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    Lost Sanctum Guide by MostSeriousness

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    Chrono Trigger DS - Lost Sanctum FAQ
    (c) RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston)
    Update Information
    12/1/08  - Editing/Revisions
    11/20/08 - Start of FAQ
    Table of Contents
    I.     Introduction
    II.    Quest List
    III.   Clear the Forest (Prehistory)
    IV.    Clear the Forest (Middle Ages)
    V.     The Golden Hammer (Prehistory)
    VI.    The Prismastone (Prehistory)
    VII.   Prismastone Redux
    VIII.  Befriending the Nu Master
    IX.    Building the Bridge (Middle Ages)
    X.     Finding the Bridge Builder (Middle Ages)
    XI.    The Dark Cavern (Prehistory)
    XII.   Defend the Village (Prehistory)
    XIII.  Tower of the Ancients (Middle Ages)
    XIV.   Lumicite and You
    XV.    Item Reference
    XVI.   Map Reference
    XVII.  Lost Sanctum Shops
    XVIII. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information
    I. Introduction
    When you defeat Dalton and obtain the Wings of Time again, the Black Omen
    surfaces, like normal. However, two new Gates appear in 65,000,000 B.C. (top
    right corner) and 600 A.D. (continent with Ozzie's Fort). For the purpose of
    this FAQ, I'll be referring to these areas as Prehistory and the Middle Ages,
    I didn't start doing these quests until very late in the game, but there's
    nothing stopping you from completing them as early as possible - in fact, the
    rewards are better the earlier you do this.
    There are two basic things you should know about these quests. 1) No items you
    find in the Lost Sanctum will have any story effect outside the area and vice
    versa. You will not use the Sun Keep or the Sunstone or anything like that. The
    only use for SOME of the items in the Lost Sanctum is that they can be used in
    battle to restore health (these have no other purpose).
    2) When in doubt, talk to every reptite villager. Almost all of these quests
    will not be doable until you talk to a specific reptite. If you're stuck or
    can't move on according to the guide, go back and talk to the reptites to see
    if you accidentally did not start the quest yet.
    There are many ways you can use this FAQ. You can follow my basic walkthrough
    that covers the specific path I did these in (not necessarily the only path,
    for the most part). I also have maps and quick item references at the bottom
    of the list that should help you along, should you decide to skip over my
    II. Quest List
    These quests are done in a loose but still fairly linear order. You can veer
    from my order as much as you like (in fact, I've had e-mails from numerous
    people saying they have done some multi-tasking to alleviate the redundancy of
    the dungeon.
    Just be prepared to climb up and down the mountain a dozen times. You've been
    III. Clear the Forest (Prehistory)
    Enter the Prehistory entrance first. The area is empty, so head north into the
    forest. Defeat all the enemy groups and collect the treasures along the way
    (many of them may seem hidden or out of way, but just touch your way through
    the trees and you should be able to pick them up). Return to the first map and
    you'll see Reptites, who will thank you. They will offer you quests as well as
    hints to complete them.
    Reward: Dragon's Tear
    IV. Clear the Forest (Middle Ages)
    You'll be introduced to more reptites, who ask you to empty the north forest of
    monsters. Do so and return to the village.
    Reward: Megalixir
    V. The Golden Hammer (Prehistory)
    The first reptite on the bottom left of the screen asks you to find the Golden
    Hammer. Travel south until you find what looks like a Capsule - and you'll pick
    up some Golden Sand. Another Reptite will tell you that you need to drop this
    sand on a sprout - do so in the Millenia Wood.
    Go to the Middle Ages and when you reach the area where the sapling was before,
    you'll encounter a Golden Ogan. Chase him down (found at about the halfway point
    in the map) and defeat him to acquire the Golden Hammer. 
    Name: GoldHammer (#234)
    HP: 5,800
    Defense: 220
    Magic Defense: 70
    EXP: 2,000
    TP: 0
    G: 10,000
    Treasure: -
    Charm: -
    Weak: -
    Absorbs: -
    Immune: -
    Location: Lost Sanctum/Millenia Wood (Middle Ages)
    Techs: Golden Hammer, Boulder, Thrash
    Counters:  Rush
    Pretty simple fight. Just keep your guys above 300 HP and you shouldn't have to
    worry about his attacks. Rus is a counter that drops HP to 1, so make sure to
    have someone on to heal right after.
    Return to Prehistory and give the reptite the hammer.
    Reward: 100,000 G
    VI. The Prismastone (Prehistory)
    The reptite at the top left of the screen asks you to find a Prismastone to aid
    his ailing daughter. He says the stone can be found at the peak of Mount
    Emerald, east of the Southern Swamp.
    Go south and take a right to enter the mountain area, guarded by a Nu. You
    cannot access this area until you take on this quest.
    You fight the boss Nu Guardian (dark blue nu with pink hair). 
    Nu Guardian (#235)
    HP: 6,100
    Defense: 200
    Magic Defense: 80
    EXP: 2,500
    TP: 0
    G: 0
    Treasure: -
    Charm: Mop
    Weak: -
    Absorbs: -
    Immune: -
    Location: Lost Sanctum/Mount Emerald base (Prehistory)
    Techs: Charge, Head-butt
    Counters: Luminaire, Dark Matter, Flare, Ice II, Hypnotize, Time Freeze
    Come equipped with some status-null items on, or you'll be in for some trouble.
    I noticed he countered more often with the Sleep/Stop spells rather than the
    elemental spells. Like the other Nus, his Head-butt attack will drop you to only
    1 HP, so keep a healer on. Spamming ultimate magic attacks can kill him in a few
    Defeat him and he moves, promising to train and fight you again.
    Make your way to the top and obtain the Prismastone. Climb your way back down
    and hand over the stone for your reward.
    Reward: Capsule Set (2 Strength, 2 Speed, and 2 Magic Capsules)
    VI. Prismastone Redux
    Talk to the reptite below the entrance to the northern forest. It will ask you
    to collect another Prismastone and place the two together to create a stronger
    item. Place the one you have now in the highest room in the map and go to the
    Middle Ages. The elder will ask you to obtain the Reptmark, a rare item in the
    northern forest. Bring it to him and he'll allow you entrance into the
    sanctuary. Take the Prismastone and return to Prehistory. Place the Prismastone
    on the other column and you'll obtain the Saintstone.
    Take it to the reptite to get your reward.
    Reward: Dragon Arm
    VII. Befriending the Nu Master
    In the Middle Ages after acquiring the first Prismastone, talk to the low left
    reptite and he'll mention of a strong creature at the mountainside. Travel
    there and you'll find the Nu Guardian, aged and much stronger than before. He
    says he'll wait atop the mountain, so start to trek up there once more.
    Unfortunately, the way up is blocked due to a broken ladder. Asking a reptite
    in the village will inform you that the ladders are made with vines from the
    south. Find Sturdy Vines in the Middle Ages. Try and rebuild the bridge and
    your party members will decide it's impossible. Take Sturdy Vines to Prehistory
    and start your way up the mountainside. You will put a new ladder next to the
    one that eventually breaks. Return to the Middle Ages.
    Climb to the top of Mount Emerald and you'll fight the Nu Master. 
    Nu Master (#236)
    HP: 8,800
    Defense: 185
    Magic Defense: 70
    EXP: 3,800
    TP: 0
    G: 0
    Treasure: -
    Charm: Mop
    Weak: -
    Absorbs: Dark
    Immune: -
    Location: Lost Sanctum/Mount Emerald peak (Middle Ages)
    Techs: Devil's Drop, Thunderbolt, Head-butt, Death's Rainbow, Telekinesis, Over-
    Counters: Drain Health
    Much tougher than before. His counter attack actually drains a good portion of
    health, so watch out. Death's Rainbow is an instant death attack, and for some
    reason he used it often against me - Devil's Drop, also dangerous, halves
    current HP. Use the same pattern as the other one, just make sure to keep your
    healer on the ball.
    Defeat him and talk to the petitioner for your reward.
    Reward: Nova Armor
    VIII. Building the Bridge (Middle Ages)
    The reptite below the entrance to the Millenia Wood desires to build a bridge
    for you. To do so, he requires metal, a durable hammer and sturdy lumber.
    The Steel Ingot is in the cave to the west of the swamp in the Middle Ages.
    The Golden Hammer can be retrieved from the same reptite you gave it to in
    You can obtain Godwood from the reptite at the entrance to the Millenia Forest
    in Prehistory. Talk to the lower right reptite first if he doesn't hand it
    Bring them back to the reptite in the Middle Ages and he'll go to the mountains
    to build his bridge.
    Reward: Haste Helm
    IX. Finding the Bridge Builder (Middle Ages)
    The neighbor of the bridge builder is concerned when his friend doesn't return
    home. He asks you check on him. Climb up the mountain and wake the Nu Master.
    Ask for his aid and he'll move out of the way for you. Follow the path until
    you come across the bridge builder dangling from his bridge. Go back to the Nu
    and have him help build the bridge.
    Go back to the village and get a Hearty Lunch to take back up. The Nu is fed
    and asks you to get some more food. This time you need to go back to Prehistory
    and talk to the villagers. They suggest you kill some enemies to find food. He
    asked for something yellow, so fight until you find a Sweet Banana (found after
    defeating a purple blob monster and two frogs, found in a dead end in the
    Southern Swamp.)
    Note: There are other food items that you can get, but as far as I know (and the
    treasure guide in the game, too), there's no reward for getting them. They will
    net you healing items to use in battle, and only waste your time climbing up
    and down the mountain. The Sweet Banana is the only fruit that will finish this
    Hike back up the mountain in the Middle Ages to give the Nu the Sweet Banana.
    He will finish building the bridge after a while. 
    Come back here after completing the Dark Cavern mission and the Nu is done.
    You return to the village where the Nu finally makes friends and opens a shop.
    Reward: Saurian Leathers
    X. The Dark Cavern (Prehistory)
    Take the Saintstone (see Prismastone Redux) and place it atop Mount Emerald in
    Prehistory. Return to the top in the Middle Ages and pick up the new Waystone.
    Go back to Prehistory and talk to the reptite at the bottom right. Agree to
    explore the cave and be on your way.
    The light fills up the room and allows you to continue on. Move forward and
    your party members will hide as Twin Snake enemies make their way in. Overhear
    their plans and they will then notice you. Your party members decide to warn
    the villagers of the monsters - only to hear screams from further in the cave.
    Return to the village (automatically) and warn the villagers of the impending
    attack. They hold a meeting and you promise to defeat the monsters planning to
    invade their village.
    Reward: Judgment Scythe
    XI. Defend the Village (Prehistory)
    The reptites ask you to return to the dark cave, so do so. While you head down
    there you run into gold Chryosaurs, seemingly on their way to the village. You
    fight them and continue on towards the castle. When you get further down in the
    castle, you're met with a crossroads. Going left will let you pick up a new
    weapon for Lucca, and you'll be deposited back at the crossroads. 
    Both staircases lead to the same room. The left door will net you a Megalixir
    and a Dragon Armor. The right door gives you some really weak treasures. Go in
    the center door and take a left to get a Stardust Bow. Go back to the right and
    continue around outside. Go up a few flight of stairs and you'll pick up a
    Reptite Dress. Go back one flight and go down the center door. Save your game
    and you'll meet the bosses, a red and blue set of fat gargoyle creatures from
    the Black Omen, called Archaeofangs. 
    Archaeofang (Elder)
    HP: 8,000
    Defense: 150
    Magic Defense: 60
    EXP: 3100
    TP: 0
    G: 0
    Treasure: -
    Charm: -
    Weak: Ice/Water
    Absorbs: Fire
    Immune: -
    Location: Lost Sanctum/Castle (Prehistory)
    Techs: Twin Attack, Earthshaker, Flare, Volcano, Dark Matter, Soul Link
    Counters: Osmose
    Archaeofang (Younger)
    HP: 7,500
    Defense: 160
    Magic Defense: 55
    EXP: 3100
    TP: 0
    G: 0
    Treasure: -
    Charm: -
    Weak: Fire
    Absorbs: Ice/Water
    Immune: -
    Location: Lost Sanctum/Castle (Prehistory)
    Techs: Twin Attack, Earthshaker, Water Surge, Water II, Snowstorm, Dark Matter,
    Soul Link
    Counters: Osmose
    These guys are pains. Basically, everything you do results in a Counter-Osmose.
    This will obviously drain your MP, and physical attacks aren't nearly as strong
    as combo/magic attacks. Most of its attacks are just higher-tiered elemental
    attacks you've seen from other enemies - so boost up magic defense and use
    barriers to lessen the damage.
    You have to kill the two of them together, or at least a round apart. If you
    don't, the one will revive the other (fully!) and you'll be at a loss. My time-
    consuming strategy was this. Spam Luminaire/Electrocute/etc. that damages the
    both of them. One should fall before the other, and LET him revive the other.
    Then damage the one that was just revived until it dies - the remaining enemy
    should have little HP and die within a few hits. If this doesn't work in time,
    repeat and you're guaranteed the win.
    Other users have suggested using opposite elements (not fire/ice) with two of
    your characters and that will roughly even out the damage to both enemies. You
    can also bring Ayla and Crono along to use their combo Falcon Strike to deal
    about even damage to the both of them. Antipode (and its upgraged forms) are
    also great damage dealers.
    Finish the battle and you'll return to the village.
    Reward: Valor Crest
    XII. Tower of the Ancients (Middle Ages)
    The elder will ask you to investigate the tower across the newly built bridge.
    Head back up Mount Emerald againand fight your way across the bridge. The map
    is pretty straightforward, so just follow along until the map extends slightly
    to the right. Pick up the treasure for a Rusted Blade, something you can use
    Reach the top and you'll fight two undead knights.
    Master-at-Arms (#239)
    HP: 14,500
    Defense: 160
    Magic Defense: 80
    EXP: 7,000
    TP: 0
    G: 0
    Treasure: -
    Charm: -
    Weak: -
    Absorbs: -
    Immune: Light
    Location: Lost Sanctum/Tower of the Ancients (Middle Ages)
    Techs: Holy Light, Thunder, Whirlwind
    Counters: Tsubame Gaeshi, Flash of Steel
    Bladesman (#240)
    HP: 9,000
    Defense: 100
    Magic Defense: 50
    EXP: 1,200
    TP: 0
    G: 0
    Treasure: -
    Charm: -
    Weak: -
    Absorbs: Dark
    Immune: -
    Location: Lost Sanctum/Tower of the Ancients (Middle Ages)
    Techs: Sword Strike, Blade Dance, Desperate Strike, First Aid
    Counters: -
    Kill the little guy first. He doesn't counter and has a bad habit of healing
    the Master-at-Arms. His attacks are purely physical, too.
    The big guy is the one you need to worry about. He counters everything, most
    commonly with the Tsubame Gaeshi, a decent physical attack. His magic attacks
    can do decent damage, but just keep up healing and you should be fine. I
    considered the Archaeofangs much tougher bosses.
    After the battle go through the door to find...
    ...statues of yourselves. Yes, you are the idols that protect the reptite
    village. You automatically return to the village where the reptites greet you.
    Reward: Champion's Badge
    XIV. Lumicite and You
    You may chance across an enemy unit that is a palette swap of the Rubble
    enemies in your run through of the various dungeons. He is a tricky foe
    with high speed/evasion and will run at a moments notice. He also has a
    bad habit of appearing randomly through the dungeon - some players have
    searched for hours to find him.
    The search is worth the effort, however, as he drops (and can be stolen
    of) the rare Lumicite, which lets you trade it with a reptite (600 A.D.)
    What you get in return is arguably one of the best pieces of armor in the
    game - for Lucca. It has elemental properties that make it very useful, and
    if you use the kooky scientist you would be a fool not
    to take the time to find it.
    XV. Item Reference
    Use this as a quick reference of location/era, if you don't want the entire
    quest spoiled for you.
    Item - Location - Era
    Dried Mushroom* - Mount Emerald - Prehistory
    Godwood - Millenia Forest - Prehistory
    Golden Hammer - Millenia Forest - Middle Ages
    Golden Hammer (2) - Reptite Village - Prehistory
    Hearty Lunch - Reptite Village - Middle Ages
    Millenia Fruit* - Millenia Forest - Prehistory
    Prismastone - Mount Emerald - Prehistory
    Prismastone (2) - Village - Middle Ages
    Reptmark - Millenia Forest - Middle Ages
    Saintstone - Village - Prehistory
    Songbird Egg* - Mount Emerald - Prehistory
    Smoked Meat* - Winding Cave - Prehistory
    Steel Ingot - Winding Cave - Middle Ages
    Sturdy Vines - Southern Glade - Middle Ages
    Sweet Banana - Southern Glade - Prehistory
    Waystone - Mount Emerald - Middle Ages
    Lumicite - Anywhere - Prehistory/Middle Ages
    * - all items found searching for the Sweet Banana, but they will not complete
    this part of the quest (ie, they're useless outside of battle)
    XVI. Map Reference
    The following maps have been created by me to go over the treasure data as well
    as give basic guidelines as to where you can find key items and such. The
    important thing to remember is that many key items will not be available to
    you until you accept or complete the corresponding quest. So don't make a topic
    complaining about not being able to find the Sweet Banana when you don't even
    need it yet.
    Prehistory Maps
    Reptite Village - http://img383.imageshack.us/img383/253/reptitegg8.png
    Millenia Wood - http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/2569/milleniaog2.png
    Southern Glade - http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/8215/southernco8.png
    Mount Emerald - http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/5972/mountrl3.png
    Cavern - http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/1774/cavernuo5.png
    Castle - http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/8932/castleqo6.png
    Middle Ages Maps
    Reptite Village - http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/3213/reptite2ja8.png
    Millenia Wood - http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/6362/millenia2al4.png
    Southern Glade - http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/7483/southern2ew9.png
    Mount Emerald - http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/6258/mount2ii4.png
    Cavern - http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/3589/cavern2pt0.png
    Tower of the Ancients - 
    XVII. Lost Sanctum Shops
    Athenian Water
    Barrier Sphere
    Shield Sphere
    Empyrean Blade
    Smiter's Blade
    Platinum Helm
    Aeonian Helm
    Platinum Vest
    Aeonian Vest
    Middle Ages (Nu, after building the bridge)
    Turbo Ether
    Middle Ages (Nu, after completing The Lost Sanctum)
    Turbo Ether
    Reptite Tiara
    Dragon Armor
    Reptite Dress
    XVIII. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information
    CT Board       - Information, requests, assistance and a general escape from 
    Square-Enix    - Porting this great game
    GBATemp        - Information/assistance
    M. Clark       - Editing/corrections
    GameFAQs       - The boards and the FAQs
    D. Hart	       - Lumicite information
    R. Guerra      - Shop information
    This FAQ is written and copyright by RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston). If you
    desire to host it on your site, please contact Kyle Johnston and state that
    you are doing so - you do not need to ask permission, but you must give out
    due acknowledgment.
    Kyle Johnston is not claiming any copyright of any Square-Enix property. The 
    video game "Chrono Trigger DS" is 100% property of Square-Enix. All use of 
    names, terms, etc. from the video game (or others) are purely for 
    educational/reference purposes, and are in no way being used for profit, and 
    not affiliated with Square-Enix.
    Lastly, Kyle Johnston is a busy man. He rushed this guide out for its first 
    version. Please, please, please do him a favor and contact him if you notice 
    any mistakes (even if it's only one tiny grammatical error). If you would like
    to assist him in any way or add to the FAQ itself, please contact him. Again, 
    his e-mail address is Gilgamesh1095@gmail.com, and can also be reached via the
    Chrono Trigger DS messageboard on GameFAQs.com.
    PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR GAME ADVICE!!! This guide is to help, and if you
    need further help then post your questions on GameFAQs messageboards. My
    e-mail is meant only for corrections/assistance to my work. I am not available
    to answer all your gaming needs.
    Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this useful.

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