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"Nintendo finally gets a good GTA game"

Introduction: After years of waiting, we get what we have been waiting for for too long: a GOOD Grand Theft Auto game for a Nintendo handheld. So many people thought that this would not work. I am glad that Rockstar proved us wrong. They chose the right time to create this masterpiece; the DS was lacking good "M" rated games. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is one of the best DS games I have played, and will be remembered for a long time.

Gameplay(10/10) - Although you play the game at a top-down view, the game is still very enjoyable. The biggest reason why I rated gameplay a 10 is because of the game's free roam style. You can run around creating total chaos around you without actually going to jail, which is always an advantage. You can do anything ranging from drug deals to car-jacking to missions, the game just doesn't get old. The controls are easy to learn and to apply. I found myself to be great with the controls from the start, which is actually quite rare for some. The use of the stylus is also awesome, something that a lot of DS games are lacking.

Sound(6/10) - Like most people, I missed hearing the radio in this game. The script was hilarious and made you want to park your vehicle and listen to the tunes and the host. Sadly, the radio is non-existent in this game. Instead, they replaced it with instrumentals. Also, the game would have been better with voice acting, but is understandable due to the lack of space on the DS cartridges. Although the pedestrian's comments may be quite funny, it does not make up for the poor music and lack of voice acting.

Graphics(10/10) - "Wow" pretty much sums up the graphics. Most were expecting mediocre graphics for this DS game and, just like me, a lot of them were surprised. The graphics are beautiful, Rockstar really did a great job with the Graphics. The characters could have gotten more detail, but like with the sound, it is understandable. You could not ask for more.

Replayability(10/10) - Like all GTA games, this game will last you until you get sick of playing it. You can almost do anything you want from doing missions to just driving around hitting people and playing around with the cops. GTA games are famous for the replayability value of the games.

Conclusion - With a score this high, I suggest buying this game, and the telling your friends to buy this game. If you pass up on a title as great as this, you will have to stop by the psych hospital. Have fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/20/09

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (US, 03/17/09)

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