How do u get an upgraded delivery bag?

  1. I've heard that u can get an upgraded delivery(drug) bag, but how? Ive also heard that u have to complete all the courier missions, so where and what are all they???

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    Dragons_Rock12 - 7 years ago

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  1. Get gold medal in BOTH mail courier missions.

    Mission Details:
    The mail courier missions are called Excess Delivery in the game. It's a mission where you pick up a package, then deliver it to your customers. You will encounter strong and aggressive rivalry along the way. If you complete all 5 deliveries, you will get gold and get an upgraded holdall which can now hold 100 drugs.

    You need to find a Alphamail van and get into it to trigger this side mission. This van is overall blue in color with white at the bottom and an orange strip across it. There are two Alphamail vans in Liberty City: One is in Lancaster, the building southwest to your Lancaster safehouse. It is located on the right side of the building. The other is in Industrial, to the left of Bohan Snake, and on top of the dealer Chung-Hee in the GPS. The van is located to the upper right hand corner of the rectangular building in the GPS.

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