How can I open boxes and doors that are sealed by a mysterious force?

  1. What item or party member do I need to open anything sealed by a mysterious force?

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  1. All of the mysterious chests and doors cannot be opened until you reach Zeal near the middle of the game. After you follow Lavos when he first reaches earth you will arrive in zeal through the gate. You will have some other things to do first, but basically find your way to the main castle first. Go off to the right room and listen in on Schala and Janus talking and schala will called by her mother. Follow her to the middle walkway and she will use the pendant to open a mysterious door. Go to the mammon machine on the left hand side of the walkway and present it with Marle's pendant, strangely enough this is Schala's 13000 year old pendant that is still good. TADA!!! Charged pendant. Now you can open all chests and doors with it. Here is a list of where everything is.

    65 Millon BC - N/A
    12000 BC - 1 door, storyline only

    600 AD
    - Mystic mountains at the entrance is a Wall Ring
    - Mayors Manor in Porre are 2 chests. The Black and White vests
    - Residence in Starting town has the Blue Vest
    - Kings residence, 3rd stairwell has the Red Vest
    - After you fully renovate the Ruins of Cyrus's grave, you will then be able to access 3 more chests. The Vishu blade, The Siren, and Nova Armor

    1000 AD
    - In the Heckran cave at the entrance is a power ring
    - Same location in Porre, but if you charged it up you will get a White and Black Mail instead.
    - Same residence as in 600AD but you get a Blue Mail instead.
    - Same Location in Guardia Castle but you get Red Mail instead.
    - Same locations in the Ruins except you get Moon Armor, Kylee blade, and Valkyrie
    - The Blue triangle north of the mystic village is opened by the pendant. There are two chests to choose from. One has a Safe Helm and the other the Swallow. I'd take the safe helm because in just a little bit you get Chrono's best weapon the Rainbow anyway.

    1999AD - N/A

    2300 AD -

    - 2 doors in Belthasars Dome, leads to the Epoch
    - Door in Tran Dome, gives gold earring and other loot
    - Door in Truce dome, gives gold stud and other loot
    - Door in the bottom of Aris dome, gives Wallet and other loot.

    I think this is all of them, if not, then happy fnding them.

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  1. Once you power up the pendant later on in the story they will open.

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  2. After playing a ways through the game you'll be able to power your pendant up in the Antiquity Age, after which you'll be able to open up the chests and the mysterious doors in 2300 A.D.

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  3. Once you power up your pendant though, don't open the chests in 600 AD. You can power them up by activating the box but not opening it, and then going to their respective places in 1000 AD and getting more powerful items.

    This also allows you to go back and get the weaker items.

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  4. Well those are opened up when you powered up the Pendant in the Antiquity age. Near the mammon machine you see schala do something and then you basically do the same thing with Marle's pendant. BAM then you now have the "Mysterious Force to unlock these doors and chests"

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