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    DS Changes List by MostSeriousness

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    Changes FAQ
    (c) RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston)
    Update Information
    05/27/11  - Completed FAQ; reorganized
    01/04/09  - Start of FAQ
    Table of Contents
    I.    Touch Screen Use
    II.   Arena of Ages
    III.  Lost Sanctum
    IV.   Dimensional Vortex
    V.    New Items
    VI.   New Enemies
    VII.  New Ending
    VIII. Extras Mode
    IX.   Script Changes
    X.    Translation Changes
    XI.   Credits, Thanks and Legal Information
    I. Touch Screen Use
    Touch screen options are available with the DS version of this game. The game
    can be played in Classic Mode, on one single screen (a la the original
    releases) or can be played utilizing the dual screens and D-pad in DS Mode. The
    bottom screen will be used to hold a map of the areas/world, as well as the
    menu access and battle options.  You have the option to rearrange the bottom
    screen as you see fit.
    II. Arena of Ages
    The Arena of the Ages is a monster arena and can be entered at the title screen
    or the End of Time. You pick basic monsters and raise them to fight computer
    and wireless opponents. Depending on what era they train in, what item you give
    them and their element, they can evolve into various powerful creatures.
    The monsters fight automatically, but follow basic strategies on how to fight
    based on items you give them. You can win rare and powerful items during these
    battles for use in regular gameplay.
    For more information about the Arena, consult Fallacia's Guide linked here:
    III. Lost Sanctum
    The Lost Sanctum is a sidequest during the main game. It consists of two
    dungeons in two different eras. You complete quests for a village of reptites.
    These quests vary from killing certain enemies to finding certain items. The
    rewards are new and familiar items as well as lots of money.
    For more information about The Lost Sanctum, consult my guide linked here: 
    IV. Dimensional Vortex
    The Dimensional Vortex is available after beating the game once and appears in
    three different eras. Each dungeon is different. The first section consists of
    recycled maps from various other dungeons in the game. The second section
    contains new maps with new puzzles and new enemies. The last part of each
    dungeon is a new boss. Finishing these three dungeons opens up a new final boss
    accessible via the bucket in The End of Time.
    For more information about The Dimensional Vortex, consult Reptobismol's Guide
    linked here:
    V. New Items
    There are a number of new items in this version. Most of them are new pieces of
    equipment for your characters and are obtained in the final dungeon. The rest
    are items linked to either the Arena of Ages of The Lost Sanctum. Here is a
    list of the items.
    --------         	-----------------------
    Item             	Description/Effects
    --------         	-----------------------
    Slops            	Restores some HP to monster (Arena only)
    Flameclaw         	Causes monster to use Fire tech (Arena only)
    Seafang          	Causes monster to use Water tech (Arena only)
    Duskeye          	Causes monster to use Shadow tech (Arena only)
    Luxwing          	Causes monster to use Light tech (Arena only)
    Hawk Talon       	Temporarily raises Strength by 5 (Arena only)
    Shield Cloak      	Damage reduction (Arena only)
    Feral Wrath       	4x damage for critical hits (Arena only)
    Smoked Meat       	Restores 250 HP (used in Lost Sanctum)
    Dried Mushroom    	Removes status ailments (used in Lost Sanctum)
    Sweet Banana      	Restores 20 MP (used in Lost Sanctum)
    Millenia Fruit    	Restores 150 HP (used in Lost Sanctum)
    Songbird Egg      	Restores 40 MP (used in Lost Sanctum)
    Icewyrm           	Attack: 160
    Dreamseeker       	Attack: 240, Critical rate: 90%
    Stardust Bow      	Attack: 150, Inflicts Confuse
    Venus Bow         	Deals 777 damage
    Turboshot         	Attack: 140, Speed +3
    Spellslinger		Attack: 0, damage based on last digit of MP
    Dragon Arm	  	Attack: 170
    Apocalypse Arm   	Deals 9,999 damage on critical hit
    Dinoblade	 	Attack: 160, Strength +5
    Judgment Scythe  	Attack: 155, Inflicts Stop
    Dreamreaper	 	Attack 180, 4x damage for critical hits
    Dragonhead	 	Defense: 36, Strength +5
    Reptite Tiara	 	Defense: 35, Magic +5
    Master's Crown	 	Defense: 40, Damage boost, Status immunity
    Angel's Tiara		Defense: 36, Auto-Haste, Status Immunity
    Reptite Dress	 	Defense: 82, Magic +10
    Dragon Armor	  	Defense: 83, Strength +10
    Saurian Leathers  	Defense: 88, Speed +3, Strength +3
    Regal Plate	  	Defense: 88, Stamina +10, Magic Defense +10
    Regal Gown 	  	Defense: 90, Auto-Protect, Auto-Barrier
    Shadowplume Robe  	Defense: 90, Magic Defense +20, Auto-Barrier
    Elemental Aegis	 	Defense: 92, Elemental immunity
    Valor Crest	  	Critical rate increased, Counter rate: 50%
    Champion's Badge  	Masamune critical % increased, Halves MP costs
    Dragon's Tear     	Critical rate increased
    Nu Arcana	  	May instantly reduce opponent's HP to 1
    Uranian Mirror	  	Counters non-light attacks 25% of the time
    Pontic Mirror	  	Counters non-water attacks 25% of the time.
    Promethean Mirror 	Counters non-fire attacks 25% of the time.
    Hadean Mirror	  	Counters non-shadow attacks 25% of the time.
    Aresian Mirror	  	Counters non-physical attacks 25% of the time.
    Golden Sand	  	Glittering golden sand.
    Golden Hammer	  	A hammer crafted from golden wood.
    Prismastone	  	A mysterious stone said to have healing powers.
    Saintstone	  	An elusive gem that radiates light.
    Reptmark	  	A talisman needed to enter a reptite sanctuary.
    Waystone	  	A gem that shines with an inner light.
    Godwood		  	Lumber from an ancient godwood tree.
    Steel Ingot	  	A lump of fine steel.
    Sturdy Vines	  	Stout and rugged vines.
    Hearty Lunch	  	A nutritious lunch made with love.
    Rusted Blade	  	A katana rendered useless by rust.
    Lumicite Shard	  	A mineral with many powerful properties.
    For more information about these items, consult my Item Encyclopedia Guide,
    linked here: 
    VI. New Enemies
    All of the new enemies are palette swaps of older enemies and are only found
    in the new dungeons. Here is there information.
    --------------      	----------------------
    Enemy Name          	Palette Swap Info.
    --------------      	----------------------
    Exile			Black Reptite w/ Red
    Slate Imp		Blue Imp
    Pink Imp		What do you think?
    Wonder Rock		Blueish Rubble
    Deathcreeper		Purple Narble
    Jackpot			Silver Djinn Bottle
    Ogan Chieftain		Gray Ogan w/ Hammer
    Ogan Youth		Normal Ogan w/o Hammer
    Ogan Youth (Hammer)	Norman Ogan w/ Hammer
    Kingfrog		Orange Frog
    Dire Rate		Green/Purple Rat
    Black Bat		What do you think?
    Chrysosaur		Yellow/Gold Megasaur
    Pterranyx		Red/Pink Avian
    Twin Snake		Green Hydraconda
    Hercules Beetle		Black/Brown Scarab
    Jadewing		Green/Pink Bellbird
    Deathguard		Silver/Black Gaoler
    Bone Knight		Blue Skeleton w/ Spear
    Soul Stalker		Blueish Ruin Stalker
    Chaos Mage		Black/Red Mage
    Snowbeast		Bluer Heckran
    Red Ghaj		What do you think?
    Fireball		Flame
    Prototype		Gray Version 4.0
    Searcher		Dark Blue Nomad
    Iron Maiden		Silver Synchrite
    Goldhammer		Gold Ogan w/ Hammer
    Nu Guardian		Darker Nu w/ Pink Hair
    Nu Master		Black Nu w/ Green Hair
    Archaeofang (Elder)	Red Fangbeast
    Archaeofang (Younger)	Blue Fangbeast
    Master-at-Arms		Blue Cyrus Ghost
    Bladesman		Blue Royal Guard
    Once-King Dalton	Dalton
    Steel Shade		Discolored Crono
    Alabaster Shade		Discolored Marle
    Crimson Shade		Discolored Lucca
    Eggsterminator		Red Laser Guard
    Dream Devourer		Purple/Red Lavos w/ Trapped Schala Above
    For more information about these enemies, consult Shinrin's Bestiary Guide
    linked here: 
    VII. New Ending
    There is one new ending, achieved after beating The Dimensional Vortex and the
    new final boss. The following is a transcription of all the additional scenes
    and dialogue that the ending contains.
    Old Man: Hey! Have you, by chance, observed any odd distortions in time's
    fabric in recent days?
    Robo: Yes, we have. Dimensional vortices connecting to a place with a
    civilization entirely different from our own.
    Old Man: Indeed...Then it is as I thought.
    Ayla: What you mean?
    Old Man: As it were, the bucket here has seemed a bit...different as of late.
    It's still connected to the Day of Lavos, of course, but...there's more. A
    great power flows into it from some distant plane, far beyond even the darkened
    borders of Time's Eclipse. It's a power similar to that of Lavos, but not
    entirely the same - a fearsome presence, to be sure. And yet I sense longing
    and loneliness there as well. It may well be another terrible foe awaits you in
    that place. If you have a mind to face it, by all means go - but I cannot say
    I recommend it.
    [They use the bucket and reach a familiar place.]
    Time's Eclipse
    Ayla: Ugh...
    Robo: What is this place?
    [A familiar cloaked person stands before them.]
    Voice: Here, Lavos is no more. This is the future in which we've defeated him.
    [He takes off his cloak to reveal himself, Magus. If Magus is in your party, he
    is taken aback at seeing another version of himself.]
    Magus: Whether that is the future of the world from which you've come, I do not
    know. There are as many worlds as there are potentialities. A new foe has
    risen here, in this endless expanse that is Time's Eclipse. It feasts upon
    thoughts, dreams, and memories. Do not think to meddle here. This enemy is my
    [Magus enters the second Gate, and Crono shortly follows. A different form of
    Lavos awaits, with Schala hanging overhead, appearing lifeless. Lavos strikes
    at Magus and he falls to his knees.]
    Magus: Grr...I've not finished with you yet.
    [He strikes Lavos, but to no avail, as Crono makes it through the Gate.]
    Ayla: Magus!
    Magus: I believe I told you...not to interfere!
    [He breaks free from restraints and attacks again.]
    Schala: Let all that once was fade into oblivion! I welcome the end of
    Magus: No, Schala! Free yourself from its spell! Please...You must open your
    Party: Oh no!
    [Lavos attacks and Magus is sent flying.]
    Lucca: This is the new enemy? What...what is [sic] doing here?
    Marle: Isn't that...Lavos? Why is Schala with it?
    Robo: Offensive power incalculable. We are in extreme danger!
    Frog: It seems we've little choice but to fight.
    Ayla: Ayla no lose!
    Magus: No...Impossible!
    Schala: Embrace your destruction! It is inevitable!
    [They fight the Dream Devourer in an epic showdown.]
    [Choice - Lose the battle.]
     Schala: The end of all is nigh.
    [Choice - Win the battle.]
    [Just when the battle is over, Lavos emits another powerful ray - it starts to
    Magus: No! Schala!
    [He returns to try and take her away, but cannot break through the energy
    surrounding Lavos.]
    Magus: Urgh!
    [Schala awakens, however, and the energy stops.]
    Magus: Schala?
    Schala (nodding): It is no doubt but a matter of time before Lavos consumes the
    whole of my awareness. It was I, after all, who wished it - wished from the
    depths of my sadness and despair that all that was would be erased. The
    strength you weild now cannot free me. No, perhaps it is better said that no
    strength can. So long as you lean upon the crutch of power, this world's sorrow
    can know no true end. Return to your own time now. Dwell not on this.
    [Crono's party is transported away. Magus makes one last attempt to free his
    Magus: Schala...
    Schala: Janus...thank you. But I am the girl I was no more. Live, and be
    Magus (shaking his head): But, Schala-
    Schala: Farewell...
    [She creates a portal underneath Magus' feet.]
    Magus: Schala!
    [He disappears. Schala closes her eyes and Magus is alone in darkness.]
    Magus: So, you mean to say that no matter how hard I strive - no matter how
    strong I grow - there is nothing I might do to save you? What purpose, then,
    does this existence serve? Hmph. If this is to be the way of things, then let
    me abandon all that was and fade away as well. Should a part of me somehow even
    then remain, then perhaps that will be the birth of something new - something
    with greater meaning than all this.
    [He runs into the darkness and later, finds himself in a strange forest.]
    Magus: What is this place? Ugh...Who...who am I? What's happened? I...I don't
    remember anything. There was something...something I needed to do. Something I
    needed to...to find. I must find a way to remember. I will.
    [He walks along the forest, determined on a new path.]
    [The credits roll.]
    [The Fall of the Kingdom of Guardia FMV is shown.]
    VIII. Extras Mode
    The Extras Mode is a carryover from the PS1 port of Chrono Trigger. It contains
    some game information as well as special features that aren't found during the
    normal course of the game. The following is a basic rundown of each area.
    Movie theater that plays the animated scenes that you unlock during gameplay.
    More are unlocked when you complete the game.
    Art Gallery
    Art Gallery that contains promotional art and sketches of various characters.
    More unlocked as you complete the game.
    Music Box
    Plays all the music you've heard throughout the game. Complete the game and the
    optional dungeons to unlock them all.
    Lists the techs you've acquired with your team. Has a snapshot of them all as
    well as basic information.
    Complete information on all enemies. Can also be accessed from the main menu.
    Item Encyclopedia
    Complete information on all items, equipment and key items.
    Ending Log
    Basic information and screenshot of the endings you have completed.
    Treasure Atlas
    Interactive map that you can browse and see what items can be found in various
    IX. Script Changes
    The script is relatively unchanged, only polished where grammar or continuity
    problems may have risen. Frog's dialect is altered as well.
    X. Translation Changes
    Everything other than the locations are ordered by their Item Encyclopedia,
    Dojo or Bestiary numerical listing. The original SNES/PS1 translation is on the
    left, and the changed DS translation is on the right.
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Truce Residence		 	Residence
    Truce Market		 	Market	
    Truce Mayor's Manor	 	Mayor's Manor
    Porre Market		 	Market	
    Porre Mayor's Manor	 	Mayor's Manor
    Porre Elder's House	 	Elder's House
    Porre Residence		 	Residence 
    Ticket Office		 	Ferry Office
    Cathedral			Manolia Cathedral
    Lab 16			 	Site 16
    Sewer Access		 	Abandoned Sewers
    Lab 32			 	Site 32
    Factory			 	Derelict Factory
    Melchior's Hut		 	Melchior's Cabin
    Dorino Market		 	Market
    Dorino Elder's House	 	Elder's House
    Dorino Residence	 	Residence
    Denadoro Mts		 	Denadoro Mountains
    Prehistoric		 	Prehistory
    Mystic Mts		 	Mystic Mountains
    Meeting Site		 	Meeting Grounds
    Tyrano Lair		 	Tyranno Lair
    Lair Ruins		 	Tyranno Lair Ruins
    Dark Ages		 	Antiquity
    Cave			 	Small Cave
    Commons			 	Village Commons
    Village			 	Surviving Village
    Choras Market		 	Market
    Choras Cafe		 	Tavern
    Choras Residence	 	Residence
    Choras Mayor's Manor	 	Mayor's Manor
    Sun Keep		 	Sun Temple
    Sun Palace		 	Sun Shrine
    Apocalypse		 	Cataclysm
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Tonic                    	Potion
    Mid Tonic                	Mid-Potion
    Full Tonic               	Hi-Potion
    Mid Ether                	Mid-Ether
    Full Ether               	Hi-Ether
    Hyper Ether              	Turbo Ether
    Megaelixir		 	Megalixir
    Heal                     	Panacea
    Revive			 	Athenian Water
    Power Meal               	Ambrosia
    Barrier                  	Barrier Sphere
    Shield                   	Shield Sphere
    Power Tab                	Strength Capsule
    Magic Tab                	Magic Capsule
    Speed Tab                	Speed Capsule
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Wood Sword               	Wooden Sword
    Iron Blade               	Bronze Blade
    Lode Sword               	Silver Sword
    Bolt Sword               	Thunder Blade
    Red Katana               	Crimson Blade
    Flint Edge               	Mammoth Tusk
    Aeon Blade		 	Primeval Blade
    Demon Edge               	Zanmato
    Alloy Blade        		Vajra Sword
    Star Sword               	Empyrean Blade
    Vedic Blade              	Yaksha Blade
    Kali Blade               	Onimaru
    Slasher 2                	Slasher II
    Shiva Edge		 	Suzaku
    Rainbow Sword		 	Rainbow
    Bronze Bow		 	Bronze Bowgun
    Iron Bow                 	Iron Bowgun
    Lode Bow                 	Silver Bow
    Robin Bow                	Bandit's Bow
    Sage Bow                 	Shaman's Bow
    Dream Bow                	Dreamstone Bow
    Comet Arrow              	Comet Bow
    Sonic Arrow              	Sonic Bow
    Siren                    	Siren's Kiss
    Valkerye                 	Valkyrie Bow
    Air Gun			 	Airgun
    Dart Gun                 	Pea Shooter
    Auto Gun                 	Pocket Blaster
    Dream Gun                	Dreamstone Gun
    Megablast                	Megablaster
    Shock Wave               	Shockwave
    Wonder Shot              	Wondershot
    Doom Finger		 	Death Claw
    Big Hand                 	Heavy Hand
    Giga Arm                 	Gigaton Arm
    Terra Arm                	Teraton Arm
    BronzeEdge               	Bronze Sword
    Flash Blade		 	Radiant Blade
    Pearl Edge               	Smiter's Blade
    Demon Hit		 	Demonslayer
    Dark Scythe              	Moonfall Scythe
    Hurricane                	Headman's Scythe
    Hadean Sickle            	Star Scythe
    Doom Sickle              	Doom Scythe
    Broken Sword		 	Broken Blade
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation    	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Bronze Helmet		 	Bronze Helm
    Iron Helmet		 	Iron Helm
    Beret                    	Porrean Beret
    Gold Helmet              	Golden Helm
    Rock Helmet              	Stone Helm
    Cera Topper              	Triceratopper
    Taban Helm		 	Taban's Helm
    Glow Helmet 		 	Radiant Helm
    Lode Helmet 		 	Platinum Helm
    Doom Helmet              	Doom Helm
    Sight Cap 		 	Clarity Cap
    Aeon Helmet 		 	Aeonian Helm
    Dark Helmet	         	Dark Helm
    Haste Helmet		 	Haste Helm
    Rainbow Helmet		 	Rainbow Helm
    Mermaid Cap		 	Mermaid Helm
    Vigil Hat 	 	 	Vigilant's Hat
    Safe Helmet		 	Guardian Helm
    Prism Helmet		 	Prismatic Helm
    Gloom Helmet		 	Gloom Helm
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Karate Gi                	Padded Vest
    BronzeMail               	Bronze Armor
    MaidenSuit               	Maiden's Suit
    Titan Vest               	Titanium Vest
    Taban Vest            	 	Taban's Vest
    Gold Suit                	Golden Suit
    Meso Mail                	Mesozoic Mail
    Lumin Robe               	Luminous Robe
    White Mail               	White Plate
    Flash Mail               	Radiant Plate
    Red Mail                 	Red Plate
    Black Mail               	Black Plate
    Blue Mail                	Blue Plate
    Lode Vest                	Platinum Vest
    Aeon Suit		 	Aeonian Suit
    Taban Suit		 	Taban's Suit
    Moon Armor               	Moonbeam Armor
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Bandana                  	Headband
    Defender		 	Guardian Bangle
    Amulet                   	Schala's Amulet
    Dash Ring		 	Speed Ring
    Hit Ring 		 	Acuity Ring
    Wall Ring 		 	Barrier Ring
    Gold Earring 		 	Golden Earring
    Gold Stud		 	Golden Stud
    Charm Top 		 	Alluring Top
    Frenzy Band 		 	Wrath Band
    Wallet 			 	Workman's Wallet
    Berserker                	Berserker Ring
    Black Rock		 	Black Gemstone
    Blue Rock 		 	Blue Gemstone
    Silver Rock 		 	Silver Gemstone
    White Rock		 	White Gemstone
    Gold Rock		 	Golden Gemstone
    Hero Medal		 	Hero's Badge
    Flea Vest 		 	Flea Bustier
    Magic Seala 		 	Magic Crest
    Power Seal		 	Power Crest
    Sun Shades 		 	Sunglasses
    Prism Specs 		 	Prism Spectacles
    Key Items
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Bike Key                 	Jetbike Key
    Prism Shard              	Rainbow Shard
    Tools			 	Carpenter's Tools
    Jerky			 	Spiced Jerky
    Dream Stone		 	Dreamstone
    Race Log		 	Race Recorder
    Yakra Key		 	Yakra's Key
    ???			 	Doppel Doll
    Toma's Pop               	Toma's Spirit
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Slash			 	Wind Slash
    Spincut			 	Cleave
    Lightning 2		 	Lightning II
    Life			 	Raise
    Confuse			 	Frenzy
    Provoke			 	Allure
    Ice 2			 	Ice II
    Cure 2			 	Cure II
    Life 2			 	Arise
    Flame Toss		 	Flamethrower
    Hypno Wave		 	Hypnowave
    Fire 2			 	Fire II
    Mega Bomb		 	Megaton Bomb
    Uzzi Punch		 	Rapid-fire Fist
    Area Bomb		 	Proximity Bomb
    Shock			 	Electrocute
    Slurp Cut		 	Slurp Slash
    Leap Slash		 	Aerial Strike
    Water 2			 	Water II
    Cure 2			 	Cure II
    Rollo Kick		 	Roundillo Kick
    Rock Throw		 	Boulder Toss
    Magic Wall		 	Barrier
    Ice Sword 2		 	Ice Sword II
    Fire Sword 2		 	Fire Sword II
    Rocket Roll		 	Supersonic Spin
    Max Cyclone		 	Cyclone Sweep
    Super Volt		 	Megavolt
    Spire			 	Lightning Rod
    Volt Bite		 	Thunder Chomp
    Falcon Hit		 	Falcon Strike
    Antipode		 	Antipode Bomb
    Antipode 2		 	Antipode Bomb II
    Antipode 3		 	Antipode Bomb III
    Cure Touch		 	Cure Wind
    Glacier			 	Glaical Freeze
    Cube Toss		 	Iceberg Toss
    DoublevBomb		 	Double Bomb
    Fire Whirl		 	Inferno
    Blade Toss		 	Frog Launcher
    Bubble Snap		 	Bubble Breath
    Drop Kick		 	Dropdown
    Red Pin			 	Red Needle
    Life Line		 	Lifeline
    Arc Impulse		 	Frost Arc
    Fire Zone		 	Ring of Fire
    Triple Raid		 	Triple Attack
    3D Attack		 	3-D Attack
    Dark Eternal             	Eternal Darkness
    Grand Dream		 	Mastermune
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Hetake			 	Amanita
    Beetle			 	Scarab
    Avian Chaos		 	Gilded Bellbird
    Guard			 	Royal Guard
    Blue Shield/Yodu De	 	Sentry
    Omnicrone		 	Gaoler
    Decedent		 	Lancer
    Octoblush		 	Cave Stalker
    Jinn Bottle		 	Djinn Bottle
    Tempurite		 	Rhino Weevil
    Roly Poly		 	Boundillo
    Roly			 	Roundillo
    Poly			 	Fiendillo
    Imp Ace			 	Imp Hawk
    Roly Rider		 	Roundillo Rider
    Naga-ette		 	Naga
    Gnasher			 	Viper
    Diablos			 	Diablo
    Hench 1			 	Underling (Blue)
    Deceased		 	Skeleton
    Goblin			 	Ogan
    Ogan			 	Ogan (Hammer)
    Free Lancer		 	Freelancer
    T'pole			 	Edible Frog
    Gnawer			 	Fangtooth
    Gremlin			 	Grimling
    Vamp			 	Vampire Bat
    Hench 2			 	Underling (Purple)
    Groupie			 	Servant (Sword)
    Flunky			 	Servant (Crossbow)
    Grimalkin		 	Blue Gargoyle
    RolyBomber		 	Roundillo Bomber
    Sentry			 	Ghost Knight
    Reaper			 	Flesh Reaper
    Defunct			 	Fallen
    Base			 	Soul
    Departed		 	Fallen + Soul
    Mohavor			 	Sandrago
    Hexapod			 	Vilepillar
    Gigasaur		 	Aecytosaur
    Leaper			 	Aecytonyx
    Octopod			 	Ruin Stalker
    Meat Eater			Floral Horror
    Bugger			 	Exterminator
    Proto 2				Version 2.0
    Nereid			 	Dondrago
    Egder			 	Egg Ooze
    Debugger		 	Deverminator
    Proto 3			 	Version 3.0
    Alkaline		 	Alkali
    Krakker			 	Blood Yolk
    Debuggest		 	Deverminator EX
    Proto 4			 	Version 4.0
    Reptite			 	Reptite (Green)
    Runner			 	Crested Sprinter
    Amphibite/Rain Frog	 	Prehistoric Frog
    Anion			 	Ion Cloud
    Gold Eaglet		 	Golden Eaglet
    Winged Ape		 	Bao Bao
    Evil Weevil		 	Aecyto Weevil
    Pahoehoe		 	Mossback
    Fly Trap		 	Rafflesia
    Shist			 	Schist
    Terrasaur		 	Terasaur
    Volcano			 	Volcanite
    Reptile			 	Reptite (Purple)
    Beast			 	Mudbeast
    Bantam Imp		 	Bomber Bird
    Man Eater		 	Death Lily
    Jinn			 	Djinn
    Barghest		 	Ghul
    Mage			 	Zealot Mage
    Scout			 	Scouter
    Red Scout		 	Red Scouter
    Blue Scout		 	Blue Scouter
    Basher			 	Monk
    Lasher			 	Warrior
    Thrasher		 	Daltonite
    Incognito/Peeping Doom	 	Shieldsman
    Goon			 	Fangbeast
    Boss Orb		 	Watcher
    Sidekick		 	Nomad
    Metal Mute		 	Metal Mutant
    Ruminator		 	Hydraconda
    Tubster			 	Blubber Hulk
    Blob			 	Narble
    Alien			 	Ghaj
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Original Translation     	DS Translation
    ---------------------    	--------------------
    Bit			 	Pod
    Sir Krawlie		 	Krawlie
    R Series		 	R-Series
    Zombor (Top)		 	Zombor (Upper Body)
    Zombor (Bottom)		 	Zombor (Lower Body)
    Masa&Mune		 	Masa & Mune
    Black Tyrano		 	Black Tyranno
    Blue Beast		 	Blue Mudbeast
    Red Beast		 	Red Mudbeast
    Golem Twins		 	Golem Sisters
    Golem Boss		 	Golem Overlord
    Dalton Plus		 	King Dalton
    Retinite (Top)		 	Melphyx (Upper Body)
    Retinite (Bottom)	 	Melphyx (Lower Body)
    Retinite (Core)		 	Melphyx (Core)
    Flea Plus		 	Diva Flea
    Great Ozzie		 	Ozzie the Great
    Son of Sun		 	Son of the Sun
    Rust Tyrano		 	Rust Tyranno
    Mega Mutant (Top)	 	Mega Mutant (Upper Body)
    Mega Mutant (Bottom)	 	Mega Mutant (Lower Body)
    Giga Mutant (Top)	 	Giga Mutant (Upper Body)
    Giga Mutant (Bottom)	 	Giga Mutant (Lower Body)
    Terra Mutant (Top)	 	Tera Mutant (Upper Body)
    Terra Mutant (Bottom)	 	Tera Mutant (Lower Body)
    Lavos Spawn		 	Elder Lavos Spawn (Mouth)
    Lavos Shell		 	Elder Lavos Spawn (Shell)
    Zeal			 	Queen Zeal
    Zeal (Face)		 	Queen Zeal (Face)
    Zeal (Right Hand)	 	Queen Zeal (Right Hand)
    Zeal (Left Hand)	 	Queen Zeal (Left Hand)
    Lavos Core (Left Bit)	 	Lavos Pod
    Lavos Core (Body)	 	Center Pod
    Lavos Core (Right Bit)	 	Lavos Core
    XI. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information
    Square-Enix       - Porting this great game
    Chrono Compendium - old translations
    GBATemp           - Information/assistance
    EyesonFF	  - old translations
    GameFAQs          - The boards and the FAQs
    Dangerous K       - old translations
    This FAQ is written and copyright by RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston). If you
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    you are doing so - you do not need to ask permission, but you must give out
    due acknowledgment.
    Kyle Johnston is not claiming any copyright of any Square-Enix property. The 
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    names, terms, etc. from the video game (or others) are purely for 
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    not affiliated with Square-Enix.
    Lastly, Kyle Johnston is a busy man. He rushed this guide out for its first 
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    Thank you for reading and I hope you find this very useful.

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