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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Menji

    Version: 0.80 | Updated: 03/24/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Menji Presents
    Chrono Trigger DS
                                Nick Bryant (Menji76)
                                  March 23, 2010
                                   Version 0.80
    Chrono Trigger DS
    Square Enix (Nintendo DS)
    Squaresoft (Super Nintendo)
    1.  Controls                   [CT01]
    2.  Walkthrough *updated*      [CT02]
    3.  Characters                 [CT03]
    4.  Techniques *upated*        [CT04]
         a. Individual Techs
         b. Dual Techs
         c. Triple Techs
    5.  Game Mechanics             [CT05]
    6.  Changes *updated*          [CT06]
    7.  Arena                      [CT07]
    8.  Endings *updated*          [CT08]
    9.  Update History             [CT09]
    10. Works Cited                [CT10]
    11. Contact Info
    12. Copyright
    Welcome to my Chrono Trigger DS walkthrough. Above is the table of contents I
    have to offer so far. More will be added in the future. I'll focus on whatever
    I get the most emails about. I love Chrono Trigger, and I hope everyone has a
    great adventure playing the game.
    Currently, my walkthrough is just that - a walkthrough. I'll tell you where to 
    go, what tricks must be done and how to get past certain parts. I don't have 
    the list of every weapon and item in a certain area or even what monsters are 
    there. However, I am striving for that in the future but for now I want to help 
    those who need it as quick as possible. 
     1. Controls                                                         | [CT01] |
    Below in the table are the basic controls. Closing the DS puts it in sleep mode
    to conserve battery life. The game will pause during this moment and will
    return to the same point when you open it back up. Holding L/R, Start and
    Select will reset the game to the main screen. If you want to change any of
    these controls, you can do so in the settings menu.
    L Button        Cycles through menu categories, run away (with R)
    R Button        Cycles through menu categories, run away (with L)
    +Control Pad    Move cursor / Move party
    Y Button        Toggle window posistion
    X Button        Access main menu
    A Button        Confirm selection, talk, examine, open chest
    B Button        Cancel, walk (with +Control Pad)
    Start           Pause
    Select          Toggle mini-map (world map)
     2. Walkthrough                                                      | [CT02] |
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 1000 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Present Day *****************************************************
    Crono's House
    Enter you want Crono's name to be throughout the game. Your mom will then wake
    you up telling you that you promised to go see your friends' new invention.
    Head downstairs and your mom will ask what her name is. Enter this and go up
    and talk to her again. She will give you your allowance of 200 gold. Head
    outside from here.
    There isn't much to do besides head to the fair. You can visit the Mayor's
    house and learn all about the games controls. There are items and money you can
    obtain if you talk to the people there. You can practice fighting in Guardia
    Forest which I recommend strongly. Not only does this level up Crono, it gives
    you money to purchase new armor and a sword and you should be getting a potion
    for every battle. There are a few items that you can pick up and gain
    experience along the way. The castle is off limits for now. If you head south,
    you can visit the rest of the continent but most of the people are at the fair.
    When you are done, head north to Leene's Square.
    Leene's Square (Millennium Fair)
    Welcome to the fair! There are many things to do here and most reward you with
    Silver Points. These can then be exchanged for gold or used in the tent to the
    right of the main area. Refer to the mini-game section at the end of the FAQ
    for help there. You can speak to the old man Melchior in center of the plaza
    and purchase the cheaper sword for Crono. The Silver Sword can be acquired
    later and isn't worth the time getting the money for. To the left of Melchior
    is another shop that sells armor. Buy it, equip it, and sell your old stuff
    back. You should also pick up a couple potions if you didn't decide to level up
    before. Head north and run into the girl aimlessly wandering around. Her
    pendant goes flying and the bell rings. At this point, your choices have some
    effect. If you do not wish to be spoiled, skip this until you see the word "I"
    just a little bit down and continue but if you want to affect the outcome of an
    upcoming event, keep reading.
        If you want to be found guilty at the trial, follow these tactics
           - Pick up the pendant before talking to Marle
           - Take it to Melchior and try to sell it
           - Go back to Melchior and ask Marle if she is willing to sell it
           - Eat the old man's food
           - Talk to the little girl about her lost cat and don't find it
           - When waiting for Marle to get candy, walk away
           - Talk to Lucca after being teleported and not Marle
        If you want to be found innocent at the trial, follow these tactics
           - Talk to Marle before getting the pendant
           - Bring the cat back to the little girl
           - Don't take the old man's food
           - Don't ask Marle if she is asking to part with her pendant
           - Talk to Marle after being teleported and not Lucca
    The old man's food can be found in the second area (north of the first) and to
    the left. Just above this is the cat that can be returned to the little girl on
    the other side of this area. Talk to her before returning the cat.
    I strongly recommend fighting Gato before leaving the fair. He will net you
    with the most experience and grant you 15 silver points for each win which
    transfers to 75 gold. You can use the pink food bag to heal after each fight
    and this should help boost your characters' levels. After a fair amount of time
    you should get the notice that Lucca's device is ready. Proceed to the
    northernmost area and then Marle will want to get some candy. Wait for her and
    then proceed up and talk to Lucca. She wants you to demonstrate and after you
    do, talk to Marle and she will try. However, something goes wrong and she
    disappears. Pick up the pendant and Lucca will send you to the same place.
    * * * * * **
    *          *
    * 600 A.D. *
    *          ********************************************************************
    * * * * * ** Middle Ages ******************************************************
    Truce Canyon
    You are transported to an unfamiliar location. Battle the enemies here and
    proceed to exit the canyon. Pick up the items along the way and you will appear
    on the world map. The locals have know clue what the Millennium fair is.
    Purchase whatever you may need at the shop and continue to Guardia Forest.
    Guardia Forest (Middle Ages)
    There isn't much to do here, collect the items you see and battle as many
    enemies as you can to gain levels. Proceed out of the forest when you're ready.
    Guardia Castle (Middle Ages)
    The guards try to seize you but the Queen steps in. She giggles and asks you to
    meet with her. Head up and to the right opening. Go up to the very top and
    speak with the Queen. You find out that it is just Marle in disguise. Suddenly,
    she cries out and disappears. Head back down and you will run into Lucca who
    explains that they mistook her for the missing Queen Leene in this time period.
    Since Marle was found, the search for the real Queen was seized and thus she
    was never found. Lucca explains that Marle is Princess Nadia Guardia. And she
    no longer exists because the Queen was never found. Proceed out of the castle,
    through Guardia Forest to the Chapel to the west.
    Magnolia Cathedral
    Talk to the nuns and then search the sparkling thing on the floor to initiate
    the nuns to attack. Kill them and more will appear, just in time a brave Frog
    comes to your aid. If this is your first time playing through Chrono Trigger,
    I'm sorry you had to miss out on Frog's accent. It was removed in the
    retranslation of the game. Back to the game, he will ask to join you, name him
    and play to the piano to open to the secret door.
    First go to the right and take the stairs down. They'll switch to a slide and
    you'll slide down. You're going to want to go in a counter clockwise direction
    in this place. In the center of the Chapel is another piano that you'll need to
    play in order to open the entry in the upper part of the chapel. Head up there
    and there will be one more path before the boss. There's a fake chancellor here
    that holds captive Queen Leene. He transforms and challenges you to fight.
    After winning you can open the chests to let the real chancellor go and get an
    Boss Battle - Yakra
    Yakra isn't much of a challenge at all. You can easily plow through him with
    normal attacks or whatever your best techs are.
    Guardia Castle (Middle Ages)
    The Queen and the Chancellor thank you and Frog for rescuing her but Frog feels
    bad for letting her get captured in the first place. King Guardia says that
    there should be a stricter justice system in place. Frog tells Crono he has the
    makings of a fine swordsman and takes off. Go back to the Queen's room and
    Marle reappears. You can purchase armor and items for Marle and Lucca if you
    need to. When you're ready, head back through Truce Canyon and Lucca explains
    how the Pendant works with the time gates. You'll appear back at the fair and
    Lucca tells you to take Marle back home like a gentleman.
    Guardia Castle/Forest (Present)
    Upon entering the castle, the guards think Crono has kidnapped Marle! The
    chancellor believes has the guards take him away for trial. Here you'll be
    judged based on what happened at the Fair. If you did more evil deeds than good
    you'll get the guilty verdict as opposed to the innocent verdict. Refer back to
    the top for the things that affect the verdict. If you are declared guilty, you
    will be sentenced to death in three days. If you are declared innocent, you
    will just be sentenced and the chancellor tells the guard that you will die
    anyway. The only benefit here is that if you are innocent, you get a bonus gift
    that some kind hearted townsfolk send you.
    There are two things you can do now that you are in jail. You can wait for
    three days to pass which causes you to miss out on a lot of items and Lucca
    eventually comes to save you near the end of your walk. The other option is to
    walk up to the gate and press the action button to shake it. This causes the
    guard to open it and strike you. When he walks away, come up behind him and
    press the action button again for a quick kill. You will then have to face the
    other guard. Leave the room and continue to the right to pass the two masks and
    into the next room. Whenever you see a guard, you can sneak up on them when
    they aren't looking do that same technique. You can search them afterwards for
    a potion.
    You'll eventually come to a room where a boy is stuck in a guillotine. If you
    went by the shop on the way here you'll know that the owner was missing his
    son. This is him, release him if you want a reward and continue up to get
    another item. When fighting those masks, wait until they come out from behind
    their mask to attack them. When you reach the end of the prison, you'll find a
    save point and a warning on how the Dragon Tank is built. Lucca comes to join
    you around here so heal up and prepare for the boss.
    Boss Fight - Dragon Tank
    Have Crono use Cyclone and use Lucca for healing. Take the head out first
    because it heals the rest of the body. Once it goes down, the rest is easy. If
    you can spare it, use Lucca to hit the head as well.
    Continue out the castle and away from the guards and the chancellor. Marle puts
    up a fit with her dad and leaves with the two of you. You're forced into the
    forest and into what looks like a dead end. Fortunately, there's a gate here!
    You don't know where it leads but your party jumps in anyway. You appear in an
    unknown area somewhere in the future.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 2300 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Future **********************************************************
    Bangor Dome
    You appear in an unknown area with advanced technology all around. Head south
    from there to reach Trann Dome. Buy whatever you need, and rest in the energon
    if you need to be healed. When you're ready, head up north again to Lab 16.
    Lab 16
    There are many enemies here. Watch out for the rats running around. Everytime
    they touch you, you will lose a potion. The enemies aren't too bad, you should
    watch out for Shadows. These monsters are a purple color that pop out of the
    ground. They're immune to physical attacks so use whatever magical techs you
    may have. At the end when you leave, head east to Arris Dome.
    Arris Dome
    There are more people in this dome. Restock on any items you may need and
    continue down the ladder when you're ready. Doan and company are freaked that
    your group would even think about that. They tell you that one man went down to
    get food but never returned. There are two places to go, one entrance to the
    right is blocked and requires a password, so head left. Proceed through that
    ducts and pass the statue of a rat. Boss fight!
    Boss Fight - Guardian
    Don't use any attacks that target multiple enemies. This will cause Guardian to
    retaliate with a triple tech. Take out the smaller one to the right and then
    start focus on the big guy with your best attacks. This could just be your
    physical attacks. When Guardian starts counting down, be prepared to heal and
    make sure your HP is near full as well.
    Proceed to the back and you'll find a man - dead. You find a seed and a note
    that says the rat is real and knows the password, so catch it. Head back down
    and run after the rat. This can be tricky so here's what you have to do. Don't
    try to catch it until the very end, make sure you time your turns perfectly and
    on the last ledge press the action button. The rat tells you the password. Go
    back to the original computer screen, hold the L and R buttons and press the
    action button. Go through the door and towards to north east corner. Use the
    computer again to open the door and keep in mind that other mysterious door
    right next to it. After accessing the computer and finding out where to go to
    get back to present day, Marle presses a button that tells how the world ended
    in 1999 A.D. Your party decides they can't let this happen and decide to set
    out to stop it.
    Head back up to the surface and everyone is amazed that you're alive. You tell
    them that this is your future and give them the seed you found. Doan gives you
    his old bike key in Lab 32. Restock, and heal your party at the energon.  You
    can do two things now. You can proceed through the lab now or head through the
    sewers to see what's happening on the southern continent. I'd recommend going
    through the sewers because it will help your party level and then you won't
    have to do it later. If you want to skip it, then skip over the next paragraph.
    Sewer Access
    You'll see some frogs talking about how they need to visit their Master. And
    then they see your party and hurry to inform him. Head down through the sewers.
    There a few things to look out for here. First, there's one path with a bunch
    of junk laid out. Don't touch any of it or you'll be forced into a battle with
    those sea monsters. Don't even use the save point at the end because that will
    set it off too. Sir Krawlie  will be the boss at the end here. He isn't too
    tough so just stick to your normal tactics. Exit this place and go to the
    bottom dome. You'll see a Nu and Belthasar talking about random things. There
    really isn't anything to do here except to see him early. Go back the way came
    and skip Death Mountain, you won't even be able to go up yet.
    Lab 32
    Head up the screen and try to access the bike. You'll be attacked by a few
    robots but then another rider will come and save you. He's Johnny and wants you
    to race him. Accept his challenge and beat him. This can be challenging if you
    don't know what to expect. This isn't like a normal racing game, you can never
    really get far ahead or behind. Johnny will always try to stay right in front
    of you and bump you to keep you back to keep swerving around him. Use the B
    button to gain a boost and pass him up for awhile. Use this only when you are
    behind because it doesn't do much when you are in front. Save at least one for
    the very end and use it when you are about a fourth of an inch away from the
    finish line (according to the mini-map in the bottom right). If you don't win,
    try again until you get the timing down.
    From here head past the factory and down to Proto Dome. Fight through these
    monsters until you find Robo in the back. The door here is locked and he tells
    you that he can open it through the factory up north. One member must stay
    behind to hold the door open. I'd recommend leaving Lucca because Marle can
    heal you. When you're ready, head north to the factory. Robo can access the
    computer system and lower the barrier blocking you from enterting. Head to the
    right and take that elevator. You'll see the majority of the factory floor from
    here, what you want to do is get onto the conveyer belt. You have to head down
    and then to the left to get on. There will be a series of battles that you
    won't be able to heal between so make sure you're ready. Once off the conveyer
    belt, continue on through the factory.
    Your next task should be to access the crane. You should see it at the north
    side of the factory on your current floor. You'll have to access the room with
    the codes first. But in order to do that you have to defeat the monsters and
    you'll get the two codes: B,B and Y,A. Move to the room with crane and insert
    both codes. The crane will remove both barrels so you can move about the area
    easier. Going to the right gives you some nice items. When you're ready to go
    you'll have to go to the newly opened area on the left. The next area gives you
    the code YABX, codename Zabie. Backtrack to start of the factory and take the
    other elevator that you could have taken. Navigate through the factory and
    you'll have to open a few latches and finds some tough monsters. Enter codename
    Zabie: YABK and turn on the power. The alarm sounds and Robo tells you that you
    need to leave now. You can't take the elevator out so take the ladder again.
    Robo's friends are here, but they claim him as defective. They lay a beating on
    him. If you try to interfere with Crono, you'll be knocked back and Robo will
    claim that these are his friends and he doesn't want to you hurt them. Boss
    Boss Fight - R Series
    It's Crono and one other in this fight. You should be able to use physical
    attacks on each robot until they're all gone. If you have Marle, she can heal
    both of you while Crono attacks and not too long after, they'll be dead.
    Crono and your other party member carry Robo back to Proto Dome where Lucca
    fixes him up. Robo wants to join your party to save the world because there is
    nothing left for him there. Take the gate in the back and get out of there!
    * * * * * * * *
    *             *
    * End of Time *
    *             *****************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * ??? ***********************************************************
    You appear in a dark space of nothingnes. Proceed down and talk to the old man
    stnading by himself. He tells you that this is the End of Time and you were
    transported here because more than three people stepped into a time gate. He
    suggests you revist your old time period before doing anything else (like
    traveling through time). A few things to note about the End of Time. You'll be
    using this place a lot. You can change party members here, save, heal, take the
    time gate to fight Lavos, access the Arena; a new feature to Chrono Trigger DS
    and fight Spekkio. Your first priority should be to talk to Spekkio. He'll
    explain everything you need to know about magic. Your task will be to walk
    around the room three times clockwise. If you're having trouble, make sure you
    are staying close to the wall and that you are starting at the door. After
    that, Spekkio will grant your current characters magic. Robo can't learn magic
    because he's not human but his laser attacks are of the shadow element.
    Challenge Spekkio to a fight. Only magic attacks him so I'd recommend using
    Marle, Crono and Lucca. Focus attacking with Lucca and Crono only aand use
    Marle to heal. Spekkio is always a tough fight now matter how strong your guys
    are. If you can't beat him after the first try, level up some more. Try not to
    use items because if you die, you don't get a game over so it's essentially a
    waste. For winning, you three strength, magic and speed capsules.
    There are three time gates you can take from here. The one on the left takes
    you to the past but you can't do anything there yet. Take the upper right one
    back to Medina Village 1000 A.D.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 1000 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Present Day *****************************************************
    Medina Village
    You pop out of the cupboard owned by a couple of monsters. These ones are nice
    to humans but they warn you that none of the others will be like this. They
    mention an old man to the south west, that's where you need to go. You can
    check out the rest of the town but you won't be able to buy anything unless
    you're willing to dish out mass amounts of gold. When you're reading visit
    Melchior to the southwest. Purchase any weapons you need and proceed north to
    the Heckran Cave.
    Heckran Cave
    Most of the monsters in here are immune or have great defense to physical
    attacks. The cave is fairly straightforward, once you've come to the most open
    area be sure to head down to an doorway to grab the item in there then proceed
    westward. The save point here signifies the upcoming boss.
    Boss Fight - Heckran
    Don't use any physical attacks on this boss. It'll retaliate with a powerful
    attack every time you do. Instead, use your magic attacks and heal with Marle
    or Robo whenever you need to. Continue and you'll win shortly.
    The boss mentions why Magus didn't rid the humans with Lavos 400 years ago.
    Sparking your parties interest, they decide to head back to 600 A.D. through
    use of the protal at the Fair.
    Some things to note before heaidng through the gate. You can go back to the
    shop in Truce village, if you saved the son from the guillitione while in
    prison. You'll gain a bunch of items if you did. You probably shouldn't go back
    to the castle but you can if you want - just to see the reactions. And you can
    go see your mom who is in relieve after she heard you were to be executed. When
    ready, proceed back to the telepod.
    * * * * * * * *
    *             *
    * End of Time *
    *             *****************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * ??? ***********************************************************
    Quick trip here, heal, do whatever you need. Take the time gate to Truce Canyon
    * * * * * **
    *          *
    * 600 A.D. *
    *          ********************************************************************
    * * * * * ** Middle Ages ******************************************************
    Proceed through again and head to Zenan Bridge. Talk to the knight captain,
    he's the one in the gold armor and he questions whether the rations have
    arrived from the castle. Go back to Guardia Castle and once you enter, go to
    the right. Proceed to the kicthen and talk to the chef, he talks about how his
    brother is so foolish and doesn't do anything about it. Leave and when you try
    to walk out the castle, he'll come back and give you the jerkey.
    Take it back to the bridge and they'll rejoice, but most of the knights have
    fallen and it's up to you to clear the bridge. Battle through the skeletons and
    don't use lighting because it heals them. Ozzie, Magus's top general is there
    for every fight but you don't have to worry about him. At the end, you'll have
    a boss fight to look forward to.
    Boss Fight - Zombor
    For the top part of the you can hack away with physical attacks. Zombor uses MP
    buster when it's defeated so beware. The bottom part can be finished with magic
    so use lighting, fire and ice.
    Stop by the mayor's house in the first village and witness the scene involving
    Toma and the Mayor. They talk about a Rainbow Shell somewhere to the east. This
    will come in handy later on. Stop by the pub and by him a drink to here the
    latest on his travels. There's also a house that contains a drawer that
    sparkles like the capsules do. It will be locked so talk to the old man just
    left of it a few times and get him to ask you about the Naga-Bromid. If you
    didn't get this in the Chapel, I don't think you can go back and get it. He'll
    give you the key and inside contains and Magic Capsule. Around town, you'll
    hear talk of a "Hero" so proceed to the mountain just east of the village.
    Denadoro Mountains
    Upon entering the mountain, you'll see a young boy running around. He tells you
    to leave this place but you must press on. There's one monster in particular
    you should watch out for. The one with the wooden axe/hammer. Be sure to have
    Lucca cast fire on him before attacking. This causes it to burn away and you
    can attack it for real damage. The whole area is straightforward as usual. When
    you arrive to the area where you can walk across the water, make your way to
    the left past the first waterfall and jump off. This gains you access to two
    great treasures.
    Continuing up the mountain, you'll come up to a nice view where Spekkio is out
    and about. This path eventually curves back down and gets darker from the
    trees. Be sure to save here because the upcoming ladder is broken and you can
    only go one way for whatever reason. You'll have to cross some more water so
    watch out for the monster trying to attack you. Inside the final cave, you'll
    find a boy running around. Approach the sword in the ground and he'll stop you.
    They reveal themselves as Masa and Mune.
    Boss Fight - Masa and Mune
    Only focus on one or the other. This is only their first form so you don't need
    to kill them both. I usually go with the one on the right so use whatever your
    best technique is and physical attacks. After a little bit, they'll combine and
    get a bit harder.
    You now have one part of the legendary Masamune. Head to the southern part of
    the continent and enter Tata's house. Speak with him (the boy) and he'll tell
    you that he found the Hero's Badge and wasn't really a hero. His dad freaks out
    and Tata gives you the Hero's Badge. Leave this house and head up to the
    Northern Woods.
    Northern Woods
    Not much going on here, just head up and at the final screen go above the bush
    and walk down into it. There is small room here. Approach the green chest on
    the left and Frog will appear out of nowhere. He reminisces when Cyrus and him
    defended the kingdom and got the Hero's Badge. Frog moves out of the way so you
    can go and grab whatever is in the chest. It's the other part of the Masamune.
    You find Melchior's name on it so maybe you should pay him a visit. Return to
    the end of time and then to Medina Village.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 1000 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Present Day *****************************************************
    Medina Village
    Speak with Melchior and he is amazed that you've recoverd the Masamune.
    However, it requires Dreamstone to be repaired. Unfortunately, this stone
    hasn't been seen in a long time. Head to the end of time and the old man sends
    you packing to prehistoric times!
    * * * * * * * * **
    *                *
    * 65,000,000,000 *
    *                **************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * ** Prehistoric ************************************************
    Mystic Mountain
    Upon arriving here, you'll fall a ways and then get attacked by multiple green
    monsters. There's a nice FMV sequence after your first battle that introduces
    Ayla. She likes you guys because you're strong and knows of the Dreamstone.
    Follow her out of the mountains and then to the northeast to the Chief's hut.
    She will give you the dreamstone but first you must drink and dance. Talk to
    Ayla, then to your other two party members. Then over to Kino who is a bit
    disgruntled that you're being thrown a party. Continue talking to Ayla and she
    will challenge you to a drinking contest. Win, and you get the dreamstone.
    Doing this on the DS is a bit harder than the SNES version. I personally hate
    button mashing so after my second loss, I just let her win. After about five
    losses she's had too much and gives you the stone. But then you all pass out.
    You awake and there are footprints everywhere. You also notice the gate key is
    missing. Head back to the Chief's Hut and talk to Ayla. She believes it's the
    Reptites and joins the party. I'd recommend going to the Hunting Range at this
    time to gain some experience and prehistoric currency.
    Hunting Range
    Naturally, gold is useless here. You get horns, feathers, fangs, and petals for
    killing monsters in this time period. Take them back to the short caveman with
    the white beard. He wants you to trade him three of any of those two things to
    get weapons and armor. So this is a good place to start. It's a small area and
    there aren't many monsters. If it starts to rain, look for Nu. They're tough
    but they give a lot of a spoils and you can get the Third Eye accessory. The
    most common place to find him is in the bottom right corner up high. He also
    can be on the upper left corner. After you've collected around 25 of each,
    exchange them. When ready, head south to the Forest Maze.
    Forest Maze
    The first person you find when you walk in is Kino. He says that he stole the
    key because he was jealous and can't give it back because the Reptites stole
    it. Now follow the footsteps through the maze to get out. It's just one path
    with random chests along the way. No monsters here are too difficult. You're
    moving in a clockwise fashion and the exit is at about seven o'clock.
    Reptite Lair
    Battle the first monsters in the first room and then go to the next. The holes
    that you those monsters are digging can be accessed. Not the first one though,
    but the next one. You'll have to fight a few of those green guys again but
    nothing too bad. Lighting is effective against just about every monster here.
    So Crono had to be ready. Save when you can and prepare for a tough fight.
    Boss Fight - Nizbel
    Everytime you physically attack Nizbel, his defense rises. Crono should
    constantly be casting lighting. Have Ayla attack since her strength is so high.
    Have your other party member heal the party. Nizbel doesn't do anything too
    bad, so this method should cover you.
    Continue on up and you'll meet up with Azala. She can't believe the apes have
    created something so advanced. Choose whatever option you want and then you'll
    get your Gate Key back. Ayla leaves the party for now. It's time to leave and
    go back to Melchior.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 1000 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Present Day *****************************************************
    Melchior's Hut
    Speak with Melchior and either Lucca or Robo will go and help him. They repair
    the Masamune but none here can wield it. Go to the middle ages.
    * * * * * **
    *          *
    * 600 A.D. *
    *          ********************************************************************
    * * * * * ** Middle Ages ******************************************************
    Northern Woods
    Speak with Frog and show him the Masamune. He gains some confidence back and
    thinks back to the past with Cyrus and Magus. After a long story, his music
    cues and it's time to take him on. Proceed to the eastern most point of the
    continent and a FMV kicks in with Frog opening up the mountain with his blade.
    There isn't much in here, you'll notice a sealed chest that you can't access
    yet. There's also a bat following you which will be revealed later. Use your
    magic on these monsters.
    Fiendlord's Lair
    Go either left or right when you enter. If you go right, you'll see friends
    from all across time. Go to the last room and then return to the main room. Go
    to the left this time and proceed to the last room. You'll see more familiar
    faces along the way but for now just return to the main room again. This time,
    there's a save point in the center. Step over it and Ozzie appears telling you
    that in order to see Magus you'll have to defeat him, the swordsman Slash, the
    magician Flea and all one hundred monsters in his lair. He'll then leave you
    with some monsters to fight.
    It's up to you where to go, I'd recommend left first because you'll get a good
    sword for Crono at the end. This time, your familiar friends have transformed
    into monsters and skeletons. Take care of them and in the last room you'll have
    a boss battle with Slash.
    Boss Fight - Slash
    Slash has two forms. The first time he doesn't have any dangerous attacks so
    focus on whatever your best techniques are. If you have a triple tech, use it
    here now. If not, use Frog and Crono's X-Strike and then be prepared to heal at
    any time.
    Head back to ther other hallway and fight your way through all the monsters. In
    this hall, you'll find a Flea.
    Boss Fight - Flea
    There are two forms here again. Use your magic and whoever is the last person
    to kill the first form, Flea? will cast magic buster which takes away all your
    MP. The real fight starts now, use more magic and soon enough Flea goes down.
    After taking the both of those guys out head back to the original room and use
    the save point teleport. This next trek is going to be long. Ozzie has multiple
    traps set up for you, wait for the blades to spark the ground before running
    through them. He'll eventually open holes in the floor as you try to approach
    him so just pick one of the four save points in that floor and one will take
    you back, one saves, and the other two are battles. Head up and you'll
    eventually fight Ozzie.
    Boss Fight - Ozzie
    This is easy, just attack those switches all around him and pits will open up
    on the floor. The last one drops Ozzie into nothiness.
    Use the right save point to save and the other one teleports you further into
    the lair. The only monster to watch out for here is the Magician. Alternate
    phyiscal and magical attacks to do maximum damage on him. He's the monster
    floating in the air and is what Flea looked like in his first form. When you
    finally start heading down the stairs and the bats are flying after you, it's
    time for Magus. Enjoy the awesomeness.
    Boss Fight - Magus
    Magus is a tough one. Frog should be attacking with the Masamune to lower his
    magic defense. I'd recommend having Lucca as the other member, but anyone else
    can do. Magus changes his magical barrier whenever Frog attacks, and at other
    random times. Attack him with whatever magic his barrier is for maximum damage.
    Watch out for Dark Matter, and eveything else should be fine.
    * * * * * * * * **
    *                *
    * 65,000,000,000 *
    *                **************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * ** Prehistoric ************************************************
    You wake up with Ayla shouting at you that she found you and brought you here.
    She leaves to find the Laruba Village to help defeast the Reptites. A village
    rushes in saying Laruba is burning from the Reptites. Leave the hut and head to
    the northwest. Enter and Ayla asks for the Dactyls and then leaves. Leave that
    area and head up north.
    Dactyl Nest
    Not much here, grab the items on the way and shortly into the area, you'll run
    into Ayla and the Dactyls. Notice the blinking red star in the background? Well
    take off with Ayla while enjoying the FMV and fly the Dactyls to the southeast.
    Find the lava and that's where you need to go. Welcome to the Tyranno Lair.
    Tyranno Lair
    Head into the mouth on the right and take the stairs. Eliminate the Reptities
    here and free the villagers. Continue on and save Kino. Kino wants to make it
    up to you guys and opens the other mouth so you can continue on. The next area
    is fun, press the buttons to drop the enemies to the floor below if you don't
    want to fight them. The fat white and green reptite needs to be hit with
    Lighting from Crono to allow more damage to it. Go to the right one first, and
    use the switch on the right side. Head back through the other exit on the left
    side and you'll soon come to a room that has invisable teleports. Refer to
    DBM11085's guide on where they all lead. Continue on and you'll see Nizbel
    again. Walk past him and save, keep trying to leave up and you'll be challenged
    Boss Fight - Nizbel II
    Nizbel is just like before. Have Crono constantly casting lighting. Then use
    whatever dual or triple techs you may have to put Nizbel in his place.
    Save again, heal, and grab the items. Get ready for another fight. Go up and
    out to Azala.
    Boss Fight - Azala and Tyranno
    The Tyranno has its defense on right now so focus your attacks on Azala. I go
    with my physical attack and after a little bit, Azala goes down. Wait until the
    Tyranno lowers its defense and prepares to attack. Unload with everything you
    have at this point. Be ready to heal when he reaches zero and then start
    unloading again.
    Azala is finished and doesn't want the apes to help her. She does wish that
    they take care of the world. In that moment the red star: Lavos falls. Examine
    the area and there's a time gate ready. Let's see where it leads!
    * * * * * * * *
    *             *
    * 12,000 B.C. *
    *             *****************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * Antiquity *****************************************************
    The ice age that Azala mentioned has taken over and the whole world is barren.
    Head to the east and into the glowing hut. Take the skyway up to the skies.
    Zeal Overworld
    Behold the magical kingdom of Zeal full of the enlighted ones. You're told
    everyone on the ground are the earthbounds - those possessing no magic. Head to
    the first city to the right.
    Have fun exploring this city, it's really interesting to talk to everyone.
    There's healing circle you can use, as well as three books around the room.
    You'll find out the order later, or you can read it right here. It's Water,
    Wind, then Fire. Water is to the right, wind is near the top and fire is near
    the beginning. This opens up a secret entrance, inside are six Nus. These can
    be tough but use whatever magical attacks you have. Hopefully you have the
    second level magic spells or else you'll have to battle for a while. Nus have
    the ability to take your HP all the way down to 1 HP in a single attack so be
    ready to heal. Never fully heal though. You gaina a bunch of EXP and TP for
    winning and you get some capsules. When done, head to the next skyway. You'll
    head back down to earth, so leave to the west and then take another skyway back
    up. The next city here is Kajar.
    Do the same thing with the books here, and this time there won't be any battle
    but there are some nice items. If you go to the upper left of this palce,
    you'll find a little blue haired boy named Janus. He'll approach you and then
    say that one of you are about to die. Leave here, and head west if you wish.
    You can view the blackbird here and meet Dalton. He mentions how weird your
    party looks and that you must be the mysterious group the Prophet prophesized
    about. Take the caves to the northeast up the top city, the capital of Zeal.
    Zeal Capital
    A couple things need to be done here. Get up to the second level and go near
    the bottom. Talk to lady by the sapling and tell her to secretly grow it. This
    will help later on. Speak with the Nu who is walking on the bridgeway and
    scratch his back, you'll need this skill to have the Nu back at Kajar to give
    you a magic capsule. Then proceed to the northeast room. You'll witness a talk
    between Janus and Schala. A maiden comes in and the Queen has sent for Schala.
    She leaves so follow her. Go back to the main room and head up the center path.
    She'll use her pendant to open the mysteriously sealed doors. You can try but
    it won't work. Go back and to the left, talk to the Nu blocking the doorway and
    and proceed in. Go up to the Mammon Machine and you'll power up the pendant.
    Return to that room and equip any Ruby Vests you may have and put Lucca into
    the party. The Queen asks why you're here but the mysterious prophet steps in
    and tells her that these are the trouble makers he warned her about. They leave
    and Dalton sends in Golem.
    Boss Fight - Golem
    You probably shouldn't use physical attacks here. Golem copies whatever you hit
    him with so that is why I'd use Ruby vests. Put Lucca in your party and have
    her use dual techs with Crono. Fire Sword and whatever else you may have and
    whenever Golem copies the fire and hits back, you won't get hurt too bad. When
    Golem dies, he'll do an attack that takes off around 100 so make sure your HP
    stays high.
    They come back to the room and use some magic to trap your party. You awake in
    a room floating in a force field. Schala and Janus come in looking to release
    you because she thinks you can help save the Gurus. At this time, the prophet
    comes in as a well and asks you to show him how you got here. You are thrown
    into the time portal and Schala is forced to seal it shut.
    * * * * * * * * **
    *                *
    * 65,000,000,000 *
    *                **************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * ** Prehistoric ************************************************
    Overworld (Prehistoric)
    Take the dactyls back to Mystic Mountain and threw the time gate. At the end of
    time, head to the future through the Proto Dome gate.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 2300 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Future **********************************************************
    Proto Dome
    You'll have to race Johnny again but that shouldn't be that difficult. If you
    lose, you won't have to redo it again. Stop by Arris Dome and return down deep
    to that sealed door. If you forgot, you have to hold the L and R buttons and
    then press the action button. Grab the Golden Earrings, Strength Capsule,
    Acuity Ring, Elixir and a Luminous Robe. Leave and go back to the sewers, if
    this is your first time going through the sewers head back up to the
    walkthrough. Make your way through there and to Keeper's Dome.
    Keeper's Dome
    The strange creature is the by itself this time. Talking about its master's
    last program. Head to the back and use the pendant to open the door. Belthasar
    left a series of notes telling you about Lavos and Zeal. He wants you to have
    his greatest invention, the Wings of Time. Head up around the machine until it
    sparks a conversation and then continue back down out the door. The Nu comes in
    and reveals himself as Belthasar, he wants you to name the machine whatever you
    I'd recommend going back to the future... no pun intended. First take the Epoch
    to the End of Time and use the gates. Head to Bangor Dome and use the pendant
    to open the sealed door. Grab those items and then head south to Trann Dome. Do
    the same thing here and don't forget the magic capsule. The golden stud
    accessory here is one of the best items in the game. It cuts costs of magic use
    by 75%. Leave here and then take the Wings of Time to 600 A.D.
    * * * * * **
    *          *
    * 600 A.D. *
    *          ********************************************************************
    * * * * * ** Middle Ages ******************************************************
    This doesn't have to be done but it will help make the next boss fights much
    easier. Stop by the Magic Cave and unlock the sealed chest for a Magic Ring. Go
    to the Elder's House in the south part of the continent. Inside to the right,
    you'll see two sealed chests. Activate them but when asked if you want to
    remove it, choose no. Do this for both. Head up north to Truce Inn and go
    upstairs. Do the same thing here and then head back to the Epoch.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 1000 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Present Day *****************************************************
    Overworld (Present)
    Head back to the Mayor's Manor, and open the two chests. These contain a White
    Plate and a Black Plate. Go back up to Truce Inn and grab the Blue Plate.
    Because you chose no in the past, they were upgraded here in the future. If you
    head back to the past now, you can grab the items again but the vest versions.
    The vest just cuts that element by 50% but the plate absorbs that element. Stop
    by Lucca's house and her dad will give you Taban's Suit.
    Take the Epoch back to the End of Time and use the gate to go to Medina
    Village. Head up north to the Forest Ruins. Using the pendant, you'll unlock
    the prism and have a choice between a weapon or armor. To the right is the
    Swallow which ups Crono's speed and is the best sword available at this time.
    On the left is the Guardian Helmet. This helmet cuts physical attacks by 1/3.
    Down south in the Heckran Cave has one other sealed chest you can get. Deep in
    the cave is a Barrier Ring and a Speed Ring as well. Head back to the Epoch and
    now you can go back to 12,000 B.C. Use the Epoch.
    * * * * * * * *
    *             *
    * 12,000 B.C. *
    *             *****************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * Antiquity *****************************************************
    Terra Cave
    The skyway isn't working so you have to head west to Terra Cave. This is the
    first look of the earthbound people. In the first opening, upgrade your weapons
    and armor and head down into the village. When you reach the bottom exit to the 
    right and save. You'll want Lucca and Marle/Frog in your party in a bit. Don't 
    forget to grab the capsule in the corner here. Head up and take out the 
    monsters. You'll have so fight colored versions of each of those enemies in a 
    second so be prepared.
    Boss Fight - Mud Imp, Blue Mudbeast, Red Mudbeast
    Use fire attacks on the blue monster and water/ice attacks on the blue one. If 
    you have Ice Sword or Fire Sword use those. Don't use any attacks that target 
    all three or they will counter with some powerful attacks. Take the colored 
    beasts out first and then the last guy.
    Continue up across the chain into Mt. Woe.
    Mt. Woe
    It's hard to see up here but you'll manage. Clear the area before making any 
    attempts to cross chains. There are some good weapons and armor to pick up in 
    this dungeon so be sure to get every chest. You'll know you're at the end when 
    the save point appears and when you climb the final chain link the screen will 
    get dark. You reach the summit and find the Guru of Reason sealed away. 
    Boss Fight - Giga Gaia
    You want to focus all your attacks on his left hand (that's the right one in 
    your view) because it heals the whole body. Use your most powerful attack to 
    take it out. Once that hand is gonne, focus attacks on the head. The hand will 
    eventually regenerate so go back and eliminate it again. This process will 
    repeate a couple of times but you'll be done soon enough.
    Melchior is released from the barrier and tells the party that they need to get 
    off the mountain. You'll head back down into Terra Cave and watch the mountain 
    fall to the sea. Schala appears and says she is not going to help her mother 
    summon Lavos. She gives you a knife that can stop the Mammon Machine. Made from 
    the same dreamstone as the Masamune. Just to your luck, Dalton comes and takes 
    Schala captive. She must oblige to help summon Lavos or people will get hurt. 
    She does and secretly leaves the skyways open for you to access. Head back to 
    Zeal Overworld
    Stop by Enhasa if you want to. Keep going until you get to Kajar. Go into the 
    room that has the enlightened ones developed capsules. Find the Nu and scratch 
    his back. You can only do this if you learned the technique from the other Nu 
    back in the Capital. He'll give you a magic capsule. Stop by the Nu's shop here 
    and he'll sell you up to date weapons and armor. Proceed back to the the 
    Capital. Go to the room where the Queen and gang were and Dalton will be there. 
    He's irritated that he was stuck on guard duty and is about to challenge you 
    but proceeds to the Ocean Palace to not miss out on immortality. Access the 
    Ocean Palace
    The first thing to know about the Ocean Palace to is be ready. You're going to 
    want a fire and ice/water user. There will be three different monsters that 
    have one eye and fly. There is a yellow, red and blue one that need to be hit 
    with only that specific magic attack. If you use a second level magic attack 
    (Ice II, Fire II, etc) and it hits one of the monsters that isn't weak to that, 
    it'll counter with a powerful attack. Head to the right and you should find a 
    doorway here, you're looking for a blue circular button on the floor that you 
    need to stand on. Once you get that one hit to the other side of the area and 
    you'll find the same looking area here where you need to find the same switch. 
    Now you need to return to the main are and head down, you'll find another area 
    south of this one that needs two more switches pressed and then a doorway will 
    open back in the first area. Don't forget to grab all the chests.
    Continue through the Ocean Palace and you'll go down a lot of stairs, watch out 
    for the statues shooting fireballs at you and take the elevator. You'll 
    eventually enter a room with two paths, one to the left and one to the right. 
    Hit the switches at the end of each of those and then come back and step on the 
    switch in the middle. Use the save point here and get ready for a boss fight.
    Boss Fight - Golem Sisters
    This fight can be extremely tough if you aren't prepared. I'd recommend using 
    Lucca and not Frog or Marle. Equip any Ruby/Red equipment you may have and 
    focus on using Lucca's fire attacks. She can dual up with Crono for Fire Sword 
    and have your other party member heal. Since at least two of your characters 
    should be absorbing the copy cat fire attacks, this should be an easy fight.
    There isn't much farther to go after this, continue on and you'll eventually 
    reach the main room. Witness a great scene unfold.
    Boss Fight - Lavos
    It is possible to win this fight, but not on your first play through. Give it 
    at least three playthroughs before trying this and all you get is the 
    Director's ending. Let your party die and don't heal and the game will go on.
    Zeal Overworld
    You wake up in the new Earthbound village, check out the huts and get whatever 
    you need. I strongly recommend putting Ayla in your party now, and then head to 
    forest area. Talk around and then speak the elder at the north end. Dalton's 
    group comes around and he proclaims himself as the new leader. He'll knock out 
    your party and take them captive.
    You wake up again in a cell. Climb up the ladder and you'll see that you're 
    flying on the Blackbird, when you come down one of your members will mention an 
    air duct to the left. You'll notice that all of your parties' equipment, items 
    and money are all gone. They can't take Ayla's fists so she can attack without 
    her equipment. What you need to do is go around either by air duct or on the 
    ground and find five chests containing all your stuff. It is possible to leave 
    your stuff behind so be sure you get it all. When you have it all, head to the 
    second are and there's a doorway in the beginning on the left side that you 
    need to enter. There should a path leading up to the left, continue on and get 
    out of there. You'll be on the wing of the Blackbird so run around and you'll 
    trigger the boss fight.
    Boss Fight - Golem Overlord
    This is an easy fight. Pummel at him and he'll eventually start counting down. 
    However he forgets his counting all the time and you should be able to beat him 
    without even getting hit!
    Boss Fight - Dalton
    The final fight with Dalton isn't too bad. He uses a lot of moves that the 
    Golems used but he's a bit stronger. At the end, he'll try to summon the Golem 
    Overlord again but he gets sucked into the portal he creates.
    North Cape
    Your party seems certain there's info to gather here so proceed to the northern 
    part of the island. Approach the sparkling light and Magus appears. You have an 
    option now, you can choose to fight Magus. But he won't be able to join your 
    party. If you refuse to fight he join your party to help get Crono back.
    Boss Fight (Optional) - Magus
    As you enter the Epoch, you'll witness the Ocean Palace rise out of the ocean 
    and become the Black Omen. Two new areas will appear in 65,000,000,000 B.C and 
    600 A.D. known as the Lost Sanctrum. The Epoch can fly now so keep that in mind 
    and head to the End of Time.
    * * * * * * * *
    *             *
    * End of Time *
    *             *****************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * ??? ***********************************************************
    Talk with the old man and you'll tell him that you're searching for Gaspar the 
    Guru of Time. He'll beat around the bush about the subject and eventually give 
    you the Chrono Trigger or Time Egg. This has the potential to restore life if 
    it is an important one. Head to the future now.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 2300 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Future **********************************************************
    Stop by Belthasar's place where you originally picked up the Epoch. Talk with 
    him in the Nu body and he'll tell you in order to bring back someone, you need 
    a clone identical to that person. He mentions a magician who likes fairs as 
    someone that can help.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 1000 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Present Day *****************************************************
    Millenium Fair
    You will need 40 silver points for this. If you've already won a Crono clone on 
    your own time. Go to Crono's house and get it. If not, head to the tent to the 
    right of main square. Once you win, go back to Crono's room and grab the doll. 
    Return to Belthasar.
    * * * * * * *
    *           *
    * 2300 A.D. *
    *           *******************************************************************
    * * * * * * * Future **********************************************************
    Talk with Belthasar again and he'll give some help in getting up Death 
    Mountain. He also tells you to swtich off the creature. You don't have to do 
    this but if you do, he falls asleep past the flow of time. Head to Death 
    Death Mountain
    Talk with the first helper and it will turn into a tree for you to hide behind 
    when the wind blows. When it dies down, continue up. Continue through the 
    mountain until you enter a cave, you'll have your first of three battles with 
    the Lavos Spawn.
    Boss Fight(s) - Lavos Spawn
    Focus all attacks on the head and not the shell. If you use magic or techs, use 
    only single attacks. Once the head dies, the body follows. 
    Continue through until you exit the cave, hit the switch which looks like a 
    capsule would. Return back to where you entered and go to the right, head 
    through the doorway and you'll have another Lavos Spawn battle. The next helper 
    says not to slip and fall, so be careful on this path. Keep going until you 
    reach the last helper who says to use the shell to climb. Fight the Lavos Spawn 
    and push to the shell to the upper left. Press the action button to climb up 
    the shell to the ladder. A scene will occur here where you go back in time and 
    replace Crono with the Doll. Congratulations, you have him back. 
    * * * * * * * *
    *             *
    * End of Time *
    *             *****************************************************************
    * * * * * * * * ??? ***********************************************************
    There are multiple side quests you can complete now. You'll also notice that 
    Crono does not have to be in the party at all times now. Pick one of the quests 
    below and get the items and experience you need. I recommend doing them all 
    because they really help out in leveling up and getting strong items all while 
    learning everyone's techniques before the fight with Lavos.
     3. Characters                                                       | [CT03] |
    Time Period: 1000 A.D.
    Element: Light (Lighting)
    Weapon: Katana
    Time Period: 1000 A.D
    Element: Fire
    Weapon: Gun
    Marle (Princess Nadia Guardia)
    Time Period: 1000 A.D.
    Element: Ice
    Weapon: Bowguns
    Frog (Glenn)
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    Element: Water
    Weapon: Sword
    Robo (R-66Y) (Prometheus)
    Time Period: 2300 A.D.
    Element: Shadow
    Weapon: Arm
    Time Period: 65,000,000,000 B.C.
    Element: None
    Weapon: Fist
    Magus Zeal (Janus) (Prophet)
    Time Period: 600 A.D. (12,000 B.C.)
    Element: Shadow
    Weapon: Scythe
    Schala Zeal
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C.
    Schala is the princess of Zeal. Daughter to Queen Zeal and sister to Janus. She
    possess a very high level of magical abilities. She is kind hearted but still
    helps her mother. She goes missing after the Ocean Power disaster. Her pendant
    is just like Marle's and can open the sealed doors.
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    Cyrus is the top knight in the square table and was killed at the hand of
    Magus. He is good friends with Frog and protects the kingdom at all costs.
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C.
    A high authority figure in Zeal. Rules the blackbird and takes over Zeal when
    the Ocean Palace is destroyed. No one knows of his whereabouts after he
    dissapears on the Blackbird.
    Time Period: All
    Fell to the world in 65,000,000,000 B.C. as the red star. Was summoned in 600 
    A.D. by Magus. Destroyed the world in 1999 A.D. Is the most likely cause of the 
    time gates appearing but it is debatable.
    Queen Zeal
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C.
    The Queen of Zeal. Mother to Schala and Janus. Harnesed the power of Lavos and
    became immortal.
    Queen Leene:
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    The Queen of Guardia in the middle ages. Wife to King Guardia XXI.
    King Guardia XXI
    Time Period: 600 A.D
    The King of Gurdia in the middle ages. Husband to Queen Leene.
    King Guardia XXXIII
    Time Period: 1000 A.D.
    The King of Guardia in the present day. Father to Marle.
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C. (600 A.D.)
    Mythical creature from the Kingdom of Zeal. Twin brother to Mune and sister to 
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C. (600 A.D.)
    Mythical creature from the Kingdom of Zeal. Twin brother to Masa and sister to 
    Time Period: 2300 A.D.
    Mother to R series in the future. Created Robo for a special task.
    Time Period: ???
    All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu.
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    Was the "Hero" before everyone realized he had just found the badge.
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    Tried to overthrow Guardia by taking over the Chancellor.
    Time Period: 65,000,000,000 B.C.
    Best friend of Ayla. He is Jealous of Crono and the party.
    Time Period: 65,000,000,000 B.C.
    Leader of the reptities.
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    Lady with a strong will to regrow the forest.
    Johnny (The Man) (The Dude)
    Time Period: 2300 A.D.
    Challenges you to race in the future.
    Time Period: 2300 A.D.
    Robo's girlfriend. Motherbrain "upgraded" her memory about Robo. According to 
    one ending, Robo and Atropos come back together.
    Time Period: 2300 A.D.
    The unproclaimed leader of a the survivors in the future.
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    Hired to find the Rainbow Shell. Only finds out where it is, tells your party.
    Melchior (Guru of Life)
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C.(1000 A.D.)
    The Guru of Life in Zeal. The portal Lavos created threw Melchior into present
    day. He lives on the outskirts of Medina Village and sells swords.
    Belthasar (Guru of Reason)
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C.(2300 A.D.)
    The Guru of Reason in Zeal. The portal Lavos created threw Belthasar into the
    future. He lives in his own Dome by Death Peak. It is rumored he's been working
    on the Wings of Time. He eventually plants his mind into the Nu he works with.
    Gaspar (Old Man) (Guru of Time)
    Time Period: 12,000 B.C. (???)
    The Guru of Time in Zeal. The portal Lavos created threw Gaspar into the End of
    Time. He stays there and advises anyone who may come by.
    Time Period: All
    This guy is the Master of War. He changes forms as you level up and can be
    found at the end of time.
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    Magus's top general, found Janus when he was teleported to the middle ages.
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    A great magician that cares most about beauty. He is often mistaken for a
    Time Period: 600 A.D.
    A great swordsman. Wields the Slasher and Slasher II.
     4. Techniques                                                       | [CT04] |
    The following are all the techniques in the game. The MP is how many magic
    points a technique cost to use. The TP is how many technique points you must
    acquire before you obtain the techniuqe. Magic skills are obtained from talking
    to Spekkio.
    It's best to equip a Silver or Golden stud to cut the cost of MP down for some
    of the more expensive moves. 
    a. Single Techs
     Cyclone      | MP: 2  | TP: 5     | Target: Enemy radius
     Wind Slash   | MP: 2  | TP: 90    | Target: Line
     Lightning    | MP: 2  | TP: auto  | Target: One
     Cleave       | MP: 4  | TP: 200   | Target: One
     Lightning II | MP: 8  | TP: 500   | Target: All
     Raise        | MP: 10 | TP: 400   | Target: One
     Frenzy       | MP: 12 | TP: 800   | Target: One
     Luminaire    | MP: 20 | TP: 1,000 | Target: All
     Aura    | MP: 1  | TP: 10  | Target: One
     Allure  | MP: 1  | TP: 50  | Target: One
     Ice     | MP: 2  | TP: 0   | Target: One
     Cure    | MP: 2  | TP: 150 | Target: One
     Haste   | MP: 6  | TP: 250 | Target: One
     Ice II  | MP: 8  | TP: 400 | Target: All
     Cure II | MP: 5  | TP: 600 | Target: One
     Arise   | MP: 15 | TP: 900 | Target: One
    Flamethrower | MP: 1  | TP: 10  | Target: Line
    Hypnowave    | MP: 1  | TP: 60  | Target: All
    Fire         | MP: 2  | TP: 0   | Target: One
    Napalm       | MP: 4  | TP: 150 | Target: Enemy radius
    Protect      | MP: 6  | TP: 250 | Target: One
    Fire II      | MP: 8  | TP: 400 | Target: All
    Megaton Bomb | MP: 15 | TP: 600 | Target: Enemy radius
    Flare        | MP: 20 | TP: 900 | Target: All
    Rocket Punch    | MP: 1  | TP: 0     | Target: One
    Cure Beam       | MP: 2  | TP: 0     | Target: One
    Laser Spin      | MP: 3  | TP: 5     | Target: All
    Robo Tackle     | MP: 4  | TP: 150   | Target: One
    Heal Beam       | MP: 3  | TP: 400   | Target: All
    Rapid-fire Fist | MP: 12 | TP: 600   | Target: One
    Proximity Bomb  | MP: 14 | TP: 800   | Target: Robo radius
    Electrocute     | MP: 17 | TP: 1,000 | Target: All
    Slurp         | MP: 1  | TP: 10    | Target: One
    Slurp Slash   | MP: 2  | TP: 15    | Target: One
    Water         | MP: 2  | TP: 0     | Target: One
    Heal          | MP: 2  | TP: 10    | Target: All
    Aerial Strike | MP: 4  | TP: 250   | Target: One
    Water II      | MP: 8  | TP: 400   | Target: All
    Cure II       | MP: 5  | TP: 600   | Target: One
    Frog Squash   | MP: 15 | TP: 1,000 | Target: All
    Kiss           | MP: 1  | TP: 10    | Target: One
    Roundillo Kick | MP: 2  | TP: 60    | Target: One
    Cat Attack     | MP: 3  | TP: 100   | Target: One
    Boulder Toss   | MP: 4  | TP: 200   | Target: One
    Charm          | MP: 4  | TP: 400   | Target: One
    Tail Spin      | MP: 10 | TP: 600   | Target: Ayla radius
    Dino Tail      | MP: 15 | TP: 800   | Target: All
    Triple Kick    | MP: 20 | TP: 1,000 | Target: One
    Lightning II | MP: 8  | TP: 0   | Target: All
    Ice II       | MP: 8  | TP: 0   | Target: All
    Fire II      | MP: 8  | TP: 0   | Target: All
    Dark Bomb    | MP: 8  | TP: 400 | Target: Enemy radius
    Barrier      | MP: 8  | TP: 400 | Target: One
    Dark Mist    | MP: 10 | TP: 400 | Target: All
    Black Hole   | MP: 15 | TP: 900 | Target: One
    Dark Matter  | MP: 20 | TP: 900 | Target: All
    b. Dual Techs
    Crono and Marle
    Aura Whirl   | MP: 2 and 1  | Target: All
    Techs Required: Cyclone and Aura
    Ice Sword    | MP: 4 and 2  | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cleave and Ice 
    Ice Sword II | MP: 12 and 8 | Target: Enemy radius
    Techs Required: Frenzy and Ice II 
    Crono and Lucca
    Fire Whirl | MP: 2 and 1 | Target: Enemy radius
    Techs Required: Cyclone and Flamethrower
    Fire Sword | MP: 4 and 2 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cleave and Fire
    Fire Sword II | MP: 12 and 8 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Frenzy and Fire II 
    Crono and Robo
    Supersonic Spin | MP: 2 and 3  | Target: All
    Techs Required: Cyclone and Laser Spin
    Cyclone Sweep   | MP: 2 and 3  | Robo radius
    Techs Required: Cleave and Laser Spin
    Megavolt        | MP: 8 and 17 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Lightning II and Electrocute 
    Crono and Frog
    X-Strike | MP: 2 and 2 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cyclone and Slurp Slash
    Sword Stream | MP: 4 and 2 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cleave and Water 
    Lightning Rod | MP: 8 and 4 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Lightning II and Aerial Strike 
    Crono and Ayla
    Drill Kick    | MP: 2 and 2 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cyclone and Roundillo Kick
    Thunder Chomp | MP: 2 and 3 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Lightning and Cat Attack 
    Falcon Strike | MP: 4 and 4 | Target: Line
    Techs Required: Cleave and Boulder Toss 
    Lucca and Marle
    Antipode Bomb     | MP: 2 and 2  | Target: Enemy radius
    Techs Required: Ice and Fire 
    Antipode Bomb II  | MP: 8 and 8  | Target: Enemy radius
    Techs Required: Ice II and Fire II 
    Antipode Bomb III | MP: 8 and 20 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Ice II and Flare 
    Marle and Robo
    Aura Beam  | MP: 2 and 2 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Aura and Cure Beam 
    Ice Tackle | MP: 2 and 2 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Ice and Robo Tackle 
    Cure Wind  | MP: 8 and 3 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Cure II and Heal Beam 
    Marle and Frog
    Ice Water      | MP: 2 and 2 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Ice and Water 
    Glacial Freeze | MP: 8 and 8 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Ice II and Water II 
    Double Cure    | MP: 5 and 5 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Cure II and Cure II 
    Marle and Ayla
    Twin Charm   | MP: 1 and 4 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Allure and Charm 
    Ice Toss     | MP: 2 and 4 | Target: Enemy radius
    Techs Required: Ice and Boulder Toss 
    Iceberg Toss | MP: 8 and 4 | Target: Enemy radius
    Techs Required: Ice II and Boulder Toss 
    Robo and Lucca
    Fire Punch  | MP: 2 and 1   | Target: Enemy radius
    Techs Required: Fire and Rocket Punch 
    Fire Tackle | MP: 8 and 4   | Target: One
    Techs Required: Fire II and Robo Tackle 
    Double Bomb | MP: 15 and 14 | Target: Robo radius
    Techs Required: Megaton Bomb and Proximity Bomb 
    Lucca and Ayla
    Flame Kick | MP: 2 and 2  | Target: One
    Techs Required: Fire and Roundillo Kick 
    Inferno    | MP: 8 and 10 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Fire II and Tail Spin 
    Blaze Kick | MP: 8 and 20 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Fire II and Triple Kick 
    Frog and Robo
    Frog Launcher | MP: 3 and 2 | Target: Line
    Techs Required: Laser Spin and Slurp Slash 
    Bubble Breath | MP: 4 and 2 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Robo Tackle and Water
    Cure Wave     | MP: 3 and 5 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Heal Beam and Cure II 
    Robo and Ayla
    Boogie      | MP: 4 and 4 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Robo Tackle and Charm 
    Spin Kick  | MP: 4 and 2  | Target: One
    Techs Required: Robo Tackle and Roundillo Kick 
    Beast Toss | MP: 12 and 4 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Rapid-fire Fist and Boulder Toss 
    Frog and Ayla
    Slurp Kiss   | MP: 1 and 1  | Target: All
    Techs Required: Slurp and Kiss 
    Bubble Burst | MP: 2 and 2  | Target: One
    Techs Required: Water and Roundillo Kick
    Dropdown     | MP: 4 and 20 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Aerial Strike and Triple Kick 
    Lucca and Frog
    Red Needle | MP: 2 and 4  | Target: One
    Techs Required: Fire and Aerial Strike 
    Line Bomb | MP: 15 and 4 | Target: Line
    Techs Required: Megaton Bomb and Aerial Strike 
    Frog Flare | MP: 20 and 15 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Flare and Frog Squash 
    c. Triple Techs
    Crono, Marle, and Lucca
    Delta Force | MP: 8 and 8 and 8 | Target: All 
    Techs Required: Lightning II, Ice II and Fire II 
    Crono, Marle, and Robo
    Lifeline | MP: 15 and 15 and 3 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Cyclone, Arise, and Laser Spin
    Crono, Marle, and Frog
    Frost Arc | MP: 4 and 8 and 4 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cleave, Ice II, and Aerial Strike
    Crono, Marle, and Ayla
    Final Kick | MP: 8 and 8 and 20 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Lightning II, Ice II, and Triple Kick
    Crono, Lucca, and Frog
    Delta Storm | MP: 8 and 8 and 8 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Lightning II, Fire II, and Water II
    Crono, Lucca, and Robo
    Ring of Fire | MP: 4 and 8 and 3 | Target: Robo radius
    Techs Required: Cleave, Fire II, and Laser Spin
    Crono, Lucca, and Ayla
    Gatling Kick | MP: 8 and 8 and 20 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Lightning II, Fire II, and Triple Kick
    Crono, Robo, and Frog
    Triple Attack | MP: 2 and 2 and 4 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cyclone, Slurp Cut, and Robo Tackle
    Crono, Robo, and Ayla
    Twister | MP: 2 and 3 and 10 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cyclone, Laser Spin, and Tail Spin
    Crono, Frog, and Ayla
    3-D Attack | MP: 2 and 2 and 20 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Cyclone, Slurp Slash, and Triple Kick
    Lucca, Robo, and Magus
    Omega Flare | MP: 20 and 3 and 8 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Flare, Laser Spin, and Dark Bomb
    Stone Required: Blue Gemstone
    Lucca, Marle, and Ayla
    Poyozo Dance | MP: 1 and 1 and 10 | Target: All
    Techs Required:  Hypno Wave, Allure, and Triple Kick
    Stone Required: White Gemstone
    Frog, Robo, and Marle
    Master Mune | MP: 15 and 3 and 15 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Frog Squash, Laser Spin, and Arise 
    Stone Required: Golden Gemstone
    Frog, Robo, and Ayla
    Spin Strike | MP: 4 and 4 and 10 | Target: One
    Techs Required: Leap Slash, Robo Tackle, and Tail Spin
    Stone Required: Silver Gemstone
    Magus, Marle, and Lucca
    Eternal Darkness | MP: 20 and 8 and 8 | Target: All
    Techs Required: Dark Matter, Ice II, and Fire II
    Stone Required: Black Gemstone
     5. Game Mechanics                                                   | [CT05] |
     a. Maps
       1 World Map
    Move around with the control pad and press the "a" button to enter an
    area when their location name is displayed. If you press "select" your
    position will be displayed on the top screen instead of the bottom. The current
    year will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the top screen. Your
    parties HP/MP is displayed on the top of the touch screen. On the sides of the
    touch screen are shortcuts to the menu icons. You can save whenever you wish to
    on the world map.
       2 Area Map
    Use the control pad to move and press "b" if you wish to walk. You can use the
    stylus if you wish to move by pressing down on the touch screen on any side.
    You can only save on the area map when you see the four white stars.
        * Talk/Examine
    Walk up to any NPC and press "a" to speak with them. You can examine something
    by pressing "a" as well. You can also use this to open chests. Slightly
    touching the stylus to the touch screen will do the same thing.
        * Inns
    There are many inns located throughout time. They charge a small fee and
    restore your parties HP and MP.
        * Shops
    At shops, you can buy and sell items and equipment. Blue numbers next to
    attributes show if the selected item improves over whatever items is currently
    equipped. Red means those attributes are decreased. Current funds are shown as
    well as how much something costs.
    * Warping *
    * *****************************************************************************
    * Warping can be done through many means. Gates, pillars of light, and the 
    * Epoch.
    ** 1  Gates
    * Gates are dark blue circles located throughout all periods of time. Stand by
    * them and press "a" to teleport across time. The destinations are fixed.
    ** 2 Pillars of Light
    * At the End of Time are pillars of that send you to a gate in other period of
    * time. Stand in one pillar press "a" to see where it leads.
    ** 3 The Epoch
    * Once you've acquired the Epoch, you can teleport to any period in time. 
    * However it's always in the same spot that you were at in the period you've 
    * teleported from. When the Epoch is upgraded, you can fly around with the 
    * control pad and press "y" to access the time gauge.
    * Menu *
    * *****************************************************************************
    * Press the "x" button to access the menu. You can also use the stylus to 
    * access the shortcuts on the touch screen.
    ** 1 Equipment
    * On the equipment screen, you can view everything that is currently equipped.
    * The element of every character is displayed with their current experience as
    * well as a description of what is equipped.
    * Attributes
    * LV  | Measures character's abilities. Attributes increase when you level up
    * HP  | Lose HP when attacked, if HP reaches zero the character is KO'd
    * MP  | Lose MP when you use techs or magic, can't be used if insufficient MP
    * ATK | The higher the attack, the more damage physcial attacks will do
    * DEF | The higher the defense, the less phyiscal attacks will do to you
    * STR | The higher the strength, the more damage physical attacks can do
    * ACC | Allows for a higher chance to hit, causes bows and guns to damage more
    * SPE | How quickly a character can attack during battle
    * MGC | The higher the magic, the more damage magic attacks will do
    * EVA | The higher the evade, the more likely you'll evade an attack
    * STM | Higher staminia increases a character's defense
    * MgD | The higher the magic defense, the less magic attacks will do
    ** 2 Inventory
    * Select an item and press "a" twice to use an item. Pressing "select" will 
    * sort your entire inventory.
    ** 3 Techs
    * You can look at every tech you have and how much MP they cost. You can learn
    * new techs by acquiring TP points after battle. You must take Crono, Lucca,
    * Marle and Frog to see Spekkio before they can use magic.
    ** 4 Bestiary
    * The bestiary shows every monster you have battled and tells you everything
    * about them. Use the L and R buttons to cycle through the pages.
    ** 5 Settings
    * In the settings menu, you can adjust every setting about the game.
    **** Game Mode
    * Cycle through the DS and classic modes. The DS mode is the standard, if you
    * switch to classic you cannot use the touch screen.
    **** Battle Mode
    * Switch between active and wait. Active means the battle will continue 
    * whenever but wait stops the battle when you are selecting techs and items.
    **** Battle Speed
    * Choose how fast a battle flows. 1 being the fastest and 8 the slowest.
    **** Battle Message Speed
    * Choose how fast messages will stay on the screen.
    **** Battle Cursor Memory
    * Changes the level of memory for the battle cursor.
    **** Status Bars
    * Toggles the HP and ATB gauges on the battle screen.
    **** Battle Gauges
    * Select the battle gauge type. This is only available in classic mode.
    **** Help Messages
    * Toggle help messages on the use of techs and items.
    **** Control Scheme
    * Change the assignments of all the buttons.
    **** Movement
    * Toggle the default movement between walk and run.
    **** Shortcut Assignments
    * Choose the layout of the shortcuts on the touch screen.
    **** Menu Cursor Memory
    * Toggles the position cursor memory.
    **** Movies
    * Toggles if movies are shown at key points in the game.
    **** Window Design
    * Select a window pattern for the game.
    ** 6 Party
    * Changes the party members from whoever is available. The techs available
    * between all party members are shown. You can also change your party at the 
    * End of Time by talking to an inactive member.
    ** 7 Save
    * Save in one of three files on the DS cartridge.
    ** Battle Screen *
    ** ****************************************************************************
    ** 1 Initiating Battle
    * You will initiate battle whenever you come into contact with an enemy or if 
    * you pass through a certain area in a dungeon.
    ** 2 Status Ailments
    **** Poison
    * HP will gradually decrease and attacks decrease as well.
    **** Blind
    * Decreases your chance of hitting an enemy.
    * Does not allow you to choose your commands and may attack your party members.
    **** Lock
    * Does not allow you to use your techs. Some may not even let you use items.
    **** Slow
    * ATB fills slowly.
    **** Sleep
    * Can't choose commands and lowers defense.
    **** Stop
    * The ATB guage will not fill and you cannot perform any commands.
    **** KO
    * HP is at zero and no actions can be performed.
     6. Changes                                                          | [CT06] |
      Below are the changes from the SNES version of Chrono Trigger to the new DS
    version. I originally had about a fourth of the changes but RevenantThings
    was kind enough to send me the complete list. Many thanks to him.
       Script Changed
        * "You guys are a riot a minute" -Toma
          "Ah... There truly is no drink so fine as one shared in the company of
           friends like you.All the best to you." -Toma
       Script Removed
        * "I have Lode Shields but I can only sell them with the Queen's 
           permission" - Nu salesman in Kajar  
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Truce Residence		 Residence
    Truce Market		 Market	
    Truce Mayor's Manor	 Mayor's Manor
    Porre Market		 Market	
    Porre Mayor's Manor	 Mayor's Manor
    Porre Elder's House	 Elder's House
    Porre Residence		 Residence 
    Ticket Office		 Ferry Office
    Cathedral                Manolia Cathedral
    Lab 16			 Site 16
    Sewer Access		 Abandoned Sewers
    Lab 32			 Site 32
    Factory			 Derelict Factory
    Melchior's Hut		 Melchior's Cabin
    Dorino Market		 Market
    Dorino Elder's House	 Elder's House
    Dorino Residence	 Residence
    Denadoro Mts		 Denadoro Mountains
    Prehistoric		 Prehistory
    Mystic Mts		 Mystic Mountains
    Meeting Site		 Meeting Grounds
    Tyrano Lair		 Tyranno Lair
    Lair Ruins		 Tyranno Lair Ruins
    Dark Ages		 Antiquity
    Cave			 Small Cave
    Commons			 Village Commons
    Village			 Surviving Village
    Choras Market		 Market
    Choras Cafe		 Tavern
    Choras Residence	 Residence
    Choras Mayor's Manor	 Mayor's Manor
    Sun Keep		 Sun Temple
    Sun Palace		 Sun Shrine
    Apocalypse		 Cataclysm
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Tonic                    Potion
    Mid Tonic                Mid-Potion
    Full Tonic               Hi-Potion
    Mid Ether                Mid-Ether
    Full Ether               Hi-Ether
    Hyper Ether              Turbo Ether
    Megaelixir		 Megalixir
    Heal                     Panacea
    Revive			 Athenian Water
    Power Meal               Ambrosia
    Barrier                  Barrier Sphere
    Shield                   Shield Sphere
    Power Tab                Strength Capsule
    Magic Tab                Magic Capsule
    Speed Tab                Speed Capsule
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Wood Sword               Wooden Sword
    Iron Blade               Bronze Blade
    Lode Sword               Silver Sword
    Bolt Sword               Thunder Blade
    Red Katana               Crimson Blade
    Flint Edge               Mammoth Tusk
    Aeon Blade		 Primeval Blade
    Demon Edge               Zanmato
    Alloy Blade              Vajra Sword
    Star Sword               Empyrean Blade
    Vedic Blade              Yaksha Blade
    Kali Blade               Onimaru
    Slasher 2                Slasher II
    Shiva Edge		 Suzaku
    Rainbow Sword		 Rainbow
    Bronze Bow		 Bronze Bowgun
    Iron Bow                 Iron Bowgun
    Lode Bow                 Silver Bow
    Robin Bow                Bandit's Bow
    Sage Bow                 Shaman's Bow
    Dream Bow                Dreamstone Bow
    Comet Arrow              Comet Bow
    Sonic Arrow              Sonic Bow
    Siren                    Siren's Kiss
    Valkerye                 Valkyrie Bow
    Air Gun			 Airgun
    Dart Gun                 Pea Shooter
    Auto Gun                 Pocket Blaster
    Dream Gun                Dreamstone Gun
    Megablast                Megablaster
    Shock Wave               Shockwave
    Wonder Shot              Wondershot
    Doom Finger		 Death Claw
    Big Hand                 Heavy Hand
    Giga Arm                 Gigaton Arm
    Terra Arm                Teraton Arm
    BronzeEdge               Bronze Sword
    Flash Blade		 Radiant Blade
    Pearl Edge               Smiter's Blade
    Demon Hit		 Demonslayer
    Dark Scythe              Moonfall Scythe
    Hurricane                Headman's Scythe
    Hadean Sickle            Star Scythe
    Doom Sickle              Doom Scythe
    Broken Sword		 Broken Blade
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Bronze Helmet		 Bronze Helm
    Iron Helmet		 Iron Helm
    Beret                    Porrean Beret
    Gold Helmet              Golden Helm
    Rock Helmet              Stone Helm
    Cera Topper              Triceratopper
    Taban Helmet 		 Taban's Helm
    Glow Helmet 		 Radiant Helm
    Lode Helmet 		 Platinum Helm
    Doom Helmet              Doom Helm
    Sight Cap 		 Clarity Cap
    Aeon Helmet 		 Aeonian Helm
    Dark Helmet	         Dark Helm
    Haste Helmet		 Haste Helm
    Rainbow Helmet		 Rainbow Helm
    Mermaid Cap		 Mermaid Helm
    Vigil Hat 	 	 Vigilant's Hat
    Safe Helmet		 Guardian Helm
    Prism Helmet		 Prismatic Helm
    Gloom Helmet		 Gloom Helm
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Karate Gi                Padded Vest
    BronzeMail               Bronze Armor
    MaidenSuit               Maiden's Suit
    Titan Vest               Titanium Vest
    Taban Vest               Taban's Vest
    Gold Suit                Golden Suit
    Meso Mail                Mesozoic Mail
    Lumin Robe               Luminous Robe
    White Mail               White Plate
    Flash Mail               Radiant Plate
    Red Mail                 Red Plate
    Black Mail               Black Plate
    Blue Mail                Blue Plate
    Lode Vest                Platinum Vest
    Aeon Suit		 Aeonian Suit
    Taban Suit		 Taban's Suit
    Moon Armor               Moonbeam Armor
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Bandana                  Headband
    Defender		 Guardian Bangle
    Amulet                   Schala's Amulet
    Dash Ring		 Speed Ring
    Hit Ring 		 Acuity Ring
    Wall Ring 		 Barrier Ring
    Gold Earring 		 Golden Earring
    Gold Stud		 Golden Stud
    Charm Top 		 Alluring Top
    Frenzy Band 		 Wrath Band
    Wallet 			 Workman's Wallet
    Berserker                Berserker Ring
    Black Rock		 Black Gemstone
    Blue Rock 		 Blue Gemstone
    Silver Rock 		 Silver Gemstone
    White Rock		 White Gemstone
    Gold Rock		 Golden Gemstone
    Hero Medal		 Hero's Badge
    Flea Vest 		 Flea Bustier
    Magic Seala 		 Magic Crest
    Power Seal		 Power Crest
    Sun Shades 		 Sunglasses
    Prism Specs 		 Prism Spectacles
    Key Items
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Bike Key                 Jetbike Key
    Prism Shard              Rainbow Shard
    Tools			 Carpenter's Tools
    Jerky			 Spiced Jerky
    Dream Stone		 Dreamstone
    Race Log		 Race Recorder
    Yakra Key		 Yakra's Key
    ???			 Doppel Doll
    Toma's Pop               Toma's Spirit
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Slash			 Wind Slash
    Spincut			 Cleave
    Lightning 2		 Lightning II
    Life			 Raise
    Confuse			 Frenzy
    Provoke			 Allure
    Ice 2			 Ice II
    Cure 2			 Cure II
    Life 2			 Arise
    Flame Toss		 Flamethrower
    Hypno Wave		 Hypnowave
    Fire 2			 Fire II
    Mega Bomb		 Megaton Bomb
    Uzzi Punch		 Rapid-fire Fist
    Area Bomb		 Proximity Bomb
    Shock			 Electrocute
    Slurp Cut		 Slurp Slash
    Leap Slash		 Aerial Strike
    Water 2			 Water II
    Cure 2			 Cure II
    Rollo Kick		 Roundillo Kick
    Rock Throw		 Boulder Toss
    Magic Wall		 Barrier
    Ice Sword 2		 Ice Sword II
    Fire Sword 2		 Fire Sword II
    Rocket Roll		 Supersonic Spin
    Max Cyclone		 Cyclone Sweep
    Super Volt		 Megavolt
    Spire			 Lightning Rod
    Volt Bite		 Thunder Chomp
    Falcon Hit		 Falcon Strike
    Antipode		 Antipode Bomb
    Antipode 2		 Antipode Bomb II
    Antipode 3		 Antipode Bomb III
    Cure Touch		 Cure Wind
    Glacier			 Glaical Freeze
    Cube Toss		 Iceberg Toss
    DoublevBomb		 Double Bomb
    Fire Whirl		 Inferno
    Blade Toss		 Frog Launcher
    Bubble Snap		 Bubble Breath
    Drop Kick		 Dropdown
    Red Pin			 Red Needle
    Life Line		 Lifeline
    Arc Impulse		 Frost Arc
    Fire Zone		 Ring of Fire
    Triple Raid		 Triple Attack
    3D Attack		 3-D Attack
    Dark Eternal             Eternal Darkness
    Grand Dream		 Mastermune
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Hetake			 Amanita
    Beetle			 Scarab
    Avian Chaos		 Gilded Bellbird
    Guard			 Royal Guard
    Blue Shield/Yodu De	 Sentry
    Omnicrone		 Gaoler
    Decedent		 Lancer
    Octoblush		 Cave Stalker
    Jinn Bottle		 Djinn Bottle
    Tempurite		 Rhino Weevil
    Roly Poly		 Boundillo
    Roly			 Roundillo
    Poly			 Fiendillo
    Imp Ace			 Imp Hawk
    Roly Rider		 Roundillo Rider
    Naga-ette		 Naga
    Gnasher			 Viper
    Diablos			 Diablo
    Hench 1			 Underling (Blue)
    Deceased		 Skeleton
    Goblin			 Ogan
    Ogan			 Ogan (Hammer)
    Free Lancer		 Freelancer
    T'pole			 Edible Frog
    Gnawer			 Fangtooth
    Gremlin			 Grimling
    Vamp			 Vampire Bat
    Hench 2			 Underling (Purple)
    Groupie			 Servant (Sword)
    Flunky			 Servant (Crossbow)
    Grimalkin		 Blue Gargoyle
    RolyBomber		 Roundillo Bomber
    Sentry			 Ghost Knight
    Reaper			 Flesh Reaper
    Defunct			 Fallen
    Base			 Soul
    Departed		 Fallen + Soul
    Mohavor			 Sandrago
    Hexapod			 Vilepillar
    Gigasaur		 Aecytosaur
    Leaper			 Aecytonyx
    Octopod			 Ruin Stalker
    Meat Eater		 Floral Horror
    Bugger			 Exterminator
    Proto 2			 Version 2.0
    Nereid			 Dondrago
    Egder			 Egg Ooze
    Debugger		 Deverminator
    Proto 3			 Version 3.0
    Alkaline		 Alkali
    Krakker			 Blood Yolk
    Debuggest		 Deverminator EX
    Proto 4			 Version 4.0
    Reptite			 Reptite (Green)
    Runner			 Crested Sprinter
    Amphibite/Rain Frog	 Prehistoric Frog
    Anion			 Ion Cloud
    Gold Eaglet		 Golden Eaglet
    Winged Ape		 Bao Bao
    Evil Weevil		 Aecyto Weevil
    Pahoehoe		 Mossback
    Fly Trap		 Rafflesia
    Shist			 Schist
    Terrasaur		 Terasaur
    Volcano			 Volcanite
    Reptile			 Reptite (Purple)
    Beast			 Mudbeast
    Bantam Imp		 Bomber Bird
    Man Eater		 Death Lily
    Jinn			 Djinn
    Barghest		 Ghul
    Mage			 Zealot Mage
    Scout			 Scouter
    Red Scout		 Red Scouter
    Blue Scout		 Blue Scouter
    Basher			 Monk
    Lasher			 Warrior
    Thrasher		 Daltonite
    Incognito/Peeping Doom	 Shieldsman
    Goon			 Fangbeast
    Boss Orb		 Watcher
    Sidekick		 Nomad
    Metal Mute		 Metal Mutant
    Ruminator		 Hydraconda
    Tubster			 Blubber Hulk
    Blob			 Narble
    Alien			 Ghaj
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Bit			 Pod
    Sir Krawlie		 Krawlie
    R Series		 R-Series
    Zombor (Top)		 Zombor (Upper Body)
    Zombor (Bottom)		 Zombor (Lower Body)
    Masa&Mune		 Masa & Mune
    Black Tyrano		 Black Tyranno
    Blue Beast		 Blue Mudbeast
    Red Beast		 Red Mudbeast
    Golem Twins		 Golem Sisters
    Golem Boss		 Golem Overlord
    Dalton Plus		 King Dalton
    Retinite (Top)		 Melphyx (Upper Body)
    Retinite (Bottom)	 Melphyx (Lower Body)
    Retinite (Core)		 Melphyx (Core)
    Flea Plus		 Diva Flea
    Great Ozzie		 Ozzie the Great
    Son of Sun		 Son of the Sun
    Rust Tyrano		 Rust Tyranno
    Mega Mutant (Top)	 Mega Mutant (Upper Body)
    Mega Mutant (Bottom)	 Mega Mutant (Lower Body)
    Giga Mutant (Top)	 Giga Mutant (Upper Body)
    Giga Mutant (Bottom)	 Giga Mutant (Lower Body)
    Terra Mutant (Top)	 Tera Mutant (Upper Body)
    Terra Mutant (Bottom)	 Tera Mutant (Lower Body)
    Lavos Spawn		 Elder Lavos Spawn (Mouth)
    Lavos Shell		 Elder Lavos Spawn (Shell)
    Zeal			 Queen Zeal
    Zeal (Face)		 Queen Zeal (Face)
    Zeal (Right Hand)	 Queen Zeal (Right Hand)
    Zeal (Left Hand)	 Queen Zeal (Left Hand)
    Lavos Core (Left Bit)	 Lavos Pod
    Lavos Core (Body)	 Center Pod
    Lavos Core (Right Bit)	 Lavos Core			 
    Name Changes
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Original Translation     DS Translation
    ---------------------    --------------------
    Demon Lord		 Fiendlord
     7. Arena                                                            | [CT07] |
     Future Addition.
     8. Endings                                                          | [CT08] |
    Ending #1
    Beyond Time
    Beat Lavos at the end of the game after resurrecting Crono.
    Access Point: Black Omen, Bucket, and 1999 A.D.
    Crono is awakened by a soldier and brought to the king. He thanks Crono and 
    and continues to the Millenium Fair. The group leaves and Marle and Crono fly 
    away on some balloons while the credits roll. There will be a couple of changes
    depending on the status of the Epoch and if you fed the cats.
    Ending #2
    Beat Lavos before resurrecting Crono.
    Access Point: Black Omen, Bucket, and 1999 A.D.
    The group returns to their respective time periods. Marle attends the Millenium
    Fair alone. She flies away on the balloons where she sees Crono in the
    Ending #3
    The Dream Project
    1. Beat Lavos in the Ocean Palace. You are supposed to lose this fight. 
    2. Beat Lavos right after you get Marle. New Game+ only.
    Access Point: Ocean Palace and Telepod.
    The End of Time is filled with the development staff and you can talk to all.
    Ending #4
    The Successor of Guardia
    Beat Lavos after killing Magus the second time and before reviving Crono.
    Access Point: Bucket and 1999 A.D.
    Frog returns to his human form and Lucca and Marle attend the hanging of the
    Nadia Bell.
    Ending #5
    Good Night
    Beat Lavos as soon as you gain access to the End of Time.
    Access Point: Bucket
    The entire ending will show a Nu and Ribbit playing around.
    Ending #6
    The Legendary Hero
    Beat Lavos before you get the Hero Medal but after you hear Tata is the hero.
    Access Point: Bucket
    Crono and Tata face off while Robo and his girlfriend live happily ever after.
    Ending #7
    The Unknown Past
    Beat Lavos after you get the Hero's Badge but before the Masamune is fixed.
    Access Point: Bucket
    The group of Magus, Ozzie, Slash, and Flea are seen while the army prepares
    at the castle. Frog is shown and so is the rest of the party.
    Ending #8
    People of the Times
    Beat Lavos after you get the gate key back in 65,000,000 BC
    Access Point: Bucket
    Frog and Magus fight and Frog emerges victorious. Frog returns to his human
    Ending #9
    The Oath
    Beat Lavos after you fix the Masamune but before opening the magic cave.
    Access Point: Bucket
    The party tries to fix up Robo again and then Frog goes to fight Magus.
    Ending #10
    Dino Age
    Beat Lavos after defeating Magus but before defeating Azala.
    Access Point: Bucket
    The Reptites won and thus there are no humans.
    Ending #11
    What the Prophet Seeks
    Beat Lavos after defeating Azala
    Access Point: Bucket
    Magus, Janus and Schala have numerous scenes.
    Ending #12
    Memory Lane
    Beat Lavos after Schala uses her pendant but before Marle's is powered.
    Access Point: Bucket
    Marle, Lucca, and Crono make up a bunch of events on their adventure. This is 
    the only time Crono speaks.
    Ending #13
    Dream's Epilogue
    Requirement: Finish the Dimensional Vortex and defeat the Dream Devourer. This
    can only be done during a New Game+ run.
    Access Point: Bucket
    The events that occur after Crono, Lucca and Marle return to 1000 A.D.
    Ending #14
    Day of Lavos
    Lose to Lavos.
     9. Update History                                                   | [CT09] |
    Version 0.80 - Third Submission
     March 21, 2010 - March 23, 2010
      +Added every SNES -> DS translation change
      +Added every ending
      +Added every tech
    Version 0.70 - Second submission
     December 7, 2008 - December 28, 2008
      +Walkthrough complete up until the Fated Hour
      +Almost complete on character bios
      +A lot more changes to the game
    Version 0.50 - First Submission
     December 2, 2008 - December 7, 2008
      +Walktrough up until obtaining the Epoch
      +Began character biographies
      +Began changes from SNES to DS version
      +Assembled the guide
      +Finished game mechanics
      +Finished game controls
    What to expect with next update:
     1) The Fated Hour sidequests
     10. Works Cited and Special Thanks                                 | [CT10] |
     "Chrono Trigger Instruction Manual" Square Enix. 1995, 1998, 2008.
     RevenantThings - Provided complete SNES -> DS translation changes
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