Where can I find the Destroyer? (The police boat that can fire torpedoes)

  1. I know there's one in Heston's mission "Torpedo Run".
    But can I find one in free roam?

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    light_rock_zz - 8 years ago

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  1. Yes. But it's a bit complicated, just follw mee through here (BTW see www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=950922&topic=50712864)

    Here's a copy of what I e-mailed to GTA_Loco:

    Well, there is one. The police use a quasi-Destroyer (more on this later) and a
    Coast Guard Dighy in their naval operations. The former is armed to the teeth
    with an Assualt Rifle of freightining power if you end up in its line of sight.
    In testing I found that boat appears at 3+, and increases in number as you go
    higher on the scale. Each one is commandeered by a police officer.

    Now, about the "quasi" bit. In one of the missions, "Torpedo Run," you grab a
    unique Destroyer police boat from a police peir to chase down an eaqually
    unique boat-the "Zhouboat," as I learned when I captured one parked at a peir.
    The Destroyer is unique because it is armed with torpedos, the equivelent of a
    Rhino tank on land. After the mission, I attempted to get one by going to the
    same peir from which I originally recovered it, but no dice-there was a police
    pier there all right, but it was empty, and contained neither the Destroyer
    nor the Coast Guard Dighys that had been parked there in the mission. In
    testing i found that at higher wanted levels a few dighys appeared there,
    though, but no Destroyer.

    There is another police boat, one that appears in the free realm, but I know
    not what its name is, because it is quite simply uncapturable. This boat is
    armed with a deadly powerful mounted assualt rifle, and has the same form as
    the Destroyer from the mission, only it is white, not black, and doesn't have
    torpedos. It is permemently locked, and fights till it lights on fire and
    blows up.

    See the thread; GTA_Loco succeeded in saving a Destroyer in the garage, but it removed the Torpedos.

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  1. I know it is pretty ironic to write an answer at my own question, but I want to answer jimmythesnowman.

    Actually you CAN find a Coast Guard Dinghy and the Coast Guard Launch (The boat you are talking about that can fire assault rifle bullets) in free roam, WITHOUT getting wanted level. First, head to Fishmarket South. Then find for a helicopter base with several heli-pads. (BTW, you went here before, in fact you have to send Hsin's men here during the mission The Offshore Offload). North to this helicopter base you should see a staircase down to the sea and a white colour boat. This is the Coast Guard Launch.
    To fire its gun, there are two ways. One, just hold down the A button. Two, use your stylus and point to the direction you want to shoot. It will then shoot automatically. Note that the firing rate is quite slow, a bit faster than an ordinary pistol only.

    A little further up you would find yet another staircase to the sea, this time you would spot an orange colour watercraft. This is your Coast Guard Dinghy.

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