaning it goes faster
    v+B in air: Pinpoint Kick: While in the air, press B and Down at the same time
    and it should be noted that this is the only move that has nothing to do with 
    B when grabbing: Fury Stomp: This is a bit tricky, but what you do is press B 
    after grabbing the foe but BEFORE Kirby goes into this pose: (^'-'^)
    B near foe: Lift: Press B by an enemy to lift them up
    ^: Back Breaker: Push Up
    v: Body Slam: Push Down
    >: Pile Driver: Push Right
    <: Big Suplex: Push Left
    B: Torrent Lariat: Push B
    A/Y: Rock Drop: Press A or Y
    All but v in air: Air Body Slam: To do this move, press ANYTHING but Down 
    while you are in the air. Yes, you can grab in the air
    v in air: Plunge Body Slam: In the air after grabbing, press Down
    Special Notes: If Dash Grab doesn't connect with an enemy, Kirby will stop and
    trip, leaving him open for about a second
    Tips and Tricks: You don't have to be on the ground to dash, and while you are
    in the (BITE) air, you will not lose height
    Summary and Opinion: Suplex is meh...it's good for enemies but somewhat 
    useless on bosses UNLESS you can grab a star and make it come in contact with
    said boss. This is easiest on Dyna Blade, but it wouldn't be my first choice.
    Difficulty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: *****/*****
    You wield the king of blades! At full health, you shoot beams! Show your sword
    B: Chop: Press B
    B with full health: Sword Beam: As it says, with full health, press B to shoot
    one sword beam about halfway across the screen, considering it doesn't hit 
    B after Chop: Uppercut: Press B after Chop within one second of the start of 
    Chop; it's a lot longer than you would think
    BBB: Multisword Attack: Again, within one second of Uppercut starting, press B
    to unleash a fury of rather weak sword beams
    Dash+B: Stab: While running, press B to go forward very quickly with a lot of 
    ending lag...
    Dash+B in air: Sword Spin: While running, press B after jumping to spin around
    B in air: Chop and Thrust: Press B after jumping. Kirby will stick his sword 
    out after the "Chop" until he hits the ground
    v+B in air: Down Thrust: Kirby shoots downwards, point first
    Special Notes: Already been stated, but ok: At full health you will shoot a 
    beam about halfway across the screen
    Tips and Tricks: Multisword attack is WEAK!!! Time your chops out to avoid 
    using it at ALL COSTS! Also, Stab is good at the beginning, but painful at the
    Summary and Opinion: Sword is one of the best copy abilities in the game, 
    maybe even in the series! Sure, it has issues, but it really makes up for that
    and more. That is why I gave this an Ideal Copy Ability award. And on behalf 
    of Sword, I would like to thank the Academy (oh crap this thing is making me 
    crazier than I typically am).
    Difficulty to use: */*****
    Usefulness: **/*****
    Roll to be nearly invincible or ride a Wheel Helper! Beware thorns and holes.
    *When I say Dash, I mean the move Dash, NOT running!*
    B: Dash/Stop Dash: Press B to go really fast OR stop really suddenly
    Dash+A/Y: Brake: Press A or Y to slow down momentarily
    Dash+Hold A/Y: Go Slow: Hold A or Y to go slower
    Dash+<: Turn: Press Left to turn around quickly
    Dash+Repeatedly turn: Turn Jump: Perform Turn multiple times in a short period
    of time to jump
    Special Notes: Wheel works on water, as long as you are NOT going slower than 
    the speed of Dash, and your speed goes up for a short time after every turn, 
    but it's most noticeable after the first turn. Lastly, when you are going 
    slower than normal Dash speed, you don't do any damage.
    Tips and Tricks: Only slow down when you are near a pit to avoid falling to a 
    stupid death. And by stupid, I mean just plain stupid. Honest to God, it's the
    DUMBEST way to die.
    Summary and Opinion: Wheel is good for getting places fast, but it really 
    lacks power. That really is all that is keeping this from getting an Ideal 
    Copy Ability label.
    Difficulty to use: *.5/*****
    Usefulness: ***.5/*****
    Midair spins and shuttle loops! Spread your wings and fly, little Kirby! 
    Doesn't that feel good?
    B: Feather Gun: Press B to shoot a feather. Press B many times to shoot many
    Dash+B: Condor Head: While running, press B
    v+B in air: Bomber Head: While in the air, press Down and B to shoot down with
    a slight shockwave that disperses on each side
    Dash, Jump, v+B: Condor Dive: While running, jump and press B to shoot down a 
    lot faster than Bomber Head with a slight forward direction that has a much 
    larger shockwave than Bomber Head
    ^,>,or v+B near foe: Toss: Press one of the 3 directions and press B near an 
    enemy to launch them up in the air
    B after Toss: Shuttle Loop: After Toss, once Kirby stops rising but before he 
    starts falling, press B
    A/Y in air: Hover Flap: This is like Kirby's normal Hover, but with wings that
    cause damage to anything that touches them
    Special Notes: As stated, while you are using Hover Flap, you hurt anyone that
    they touch, and Feather Gun goes in a middle-high-low shot formation 
    Tips and Tricks: Use Feather Gun for quick crowd control, Condor Head to get 
    out of problems fast, and Bomber Head/Condor Dive to do both.
    Summary and Opinion: Wing is a really good copy ability that I never even knew
    existed before Kirby Air Ride. This really opens up a lot of doors for aerial 
    attacks, and it has a pretty good projectile. Overall, this is a very solid 
    copy ability and it deserves to come back in other Kirby games AND of course, 
    an Ideal Copy Ability title.
    Difficulty to use: *.5/*****
    Usefulness: ****/*****
    This isn't just any yo-yo! Swing up and down, or break-spin! Try 'em all to 
    look cool!
    B: Yo-Yo Throw: Press B to send the Yo-Yo in a long and short oval
    Dash+B: Break Spin: While running, press B to dash forward while spinning
    ^+B: Yo-Yo Up: Press Up and B to throw the Yo-Yo upwards in a semi-circle
    v+B: Yo-Yo Down: Press Down and B to throw the Yo-Yo downwards in a 
    Dash+B in air: Jump Spin: While running, jump and press B to launch forwards 
    and spin around quickly
    ^,>, or v+B near foe: Hammer Drop: When near a foe, press one of the three 
    directions and B to grab a foe. Press B again to throw them in an upwards 
    semi-circle behind you
    v^+B Gazer Spiral: Press Down, Up, and then B in quick succession to perform 
    this move. It's power is well worth the practice, so don't give up if you 
    can't (BITE) do this the first time
    Special Notes: Gazer Spiral is one of the most effective moves against bosses 
    like Dyna Blade,Kracko, Kracko Jr., Wham Bam Rock, and Wham Bam Jewel. Hammer 
    Drop is also very useful against bosses that drop stars/rocks/jewels. Yo-Yo Up
    and Down is useful against LoLoLo and LaLaLa, especially in the Revenge stage.
    Tips and Tricks: Use the three Yo-Yo Throws to get rid of many enemies 
    Summary and Opinion: Again, why did Nintendo keep this and Wing Kirby Super 
    Star/KSSU only?!?! This is a GREAT copy ability that has amazing potential to 
    expand. It's great for quick points and for easy boss fights. Anyone else feel
    like Nintendo can be moronic a lot? Yeah, join the club; we have T-Shirts!
    ---7. Copy Ability Combos (CAC)---
    So I got an email asking what copy abilities go well together and what don't 
    work too well when combined. It wasn't something that I could answer without 
    heavily looking into it, so I was like "Why not? I'll add another section!" So
    this is that section: Copy Ability Combos!
    The following is a simple chart that shows which abilities go well together. 
    Detailed explanations will follow said chart.
    4 = Pretty good combo
    3 = Good combo
    2 = Poor combo
    1 = Bad combo
    0 = Horrible combo....boooooooooooooo!
    Beam  3    3   N/A  N/A   2      4      4     3     4     3   3  N/A    4      
    Bomb  3    2   N/A
    FOLLOWING IT******************************************************************
    However, if you DO have something to contribute, I will GLADLY accept it!
    ---8. Enemies that give Copy Abilities (ECA)---
    This is a list of the enemies that give the Copy Abilites I explained:
    ***NOTE: Enemies with a star by their name are a mini-boss***
    ***NOTE: Enemies with a percent sign give that ability in boss battles***
    ***NOTE: Enemies that become helpers will be surrounded by number signs***
    Beam: #Waddle Doo#, Laser Ball
    Bomb: #Poppy Bros Jr.#, *Poppy Bros. Sr.*
    Cook: *Chef Kawasaki*
    Copy: #TAC#
    Crash: Bomber, Scarfy (via Copy), Mad Apple (via Copy)
    Cutter: #Sir Kibble#, Boomerang Poppy Bros. Jr.
    Fighter: #Knuckle Joe#, *Iron Mom*
    Fire: #Burnin' Leo#, *Fire Lion*
    Hammer: *#Bonkers#* (Helper Bonkers is the same size as Kirby)
    Ice: #Chilly#, *Mr. Frosty*
    Jet: #Capsule J2#
    Mike: Walky, *Mr. Tick Tock*
    Mirror: #Simirror#
    Ninja: #Biospark#
    Paint: %Heavy Lobster%, %Chameleo Arm%, %Marx Soul% (All from projectiles) 
    Parasol: #Parasol Waddle Dee#, Parasol Waddle Doo, Parasol
    Plasma: #Plasma Wisp#
    Sleep: Noddy
    Stone: #Rocky#
    Suplex: *#Bugzzy#*, *Jukid*, *Phan Phan* (Helper Bugzy is same size as Kirby)
    Sword: #Blade Knight#, #Sword Knight#
    Wheel: Wheelie, Grand Wheelie (Helper is technically Wheelie Rider)
    Wing: #Birdon#
    Yo-yo: #Gim#
    ---9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)---
    1. What is the helper for Cook, Crash, Mike, Paint, and Sleep?
    A: There is no helper, due to the one-time use restriction of each ability
    2. What is your favorite copy ability?
    A: Toughie...I'd say either Mirror, Beam, Yo-Yo, or Ninja.
    3. How do you determine an Ideal Copy Ability?
    A: I subtract the Difficulty of Use rating from the Usefulness rating. If it 
    is in between 2 and 3.5 and has more than 4 moves, it is considered Ideal in 
    my opinion. That's the basics of it. Of course, you may notice that not all 
    fit that pattern, but like I said, that's the basics of the formula. The 
    actual one is hard to describe.
    4. Were you biased when you determined if a copy ability was Ideal?
    A: I did my best to avoid being biased
    5. I was reading your guide and saw (BITE) in a few paragraphs. What does that
    mean? (I actually did get this question from a friend proof-reading this)
    A: I warned you that the walls of text bite!
    -BubbleGum asked via email-
    6.To you this may be a stupid question but...
    Will you help me? I need to kill Marx to beat the Arena but I constantly die  
    right before I kill  him. What abilities would you recommend? I have been 
    using rock.
    A: I'd go with Hammer to be cheap, Mirror to be safe, or Yo-Yo. Sword, Ninja, 
    Beam, Cutter, Bomb, and Fighter (if you are really good with Fighter at least) 
    work well too.
    ---10. Dumb Questions (DQ)---
    1. Will you pay my medical bills for the wall of text biting me? (Got this 
    from my sister...she cracks me up...we are both sarcastic people)
    A: No chance in hell. I warned you and you were careless.
    2. Do you have a Kirby vacuum?
    A: Yes moron, otherwise I would know nothing of their existance
    If you have any questions, email me at lildrummerboy697@gmail.com and include
    "KSSU Question" or something like that in the header. If it's a good one, I'll
    add it to the FAQ list and email you with the answer. If it's dumb, I'll 
    respond with a sarcastic comment, and still post it in the Dumb Question 
    section so that others can laugh at you too. Sarcasm is my native tounge after
    all, and nothing make me happier than seeing others get mocked for stupid 
    comments (yes I am a sadisitc person if you couldn't tell).
    ---11. Conclusion (CONC)---
    Well, this just about wraps up the FAQ and Guide, except for credits and 
    thanks. This first copy went a lot faster than I thought it would, soooo yeah.
    I have no idea what else to put here so I'm just gonna list random facts...or
    maybe I'll just cut to the next section. Yeah, I'll do the second one.
    ---12. Credits and Thanks (CT)---
    The following resources were used in the creation of this guide/FAQ:
    Kirby Super Star Ultra Pause Screen
    And I have to thank the following:
    HAL Labs
    genis_sage777 for ASCII Art
    Nate Baker for the Jet information
    My family and friends for listening to my rants about this
    God, for giving me the inspiration to make this
    and YOU for reading this!

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