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    Recruitment FAQ by Hageshi

    Updated: 03/30/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              SUIKODEN TIERKREIS (NDS)
                               Quick Recruitment FAQ
    Copyright Hageshi/Ikano 2009
    This Faq was made only for:
    suikox forums (slightly different vers)
    Please do not copy this FaQ, in-whole or in part, and uploading it elsewhere
    without permission.                             
    First of all: Hi. Yes. This is Ikano from suikox. 
    I just wanted to clear that up before somone claims I stole my own FAQ (haha?)
    (I originally posted this FAQ on the forums there before putting it on here)
    So yes, Hageshi@GameFaqs = Ikano@suikox. Got that? Good.
    So anyway...this "FAQ" serves as a quick "cheat sheet" on being able to get 
    all 108 Stars of Destiny on your playthrough without missing any of them.
    Note:: This FAQ went through the process of changing over Japanese names
    to their respective English/localized names... 
    ~If there are any major errors in that regard...please try to reach/contact
    me in some way...
    [I created/compiled this whole FaQ single-handedly...so I have a harder time 
    trying to keep this version (and at the same time, the suikox version) 
    **At this point in time. This FaQ's completion is 98% 
    --As I believe I could probably always think of something to add to this FAQ
    in the future...I'll probably never say it's 100% done...--
    But as of now, I believe this is pretty complete as is and there won't be
    "regular updates" from now [March 30, 2009] on...
    "ORDER LIST" [ORD01]== a rough list of the Stars of Destiny in the order you 
    run into them IN-GAME. 
    "TABLET LIST" [TAB01] == the order the SoDs are listed on the 
    Tablet of Promise (which you'll eventually receive in-game)
    CREDIT [CRD01]
    --------------------------------FAQ HISTORY-----------------------------------
    4/16/09 --Minor edit: Got some Messages "pointing out" an error that...isn't
    really an error...but so...minor edit just so these specific "complaints"
    3/28/09 --Finally got all 108 SoD in my English version playthrough. Woot!
    So now...all the characters recruit info should by pretty much correct and 
    not as vague as it was originally!
    And so...there should no longer be anymore "frequent edits/updates" unless I
    find (or someone points out to me) any SERIOUSLY MAJOR typos.
    [[although...there still seems to be an issue with Luvais' recruit wondow...]]
    Thank you for your patience! Thanks for using this FAQ! Have a nice day! 
    ((What else am I suppossed to say? aha...))
    3/26/09 -- fixed/edited several more SoD recruit info (I've recruited everyone
    /played up to the [Mun Tsang] point on my ORDER List...so everyone who was
    recruitable before that point...their info should now be correct and clearer)!
    ~Also, if you didn't notice, am working on putting in the English titles for 
    the requests so nobody should get confused about that anymore! ...hopefully
    3/25/09 -- fixed/edited a little bit of the Megion and Lathilda entries
    3/24/09 -- found a typo...again...(ARG!)...also edited/fixed/clarified some 
    SoD recruit info...expect more as I go through my latest playthrough...
    (1st english playthrough though 4th including japanese playthroughs ._.; )
    3/22/09 --
    (*)Fixed some "star spelling" typos. Hopefully they're all correct now. 
    (*)Luvais' recruit procedure/requirements is more clarified...
    ...however his exact recruit window is still not 100% sure, though I've marked
    a rough estimate based off of his dialogue during recruitment...
    ORDER list has also been shifted around a little to reflect this "estimate"
    (*)Gadburg has also now been placed correctly on the ORDER list.
    (*)Missed putting some SoD entries in all-caps, this has now been fixed
    (*)Little "notes" about the recruiting of Tongatihi, Hafin/Nakil, Goro, Hina, 
    Savina, and Lathilda have been added. Check them if you're having trouble 
    with recruiting any of the beforementioned. 
    (*)A few more "how to recruit" info has been edited to be slightly more clear
    (*)98% of the location/city/dungeon names have now been englishified though 
    some may have minor spelling errors...
    ((It confounds me how people can't figure out "snowy mountain" = Chouli Mts.))
    3/20/09 -- I changed all SoD names to all caps so that so that if you're able 
    to do a "case-sensitive" search...you'll find what you're looking for easier. 
    Hopefully...(check the SUGGESTED USE section to see what I mean)
    Not sure if all computer's "search functions" have the option though...but 
    it'll help those who can search like that at least...
    Also fixed a few more typos and caught a few more Japanese SoD names I missed
    "english-ifying"...although I was half-asleep while doing it so I don't 
    actually remember how far I got...
    3/19/09 -- 
    (1)THIS IS IT! Prob. One of the most LOOKED-FORWARD-TO updates! All SoD
    character names have been ENGLISHIFIED!
    ...Hopefully I switched em all over correctly...I'll doublecheck again when
    I'm able to get around to english-ifying location & dungeon names...
    Also, while swapping over the SoD names...I caught alot of
    ORDER-list <=/=> TABLET-list discrepancies...
    (2)After struggling with trying to read random Japanese sources...started an
    attempt to put in info about "permanently missed charas in the "ORDER LIST"
    (3)Am in the process of trying to clarify Rubias/Lubias' apparently irregular
    recruit event... (originally mistakingly thought to be automatic)
    ...so ya'll will have to do a little legwork/wandering around searching for
    him yourself (if you're going for all 108) while I try to clarify the 
    EXACT requirements...
    (4) Did a little re-clarifying on some of the SoD's "how to recruit" info. 
    (5) Did a little "redesigning" of this FAQ...kind of
    3/18/09 - Hand-ful of edits. First of all: edited/reformatted & moved "Q+A"
    section to top of FAQ (right under this section)--cuz it actually has some
    kind of IMPORTANT stuff now)
    Secondly: Attempted to convert some of the names to localized version based
    on what names several others have been using...however I still don't have the 
    english version in my hand to doublecheck said name changes so there aren't 
    that many changes yet...
    Third: Found & fixed a few more typos
    Oh...and by the way...YES I know Gadburg is missing in the ORDER list...but
    I forget exactly when he joins...However, he's an auto recruit anyway so I 
    don't think it's a very big issue for now...
    3/17/09 - Yomi's entry apparently had an error in one of the city names. Still 
    don't have english version to doublecheck apparent error so substituted the 
    city name with description of town's location...
    Also fixed some minor typos & Added a random Q+A section at the bottom...
    though it's kind of random...
    3/13/09- Got very far on the 3rd playthrough and FINALLY successfully 
    collected the 2 SoDs I had missed in 1st and 2nd playthrough. "Pre-English 
    game release" version of this FAQ now pretty much complete!
    --Submitted to GameFAQs for upload..
    3/10/09- Got very far on the 2nd playthrough of Japanese game. Realized 
    permanently missed 2 out of the 108 SoDs and restarted the game....yet again. 
    3/06/09- Finished first playthrough of Japanese game. Typed up first version 
    of FAQ. (Missed 7 SoDs on 1st playthrough.)
    -------------------------------SUGGESTED USE----------------------------------
    Due to the fact I wanted to minimize plot spoilers in the ORDER LIST, it is
    listed in such a way that they are roughly divided into 
    "plot missions chunks".
    You'll have to play the game and figure out my spacing yourself. Therefore...
    I suggest using the "ORDER" list as reference for finding characters in the 
    "TABLET" list depending on where you are in the game, using
    "What was the last auto recruit you got" as a "bookmark"
     CTRL+F and/or COMMAND+F and/or EDIT>FIND is your best friend! 
    Make your searches case sensitive if you can! 
    If you search for a name in ALL CAPS you will go to that character's 
    specific "recruit info" entry. If you do a case sensitive search with just the
    first letter of the name capitalized...you'll instead hit other SoD entries 
    that mentions the character's name. --Just try it and you'll see what I mean))
    But if you don't care much for being spoiled, ignore my suggestion.
    --------------------------(RANDOM) QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS----------------------
    ((Possible spoilers in this section, be advised!!))
    [Does seasonal characters mean I can run into them everyday of that season?]
    ~Uh...no. If you've already triggered a seasonal event you have to wait a whole
    year -until that season returns- to try it again
    [Why do some recruit events not trigger when they're supposed to?]
    ~ For your information, if you are in the middle of a plot mission or 
    if you can't get a recruit event to trigger when it's suppossed to, make sure 
    you're NOT in the middle of a plot mission or another character request. 
    However, missions that require time to pass does not block recruit events.
    Also sometimes, automatic events and recruit events overlap and so the 
    automatic events take priority. Don't panic too soon! Just try to trigger the
    recruit event again when you think the 'Automatic event' is done. 
    [Which and when are character's permanently missable?]
    ~ I unfortunately did not keep track of when is the last chance to recruit a
    character. Though I'm pretty sure Nakil, Hafin, Wustum, Luvais, and 
    Geschutz & co. are. (As well as Nomno & Khemia whom recruit events depend on
    someone earlier mentioned).
    I do know for certain that the attack on [Cynas] is the cutoff for getting 
    *ANY* SoDs. So if you wanted to get all 108 SoDs in your playthrough. 
    [where is Cynas? ]
    ~ Have you seriously touched the game at all? Cynas is the "Order of the 
    One-True Way's "base of operations" so-to speak. It's the city north of Fort 
    Ark and you should've visited there in the beginning of the game as part of
    the plot.
    [How to complete "gathering animals" quest, other quests that result in an 
    SoD joining, etc.]
    ~ I am not 100% sure on the specifics to successfully do ALL "SoD-join related 
    missions" so that you succeed 100% of the time (hopefully a Quest/mission FaQ 
    will cover it better)
    ...but from my experience...the Animal's Quest needs all people sent on it to 
    have an agility stat of 140 on average, "goods" quests need a HIGH luck, and 
    Morrin's "luring Icas" quest needs YOUNG & beautiful and/or CUTE, women.
    [sorry Selen...Icas doesn't like you... =p]
    But again, this is only based on my experience and is probably incorrect... 
    [You have an error! FIX IT!! NOW!!!]
    ~ I'm so sorry! I did 98% of this FaQ single-handedly with (initially) only
    the Japanese version of the game...despite the fact I'm not fluent in
    Japanese [besides bits and pieces I've picked up from anime/ trying to
    self-teach myself...]
    (Although I am fluent in Mandarin...though I have no idea if that 
    really helped...)
    However, I should also mention...please check the version I have posted on 
    suikox.com forums to see if I've addressed the error & for more recent 
    (as updates on that version may be faster than this version)
    If I didn't mention it there...THEN you can try to contact me about it.
    [Then...how to reach/contact you?]
    ~ Unfortunately I don't like to leave my email everywhere so I guess that 
    leaves you these "simpler" options:
    1) I check the GameFaQs Tierkreis forums semi-regularly, (while I still 
    consider this FaQ as "incomplete" at least)
    especially to see if there is any "griping" about errors appearing in this FaQ
    2) PM me on suikox.com. As mentioned before...My username is Ikano over there.
    3) If you know how to use irc...I sit in suikox's irc channel sometimes. 
    It's on Rizon.
    -------------------------------THE ORDER LIST---------------------------------
    *Firstly this is a ROUGH LIST--you DO NOT have to follow the exact order
    ...although if you attempt to recruit someone way after where I put them on 
    this list...you might find out later they are no longer available...
    * Names with [ ] OR ( ) around them are NOT recruited automatically
    * If their name is in square brackets [ ] it means it is the earliest you can 
    trigger a (non-automatic) event/mission/talk to them etc. at that time but 
    they will not yet join.
    * If their name is in circle brackets ( ) it means you can *ATTEMPT* to 
    recruit them from that point on. Though there is no guarantee you'll succeed.
    *If their name is starred AND in circle brackets (* *)...it is the 
    APPROXIMATE last chance to initialize recruitment of a chara...
    ((Please note that these are not 100% confirmed 'cut-offs'))
    * If it's is starred AND in square brackets [* *] it is the APPROXIMATE 
    last chance to initialize event/talk to em so to be able to recruit for 
    ((Please note that these are not 100% confirmed 'cut-offs'))
    * Automatic/forced meeting of any SoD has been omitted
    [*GESCHUTZ & co.*]
    (*WUSTUM*), (*NOMNO*), (*NAKIL*), (*HAFIN*)
    -------------------------------THE TABLET LIST--------------------------------
    (((NOTE:: All city/dungeon names are in [ ] for now...))
    Tenkai --HERO
    Tengou --DIULF :: Automatic recruit
    Tenki --LIU :: Automatic recruit
    Tenkan --ZENOA :: Automatic recruit
    Tenyu --ORDOVIK :: Automatic recruit
    Tenyu --MEGION :: After HQ has upgraded , Climb over the [Cholui Mountains] 
    and find the hidden path down it's other side (via a rope) and you'll reach 
    an isolated area containing a ruin. Approach the Mysterious Ruins and you'll 
    first run into him (not as a battle encounter, just as a cutscene)
    -[this step may be optional]
    A little after the event that results in the automatic recruiting of Rajim.
    (This is around the time you return from [Woodland Village] )
    A mission request from Tigre titled "Return of Megion" will be available. 
    Accept it.
    Return to [Cragbark] with Diulf & co. and go into the throne room. You'll 
    meet some guests. After that go back to the ruins where you first saw Megion 
    and go into the deepest part(of those ruins). Dailf & co. will fight 
    Megion & co. Win and you can ask Megion to join.
    Tenmou --VASLOF :: Automatic recruit
    Teni --ENUMCLAW :: You first meet him while the mission titled "Get rid of
    Citro Monster". Later on, 2 more similarly-sounding mission 
    requests will become available. 
    (First one titled "Get Rid of Mislato Monster"-available after appearance of 
    Second titled "Get rid of Woodland Monster" -available after Rarohenga plot
    Towards the end of the "Get rid of Woodland Monster" mission, you can ask him
    to join.
    Tenei --MARICA :: Automatic recruit
    Tenki --NEIRA :: Automatic recruit
    Tenfu --RESNO :: Automatic recruit
    Tenman --DIADORA :: Automatic recruit
    Tenko --LUVAIS :: Sometime after officially naming your "company" and castle
    (and -most likely- before your first "attack on [Ladzaa Fortress] )
    Go to [Grayridge] and approach the [Chapter Hall]. Luvais will pop out and 
    tease/scare you, then mention he needs to go look for more info on the Order.
    **Note: This "first part" appears to be triggerable for a LIMITED time
    Later, in the middle of your trek to visit the porpos-kin, he will again
    automatically appear after you witness Macoute's "trial recruiting campaign" 
    and after a little chat will leave again. 
    Go back to your HQ and Luvais will tell you about an attack by the Order on
    your HQ. Successfully fight them off and he'll join after the battle after
    some dialogue in your strategy room.
    **recruit window for the "Grayridge event" still not 100% clarified **
    Tensyo --BELEMUEL :: joins with Keflen ((see KEFLEN))
    Tenritsu --GESCHUTZ :: Joins after you do 2 of their missions (their missions 
    are requested by Geschutz) --1st one (titled "Arcane Academy Tour") available 
    after first visiting Kingdom of [Janam] & doing 2nd Queen Consort's quest. 
    Second (titled "Special Proposal") available after HQ upgrades.
    Note: joins with Minen and Buchse
    **1st part only available for limited time**
    Tensyo --ZAYIN :: Lies dormant at the deepest part of the the ruins at 
    [Rarohenga] Bring Balsam & Yod to fix him and afterwards he will 
    automatically join.
    Tenan --LUO TAO :: Automatic recruit
    Tenyu --CHEIN :: After getting the support of the  Fury Roar Tribe put Lycia 
    in your party them enter the plains above [Cragbak] -from the direction
    of the village. 
    Wander around the map and eventually Lycia will comment that she feels a
    dangerous presence and asks you to step back. Chein will appear and 
    battle with Lycia, one-on-one. Fight her (you do not have to win) 
    then return to the King's room in [Cragbark]. After some talking you can get 
    her to join.
    Tenku --NHAZU :: After your HQ has upgraded, travel to the peak of the 
    [Cholui Mountains] and when you reach the peak, approach the west side of 
    the screen, Hero will make a comment that the other half of the mountain 
    really is gone. 
    Go back to town and speak to Nhazu about it, then you will go 
    see Dogha with him. Dogha won't believe him and he'll run off. Back at HQ a 
    request titled "Search for Nhazu" will appear.
    You'll automatically be brought to Dogha and after some dialogue...just 
    travel down the only path to find Nhazu.
    Afterwards they'll follow you to your HQ and after a short event Nhazu 
    immediately joins...however Dogha leaves temporarily. Find where Nhazu is 
    standing in your HQ (east exit) and you'll find Dogha standing next to him. 
    Talk to Dogha again and then he'll join.
    Tensoku --TSAUBERN :: Sometime after the event where you've reunited with 
    Shams. While revisiting [Sarusabil], he will automatically pop out and 
    introduce himself then run off saying he has an errand to do. 
    A request titled "The Promised Visit" will then appear...Accept it and you
    will automatically be brought to the roof of your HQ.
    Eventually he will ask to touch the Mark of Stars book-- go ahead and let him.
    after which he will join you after some more dialogue. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: When you go to initially meet him, make sure that Yula is 
    NOT in your party, otherwise Tsaubern WILL NOT APPEAR.
    Teni --DOGHA :: joins shortly after Nhazu does ((see NHAZU))
    Tensatsu --BOSCHE :: joins with Lathilda ((see LATHILDA))
    Tenbi --SPHEIL :: --(Not available unless Dogha & Nhazu are recruited already)
    A citizen will make a request titled "Get rid of the Snow Fairy" 
    Accept the request and go to the area where Dogha's house is. To the west part
    of the area (next to a chest) a lady in blue will be standing there. Try to 
    start a conversation with her and pick any answer choice [it doesn't matter 
    which] and you'll enter battle with her where she'll hit you with a magic 
    attack then run.
    Return to HQ and speak to Dogha. He'll give you a hint about dealing with her.
    Afterwards go back to where you met the lady and speak with her again, this 
    time picking the new option that appears. Afterwards you can ask her to join 
    you after some dialogue.
    Tenkyu --SELEN :: After settling into your HQ, she will appear every 
    "Bloom season" at your HQ to challenge Jale to a one-on-one battle. 
    If he wins she will automatically join.
    Note: The first time you see her she introduces herself only and you can't
    actually try to beat her yet until the next time.
    Tentai --JALE :: Automatic recruit
    Tenjyu --RAJIM :: Automatic recruit
    Tenken --DROMON :: At some point after your visit from [Naineneis] a request 
    titled "Order Approaches Naineneis" will become available. 
    Accept the mission however when you get there, Dromon & co. will have beaten 
    you to it and after showing off their combo attack and a lot of dialogue-the 
    mission will be marked as complete. 
    Later on...a request titled "Porpos Abducted" will be available. Accept it 
    and you'll be automatically taken to [Coral Cavern] dungeon and forced into
    a fight with Dromon & co. After beating them the mis-understanding 
    will be cleared up and the mission will be marked as complete. 
    Immediately after finishing the mission, if you go back into the deepest part
    of the dungeon (the layout of the dungeon has slightly changed so be careful)
    again you'll find Dromon & co. still there. After several series of 
    scenes, you can ask them to join you and he will agree to on the condition 
    that you beat them first. Defeat them and his group will join.
    Tenhei --CHRODECHILD :: Automatic recruit
    Tenzai --FELECCA :: Joins with Dromon ((see DROMON))
    Tenson --FREDEGUND :: Automatic recruit
    Tenhai --XEBEC :: Joins with Felecca & Dromon ((see DROMON))
    Tenrou --SHAMS :: Automatic recruit
    Tensui --MANARIL :: Automatic recruit
    Tenbou --NOVA :: Automatic recruit
    Tenkoku --SOPHIA :: Automatic recruit
    Tenkou --TIGRE :: After the "Sophia joins" plot event, bring Diulf to speak 
    with him. IF you had successfully recruited Chein earlier, ONLY THEN
    will Tigre join.
    Note: if you still have issues at this point getting him to join even after
    getting Chein...possibly need to have recruited all other Roar Starbearers
    beforehand as well(?)
    Chikai --GILLIAM :: After your first attempt to overrun [Fort Ark]-only to
    be chased back by monsters-. Bring Logan to see him in his office. After the 
    dialogue go back to your HQ and accept hiss request titled "Defend Grayridge". 
    YOU MUST SUCCEED in the mission, then go back to speak to Gilliam in his 
    office. He will then insist on joining your army as repayment for your help.
    Chisatsu --MISRACH :: You will first meet him during the escort mission for 
    Shams' mother Kureyah, you will go into a fight with him. Win it and he'll 
    run off.
    ((After completing the mission, pass through the area where you first ran 
    into him and he'll fight you again, win again and he'll run off yet again.
    Later on there is a mission where you meet with him and after talking to him 
    he runs off)) <---These additional encounters appear to be optional...though
    I have not confirmed it [the lack of 2nd encounter specifically] myself
    After Shams' join's you, you can run into him in Kureyah's house 
    in [Sarusabil] and speak with him. 
    (*NOTE: He does not seem to appear there during Bud season)
    Tell him that before you accept his request to join, you must show him
    something. You'll automatically be taken to an area in Mislato River and 
    after some dialogue & a tiny event, he has joined.
    Chiyu --REKAREKA :: You first run into her and her son outside [Nainenisu]'s
    entrance (Automatic). Then after gaining the support of the porpos-kin, 
    inside the town's trading post talk to them.
    She will then make a request titled "Make My Son a Man". Accept it and talk 
    to them within your HQ.
    (She's on the second floor area that can only be reached if you walk through 
    the tavern and up two flights of stairs)
    Afterwards she will make another request titled "I need Laggart Pelts". 
    Accept and complete it successfully and they will finally join you.
    Chiketsu --MUBAL :: Automatic recruit
    Chiyu --INDRIK :: Automatic recruit
    Chii --YOMI :: After your first attempt to take over Fort [Ark], you will 
    first run into him (along with Chihaya) in [Lugenik]. Bring Yula 
    and Tsaubern to talk to them and after some dialogue they'll walk off. 
    [Note: Must have recruited Tsaubern & Yula beforehand] 
    After you have successfully conquered Fort [Ark], visit [Grayridge] and 
    outside of the Chapter Hall you'll see the two standing there. Talk to 
    them again and you can ask them to join you.
    Chiei --CHIHAYA :: Joins with Yomi ((See YOMI))
    Chiki --MERUVIS :: Automatic recruit
    Chimou --ASAD :: Automatic recruit
    Chibun --GORNO :: Bring Muro (or other male Auster folk to meet him and he 
    will automatically join. 
    Gorno is found in a deadend in Mt. Svatgol
    From Mt. Svatgol's entrance: follow path but when you see a fork continue to 
    go straight, then on next fork go down.
    If you came in from [Grayridge] mine's -3rd floor(not available until sometime
    after successful defense of Pharamond)-- when you reach the screen where
    every wall looks reddish/fire-y, just follow the path then at fork go
    straight south)
    Note: Ordovik confirmed NOT to work ((mysterious huh?))
    Chisei --HAFIN :: After Asad 'officially' joins you (along with the knights). 
    He will, at some point leave your HQ temporarily (meaning you won't be able 
    to put him in your party). Let some time go by and when Asad returns, he 
    will have brought Hafin back with him at which point Hafin will join 
    [*easily miss-able--this event triggers randomly]
    ((**Hafin and Nakil's recruit events can be flipped and can be done out of 
    order-- see NAKIL for the description of the other recruit event))
    Chikatsu --KEFLEN :: After [Janam] kingdom dissapears, you can find him 
    collapsed in the desert within the Mysterious Ruins. Insist that you want 
    to help him, then go to the deepest part of those ruins to trigger an event.
    Afterwards, offer to let him stay at your place and he'll follow you back
    to HQ (not yet joined). 
    After [Rarohenga] appears...talk to Keflen again and he will
    say he remembers something, and will ask if you have time to help him. 
    Say that you do and take him to the ruins where you found him collapsed 
    in...go to the deepest part of the ruins again and an event will occur.
    After some dialogue Keflen will join you.
    Chitou --YADIMA :: Be sure to talk to him in his little hamlet in the first 
    "world map area" of the game. His "hamlet" is located south -and slightly 
    east- of Hero's hometown. Talk to him a second time on your way back later.
    Sometime after your HQ upgrades, he will appear at your HQ's outdoor area 
    (past the dock) [If he's not there go back to his hamlet to talk to him and 
    he should appear when you go back to HQ]. 
    Talk to him then go back to Moana. A request titled "Plowin' the field" 
    will appear. 
    Complete it successfully (sending people with high attack should work) then
    go back and talk to him afterwards. He'll "officially" join. 
    Chikyou --HINA :: A little after the automatic recruiting of Rajim.
    (Which occurs a little after your return from [Woodland Village)] )
    She will make a request titled "Letter from Lonomakua" and you're 
    specifically required to send Dromon & co.
    After completion of the request. They will all gather in your room- chat a 
    bit- and then after awhile she will ask to join your army.
    *Note: If you can't get the request to appear, talk to Xebec first and have
    him mention something about "needing to contact his island's leaders
    Chian --MOURGENT :: At some point after recruiting Yula, enter the Blade's 
    room in the HQ and you'll overhear Yula and Chrodechild talking about a 
    swordsman. (Do not have Yula and/or Chrodechild in your party if you have
    trouble triggering the convo)
    After some time (about around the time the desert appears) a request titled
    "Request from Gadburg" will appear. 
    ((The request does not appear if you have Yula, or any of the Blades Knights
    in your party))
    Accept it and you will automatically be taken to a ruin where 
    you will run into Mourgent. Yula will appear from behind you and she and 
    Mourgent will fight one-on-one. If she beats him, Mourgent will be recruited.
    ((Possibly do not need to beat him to join? *untested))
    Chijiku --KHEMIA :: After recruiting Geschutz, Buchse, and Minen- bring them 
    to him in Hero's hometown [Citro] and they will convince him to join you.
    Chikai --MOANA :: Automatic recruit
    Chisa --AMARALICHT :: After your return from [Woodland Village] bring 
    Fredegund & Chrodechild to talk to them and Quillard will run off. Chase 
    after him and rescue him from enemy soldiers. After some dialogue, they'll 
    agree to join your army.
    Chiyu --QUILLARD :: joins with Amaralicht ((See AMARALICHT))
    Chirei --EUNICE :: joins with Zahra 
    Chijyu --ZAHRA :: Automatic recruit 
    Chibi --TAJ :: Semi-automatic recruit
    ((Extra note: be sure to talk to him in Manaril's room after the plot event, 
    otherwise he isn't "officially" added to the tablet quite yet))
    Chikyu --YULA :: After your return from [Woodland Village] you will spot 
    her standing outside the "castle entrance". Talk to her, then bring 
    Chrodechild to talk to her and after some dialogue she will request a 
    one-on-one with her. 
    Have Chrodechild win and you can recruit Yula.
    (Note: If Chrodechild is in your party when you initially go to find her,
    you'll have to speak with her twice)
    Chibaku --NOMNO :: After your HQ upgrades, try talking to Nomno and he won't 
    budge. Talk to Nemne afterwards and she'll make a comment about Nomno.
    After successfully recruiting Wustum, talk to him (Wustum) within your HQ 
    (after talking to Nemne) and Nomno will finally get up and move. He'll then
    officially be added to your roster/tablet.
    Chizen --NUZHAT :: You will first run into her if you enter [Sarusabil] 
    after completing the "2nd Empress Consort Rizwan" request.
    (The "run-in" is apparently not necessary for the recruitment)
    After you're HQ upgrades and you fixed your elevator by recruiting Balsam 
    (See BALSAM for details on that). Ride your elevator down to the HQ's 
    cellar and Hero will make a comment. 
    Afterwards, bring Mubal to speak with Nuzhat (she's inside the residence 
    house in Sarusabil) and after an event (and a "boss battle"), she will join.
    Chikou --SERVILLAH :: Automatic recruit
    Chikyou --LYCIA :: Automatic recruit
    Chihi --KOW LOW :: Sometime after [Rarohenga] appears a mission will appear 
    titled "Find Somebody in Rarohenga" ...you will find him in the ruins located 
    in [Rarohenga] where you'll have to rescue him from some monsters.
    Afterwards you will have to go straight into the ruins a little further to
    run into Rufa and another mandatory battle will occur.
    There will be a small event after and then he (and Rufa) will be recruited.
    Chisou --BALSAM :: You can first meet him in [Grayridge]'s underground mine.
    After your HQ has been upgraded, go up to the roof immediately after
    and trigger the Hero commenting to himself about the "trek up the stairs."
    Go back to talk to Balsam and when given a dialogue choice say "It'll be
    interesting?" (the 2nd choice),
    He will then follow you to your HQ to take a look (a cut-in scene should
    appear automatically right when you enter) ...after a lot of dialogue he 
    will say he can fix it if you bring him a "pump". Find that "pump" (it can 
    be found in [Naineneis]'s trading post--check the open chest) and bring it 
    to him. 
    After he fixes the elevator (he needs 10 days to fix it) he will join you.
    Chikou --GUNTRAM :: Automatic recruit 
    Chiemi --ROBERTO :: Automatic recruit
    Chisin --EUSMIL :: joins with Megion ((see MEGION))
    Chitai --NICTIS :: joins with Megion and Eusmil ((see MEGION))
    Chiman --NIMNI :: Automatic recruit
    Chisui --SOTAH :: Can be found in [Tehah] town. After your HQ is upgraded,
    (probably closer to after your first visit to Cragbark) 
    you can ask him to join you after looking at his "information"
    (Note: You might need to look through his "info" several times before the
    option to ask him to join pops up)
    Chisyu --KASHGAR :: Automatic recruit
    Chiin --MAYBELLE :: You can first run into her standing next to the 
    spire/statue located on top of the [Cholui Mountains] after the HQ was 
    upgraded (and Hero already checked out the other side of the mountain and 
    commented that "it really disappeared"). After some dialogue the Hero will 
    run away from her. 
    After getting the support of the Furious Roar, there will be a request made 
    by her titled "Find my Fated Lover <3"  
    Accept it and then go to the Hero's room in the HQ. After some screams, Jale 
    will "forcefully escort" her out.
    Afterwards if you leave your HQ via the exits (not via the warps) she'll be 
    outside (on the world map) mumbling to herself. (If she's not there...
    putting some females in your party might make her appear)
    If you acknowledge she's there, then you will automatically be brought to 
    your room with her again. After the event/dialogue immediately re-enter 
    Hero's room again and she will ask to join.
    Chii --RUFA :: joins with Kow Low ((See KOW LOW))
    Chiri --LUBBERKIN :: At a certain point in the story (Around after your return
    from [Woodland Village], two different one-star requests will appear requested
    by Marica (titled "The Other Marica's World") and Jale (titled "Atrie's World")
    Do either one and upon finishing one of their quests and reporting in, Hotupa
    and Moana will mention that while Jale/Marica was over there they discovered 
    a person from our world trapped over there from the [Grayridge] mine portal.
    After a series of events Lubberkin will appear from the portal, bawl his eyes
    out...then runs out of the mine. You can afterwards find him cowering in a
    corner of the town's alley. Bring Logan to talk to him and after they talk,
    you can recruit him.
    Chisyun --YOD :: joins with Balsam ((see BALSAM))
    Chiraku --RAMIN :: After the plot event where Shams joins, go back to 
    [Sarusabil]'s marketplace and you'll see Ramin playing music to a crowd.
    He will run off when a royal guard dashes in. 
    Immediately after a request by a porpos-kin titled "Discordent Countermeasures"
    will appear, accept it then go to [Naineneis] town circle and you will see
    him playing music again. Hero will yell at him to stop and again he will run
    Last go to [Cragbark's] plaza (do not need to accept a mission beforehand) 
    and before he plays music again, Hero will grab him and drag him out of town. 
    Immediately after you enter a battle and he shows off his support ability
    and Hero decides he better take Ramin back to HQ with him.
    Chitatsu --HOTUPA :: Automatic recruit
    Chisoku --WAHIE :: Automatic recruit
    Chichin --NOFRET :: Sometime after Diadora joins, return to the 
    ruins of [El Qaral] and enter the former magic academy. Go down the 
    stairs and you'll notice that the second to last door from the bottom is 
    now open. Enter and after a bit of talking with Nofret and her "gang" you'll 
    be given a dialogue choice. Pick the first one and you'll enter in a battle 
    against her and her gang. 
    ((NOTE: Battle is optional))
    After beating them, exit the area and put Shams and Manaril in your party, 
    then return to Nofret again and speak with her. ((No you can't make it go 
    quicker by having them in your party on the get-go...I already tried))
    After more dialogue a request titled "Help Them Dig" will become available. 
    Successfully complete the mission then return back to Nofret -again with 
    Shams and Manaril in your party- and speak with her again. 
    After some more dialogue, she'll finally join you.
    Chikei --MINEN :: Joins with Buchse and Geschutz
    Chima --NAMNA :: After Neira permanently moves into your HQ, Namna will visit 
    her room every "Bud" season. Be sure to talk to him at least once 
    between plot missions. Before the mission to attack [Fort Ark] (the earliest) 
    when you speak to him the Hero can choose to pick something along the lines 
    of "Why not stay here instead of running back and forth?" (2nd choice
    I believe)
    He will hesitate and mention that he needs to watch over the porpos-kin
    diety's temple at which point Neira suddenly goes into "deity mode." 
    And will convince him to join.
    Note: He apparently also appears in Neira's room when it's "Sprout" season as
    If you start talking to him VERY LATE in the game, he will be missable as the
    game won't think enough time has passed for the Hero to ask him why he won't
    stay instead.**
    Chiyou --SISUCA :: After recruiting more than 10 SoDs (A message from her may 
    appear while you're on the map if you're still early in the plot). Return to 
    Hero's hometown. Enter the mayor's house and after some dialogue go back to 
    your HQ's cafeteria(or bar if HQ has not upgraded yet) and she will be there 
    --aka a forced join--
    Note: Bringing Marica to meet her will trigger additional dialogue from Marica
    Chiyu --NAKIL :: Sometime after Hafin joins, return to Mislato river with 
    Asad in your party and you should run into Nakil. 
    [*easily miss-able--this event appears to trigger randomly] 
    ((**Hafin and Nakil's recruit events can be flipped and can be done out of 
    order-- see HAFIN for the description of the other recruit event))
    **NOTE: This recruit event, if triggered first, can potentially speed up 
    the other recruit event related to Hafin and Nakil 
    ((See HAFIN for description the other event))
    Chifuku --LEN LIEN :: Automatic recruit (joins with Luo Tao)
    Chihi --OURAGAN :: After recruiting Icas he will appear in front of your HQ 
    and you will have to fight him. After you beat him, he runs off. Now he will 
    occasionally run into you and ask about Icas/etc.
    (conversations are triggered automatically, as long as you see him in the 
    following places in this order: 
    Your HQ, Nainenisu, you HQ again, [Cragbark's] item shop, your HQ again 
    (after liberation of [ Astrasia ] kingdom)
    After running into him those 5 times and some dialogue...he'll finally join.
    Chiku --NEMNE :: Automatic recruit
    Chiko --GADBURG :: Automatic recruit
    Chizen --ANYA :: First speak to her on the [Grayridge] main street while 
    Erin is with you. ((Possibly not necessary))
    Afterwards she appears in [Grayridge] mine sometime after your visit to 
    (Note: From the mine entrance, turn east and approach the first "bend" 
    in the path and Anju should be standing there )
    Chitan --MORRIN :: Do a mission requested by her titled "Find Somebody" and
    meet her in the inn of [Sarusabil]. (Need to have done "3rd Queen Consort 
    Kureyah" request first) 
    Talking to her finishes the mission. Immediately after discussing with 
    Moana Morrin's intentions, Moana will put up a request titled 
    "Bring Icas to Me"
    Complete that mission successfully (send all young/cute/pretty girls, one of
    the earliest possible parties that will make it successful is 
    [Marica, Sisuca, Manaril, Chrodechild, and Erin] )
    and after Icas joins you, Morrin and Yovel will as well after a mini-event
    (which includes a battle). 
    Chikaku --YOVEL :: Joins with Morrin ((see MORRIN))
    Chisyu --AUTAR :: After talking to him/her in [Cragbark] his request titled 
    "Gather Animals!" will become available. Complete the quest successfully and
    return to [Cragbark] to ask him to join. 
    Chizou --WUSTUM :: After finishing the plot mission "Make Allies of the
    Porpos" (and before your HQ upgrades), Visit the [Tehah] inn 
    during "sprout" season and talk to the inn-lady...she will ask you 
    if you'd care to try some soup. If you say yes, Wustum (the maker of that 
    soup) will appear to thank you for the compliment. 
    (NOTE: Soup tasting event rumored to still be triggerable after HQ upgrades, 
    but in a different season: in season "blossom")
    A new request (commissioned by Shairah) titled "Find the Chef" will appear.
    ((Make sure Asad is NOT in your party if the request does NOT appear))
    Accept the mission and talk to Asad. He will mention the name "Wustum" 
    Now go back to [Tehah] village inn and speak to the innkeeper again--she 
    will mention that Wustum headed for the mountain. 
    Head for the peak of Cholui Mts. and you'll trigger a scene and a battle. 
    After the battle you can convince Wustum to join.
    (Note: You will automatically fail the actual request)
    Chihei --BUCHSE :: Joins with MINEN & GESCHUTZ
    Chison --MURO :: A request titled "Demon Hunting in Gineh" will appear 
    mentioning a black horned demon appearing in [Gineh Valley]. Go to that area
    and go to the dead end area where there is a waterfall. You will find him
    standing there and then you can convince him to join you. 
    Chido --HAO SHI :: Talk to Hao Shi immediately after Defending [Pharamond],
    after Magedom dissapears, and after [Rarohenga] appears while Riu is in
    your party. 
    (Hao Shi should make 3 different comments related to plot events happening
    around those times. 
    Note that you can also make him say all three comments at once after 
    [Rarohenga] appears)
    A request will appear (After you've talked to him about [Rarohenga]), titled
    "Clean Up the Woodlands." Sucessfully complete the mission and Hao Shi will
    finally agree to join after all the quest/mission events.
    Chisatsu --LATHILDA :: After the liberation of [ Astrasia ]. Talk to 
    Guntram within the throne room and he will mention the Woodland forest being
    a place people wander into searching for a "peace-of-mind" or something...
    Afterwards wander into the [Scribe's] forest. You will first run into 
    Bosche. (Approximately in the middle of the area two screens in from west or 
    east entrance) 
    He will run off to the right/east into the next screen and you will 
    have to follow him. There you will be introduced to Lathilda and then there 
    will be a long series of dialogue having her say what happened to her after 
    Astrasia's takeover.
    If you then bring Guntram, Fredegund, or Chrodechild to her she and Bosche 
    will follow you to the now liberated [Astrasia] kingdom. After a little bit 
    more dialogue, both her and him will join you. 
    [[Note: Bringing Guntram, Fredegund, or Chrodechild with you when initially 
    looking for Bosche will speed up the recruiting process]]
    ((Another note: Do NOT bring any of the "scribes" 
    (Liu, Luo Tao, Len Lien, etc) with you. You will not be able to find 
    Lathilda and Bosche))
    Chiaku --DIIWICA :: Automatic recruit 
    Chisyu --SEMIAS :: You will first automatically run into him in the entrance 
    of [Grayridge] Chapter hall. He will introduce himself than walk off, 
    You next see him in the town's underground mine (around your 1st return 
    from the Kingdom of [Janam]). He'll talk again then wander off. 
    Afterwards talk to him in [Naineneis]'s shopping district after gaining
    support from the porpos-kin, he'll leave again. 
    Then after that he'll appear in your HQ's tavern area after it upgrades. 
    Just talk to him one last time and he'll join.
    Chisu --LOGAN :: Automatic recruit
    Chiin --ERIN :: Automatic recruit
    Chikei --DARROW :: After liberating Fort [Ark] you can find him on the 2nd
    overpass. (From the south entrance of the Fort, walk straight north and you'll
    notice there are pathways on the side that go off-screen...use the second set
    of pathways [east or west doesn't matter] and follow the paths and eventually
    you should reach the overpass where Darrow is)
    However when Hero appears on the screen and tries to approach him 
    he will run off. To stop him from running off, bring Savina to meet him and 
    after some dialogue you can recruit him.
    Chisou --SAVINA :: After your return from [Woodland Village] (AND after auto
    recruit of Rajim, you can find her in the 2nd floor of the inn in [Astrasia]
    kingdom. Talk to her and you can ask her to join you.
    Note: Might need Icas & Hero to have some dialogue where Hero recalls about
    them beforehand in order for Savina to appear 
    (Talk to Icas at HQ to make the conversation appear)
    Chiretsu --NUMNU :: After gaining the support of the porpos-kin-- 
    walk through the entrance to their kingdom and you will first run into him 
    and he'll mention he likes humans. Later on he will join you after you 
    complete the "Porpos abducted" request ((Check DROMON for details))
    Chiken --ICAS  :: Joins in the middle of Morrin's recruit event 
    ((Check MORRIN for details))
    Chimou --TONGATIHI :: You will first meet him inside the 
    [Corridor of portals] (One screen right from it's "entrance"). 
    After that he will make a request titled "Window Information". 
    Do the request, YOU WILL FAIL IT. 
    Later on in the game he will make another request titled "Window's Beyond 
    the Gateway". 
    (**There does not appear to be a set time it appears...however, completing 
    Wahie's request -titled "Gateway to the Infinity"- will make Togathihi's 2nd 
    request appear sooner)
    Do his request again YOU WILL FAIL IT, and upon reporting in the Hero will 
    have some dialogue with Moana.  
    Now go into the portal to talk to Tongatihi again and after some dialogue, 
    you can convince him to join your army. 
    Chizoku --MUN TSANG :: You will first find her in [Gineh Valley] 
    (around second screen in from east entrance of valley). She will ask you a 
    question regarding your "strategist". You can pick either answer and she will
    wander off mumbling to herself. Later on she will put up a request titled 
    "I Want to See the Elder". Accept it and after some dialogue, she will end up
    challenging Liu to a one-on-one battle. Win it and after some more dialogue
    she'll run off.
    After successfully recruiting Hao Shi (after the appearance of Rarohenga) you
    can find her standing at the northern entrance to Fort [Ark]. Bring Liu to
    talk to her and you can finally convince her to join.
    Chikou --TUHULULU :: Joins with his mother Rekareka ((See REKAREKA))
    ----------------------------CREDITS, THANKS, ETC------------------------------
    [*]I'd like to credit Due Fuimi forums for the INITIAL Japanese to English 
    transcribing of the SoD names + star name transcribings -((For I would've 
    probably taken months with just my pocket dictionary...as sad as that sounds))
    [*]I'd like to thank acdragonmaster@LiveJournal for answering/giving me tips
    on some of the SoDs I missed in my 1st/2nd playthrough
    [*]I'd like to thank suikox for being the Suikoden-related home I hang around
    in ((As well as being this FAQ's first "unofficial home" so-to-speak
    [*]I'd like to thank a handful of members on suikox for kindly pointing out
    errors in the FaQ they thought they ran into. It constantly reminded me not
    to treat my English playthrough as a speed-recruit-run, but to try to confirm
    those reported 'recruit discrepancies'. 
    This includes all the people who posted in the thread containing the suikox
    version of the FAQ, as well as those few who lurk in suikox's irc channel.
    [*]And I'd like to thank Konami of Japan for the great video game series and
    for Konami US for localizing it 
    (even though I'm a bit upset that they did a rather mediocre localization job
    localizing Tierkreis...in my honest opinion...)
    [*]And thank you to all the people who put up with this FAQ while it's "bugs", 
    etc were still being "ironed out"...especially around/andshortly after the
    release of this game.
    [*]Oh...and you all should probably thank Tull (from suikox) for being the
    first who said to me they'd be interested in my writing up a Recruit FaQ for
    I wouldn't have gotten off my lazy bum to make this if none of my friends
    were interested in the first place. =P

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