Where can I find all of the sealed black chest?

  1. Im stared making the sidequest of lucca and i need the suit that absorbs fire element and i can't find more of those sealed chests.

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    israkrispin - 9 years ago

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  1. Here are the sealed chests that can be upgraded (touch the Middle Ages chest, DO NOT take the item, then grab the item from the Present):

    Truce Inn (Middle Ages, Present)
    Guardia Castle (Middle Ages, Present)
    Porre Mayors Manor (Middle Ages, Present)
    Northern Ruins (Middle Ages, Present)

    Here are the other sealed chests that you can find:

    Guardia Forest (Present)
    Magic Cavern (Middle Ages)
    Heckrans Cave (Present)
    Forest Ruins (Present) you have a choice between two items

    Here are doors that you can now open:

    Zeal Palace (Antiquity)
    Bangor Dome (Future)
    Trann Dome (Future)
    Arris Dome (Future)
    Keeper's Dome (Future)

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  1. There's also a chest in Guardia Forest in the middle ages.

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  2. Taban's Vest absorbs fire. Get it in Lucca's house by talking to the mother then then father.

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  3. The quest he's talking about is the sunstone quest. Going against Son of Sun. I can't remember the exact chest, but the locations are listed above (Guardia Castle, Porre Mayor's manor I think has two, Truce Inn). The Red Vest/Plate are the only two armors in the game that absorb fire (50% and 100% respectively). Your next best bet is to go the Trading Hut in Prehistory and give 10 of each (Petal, Fang, Horn, Feather) for a Ruby Vest, that reduces fire by 80%, and has not bad defense.

    User Info: GoeTeeks

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