how do i defeat the last phase of Lavos?

  1. i already finished the 6 quests,,,,,but i still can't beat the last phase of Lavos,,,,why?

    it keep hit on my team non never give me chance to restore my HP and hit him back

    User Info: Hello_Kitty_75

    Hello_Kitty_75 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Alltra's advice is good for a start. Boost up the speed of you party and adjust the settings in the menu if your still finding you've got no reaction time. Marle for her Haste spell can be useful here if your still having problems with your own attack speed. The flipside however is that the few single tech attack spells she has are not going to hit Lavos for much. It should go without saying but make sure that you've got the Rainbow Katana for Crono. It's 70% crit rate helps in dealing out serious amounts of damage on a single target. This allows you to save your MP for attacks that hit everything at once. As far as a party is concerned some choices in this game can be rather overpowered. One of the most popular choices for pure power is Crono, Ayla and Robo. With the right gear they can pretty much destroy anything in the game. I myself tend to shy away from them on any non-NG+ file however since I feel they can suck the challenge out of the game.

    As for an actual battle plan I need to know exactly what part your on before I can give you one. Some first time players do tend to think his 2nd form is the final form. Following the outer shell/Epoch's crash landing are you on phase two fighting the form with the big arms or phase three with the humanoid looking form and the pods?

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    Master_Rudy - 7 years ago

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  1. Go into the Settings Menu, set the Battle Mode to Wait, and set the Battle Speed to 8 (Slowest). With the Battle Mode set to Wait, you can go into the Tech Menu or the Item Menu and the battle will pause while you choose what item or attack you wish to use.

    Another thing that might help, is using your Speed Capsules to raise your character's Speed Stat to the maximum (16 is the max for Speed, it will be displayed as ** when it is maxed out).

    User Info: Alltra

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  1. Taking the previous advice and assuming it IS the Final Stage,

    My first mistake was thinking that the humanoid enemy was Lavos' main body. It's not. The 'bit' on the right is his/its true body and won't attack when it's alone. The left bit either absorbs or is immune to magic, I don't quite remember. My general strategy (works for me, depending on the party) is to first clobber the left bit with heavy physical attacks (Frenzy, Triple Kick, etc.) until the left bit is destroyed. Next, group-hitting magic attacks (Twister comes to mind)
    and the center pod will die first having about a third (10000) of the core's HP (30000). Finally, return to the trusty hard-hitters to (try and) finish the core off.

    Mind you, a group healer (Robo or Frog) must make healing (for me, Heal and/or Heal Beam)an ABSOLUTE PRIORITY before all else.

    At least, it works for me.

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  2. Quick and easy way is as follows...

    Chrono, Power hitter #2, and Healer (Frog). You need chrono set to be a power hitter, a second power hitter, and a healer. I choose frog just cause he can be a third power hitter when not healing.

    Chrono's frenzy/confuse attack itself as strong as it is past lvl 70 is enough to take out the leftmost core by itself. Use chrono off the bat and knock out the left core to make the right core drop its defenses. This is your target, the right core is the heart of lavos. The humanoid figure is only a distraction, to defeat lavos that rightmost core must be brought down.

    After you destroy the leftmost or center figure, it will go into a regeneration cycle, and rebirth the lost cores. While it does this, the right core lower's its defenses. While these defenses are down, dont even concentrate on hitting the center figure. Luminare, Ayla's triple kick, Lucca's Flare, Frog's Leap slash or Frog Hop if HP is low, Dark Matter from Magus, or Electrocute will be good and acceptable for taking out this core. All do over 2000 damage by themselves. You dont want to use double or triple techs because it does little damage compared to individually whomping that core. Unles you are under lvl 50 go solo attacks, it will end it quicker.

    Watch though, after it regenerates it will raise its sheild. After that first core regens you must send someone to deal with it quickly. Otherwise it should be an easy end.

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  3. Well,first,beat the middle part,then the left part and the right part will put their defense down,defeat the left part (which is the weak one),then use all of your most powerful attacks with the right one (which is the most powerful),then if you dont kill it,it will revive the other 2,kill them and then kill the right part and its finished.I recommend to pass this with Chrono,Magus and Frog.Hope my answer worked,lol.

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  4. Focus power on the left pod, as it is the weakest. Then set upon the central part, as it alone can drop your crew.When you see the right pod has dropped it's defense, hammer away with whatever hard-hitters you have, but try to keep someone on standby for healing/items. And come prepared for battle; the best armor and weaps you can find, and a reasonably high level(55-ish and up.

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