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    Kachou wa Meitantei Walkthrough by Sirius

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/20/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ?ソGame Center CX 2 : Arino no Chousenjou 2
    Kachou wa Meitantei Zenpen and Kouhen FAQ.
    Written by Sirius
    ATTENTION - If you cannot read the Japanese properly in
    this FAQ, in your web browser, click on View -- Encoding
    and then choose "Unicode UTF-8". That should fix it.
    This FAQ belongs to and can only be used by GameFAQs.com.
    This guide wants to be a simple 窶徂ow-to clear窶 the game guide.
    It is not a story translation, nor a detailed account of all
    the character interactions in the game. It窶冱 simply a
    窶彭o this do that窶 list for those with no Japanese knowledge
    who still want to be able to clear those two detective games.
    If this game is ever released in English, this guide will become
    obsolete and will be removed from the site as probably more
    complete FAQs will see the light of day.
    Knowing how to read hiragana and katakana will be
    extremely helpful to follow this FAQ, but it is not
    absolutely necessary. If you can't read, just look at the
    shape of the letters and pick the ones that look the same
    in the game.
    I heavily relied on the official guide for the shortest way to
    the end. I had finished this game by myself previously,
    but I just wanted to write a guide that doesn窶冲 make you go
    through useless conversations, as most people will probably
    only want to clear it as fast as possible due to the fact
    of it being in Japanese.
    Therefore, all credit goes to:
    譬ェ蠑丈シ夂、セ繧ィ繝ウ繧ソ繝シ繝悶Ξ繧、繝ウ 窶彳nter brain窶
    01/20/10   VERSION 2.0 --> Second game, "kouhen", completed.
    	   Also made some changes here and there.
    12/30/09   VERSION 1.0 --> First game, "zenpen", completed.
    Kachou wa Meitantei Zenpen (part 1)
    A- Possible Actions
     First, there is a list of possible things you
    can do that appears on the right of the screen.
    This is what we窶冤l be using for the whole game.
    Here is the list.
    繝?ャ繧ウ繧? (Inquire about something)
    繝懊こ縺ヲ縺ソ繧 (Inquire about something)
    繧√>縺 (Show your business card)
    縺イ縺医ヴ繝?ち繝ウ (Think)
    縺励i縺ケ繧 (Search)
    縺、縺九≧ (Use)
    縺昴≧縺輔Γ繝「 (Save)
    Under each of these, some other sub-options and choices are
    available, mainly for choosing between conversation topics,
    using items or moving around.
    B- SAVING : Choose 縺昴≧縺輔Γ繝「縲‖nd then choose the first line.
    When you save and then quit the game, the next time
    you start you will be at that place again. If you want to
    stop midway, take note of the number you窶决e at in this
    guide and go on from there when you load the game again.
    C- How it works: For example, if you need to move
    somewhere, you will see something like
    In this case, it means choose the 縺?←縺 option, and then
    choose the 縺?¢縺、縺 sub-option. (Which means "Move to the
    uketsuke (reception)")
    Maybe moving somewhere will get you to someone who
    will engage in a conversation with you; just go through
    the conversation, and when you are free to do something
    again, do what the next number on the list says.
    D- I suggest starting from the beginning to make sure
    you know where you are. Even though you cleared the
    challenges already, start a new game and go from there,
    I think it'll be easier.
    E- Mistake I made? Questions?
    Email me.
    That窶冱 it! Are you ready? Let窶冱 go!
    PART  1 - Kachou wa Meitantei Zenpen
    ?托シ孔nter your name
    *You have solved the mystery of the empty meeting
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繝。繝シ繧ォ繝シ縲?繝舌Φ繝?繧、繝翫Β繧ウ (Game Mecha Bandai Namco,
    the building with the red sign south-west))
    (Go to 縺ァ縺ゅ>縺後@繧峨%縺?∴繧 (the park with water in the upper
    north-west corner))
    (Go to 縺?s縺輔▽縺倥g (Printing office, white building to the
    right, right beside CX industries,the main building))
    ?抵シ暦シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the bottom box on the
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?縺薙≧縺倥g縺???CX縺薙≧縺弱g縺 (main building. From now on
    will be called CX industries))
    *You have solved the mystery of the Crying Machine!*
    (Go to 繝医き繧、縺医″ (the train station))
    *You have solved the 窶忤hich ROM do you want?窶 mystery!*
    (Go to 縺ソ縺壹≧縺ソ (the Lake in the upper north-east corner))
    (Go to CX industries)
    *You have solved the 窶? is missing窶 mystery!*
    (Go to 繧?″縺ィ繧翫d縲?縺ィ繧翫*繧薙∪縺 (Restaurant, brown little
    building right across 繧イ繝シ繝?繝。繝シ繧ォ繝シ縲?繝舌Φ繝?繧、繝翫Β繧ウ)
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繝。繝シ繧ォ繝シ縲?繝舌Φ繝?繧、繝翫Β繧ウ Game Mecha Bandai Namco)
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繧キ繝ァ繝??縲?繧上¥繧上¥繝懊?繧、 (Gameshop Wakuwaku Boy
    窶鍍he building with an orange and red roof))
    (Go to CX industries)
    (Go to 縺ァ縺ゅ>縺後@繧峨%縺?∴繧 Park)
    *You have solved the Norma mystery!*
    (Go to CX industries)
    *You have solved the conveyer belt mystery!*
    ?假シ難シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the sheet in the
    (Go to 繧「繝代?繝医??繝舌Μ繝舌Μ繧ウ繝シ繝 (Appartment, blue building
    on the right)
    The bike mini-game comes up. Dodge the obstacles
    and shoot the guy in front of you until he runs
    out of energy.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You have cleared the first part
    of Kachou wa Meitantei. :D
    PART  2 - Kachou wa Meitantei Kouhen
    ?托シ拘tart the game
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繧キ繝ァ繝??縲?繧上¥繧上¥繝懊?繧、縲?Gameshop WakuWaku Boy)
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繝。繝シ繧ォ繝シ縲?繝舌Φ繝?繧、繝翫Β繧ウ縲?Game Mecha Bandai Namco)
    (Go to CX industries)
    (Go to ?ェ?ッ?」?ク縺阪?繧薙?繧?≧縺?s縲?(the Hospital in the bottom
    south-east corner.)
    (Go to 縺?s縺輔▽縺倥g Printing office)
    (Go to 縺薙≧縺阪e縺??繝ウ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ (Koukyuu Mansion, tall
    brownish building to the left of the restaurant)
    ?抵シ托シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the white nameplate
    of the door)
    ?抵シ抵シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the plant to the right
    of the door)
    ?抵シ包シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the documents in the
    middle between the computer and the bookshelf)
    ?抵シ厄シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the top shelf縲?where
    you can see books)
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繧キ繝ァ繝??縲?繧上¥繧上¥繝懊?繧、縲?Gameshop WakuWaku Boy)
    (Go to 縺ッ繧薙°縺後> (Business district, white buildings
    under the train station))
    (Go to 繝代ャ繝?ぅ繝ウ繧ー繧サ繝ウ繧ソ繝シ縲?縺輔s繧?≧縺九s (Putting center,
    the west train rails going south and the first white
    building to the right)
    (Go to 繝代メ繝ウ繧ウ繧???繧ソ繝槭ョ繝ォ繝 (Pachinko, white building right under
    the business district))
    (Go to 繧?″縺ィ繧翫d縲?縺ィ繧翫*繧薙∪縺 Restaurant)
    (Go to 縺ッ繧薙°縺後> Business district)
    (Go to 縺サ繧医≧縺倥g (Resort Facility, bottom south-west corner
    near the water))
    (Go to 繝医き繧、縺医″ Train station)
    (Go to 縺輔?繧後◆縺ス縺。 (Cemetery in the north-east corner))
    (Go to 縺オ繧九?縺溘%縺?§繧?≧ (Furupita Factory, north-west corner))
    ?厄シ費シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the handle at the
    bottom right)
    (Go to 縺薙≧縺ー繧 (Police Station, south-east corner beside
    train station))
    ?厄シ厄シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the bicycle bottom
    (Go to 縺オ繧九?縺溘%縺?§繧?≧縲?Furupita Factory)
    ?厄シ假シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the handle)
    ?厄シ呻シ阪@繧峨∋繧?->縺倥f縺?↓縺励i縺ケ繧九??(check the white cloth in the
    (Go to 繧、繝翫き縺医″ Train station)
    (Go to 縺ソ縺壹≧縺ソ Lake)
    (The Swan board mini-game comes up. Just like in Zenpen,
    shoot the guy in front of you until he runs out of energy.)
    (Go to CX Industries)
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繝。繝シ繧ォ繝シ縲?繝舌Φ繝?繧、繝翫Β繧ウ Game Mecha Bandai Namco)
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?縺九>縺ッ縺、縺後>縺励c縲?繧、繝ウ繝?ぅ繝シ繧コ繧シ繝ュ (Indies
    Zero, first
    building to the left crossing the west side of the tracks
    heading south))
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?繧サ繝ウ繧ソ繝シ縲?繧ケ繝シ繝代?繧ュ繝」繝ュ繝?ヨ (Game center Super
    right to the right of the Putting center)
    (Go to 繧イ繝シ繝?縺九>縺ッ縺、縺後>縺励c縲?繧、繝ウ繝?ぅ繝シ繧コ繧シ繝ュ Indies Zero)
    (Go to ?ェ?ッ?」?ク縺阪?繧薙?繧?≧縺?s Hospital)
    (Go to CX Industries)
    ?托シ撰シ厄シ孔nter the following 4 letters 縺ソ 縺 縺 縺ソ
    *You have cleared the mystery of the Underground
    (Go to 縺ソ縺壹≧縺ソ Lake)
    ?托シ托シ托シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ托シ抵シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ托シ難シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ托シ費シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ托シ包シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ托シ厄シ阪?縺?繧翫↓縺吶☆繧? (turn left)
    ?托シ托シ暦シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ托シ假シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ托シ呻シ阪?縺?繧翫↓縺吶☆繧? (turn left)
    ?托シ抵シ撰シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ抵シ托シ阪?縺?繧翫↓縺吶☆繧? (turn left)
    ?托シ抵シ抵シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ抵シ難シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ抵シ費シ阪∩縺弱↓縺吶☆繧? (turn right)
    ?托シ抵シ包シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ抵シ厄シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ抵シ暦シ阪∪縺医↓縺吶☆繧? (go straight)
    ?托シ抵シ假シ阪ヤ繝?さ繧?-->縺倥f縺?↓繝?ャ繧ウ繧? (Check the crack in the
    ?托シ難シ撰シ孔nter the following 2 letters 縺 縺ケ
    You have cleared the second part of
    *fiou!* Happy to be done? So am I!

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