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"Rockstar hasn't made a game for nintendo in just about 10 years.... but they still got it!"

Game play: 9/10

The game play is new to me. Mind you, the most recent GTA game I've played is San Andreas, which I have totally mastered. What can I say? There's nothing bad about it. There's also sorts of new stuff. I love the fact that you can make weapons! Well, just one, Molotov Cocktails! But still! It's pretty sweet! You also don't have to work on your weapon skills, you can move and fire without having to build up skill now and that's great for certain weapons! Like the shotgun. You also don't need to have a machine gun to do a drive buy now. You can use several other guns! I like it now that ammu-nation delivers stuff to you now! That's cool! You can buy lottery tickets, give people tattoo's. All sorts of cool stuff. Even though I suck at giving people tattoos, I love doing it! I like the email feature with NPC's. makes exploring for collectable's more fun, and not so hard without a map. The drug dealing is what I'm talking about. I've spent around 7 or so hours lookin' for all the drug dealers without a map. And I'm enjoying myself doing it! Which is something that in similar situations I HATE doing. I've only found about 60. Kind of a strange thing I found was the toll. Very annoying. It's hard to pay when you whip through something going 60 miles an hour. But you don't have to pay if you bail out just before your car goes through the toll. And if you don't pay you get a 1-star wanted level. Which is annoying, since most drug dealers flee if there's police.

Plot. 8/10

Ok, they're starting to recycle the plot a bit. It's a bit like Vice Cities, and a bit like San Andreas'. Not a bad thing, but let's not have this happen again. I mean there's nothing wrong with it, but I like new things. I'm never good at reviewing the plot, without giving out spoilers, so that's all I can really say...

Graphics. 8/10

Well, this game did something I thought was impossible. Have a sorta bird's eye view camera. (I don't know how to properly word it.) While managing to go 3D. And it's like the first to GTA games graphics. I was expecting San Andreas' camera view, but I suppose doing that would eat up the games memory, which would have made other things, like the game play/graphics kind of sleazy, and that's a sacrifice I'm not willing to make.... Which were good, but there were plenty better. Cut scene graphics were good. I wish the mouths moved, but I don't think you can do that on the DS. And if you can, I don't think it would be very good.

Controls. 9/10
Beautiful, wonderful, amazing. They couldn't have done a much better job. But some of the controls feel weird, and will make your thumbs hurt as long as they're in that position. I love the fact that you gotta use the touch screen for just about everything! Which is something the last game I played (Pokemon Diamond) Most certainly did not have! Something I really like is the tank controls now! Except now cars don't explode on impact.... Kind of a downer, but oh well. No, what I like about it is you can use the touch screen to whip the turret around for around 5 or so seconds, fire the cannon a couple times to get a speed boost, then the turret will slowly turn in front of you! I love that! It's so awesome! The controls in general are much easier since the buttons are so much more closer together. some of the controls feel kind of strange though, and can make your thumbs hurt, if your not using a pen/stylus.

Sound. 8/10

I wish there was voice acting... I really do. that's the number one thing I wanted this game to have was voice acting in cut scenes.... But it didn't have it yet it didn't have it.... A little disappointed but you gotta remember that would have probably used up the memory a lot. I already said what would happen if they used up to much memory on one thing. Some of the peds have voice acting though. (IE you chase after a guy in a car and he may yell "Ah, I'm still a virgin!") Gets a laugh out of me every time. The radio was cool, but I've never heard a real song play on the radio. Gunshots and stuff are pretty good too. I didn't think they would be so good, but they were! Explosion sounds are cool to.

Wi-Fi. 8/10

I only went on it once with a buddy, but we had a lot of fun. To my surprise, I won. It's cool. sorta like free roaming, but trying to kill your friends, since that's what we did. But I can't really say much since I've only ever been on it once.

Buy or rent? A definite buy.

You gotta buy it. And if you don't you'll be heading to block buster, paying some big bucks to keep it rented every week. And to get 100 % I'd say would be out 4-5 weeks. So... yeah... Either keep renting it for 5 weeks, or buy it and keep it forever. Unless you sell it, but why would you wanna do that?!

Overall: 8/10

Pretty good. There was some stuff I wanted that the game didn't have, and some of the controls felt a bit weird. But yeah, I liked it, I think people should buy it. It's pretty pricey though. I paid 45 bucks for mine.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/09, Updated 08/31/09

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (US, 03/17/09)

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