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    Endings FAQ by SunsThirdStone

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    Version 1.2 (1/2/2009)
    By Nick Zitzmann
    E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@uyries (spell that backwards for an E-Mail address)
    For best results, please set your text editor/Web browser to use the ISO Latin
    1 text encoding while reading this FAQ.
    This FAQ is for the Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger. While most of the
    endings described herein can also be acquired in the SNES and PS1 versions of
    the game, the DS version has one exclusive ending, and there have also been a
    few minor and barely noticeable changes in the 12 older endings.
    Copyright 2008-2009 Nick Zitzmann.
    The author and contributors are solely responsible for the content of this FAQ.
    Square Enix was not involved in any way, shape, or form.
    Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
    terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version
    published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no
    Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
    To summarize the above paragraph, I don't particularly care if you want to
    re-publish this FAQ elsewhere, or create your own derivative of this FAQ (e.g.
    a localized version). However, I **do** care if you plagiarize this FAQ, or
    re-publish it under a different license. Also, there are no warranties at all
    on the information in this FAQ.
    The entire license is available online at the following URL:
    That said, the latest version of this FAQ will always be posted first to
    GameFAQs: <http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/950181/55057>
    1.0 (12/02/2008):
    First release.
    1.0.1 (12/10/2008):
    Minor editing changes.
    1.1 (12/21/2008):
    Filled in E13.
    1.1.1 (12/24/2008):
    Fixed a mistake in E13. Some other editing changes.
    1.2 (1/2/2009):
    Since someone asked, the order of the endings is now explained.
    This FAQ spoils several plot details about Chrono Trigger. If you haven't
    finished the game at least once already (using any version of the game), then
    read no further, unless you want some of the plot to be spoiled. In addition,
    E13 below contains some Chrono Cross spoilers.
    Relax; there are no spoilers in this Table of Contents.
    To reach specific places in this FAQ, please use your browser's Find feature
    (Command-F on Mac OS X, Ctrl-F on Windows and GNU/Linux) and enter one of the
    below three character codes to jump to a specific section.
    * T00: Table of Contents (you are here)
    * T01: How to Get to Lavos
    * T02: Supplemental Ending Movies
    * T03: The Order of the Endings
    * E00: The Bad Ending
    * E01: Beyond Time
    * E02: Reunion
    * E03: The Dream Project
    * E04: The Successor of Guardia
    * E05: Good Night
    * E06: The Legendary Hero
    * E07: The Unknown Past
    * E08: People of the Times
    * E09: The Oath
    * E10: Dino Age
    * E11: What the Prophet Seeks
    * E12: Memory Lane
    * E13: Dream's Epilogue (WARNING! CHRONO CROSS SPOILERS!)
    * T01: HOW TO GET TO LAVOS *
    There are several different ways of reaching Lavos:
    Right Telepod:
    After finishing the game once, you will unlock the "New Game +" feature, which
    will allow you to play the game from the top, but with all of your characters
    from the previous game, and most of your items as well. In addition to the
    Dimensional Vortex being available, if you ever investigate the right telepod
    at the Millennial Fair, you will be instantly warped to the Day of Lavos,
    skipping over all of the cutscenes and Lavos' "attack modes" for the real
    The Bucket in the End of Time will also take you to Lavos. If this is your
    first time traveling to 1999 AD, you'll have to watch a cutscene of Lavos
    rising first. If you choose to fight it there, and you haven't previously
    defeated its exterior, then you'll have to fight it from the top.
    Non-Winged Epoch:
    This method is the same as the Bucket.
    Winged Epoch:
    This method is a little different, since you'll skip fighting Lavos' exterior
    altogether, and witness a cutscene you would otherwise not see. However, if you
    do this, then there is no escape from inside Lavos (not like that really
    matters, since you skip its exterior). Using this method opens up a rather
    radical variation in endings E01 and E02; see below for details.
    Black Omen:
    After defeating Queen Zeal in the Black Omen, you'll immediately go on to fight
    Lavos' exterior from the top, unless you previously defeated it.
    Ocean Palace:
    The final method of reaching Lavos is the game's one and only actual scripted
    encounter with Lavos. When you meet it inside the Ocean Palace, you'll skip the
    attack modes and go straight to the "real" fight with Lavos' exterior. The
    catch? It's twice as fast and hits twice as hard as normal. You aren't supposed
    to win this battle (it is necessary to lose in order to continue the story),
    but if you _do_ win, then there is a special ending for you (see E03 below).
    You won't be able to escape from its interior, though.
    As you may have noticed, if you have movies turned on, then one of two end-game
    movies will be played after you've watched ending E01 or E02 (and probably E13
    as well). These movies set up the story to Chrono Cross. You'll watch movie #1
    every odd time you finish the game, and movie #2 every even time you finish the
    The endings listed below are listed in the same order that they appear in the
    game's in-game ending browser, with the exception of E00, which doesn't appear
    in the browser (and isn't a real ending, anyway).
    The browser lists the endings in the following order: E01 and E02 come first,
    because they are the game's two main endings. The rest are listed in the order
    in which you can acquire them from the top of the game.
    On your first trip through the game, you are most likely to unlock E01. You'd
    probably only unlock E02 on a brand new play-through if you really knew what
    you were doing, and skipped Death Peak and did all of the subquests without
    Gaspar's guidance. While it is technically possible to receive E03 and E05-E12
    on a brand new play-through, the chances of you actually getting one of those
    endings is next to impossible (unless, of course, you're using a cheat device).
    You _must_ have finished the game at least once to receive E04 and E13
    (actually, you might be able to unlock them with a cheat device as well).
    * E00: THE BAD ENDING *
    Acquired through: All methods except for the Ocean Palace.
    How to trigger: Fight Lavos and let Lavos win.
    This isn't a real ending, or at least, it's not how the game is supposed to
    end. And it doesn't appear on the in-game list of endings. But if you lose to
    Lavos during a non-scripted battle (in other words, not at the Ocean Palace),
    you'll watch as everything falls to pieces, the military gives up, and the
    world is ruined. Then you'll get kicked back to the title screen. Better luck
    next time!
    * E01: BEYOND TIME *
    Acquired through: All methods except for the Ocean Palace.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after re-acquiring Crono in your party.
    This is the way the game is "supposed" to end. After arriving back in 1000 AD,
    Crono is informed that his stay of execution has been cancelled, and so he goes
    to Guardia Palace to meet with the King. Marle shows up to try and fight for
    Crono's freedom, but then the King surprises Crono and Marle and informs them
    that he was made aware of their quest through Lucca. Kino, Ayla, Queen Leene,
    the King Guardia from 400 years ago, and Doan then reveal themselves to be
    Marle's ancestors and descendent.
    After those revelations, everyone attends the Moonlight Parade, the closing of
    the Millennial Fair. Several other characters from 1000 AD, most notably
    Crono's mom and Lucca's parents, show up. Then all of the main characters
    return to their own times, and the gate is closed, and the King reveals Nadia's
    Bell to replace the 400 year old Leene's Bell.
    This ending has several different variations on it:
    1. The biggest variation has to do with the Epoch. If you used the Epoch to
       reach Lavos, then Crono and Marle will fly off into the horizon, hanging on
       to a bunch of balloons, as the credits roll. If you didn't, however, then
       Crono's cat(s) and mother end up getting themselves stranded in time, and
       Crono flies off in the Epoch to find them as the credits roll.
    2. If you rescued the Chancellor during the Rainbow Shell Quest, then the
       Chancellor will appear alongside the King during Crono's audience. If you
       didn't, then Pierre will appear alongside the King instead.
    3. If you saved Lara from losing her legs during the Green Dream Quest, then
       Lara's dialogue will be slightly different.
    4. If you killed Magus in 12,000 BC, then Magus will not appear at all in the
       ending, and Frog will return to being a human again. If you didn't kill
       Magus, then Magus will depart to look for Schala, and as Frog departs, Marle
       will kiss him and joke about a princess kissing a frog.
    * E02: REUNION *
    Acquired through: All methods except for the Ocean Palace.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after the scripted encounter with Lavos in 12,000
                    BC, but before re-acquiring Crono in your party.
    This ending is very similar to E01, except that all of your characters will
    wind up at the End of Time after it's over, and Gaspar will tell them that they
    must go back to their own times now. Of course, the brief reunion at Guardia
    Palace in 1000 AD will still occur (see E01), and after everyone goes away
    during the Moonlight Parade. If you didn't use the Epoch to reach Lavos, then
    Marle and Lucca will fly off in the Epoch to look for Crono. If you did use the
    Epoch, then it ends almost exactly the same as E01, except that Marle flies off
    Other than that, all other variations on E01 still apply here.
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Ocean Palace.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos immediately after starting the game, but before
                    going to 600 AD for the first time. Alternately, defeat Lavos
                    during the scripted encounter with Lavos in the Ocean Palace in
                    12,000 BC.
    This is quite possibly the most difficult ending in the game to acquire, since
    you either have to defeat Lavos when the game makers made it twice as fast and
    twice as strong as usual (the Ocean Palace method), or with only Crono and
    Marle in your party (the Right Telepod method). I suppose you could also try
    defeating Lavos using only Crono, but you'd have to get extremely lucky to pull
    that off.
    Anyway, you end up at the End of Time, except that everyone around represents
    one of the developers at Square that worked on the game. The pillars of light
    take you to places where you can meet and talk to more developers.
    When you're done, talk to "Gaspar" in the middle, and he'll unlock the door
    that would normally lead to Spekkio's room. Inside are the members of the
    "Dream Team" that made the game possible. Talking to Hironobu Sakaguchi on the
    right side of the room triggers the game's credits, but since you finished the
    game so quickly (even if you didn't use the Right Telepod), they'll be
    presented appropriately...
    Acquired through: Right Telepod.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after returning from 600 AD, but before reaching
                    the End of Time for the first time.
    This ending is pretty funny, in a schadenfreude kind of way. After defeating
    Lavos, Crono and friend(s) will arrive back at the Millennial Fair, where
    everyone will think Marle is wearing some sort of costume. When you leave the
    fairgrounds, you'll go back to Guardia Palace and learn the shocking truth
    about Marle's lineage... :)
    * E05: GOOD NIGHT *
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Bucket.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after visiting the End of Time for the first time,
                    but before hearing about the Legendary Hero in 600 AD.
    You are "treated" to a nu and a frog goofing around while the credits roll.
    You'll find this ending to be either really silly or really lame, depending on
    how easily you are amused.
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Bucket.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after hearing about the Legendary Hero in 600 AD,
                    but before obtaining the Hero's Badge from Tata.
    This ending re-enacts the game's opening sequence, with Crono waking up and
    bumping into Marle, except that it's in the future, Robo has taken the place of
    Crono, and Atropos (the pink robot from the Geno Dome) has taken the place of
    Marle. 1,700 years earlier, Tata finally goes off to hunt Magus, only to bump
    into Crono and friends.
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Bucket.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after obtaining the Hero's Badge from Tata, but
                    before attending Ayla's party when the Gate Key is stolen.
    It's another lame ending. This one just shows the main characters doing various
    things in their own time periods.
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Bucket.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after re-obtaining the Gate Key, but before
                    giving the Masamune to Frog at the Magic Cave.
    More lameness. In this ending, you just see various characters displayed either
    alone or in groups as the credits roll.
    * E09: THE OATH *
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Bucket.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after giving the Masamune to Frog, but before
                    fighting Magus.
    Finally, a decent ending. In it, you witness Frog go after Magus alone,
    defeating each of his fiends along the way.
    * E10: DINO AGE *
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Bucket.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after fighting Magus, but before fighting
                    Azala and the Black Tyrano.
    It's the Butterfly Effect, Chrono Trigger style. Since you took Ayla out of
    prehistoric times, and didn't defeat Azala yourself, then you've changed
    history in an unexpected way. This ending re-enacts the opening scene of the
    game with Crono getting out of bed and bumping into Marle, with a twist - every
    human is now a reptite (since without Ayla in prehistoric times, the reptites
    defeated the humans), and the Green Ambler at the fair is now a human.
    Acquired through: Right Telepod, Bucket, or Epoch.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos after fighting the Black Tyrano, but before
                    witnessing Schala enter the Ocean Palace. Alternately, defeat
                    Lavos after getting kicked out of 12,000 BC, but before bumping
                    into Lavos in the Ocean Palace in 12,000 BC.
    You'll watch Frog approach the statue of Magus that was in the Cathedral in 600
    AD, then watch some more scenes with Frog, Magus, and Schala in them.
    * E12: MEMORY LANE *
    Acquired through: Right Telepod or Bucket.
    How to trigger: Defeat Lavos immediately after witnessing Schala enter the
                    Ocean Palace, but before charging the Pendent & getting
                    yourself kicked out of 12,000 BC.
    This is the most elusive ending in the game, since it has a very small window
    of opportunity, much smaller than all other endings. If you miss it, then
    you'll get E11 instead. And in some ways, it's the best one. You'll watch Marle
    and Lucca review some of the male characters in the game and say what they
    really think about them. That is, up until they reach Crono. Bonus: Crono says
    his only two lines of dialogue in the entire game!
    (Note: This ending was called "A Slide Show?" in the PS1 version of the game.)
    Acquired through: Bucket.
    How to trigger: You must have finished the game at least once previously to
                    do this. After the scripted encounter with Lavos in 12,000 BC,
                    finish the Dimensional Vortex in 12,000 BC, 1000 AD, and 2300
                    AD. Afterwards, talk to Gaspar, then use the bucket to go to
                    Time's Eclipse. Defeat the Dream Devourer here to see this
                    exclusive ending.
    As everyone who has finished Chrono Cross knows, after Lavos scattered the
    Gurus and Janus/Magus through space-time after Lavos was awakened in 12,000 BC,
    Lavos had alternate plans for Schala - Schala became one with Lavos. The Dream
    Devourer is Lavos + Schala. Before the battle with the Dream Devourer, Magus
    shows up (whether you have him in your party or not), but gets brushed aside
    right before the battle begins.
    And it cannot be truly defeated, since you do not have the Chrono Cross - after
    you have done about 32,000 points of damage to the Dream Devourer, Schala
    briefly comes to her senses, and tells Magus that he's going to need more than
    might to win this. Magus then gets warped to a different time and place
    (probably 1020 AD, when Chrono Cross took place), with his memory wiped.
    Acquiring this ending also unlocks Crono's best weapon, the Dreamseeker.
    Thanks go to:
    - CJayC (for starting GameFAQs and hosting this FAQ)
    - Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yuji Horii (for another great game)
    - Nicholas Yarymowich (writing the original Chrono Trigger ending FAQ)
    - Bill Pringle (author of another CT ending FAQ)

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