What are some easy ways to make money when first starting out in the game?

  1. What is the easiest way to make money in the game

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    scruffmcgruff89 - 8 years ago

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  1. Scratch games make easy money for beginners, but you need $100-$300 bucks at first to secure success. You should play the lottery game with the green ticket that offers three different prices.

    most common - $15 (covers the cost of the ticket
    second most common - $200 (not that hard to scratch)
    third most common - safe house (you can only win one of these and it's a hotel suite on the west side)

    Start out with a few hundred bucks and keep scratching. While I don't know the odds of the prizes, every time I try with small amounts of money, I can end up with about $2,000 and the house (restarted multiple times to find out). It also seems that the more money you have on you, the less your odds of winning are. I don't know if that's completely true, but I had issues getting more than $2,000 bucks.

    If you aren't into the gambling (or you need the first couple hundred dollars), driving a taxi is a semi-slow but still good way to get 25 bucks per trip. They usually last less than a minute each, so you can get $100-$150 bucks in five minutes. It's slower, but at the beginning you don't have many options for making money.

    My final recommendation would be to kill people. Stay near a safe house but hang out in an area where there aren't tons of cops everywhere. Use our fists, baseball bat, police stick, or melee tool (don't use guns to save ammo cause that's pricey) and just start beating people up. If they drop money, they'll leave somewhere around $10-$30 with their corpse. If the cops come at you, run into you safe house and take a nap on your sofa (save) so that a few hours go by and your wanted rating drops to zilch.

    Hope some of that helps out. Good luck!

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  1. Drug Deals. Seriously. You don't have many choices. You could also go for rampages or drive taxi but all this takes time and is paid chep. So, don't do drugs but deal them.

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  2. I suggest drug dealing, making 5000 and then play the game until the mission with Kenny where he wants 5000 from you before the mission can start (called Carpe 'Dime'). Now after this mission, you can hijack vans from drug dealers. They are regular vans with a red arrow above them (wont show up on the radar). Don't mistake the Ammunation trucks for that though, same look but always a white truck with a star on the top. The drug vans you can just pull up in front of them (don't shoot or slam into them) and then pull the driver out of this position. Now the game indicates a yellow blip where you can safely take the van's drugs out. If it's 10 coke or heroin, you can sell that for around 10k with no costs at all. If you stash it and wait for a tip for selling those specific drugs you can make even more.

    At the very start, a good idea is to do the odd jobs for Ambulance, Fire Fighter and Vigilante. Those will give you some money as well. Another good one is the tatoo parlor just in the same block as your first safe house, on the east facing side of it. I would stay away from scratch cards, they are purely random.

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  3. Drug Dealing

    If you know where to buy and sell...you'll rank up in money...quicky

    For starters perhaps the tatto job? Very easy to earn quick moeny in the begininning

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  4. Drug Dealing, Life follows Art.

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  5. Cheats

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  6. Taxi's and then drugs. Rinse and repeat as is necessary until you can get money from missions. Look out for the guy in Little Italy who always(exaggeration) has over 50 ecstacy. Scratchie are ok too.

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  7. I started out with finding weapons and drug deals but after i bought drugs i kill them because they drop a good amount of money ro none.I also did alot of scrach cards and got lucky.

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  8. I started out with finding weapons and drug deals but after i bought drugs i kill them because they drop a good amount of money ro none.I also did alot of scrach cards and got lucky.

    Killing people can give you money too.

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  9. Advice for life and the game buy drugs low sell them high!!! you can also steal drug vans after the carp dime mission from kenny also kill the dealers and they drop a good sum of cash but not with a melee cause the'll run away

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