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    Arena of the Ages Guide by Fallacia

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    Arena of the Ages Guide
    Chrono Trigger DS
    Guide information:
    Started: December 1, 2008
    Posted :v1.0 Completed December 3, 2008
    Version:v2.0 Completed September 20, 2017
    Author : Fallacia
    E-mail : johnfallacia (at) gmail (dot) com
    Table of Contents
    Section a) Version History
    Section b) Contact information
    I........Legal Notes.....................................................[leg1]
    III......Accessing the Arena.............................................[Acs3]
    IV.......Elemental Affinities............................................[Elm4]
    V........Your First Monster..............................................[Mon5]
    VI.......The Nu..........................................................[Nus6]
    VII......The Items.......................................................[Itm7]
    VIII.....Training and Events.............................................[Evn8]
             Class Change Information........................................[Trns]
             Monster Transformations.........................................[Trn2]
    IX.......Battling: Prize Match...........................................[1bt9]
    X........Battling: Interdimensional Battle...............................[2btX]
             Tier 1..........................................................[Pr.1]
             Tier 2..........................................................[Pr.2]
             Tier 3..........................................................[Pr.3]
             Tier 4..........................................................[Pr.4]
             Tier 5..........................................................[Pr.5]
             Tier 6..........................................................[Pr.6]
             Return Prize Duplication Glitch.................................[Pr.7]
    XII......Monster List....................................................[Lst1]
    XIII.....Credit and Special Thanks.......................................[thxu]
    XIV......Final Words.....................................................[fin0]
    Version History
    v1.00 December 3, 2008
    - Item and Prize Lists made, Dec 1
    - All sections added, Dec 3
    - Guide formatted to sections, Dec 3
    -Slight change to Contact Information, Dec 7
    -Changed "The Past" to "The Middle Ages" in the era listing, Dec 7
    -Slight grammatical corrections, Dec 7
    -Added Class Change Information section, Dec 7
    -Added complete list of monsters to Monster List section, Dec 7
    -Updated prize lists and Prize section, Dec 7
    -Updated Thank You section, Dec 7
    -Fixed Margins, Dec 7
    -Fixed Typos, Sep 20, 2017
    -Updated Contact and Legal information, Sep 20, 2017
    -Updated various game sections, Sep 20, 2017
    -Added section for monster transformation guide, Sep 20, 2017
    -Added section for duplication glitch, Sep 20, 2017
    -Updated Thank You section, Sep 20, 2017
    -Updated Final Words section, Sep 20, 2017
    Contact Information
    I can be contacted at johnfallacia (at) gmail (dot) com and will do my best to
    address any e-mails I receive from readers.  Just please do put something
    Chrono Trigger related in the subject line, otherwise your email could end up
    being overlooked or purposely ignored.  I reserve the right to abstain from
    answering questions not directly related to the Arena of the Ages or this
    guide.  There are other places that answer how to beat the in-game bosses,
    complete dungeons, and find bestiary entries.  If you email me with a question
    that is answered within the guide, I may ignore that as well. While some people
    have yet to learn this lesson, self-reliance actually does go a long way.
    If you want to send information to be used in this guide, then it would
    be appreciated.  Pointing out any major mistakes or any corrections that
    need to be made is also appreciated.
    As a last favor, I ask that you do at least try to keep my inbox spam-free.
    [leg1] Legal Notes
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective and copyright holders.
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Unless later changed, this guide is to only be hosted by GameFAQs, GameFAQs
    partners, and affiliates.  Information contained within the guide may be used
    to supplement your own guides and may be disseminated freely for instructional
    purposes or as Fair Use allows.  If used, credit may simply be given to
    Fallacia as a special thanks with no further specific credit required.
    Copyright 2008-2017, Fallacia
    [Int2] Introductions
    Hello, everyone.  Some of you may know me as Fallacia on the GameFAQs Message
    Boards.  For those that you that do not know me: greetings, and salutations.
    With the release of Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS, there are a lot of newer
    generations of gamers playing this game for the first time.  Even for those who
    are familiar with this title, the new content can be a bit confusing.  With
    this guide, I hope to help those who are completely stumped by the new Arena of
    the Ages and provide that extra information needed by those who have a firm
    grasp on the basics of this new mini-game.
    The Arena of the Ages is a new feature that allows players to train their own
    monster for use in battles for prizes or against friends via wireless play.
    With excellent prizes to be won and a wide variety of monsters and abilities,
    this is truly the largest addition to the DS release of Chrono Trigger in
    terms of gameplay.
    Feel free to use the keywords in [brackets] in the Table of Contents to skip to
    any section of this document you wish to view.
    [Acs3] Accessing the Arena
    The Arena can be accessed through the title menu as well as through a gate from
    The End of Time.  While there is an option for the Arena in the title menu, you
    won't be able to select that option until you have an actual saved file.  Once
    you make your first save throughout the regular gameplay of Chrono Trigger, you
    will be able to take part in all of the action.
    Upon entering for the first time, you will be greeted by the arena's very
    informative Stable Master.  You will be given the run-down on all of the little
    quirks in the arena's existance as well as its property of being, "outside of
    the flow of time."
    What does that mean?  In short: the arena is its own entity and game.
    Upon entering from the End of Time, you can progress back and forth as much as
    you like without losing any progress from either gaming aspect so long as you
    eventually save your game either inside the Arena or in another place in the
    actual game's various maps.
    If you enter from the main menu, you will be prompeted to load a save file.
    This doesn't actually load the save file, but loads the Arena information for
    that save file.  Note that any progress made in the arena will be lost the
    moment you leave if you neglect to first save your game.
    Even after saving, loading the game will take you right back to where you left
    within the world of Chrono Trigger.  Aside from any items you may have won
    or sold, in addition to any gil you've made or lost, you will find no
    differences between the save upon loading from when you saved it prior to
    accessing the arena through the title screen.  Just know that any changes made
    during that visit will have stuck if you did remember to save to that same
    file from within the Arena.
    [Elm4] Elemental Affinities
    Throughout most of their initial training, your monsters will have their own
    elemental affinities.  Sadly, that doesn't mean they'll absorb damage taken
    from an element matching their affinity, but it does still have its place in
    Speaking to the young man to the far right of the Arena reveals that a monster
    will do more damage if they use any techs that match their own affinity.
    However, if a monster uses a tech that matches its opponent's affinity, it'll
    do less damage.  He also states that elemental affinity can change when you
    send a monster off for training.  Don't worry, though, they should only change
    their elemental affinity if you give them an item that teaches a technique of
    an element that isn't their own.
    The following shows the available elements and the colors that represent each
    of those elements.
    Element - Color
    Fire    - Orange
    Water   - Blue
    Light   - Yellow
    Shadow  - Purple
    [Mon5] Your First Monster
    After the introductions and explanations with the Stable Master are finished,
    you can speak to him again to be prompted with the choice of raising your own
    monster.  If you agree, he presents you with a choice between his best four,
    lovely... smidges.  These are the most basic of monsters and the only choices
    you have.  Each smidge has a color to match its elemental affinity.  When
    you step in front of a smidge and hit the Confirm button, he'll ask if that's
    the smidge you want.
    After getting your first monster, you'll then be taken to an information
    screen for your smidge.  For now, the only option available is to toggle the
    display between your monster's stats and the tech screen, which is empty for
    the time being.  Take note that aside from the class of your monster, and its
    HP (Hit Points), there is also a place for its Win record.  This can be
    increased later by making your monster battle.
    While on this information screen, also take note of your monsters stats.  Yes,
    they might seem pretty low right now, with the exception of your monster's
    hitpoints, but they can be raised easily.  Pay special attention to the Trust
    stat, as this is the only one that isn't also used for the game's regular
    characters.  The Trust stat is what determines whether or not a monster will
    use the item you give it during battle.  With high trust, your monster will
    likely use the item you hand it the moment it gets its next turn.  With low
    trust, you may not see your monster use the item for several turns.  To
    purchase the Arena items that can be used by your monster during battles, you
    will want to speak to the Nu to access its shop.
    If this is your first time visiting the Arena of the Ages and selecting your
    monster, then the Stable Master will be kind enough to give you a starter set
    of each Arena item.
    Any time you want to view your monsters stats and techs, send the monster to
    train, or Release (effectively allowing you to restart) your monster, go talk
    to the Stable Master.
    [Nus6] The Nu
    The Nu is your basic merchant, but it only carries items used in the Arena of
    the Ages.  There also isn't an item to equip your characters since none of the
    items purchased from the Nu's shop will ever be used by your own party members.
    The items sold in the shop can be given to your monster during battle to allow
    it to use abilities of an element matching that of the item, heal its HP, or
    give another effect determined by the item.  In addition to being useable in
    battle, you can also give these items to your monster for training sessions.
    The item you give your monster before sending it off to train can determine its
    stat growth, whether or not your monster will learn any abilities, or the
    likeliness of that monster transforming into another monster.
    [Itm7] The Items
    The Arena items can be obtained as a gift from the Stable Master upon choosing
    your first monster, purchased from the Nu, or won from Prize Battles.
    These items, with the first description being In-Battle and second being the
    effect when given for training:
    Slops - Restores a small amount of HP - Boosts Max HP
    Flameclaw - Unleashes fire-based tech - Teaches fire tech, can alter element
    Seafang - Unleashes water-based tech  - Teaches water tech, can alter element
    Duskeye - Unleashes shadow-based tech - Teaches shadow tech, can alter element
    Luxwing - Unleashes light-based tech  - Teaches light tech, can alter element
    Hawk Talon - Temporarily boost strength +5 - Enhances offensive capabilities
    Shield Cloak - Reduces Phys. Damage by 1/3 - Enhances defensive capabilities
    Feral Wrath - Boosts crit. damage to 4x - Boosts odds of a class change 
    [Evn8] Training and Events
    This is where your monster will learn all of its techs, increase all of
    its statistics, and have the occasional class change.  When selecting the
    option to train, you will first have to select an item and then an era.
    The item you choose will help determine the stat increases your monster may
    gain while training, the likelihood of getting a class change, or learning a
    new tech.  If you want your monster to gain offensive statistics, you could
    give it a Halk Talon.  If you want it to learn a Fire-based Tech, you could
    give it a Flameclaw, etc.
    After giving your monster an item, you will then be able to choose the era
    in which you would like your monster to train.  You only have access to eras
    that your characters have visited during the story.  If you haven't progressed
    far enough into the story to unlock some of the eras, then you may want to
    continue the story a bit until more eras become available for selection.  The
    era you send your monster can change its stat gains, the odds of that monster
    learning a new tech, and the class changes available to your monster.
    The locations available for your monster are:
    Prehistory (65,000,0000 BC) - Speed Training
    Antiquity (12,000 BC) - Tech Training
    The Middle Ages (600 AD) - Strength Training
    The Present (1000 AD) - HP Training
    The Future (2300 AD) - Accuracy and Stamina Training
    Each training session lasts 10 minutes.  Just note that if you do not leave the
    Arena of the Ages, your monster will not come back until you reenter the Arena.
    You can stand in the Arena for 10 minutes time, save, exit, then reenter if you
    like, but you may find it more efficient to progress the story a bit until the
    time is up for your monster's training.
    If you're nowhere near a Gate to make it to the end of time, you can just save
    at the nearest save point or world map and use the SoftReset (L+R+Start+Select)
    button combination to return to the title screen. From there, you can load your
    save to enter the Arena and allow your monster to return.  To keep that
    progress for your save file, you just have to go to the save point and save
    over the same file you loaded upon entering the Arena.  When loading
    normally, you will still be taken to where you left off in the actual game,
    with the addition of any item, stat, gil, and Arena data being updated as well.
    Upon the completion of your monsters training, various things can happen.
    Your monster may learn a tech, its stats can change, and it may change class.
    In any of these events, your monster may also surprise you by having an
    additional item on it when it comes back.  These items vary quite a bit and
    may not always be very useful, but it is still a very nice bonus.  There's no
    telling what it may eventually give you that you might actually like.  My
    precious Smidge brought me a lovely Golden Stud after a quick trip into
    Antiquity during experimentation.
    Something else that can occur after any training session is a reduction in your
    monster's statistics.  If you give it an item for training and then select
    an era for training training, you may find that some of the monsters statistics
    that were not selected for training may go down.  This may happen if the
    bonuses of the items and era weren't enough to outweigh the penalties upon
    the monster's return.
    A stat that is usually hit particularly hard while training is the Trust stat.
    Trust is the one statistic that will never raise during training, as it can
    only be raised by winning battles.  If your monster is strong enough to win
    battles without your interference, then you can still bring its Trust stat back
    up to reasonable levels.  However, if you battle between training sessions, you
    can keep the monster's trust stat up without Training draining that stat by
    too much.
    The biggest thing that can happen upon returning from a training session is a
    class change.  Once this occurs, your monster will change into another monster.
    Note that until your initial Smidge gets its first class change into a higher
    class of monster, you will only have access to tiers one through three for
    Prize Battles.  Your monster can endlessly change classes, with the Top Class
    monsters losing their elemental affinities.  This can be both good and bad,
    as you lose the benefits of elemental favor, but you also lose the chance
    of your enemy getting that favor.  Regardless, your monster can still hold
    up to four abilities at any one time even without any particular elemental
    affinity or restrictions on what your monster can learn.
    [Trns] Class Change Information
    This is where the Arena of the Ages gets a bit more confusing.  As mentioned,
    your monster has a chance of undergoing a class change during a training event.
    While this is fine and dandy, there are some oddities involved.  While your
    monster can transform into a more powerful monster, it could also change into
    a monster of equal or lower rank.  You may send out a Smidge only for it to
    class change into a Smidge of different element, or send out a strong monster
    only for it to return in a lower form.  You can have an endless number of class
    changes in absolutely any direction.  These are the types of class changes
    you may run into during the end of a monster's training event.
    Class Upgrade - Your monster returns in as a higher ranked monster.
    Class Swap - Your monster returns as a different monster of the same rank.
    Class Drop - Your monster returns as a different monster of a lower rank.
    Elemental Swap - Your monster returns as a monster of a different Element.
    You may get any of these, and the Elemental Swap can occur along with any of
    the others.
    While I've yet to see it myself, I have received emails from people claiming
    that their monster has come back as a different monster of the same elemental
    affinity and class.  This could indicate that elemental changes aren't the only
    things that can cause a Class Swap or Class Drop.
    The endless chain of transformation possibilies also allows for you to test out
    various monsters and have a possibility of getting the Class you want without
    having to restart if you mess up by having your monster Class Change in the
    wrong era.  Here are the currently known methods of getting the monsters
    of each class:
    [Trn2] Monster Transformations
    Class 1 - 
     Light Smidge
     Shadow Smidge
     Fire Smidge
     Water Smidge
    Class 2 - 
      Light Smidge to Prehistory    = Crested Sprinter
      Light Smidge to Antiquity     = Zealot Mage
      Light Smidge to Middle Ages   = Ogan
      Light Smidge to Present       = Holy Knight
      Light Smidge to Future        = Spearman
      Shadow Smidge to Prehistory   = Racer
      Shadow Smidge to Antiquity    = Stone Imp
      Shadow Smidge to Middle Ages  = Deep Ogan
      Shadow Smidge to Present      = Royal Guard
      Shadow Smidge to Future       = Lancer
      Fire Smidge to Prehistory     = Bao Bao
      Fire Smidge to Antiquity      = Pink Imp
      Fire Smidge to Middle Ages    = Fiendillo
      Fire Smidge to Present        = Hercules Beetle
      Fire Smidge to Future         = Version 2.0
      Water Smidge to Prehistory    = Gokuu
      Water Smidge to Antiquity     = Chaos Mage
      Water Smidge to Middle Ages   = Roundillo
      Water Smidge to Present       = Rhino Weevil
      Water Smidge to Future        = Version 4.0
    Class 3 -
      Light Monster to Prehistory   = Gigantosaur
      Light Monster to Antiquity    = Gargoyle
      Light Monster to Middle Ages  = Freelancer
      Light Monster to Present      = Aecyto Weevil
      Light Monster to Future       = Flesh Reaper
      Shadow Monster to Prehistory  = Cave Ape
      Shadow Monster to Antiquity   = Stone Gargoyle
      Shadow Monster to Middle Ages = Roundillo Bomber
      Shadow Monster to Present     = Gorgon
      Shadow Monster to Future      = Macabre
      Fire Monster to Prehistory    = Terasaur
      Fire Monster to Antiquity     = Archmage
      Fire Monster to Middle Ages   = Outlaw
      Fire Monster to Present       = Naga
      Fire Monster to Future        = Prototype
      Water Monster to Prehistory   = Parasaur
      Water Monster to Antiquity    = Slate Imp
      Water Monster to Middle Ages  = Ogan Youth
      Water Monster to Present      = Bladesman
      Water Monster to Future       = Bone Knight
    Final Class -
      Monster to Prehistory         = Chrysosaur
      Monster to Antiquity          = Spirit Gargoyle
      Monster to Middle Ages        = Ninja
      Monster to Present            = Medusa
      Monster to Future             = Deathscythe
    [1bt9] Battling: Prize Match
    Prize Matches are what most would consider the main reason for even playing
    this mini-game.  The prizes won vary in quality based on the Tier you select
    for your monster to battle.  Should your monster win, you'll be given random
    prizes from the available items in that tier.  These can range anywhere from
    Capsules to increase your characters stats, equipment with a broad range of
    effectiveness, accessories, etc.  You can even win the Arena items that can
    be bought from the Nu.
    To enter a Prize Match, you must first speak to the guard near the top-center
    of the Arena map.  You'll be prompted between fighting a Prize Match or a
    Wireless battle.  Select Prize Match and choose a Tier.  Note that the higher
    the Tier, the higher the entry fee, but the better the prizes you can win.
    Monsters you face in higher tiers also tend to have better stats than those
    same monsters on a lower tier.
    Choosing Prize Match will pit your monster against computer-controlled enemies.
    The enemies you face will generally be determined by your own monsters class,
    but you will occasionally find some odd pairings.  Even Smidges may find
    themselves occasionally matched against NPC monsters with twice their health
    and much more damaging attacks.  Just the same, you can find monsters that seem
    so weak that they shouldn't even be available to battle.
    Should you get into one of those mismatches, you can fight them if you feel
    confident you can win, or you can play a little trick on the game's RNG.  If
    you don't want to fight a particular battle, you can wait until the game's
    clock passes a few minutes, save, and try another battle.  The battle should
    have changed with the passing of the game clock's minutes.  If you somehow end
    up facing the same monster, you can simply Soft Reset back to the Title Menu,
    reload the Arena, and once again try to battle.  This works for me over 90% of
    the time and can even be used to gain different prizes should you get something
    a little less than what you feel you deserve for the price of admission.
    For the battles themselves, you'll find that you don't have as much control
    over your monsters actions as you may like.  You can try to intervene by giving
    your monster items to influence their next move, but the chances of that item
    even being used are based on your monster's Trust stat.  If their trust stat
    is low, you may not see that item used for several turns.  If it is extremely
    high, you may see it used the moment they get their turn.  You may even find
    the battles to be a bit slow paced at first since the ATB fills at a rate that
    makes even your slower playable characters look quick.
    Note that if you select another item for your monster to use prior to them
    using the current item in queue, the previous item will be used up without ever
    having served its purpose, vanishing from your inventory and forcing you to buy
    more if you eventually run out of that item.
    Once your monster gets stronger, you may find yourself not using any items at
    all with your monsters increased statistics and damage output.  You just may
    not find yourself in that position until your monster increases to its final
    class upgrade.  Until then, you may want to get used to the occasional spamming
    of Slops or Feral Wraths.  If your monster happens to know a tech that does
    damage as well as leaves a lasting status effect on your enemy, that will also
    come in handy until your monster can effectively take out the enemies with
    little intervention from the player.
    Just keep in mind that your monster isn't the only one that can use items.  By
    the enemies ATB you will occasionally see a ??? Icon pop up.  That indicates
    that the NPC monster has been given an item to use.  They can use all of the
    same items as your monster, so beware of enemy healing, techs, and increased
    damage from criticals.
    [2btX] Battling: Interdimensional Battle
    This mode is pretty self-explanatory.  As opposed to battling NPC monsters, you
    will be able to battle the monsters of a friend in a wireless battle.  Boost
    your monster's stats and show your friends that you are the one true master of
    the Arena.
    [Pr.0] Prizes
    This is where the Arena of the Ages gains most of its value.  Each Tier, aside
    from slightly altering the difficulty of your enemies, also has its own list of
    prizes that can be won after defeating the NPC monster.  These range from just
    about anything, so you never know what you're going to get.  You might jump
    for joy at a piece of equipment so powerful that you aren't supposed to have it
    for at least another few hours of gameplay, or you could reset your game in
    frustration at dishing out 10,000 Gil for a Tier 6 win netting you a lousy Mop.
    Unfortunately, several years after the initial release of this guide, the list
    of prizes may be incomplete, so take these lists as examples of the types of
    items you may obtain rather than a complete resource.  Most of this information
    has been gathered through a combination of individual research as well as the
    accumulative findings of those in the GameFAQs Message Board.  Many of my notes
    for this section were lost long ago during a period of illness and moving.  It
    may very well be possible that you find many items not yet listed.
    Note that items on the list marked with an asterisk* are new and unique items
    that are certainly worth keeping, if only because you can't get them anywhere
    else in the game.
    As more tiers become available, previous tiers will vanish from the list.
    Once you unlock Tier 4, Tier 1 will vanish.  Unlocking Tier 5 removes Tier 2.
    Getting Tier 6 gets rid of Tier 3.  You won't have access to those tiers for
    any of the items you may have missed so long as you are on a higher tier.
    Also note that New Game+ does reset your progress in the arena.
    Not all of the tiers in the arena are initially available.  Starting out, your
    Smidge will be able to enter Tiers 1-3.  Tier 4 will not become available until
    a party member is at least level 13 and possibly after your monster undergoes
    at least one class change.  Tier 5 will not become available until a character
    has reached at least level 24.  It may also be required that your monster has
    undergone at least 2 class changes.  Tier 6 will not be available until at
    least one character reaches level 38.  It may also be possible that your
    monster may need to be in its final class transformation.
    Should your monster and characters all be more than at the specified
    requirements for a Tier, you can always try progressing your story.  Likewise,
    be certain that your highest level character is leading the party to make sure
    that you have access to the highest available tier desired.
    There have been some emails from people claiming that they've met the required
    conditions to enter certain tiers without any luck, so there may be some other
    unknown arbitrary requirements.  The only advice I can give right now is to
    make sure the lead character of your party is at least 38 (required for Tier
    6), your monster is of an appropriately ranked class, and you've progressed
    far enough into the story.  Should higher tiers still not be open, try raising
    your monster's Win record, stats, or try to get it to one of the highest ranked
    (Final) classes. I'll try to have more specific requirements as more are
    discovered.  For now, these are assumed to be the known level requirements
    for your lead character to be able to access each tier.
    Levels - Tiers
    1-12   - Tiers 1-3
    13-23  - Tiers 2-4
    24-37  - Tiers 3-5
    38+    - Tiers 4-6
    *I have heard that you can win all of the Mirrors and the Nu Arcana from any
    tier.  It is also assumed that they can only be won from a "boss" of any
    given tier.  While this may be accurate, I've listed these items in the tiers
    they have been confirmed to be found in with an *asterisk.
    [Pr.1] Tier 1
    Athenian Water
    Hammer Arm
    Bronze Blade
    Iron Sword
    Iron Bowgun
    Pea Shooter
    Bronze Helm
    Padded Vest
    Berserker Ring
    Third Eye
    Workman's Wallet
    Speed Belt
    Hadean Mirror*
    Pontic Mirror*
    Nu Arcana*
    Strength Capsule
    Speed Capsule
    Magic Capsule
    [Pr.2] Tier 2
    Feral Wrath
    Bronze Blade
    Pocket Blaster
    Silver Bow
    Pea Shooter
    Pocket Blaster
    Hammer Arm
    Iron Sword
    Steel Saber
    Porrean Beret
    Iron Helm
    Guardian Bangle
    Berserker Ring
    Third Eye
    Power Glove
    Power Scarf
    Third Eye
    Workman's Wallet
    Strength Capsule
    Speed Capsule
    Magic Capsule
    [Pr.3] Tier 3
    Hammer Arm
    Bandit's Bow
    Silver Bow
    Iron Sword
    Silver Sword
    Thunder Blade
    Plasma Gun
    Porrean Beret
    Titanium Vest
    Speed Belt
    Power Scarf
    Power Glove
    Magic Scarf
    Guardian Bangle
    Berserker Ring
    Workman's Wallet
    Silver Stud
    Silver Earring
    Aresian Mirror*
    Promethean Mirror*
    Hadean Mirror*
    Strength Capsule
    Magic Capsule
    Speed Capsule
    [Pr.4] Tier 4
    Ruby Gun
    Crimson Blade
    Mammoth Tusk
    Shaman's Bow
    Stone Arm
    Blue Vest
    Red Vest
    Black Vest
    White Vest
    Mist Robe
    Golden Helm
    Stone Helm
    Magic Scarf
    Rage Band
    Silver Stud
    Alluring Top
    Third Eye
    Workman's Wallet
    Silver Earring
    Silver Stud
    Uranian Mirror*
    Nu Arcana*
    Strength Capsule
    Speed Capsule
    Magic Capsule
    [Pr.5] Tier 5
    Barrier Sphere
    Shield Sphere
    Rune blade
    Radiant Blade
    Kaiser Arm
    Megaton Arm
    Heavy Hand
    Dreamstone Gun
    Sonic Bow
    Time Hat
    Radiant Helm
    Guardian Helm
    Aeonian Helm
    Platinum Helm
    Aeonian Suit
    Platinum Vest
    Red Plate
    Blue Plate
    Black Plate
    White Plate
    Workman's Wallet
    Power Ring
    Acuity Ring
    Golden Stud
    Pontic Mirror*
    Hadean Mirror*
    Nu Arcana*
    Strength Capsule
    Speed Capsule
    Magic Capsule
    [Pr.6] Tier 6
    Hi Potion
    Barrier Sphere
    Shield Sphere
    Hadean Sickle
    Teraton Arm
    Siren's Kiss
    Gloom Helm
    Haste Helm
    Angel's Tiara
    Nova Armor
    Gloom Cape
    Raven Armor
    Moonbeam Armor
    Prismatic Dress
    Zodiac Cape
    Power Crest
    Magic Ring 
    Magic Crest 
    Barrier Ring  
    Golden Earring 
    Workman's wallet
    Wrath Band
    Prism Spectacles
    Golden Earring
    Golden Stud
    Promethean Mirror*
    Aresian Mirror*
    Nu Arcana*
    Strength Capsule
    Speed Capsule
    Magic Capsule
    [Pr.7] Return Prize Duplication Glitch
    A handy glitch was accidentally discovered by a user on the message board that
    can be used to duplicate any item that your monster recieves after it comes
    back from training, including the precious stat raising capsules.  I take no
    credit for this find.  It seems as if the user sickened666 may be the first
    person to have posted about it on the message board.
    The Method:
    1. Send your monster to train until he comes back with an item that you want
    2. Once the monster returns with an item reward shown on the Stat Change
    screen, choose Train Monster and select your training item, but do not choose
    an era.
    3. Instead of choosing an era, press the cancel button (B) and go back to the
    first menu.  You can repeat this as many times as you like until you have
    99 of that item.
    [Lst1] Monster List
    After your monster goes through its first Class Change, you'll find yourself
    with different monsters, mainly depending on the era you sent your monster at
    the time of its class change.  Aside from the chance of your monster changing
    into a higher ranked class, you may also find yourself feeling cheated by
    getting a monster of the same or lower rank.  Just be careful when giving your
    monster an item that may alter its elemental affinity.  This could cause
    undesirable effects to your monster's class.  You can still keep on trying
    until you get a favorable class change, so not all is lost.
    This list contains *all* of the Arena's known monsters, including those that
    presumably can't be obtained by the player.  This list was compiled by
    Reptobismol and all credit goes to him.  For more information on how to get
    the obtainable monsters, see the above section titled Monster Transformations
    or by using the search function to find [Trn2] with brackets included in the
    Hercules Beetle
    Rhino Weevil
    Aecyto Weevil
    Holy Knight
    Royal Guard
    Roundillo Bomber
    Ogan Youth
    Deep Ogan
    Ninja Birds:
    Version 2.0
    Version 4.0
    Legged Skeletons:
    Bone Knight
    Legless Skeletons:
    Flesh Reaper
    Winged Apes:
    Bao Bao
    Cave Ape
    Miniature Dinosaurs:
    Crested Sprinter
    Fat Dinosaurs:
    Pink Imp
    Stone Imp
    Slate Imp
    Chaos Mage
    Zealot Mage
    Stone Gargoyle
    Spirit Gargoyle
    Ice Demon
    For those who are interested, please e-mail me detailed information about
    your monsters.  I don't care about their stats or anything that really delves
    deep into the mechanics, but information involving the era you sent the monster
    for it to get that class change, the item it may have been holding, the
    monster's elemental affinity both before and after the class change, and the
    evolutionary line, including your initla smidge, upgrades, and any of the
    unfavorable class changes you may have gotten as well.  Any and all help will
    be greatly appreciated.
    [thxu] Credit and Thanks
    I would personally like to give thanks to DLBTY and the collaborative efforts
    of the Chrono Trigger DS board to piece together everything new in this game,
    including aspects of the Arena of the Ages and the tier prizes.
    Thanks to VeghEsther for keeping it real and being a great source of wisdom in
    the early stages of this game's release and sharing knowledge on this game's
    past and present releases.  We've had our disagreements on different games and
    in different situations, but you've certainly been a help to the CTDS board.
    Thanks to _Mace_ for inspiring me to finally get around to contributing
    in more ways than just sharing general information on the message boards.
    Thanks to Vilurum for motivating me to always try harder in regards to helping
    others and always try to better my own understanding of things, even if they
    may be as trivial as video games.
    Special thanks to GameFAQs for being a reliable source of everything I've ever
    really needed to know for the last 8 or so years I've been frequenting the
    website for gaming information and walkthroughs.
    Additional Thanks to:
    Nathan Quinn
    Finally, I'd like to give a very special thanks to the readers.  Without them,
    there wouldn't really be a point in making guides, would there?  If you have
    any meaningful contributions to make via e-mail or message board, I would be
    glad to make a simple list of all of those who have helped.
    [fin0] Final Words
    Thank you all for reading.  I started writing this guide many years ago during
    a period of illness and it was left without an update for several years.  I am
    glad to have finally gotten around to updating the information available in
    the guide and fixing some long-standing errors that have bugged me for so
    long.  There is still much information that isn't known about the Arena in
    the game, and there are still sections that may need to be added in the future.
    Unfortunately, the Arena content is largely ignored as players often only use
    it for specific items with very little experimentation.  My own notes were
    lost years ago as well, so much of the information that was updated came from
    sorting through emails from as far back as nearly a decade ago.  While history
    doesn't speak well for the frequency of updates and available information for
    this guide and mini-game, it is now at least a little more complete than it
    was.  I hope it has been helpful and appreciated, all the same.

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