Stuck in geno dome?

  1. Hi im stuck in the geno dome, i've pretty much explored every nook and cranny. all thats left is a locked door west of the conveyor belt and and the southwest screen
    a robot blocking the path to the doll. the guide says you're supost to charge robo up in the center room ( the other pods wont charge him for some reason?) with the instructional computer, and run around to the conveyor belt really fast to open the door in the room west of the conveyor belt, but the charge expires right when i get there so icant open the door and im stuck. help?

    User Info: returndd

    returndd - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. did you try to charge the other door, you know, the one BEFORE the conveyor belt? that one will open the door to the left. that might help, if not, check the walkthrough (the one with the star), Find the word "geno dome" or just geno. trust me, i had trouble getting through this too. Try using the walkthrough to get yourself UN-stuck, okay?

    User Info: SSJ6Link

    SSJ6Link - 8 years ago 0 0

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