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"A foul mouthed game you can play on the train."

This game is quite simply a masterpiece. Rockstar have a reputation of making games that really push the platform they are working on to the very limit. This is no exception.

GRAPHICS. This game looks amazing. There is so much going on, on the screen. I've not counted the number of cars appearing on the screen at the same time but it's more than a few. The world has been rendered in a pleasing 3D way. There are some excellent in game touches that show you the level of detail in the game. Indicators on cars, Taxi for hire lights, a ticker tape style electronic billboard on a newspaper building. There are so many little details that it is impossible to list them all. Obviously it's not up to the standard of other GTA games on other platforms but for a DS it's seriously impressive.

SOUND. The sound is fantastic. The looks you get on the train when your DS shouts F**K are priceless. Weapons sounds are meaty and give the weapon a feeling of power. Cars and vans sound different depending on their size and make. The music is limited to one tune per car type. This may be something of a disappointment but considering the limitations of the system is only to be expected.

GAMEPLAY. If you were not told what this game was called. If you were just told to sit and play it, you would very quickly realise you are playing a GTA. Everything that made the series a hit is here. The driving and racing missions. The humour comes thick and fast. The cast of characters is as sordid twisted and insane as usual. You play Huang Lee, his father recently murdered and now in America to deliver a family sword to his uncle Kenny. Predictably things go wrong very quickly and poor Huang is left for dead. He must help his Uncle take control of the family business and investigate and avenge his fathers murder. A large part of the game is spent drug dealing. It's often the only way to unlock the next part of the story line. Drug dealers are located all over the city and sell or buy drugs at various prices. Careful trading will earn you a good profit. this adds a business element to the game that is unique to the series. The touchscreen is used beautifully. You hot wire cars, break windscreens and throw various weapons. It also gives you access to your PDA that is packed full of useful features to help you on your way.

This review and indeed any review could only hope to scratch the surface of the deepest and most complete game to ever grace the DS. There is so much to see and do. Rarely can a game be truly considered an essential purchase but this one most definitely is. Rockstar Games, we doff our caps to you, GTA China Town Wars is a work of genius.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/09

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (EU, 03/20/09)

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