Where is the Valkyrie?

  1. If i remember correctly, for the SNES version, it was in the Hero's Grave, where Cyrus was buried, but in the DS version, i cant find it there, all i find is the sirens bow. Anyone........?

    User Info: L0ngL1veR0ck

    L0ngL1veR0ck - 8 years ago

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  1. For plot explanation, it seems whenever the items in the chests "resonate" with the pendant, they begin the powerup process, taking 400 years to reach their powered up forms.

    This applies to most of the chests in the Hero's Grave, as well as the element absorbing armors as well (Black Vest becomes Black Mail).

    User Info: FouCapitan

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  1. If you ended up getting two siren bows, then it's already too late. If I remember correctly, you were supposed to go the Hero's Grave (past) and examine the black boxes, but DON'T open them right away. Then go to the Hero's Grave (present) and re-examine the black boxes. If done correctly, the contents of the boxes get upgraded so that the siren becomes the valkyrie.
    If you just open the boxes from the present without doing the following steps, you end up getting two sirens instead.

    User Info: corruptshin1990

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  2. Let me re-phrase my last sentence, if you go to the present without doing the above steps, you'll end up with a siren, and when you go to the past to the same box, you'll get another siren.

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  3. Sorry, person the Valkyrie or whatever is...Marle's weapon it is in hero's Grave
    I almost missed it, your supposed to go from past and say no to all of the mysterious boxes and then go to present ALL of those items are upgraded including to Valkyrie

    My story, walked into grave did everything didn't open chest as i though...Didnt save checked future they were the same thing :( then i actually restarted that and actually said NO dont open it and it was there in present

    User Info: nicolas1284

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  4. you need to go to 600 ad and make the pendant react to the two black boxes BUT DONT OPEN THEM then go to 1000 ad and it will be in one (or in the middle i dont remember) of the boxes

    User Info: metashinryu

    metashinryu - 8 years ago 1 0
  5. It's one of Marle's best weapons. Here's how to get it.
    In Glenn (Frog's) sidequest, there is two "Mysterious chest" in 600 A.D. If you try to open it, it will prompt you to open it or leave it shut, press A on them and LEAVE BOTH SHUT and go to 1000 A.D. then go to the two chests and open both of them, you will get the Suzaku and the Valkrire bow.

    User Info: palkia101

    palkia101 - 8 years ago 1 0

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