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    Walkthrough (JIS) by Montas1992

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 04/26/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			Nintendo DS (tm) - (c) Level 5 / Ghibli
    				By Montas1992 [ g.laureat (at) gmail.com ]
    Use Shift-JIS encoding to show the passwords written in Japanese
    This is my first walkthrough, so excuse any mistakes 
    I may have done. E-mail me for any suggestions
    Or additions, as I am not that great with Japanese language.
    Also, feel free to use this guide to create a 
    better one, as long as you credit me, or not sell it.
    Version 0.1 : Walkthrough up to the Pigmask kingdom 
    (Borg Empire), with the dream world sidequest.
    Version 0.2 : Updated walkthrough until the beginning
    of the three magic gems quest. (06/04/2012)
    Version 0.3 : Added general sidequest information.
    Nearly done with the main story. (11/04/2012)
    Version 0.35 : Minor Update. (13/04/2012)
    Version 0.4 : Finally done with the main story!
    1/ Battle Screen		[FAQ2a]
    2/ Menu				[FAQ2b]
    3/ Spells				[FAQ2c]
    1/ Another World 			[NK01]
    2/ The King Cat 			[NK02]
    3/ A New Friend 			[NK03]
    4/ The Mountains			[NK04]
    5/ Meeting Jiro 			[NK05]
    6/ To the Great Sea 		[NK06]
    7/ Dragon's Nest Island		[NK07]
    8/ Three Stones Quest		[NK08]
    8.a/ Of Frogs and Snakes		[NK08a]
    8.b/ Arctic Island			[NK08b]
    8.c/ Pirate Headquarters		[NK08c]
    9/ Jabo The Dark Wizard		[NK09]
    10/ Post-Ending Content		[NK10]
    11/ Dream World 			[NK11]
    Ninokuni: Shikokku No Madoshi (i.e Another World: The 
    Jet Black Wizard) for the Nintendo DS is the fruit
    of the collaboration of a dream-team: Level-5 and Ghibli 
    Studios. It is a turn-based RPG with minor tactical
    elements, pushing the DS hardware to its limits to deliver 
    a gorgeous adventure, albeit you need a physical
    book essential to its gameplay ?which by the way axed all 
    localization hopes for overseas territories-, it
    contains passwords and spells essentials to progress. 
    There should be online reproductions of the grimoire
    spells if you have somehow lost it.
    As for the upcoming PS3 english release (Wrath of the 
    White Witch), it is essentially a remake of the
    DS version plus some story conclusion and a new party 
    member, but it ditches the turn-based battle
    system, the gorgeous 2D backgrounds, the animated 
    cutscenes (replaced with CG ones, albeit
    high-quality) and more importantly the ability to 
    draw the spell runes by yourself.
    If you are interested in the DS version, go ahead.
    !!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most of the time, you’ll have a red arrow on the 
    map on the upper screen. This is where you are
    Expected to continue to advance the plot. This is very important.
    Nintendo for making such wonderful hardware, and 
    for localizing former Level-5 works.
    Level-5 / Ghibli Studios for making the dream possible
    Namco for localizing the PS3 entry (albeit they’d better 
    treat their Tales of with similar respect)
    Barubary from the Spiriters resource for his romanizations
    The folks working at the fan-translations
    And of course …
    1/BATTLE SCREEN							[FAQ2a]
    You can see your enemies on the over world or in dungeons 
    (except in seaside where it’s random encounters 
    for you). This enables you to evade them, or better yet, 
    attack them from the back to gain an extra 
    turn. Beware though: they can do the same for you.
    B: Cancels your last choice
    X: Auto Mode: the CPU plays for you. It is surprisingly 
    competent, yet not reliable.
    Y: Change party members locations on the 3x3 grid. 
    Doesn’t consume turns. A party member in the front 
    line position has more attack stats but lower defense, 
    contrary to someone in the back lines (lower attack, 
    more defense). Some enemies may have attack patterns 
    reaching specific squares on the grid, so beware.
    You can choose one of the options below, then specify 
    the target. Sometimes an option glows if it provides 
    an advantage to you. Tap the arrow to show more options.
    1/Physical Attack (Red)
    2/Magic (Cyan): Consumes MP. You can classify the 
    menu by magic type (offensive ?red- , 
    healing ?green- ,? ?blue-) with the small option 
    below. Sometimes during boss battles you are 
    given near the end a one-timer powerful magic 
    (3-digit damage) although I don’t know what trigger it.
    3/Item (Green): Uses items to cure MP/HP/status 
    ailments, with descriptions. Don’t worry if you are not 
    fluent in Japanese, when you choose an item, the 
    party member in need for it will have his name glow.
    4/Defensive Stance (Blue): Wastes one turn, raises defense.
    5/Change Party Member (Yellow): There is a limit of 
    one party member changed by turn, but you this way 
    can replace even allies at 0 HP with other allies in the party.
    6/Show Enemy Strengths (Indigo): Apparently also shows 
    party HP/MP and points toward limit break attacks.
    7/Strategy  (Orange) (?)
    8/Escape Battle (Pink): Ineffective during boss battles.
    2/MENU							[FAQ2b]
    The Inventory can be accessed anytime with X button, 
    and exited with the B button. Y takes you straight to 
    the Spell Menu. It shows your active party members 
    portraits, and the names of the others, and the amount 
    of Gold you have.
    Start: Saves your game outside of dungeon.
    Select: Various options:
    - SFX/BGM/Voice Acting Sound Settings. 
    - On/Off option (Arrangement?).
    - Save Your Settings.
    Y: Spell menu. Accessible even outside of this menu 
    by pressing Y. There are two options: 
    - Use spell from menu. Useful so that you don’t 
    draw the runes every time.
    - Draw spell rune on the touch screen. You can erase 
    with Y, and exit the screen with B.
    Note the second option doesn’t enable you to draw new 
    spells, as you have to wait during the course of 
    adventure for the first occasion you are asked to 
    draw said specific rune.
    You can choose one of the following options:
    *ITEMS: You can find healing items, items used for the 
    Genie recipes, story-related items, and equipment.
    *MAGIC JAR: Here you can use recipes to make more 
    powerful equipment or items, with raw materials or 
    otherwise useless items sold at the Item Shop.
    *HEART SHARDS: Shows the emotions you took using spells 
    (06) and (07): courage, kindness, dreams, belief, 
    patience, will, love, and self-confidence. You can take these 
    eight emotions from someone to give it to 
    another one with the spells (06) and (07), which proves 
    essential to complete some mandatory side quests.
    *EQUIPMENT: Note you can only equip weapons and shields 
    on your Imagen. Evolved Imagen can equip more equipment. 
    Human/Talking party members 
    have different equipment: they can only equip rings to 
    boost their stats.
    *Imagen Raising: Here you can raise your Imagen. They have 
    5 levels of love, a stat which goes up to 100, 
    which has an influence on the monster stats while leveling up.
    Essentially, you have to watch for the speech bubble 
    to know which option the monster needs: a head 
    pat さわる(tap on the head only), a playmate あそぶ, 
    a brushing ブラシ, or something to eat あげる 
    (some items raise directly his stats). 
    Be careful not to abuse one option.
    *Swap Party Members
    *Side quests / Stamps: 
    You can do various sidequests,
    either by talking to the NPC with a yellow speech bubble,
    or by going to a Quest Bureau.
    I designed important sidequests with SQXX as a reference.
    These sidequests generally involves emotion spells (06/07) [SQ42-79],
    or monster hunting [SQ80-100]. Mirant Astram quests [SQ32-41,98,99]
    are essential to unlock the Moya Tower, so I’ll try my best to cover
    But other than the rewards you get for these quests, there are more
    importantly the stamps: You are rewarded a certain number of stamps,
    and for each ten you get a point.
    You can use these points at this menu to unlock many awesome bouses:
    Walks faster in the overworld (1pt)
    Has more chances to get a preemptive attack (2pts)
    Has more chances to get by foes unnoticed (2pts)
    Your Imagen loves you (3pts)
    Shopkeepers make discounts for you (5pts)
    Get all the bonuses above to unlock those below. The last one isn’t
    unlocked until you get all the other ones:
    Other Imagen loves you (5pts)
    Money regenerates automatically (!) (5pts)
    Drop Item chances raises (7pts)
    +100HP/+100MP for Oliver (10pts)
    *Encyclopedia: has a bestiary, a dungeon map…
    *Status: Shows party members stats and magical abilities.
    3/SPELLS							[FAQ2c]
    You are required to trace these spells on the 
    touchscreen on mandatory occasions. Reproduce the black drawing, 
    then the red drawing, starting where the line 
    is thick. The spell menu (Y button) enables you to select already 
    unlocked spells. Often than not you can’t just 
    draw every rune at the beginning of the game, and you are required 
    to “learn” them at various events. 
    Some spells I’m not sure of are marked in the spell list 
    by an interrogation mark.
    The numbers in the walkthrough refers to the spell 
    order, not to the manual page number.
    Refer to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJFdsr6efIE
    At some points during the game, Oliver will get different magical
    wands, each one granting him a new set of magics: the wooden
    stick (Hetroit), the Cat King wand (Goronail), Sazara wand (Haven)
    which needs three magical stones to be upgraded. There is also a
    final wand, but to get it you must defeat Moya Tower final boss 
    (but if you CAN defeat him, you won’t probably need it).
    01: Capture: to capture Imagen and use them as party members.
    02: Gate: To travel between Oliver’s world 
    (ichi no kuni) and the parallel world (ni no kuni)
    03: Heal: Raises HP. Available during battle.
    04: Cure: Cures status ailments (i.e. poison..). Available during battle.
    05: Heal Lv2: Fully restore HP for a character.
    06: Heart Peace: Stores a certain emotion from 
    someone for further use. Needed with (07) for 
    the main story and some sidequests. Said emotions 
    can be seen from the menu.
    07: Heart Cure: Gives a stored emotion to someone 
    to change his character. Used with (06).
    08: Unlock: Open locked blue and purple chests.
    09: Teleportation: Select any dungeon/city to teleport to,
    if you have been there already.
    10: Levitation: Needed to walk on cracked floors.
    11: Doppleganger (??, according to book)
    12: Transparency (?, according to book)
    13: Reveal Hidden Treasures: in dungeons.
    14: Obscuring Fog: learned very late during the main quest.
    Makes you invisible to enemies in the map, thus avoiding 
    encounters unless you bump into one.
    15: Lantern: light dark places among other things.
    16: Talker: Enables Oliver to talk to animals and plants, to progress.
    17: Growth: Makes vegetation grows more than usual.
    18: Voice Imitation (?, according to book)
    19: Escape: Use in a dungeon to teleport yourself outside. 
    20: Reveal Hidden Treasures: in the overworld.
    21: Rewind Time: Reverts some broken inanimate objects to an 
    earlier state.
    22: Merge: to merge two objects into one.
    23: Time Travel (??, according to book)
    24: Magic Barrier: Support battle Move : enemies’ magical
    attacks are less effective against you party.
    25: Magic Seal: Support Battle Move, enemies are unable to
    attack you with magic. 
    26: Cooking Magic: Needed at one point to make cheese for 
    a certain queen.
    28: Invisible Road: Reveals hidden bridges on the overworld.
    29: Talk with the Dead: needed to initiate Mirant quest (he is
    a ghost, after all), and to talk with some other ghosts.
    They are those glowing white floating wisps.
    30: Doll: control some inanimate objects to move them.
    33: Heavy Weight: Makes gravity stronger for one particular object.
    34: Thunder: Battle attack.
    Those spells seems to be used for DLC quests.
    If someone could upload a save with those enabled,
    things would get so easy.
    31: Reproduce
    32: Mind Read
    35: Flip
    36: Minimamu
    37: Cat Morph
    38: Fish Morph
    39: Heavy Rain: Battle Attack. Very effective one, at that.
    40: Lightning: Support battle attack. Makes enemies numb.
    41: Fireball. Available during battle.
    42: Shock wave. Available during battle.
    43: Ice. Available during battle.
    44: Light Arrow Available during battle.
    45: Summon: You get this very late in the game. For a heavy amount
    of MP, you can call earlier bosses for massive damage!
    46: Yl Sela: A powerful attack magic (64MP!) effective against
    almost all of the enemies in the game.
    You must finish Mirant quest so that he asks you to look at the
    Magic Master page and match some particular points.
    Once you do it you unlock it.
    47: Bolos (!): Yes, it’s called that in the book, the same as
    the spell from Laputa. Here it’s some kind of ultimate light magic,
    as opposed to 46, the ultimate dark magic.
    It is the reward for beating Moya Tower final boss.
    48: Earthquake: Battle Attack.
    49: Poison
    50: Awaken: Use on the blue dragon, during your first meeting.
    51: Revive the Dead (?, according to book): If you try to use
    this anytime, you get a scary special warning message, basically
    stating this magic is forbidden, and you must give a soul in
    return for it to work. It even inflicts a status effect on you,
    and you lose some magics, so it’s definitely not recommended.
    Deep in the game data are two other unused magical runes, which
    are not even mentioned in the Magic Master.
    [Hetroit City]
    After the opening cutscene, you’ll have 
    a short discussion with your friend Mark (マーク)
     who is on the right side of the screen. 
    Your next goal is indicated by a red arrow on the
     upper screen. Proceed to the left, then 
    enter the house to meet your mother. Save your game.
    More cutscenes.
    Oliver sneaks out from the house at night to go 
    try with Mark their new car. A familiar girl
     notices them. However, things go horribly wrong, 
    when the car falls into the river. Comes
     Olivier mom to the rescue, albeit it cost her her 
    life. Blaming himself for her death, our hero’s
     tears awaken Shizuku, a spirit from the “second 
    world” (Ninokuni) which was in a doll. He tells
     him that his mother death may be undone as her 
    Ninokuni alter-ego may be alive.
    You’ll learn how to save (Push X, then 
    Start then confirm with A).
    Go down the stairs, then enter the living room. 
    Examine the fireplace to get the Magic Book. 
    You’ll be asked your name to write on it. Time to go out.
    Your sidekick then ask you to pick the wood 
    stick (木 の 棒) lying on the street. 
    Go west two screens. A map will show up: 
    choose the fountain. Proceed north.
    You’ll have to draw the ‘Gate’ (02) ゲート 
    rune to open an invisible-to-humans gate to the 
    other world, Ninokuni. 
    [Northern Woods]
    Use the statue to save. It replenish your HP/MP points. 
    Take the passage. When you’ll reach 
    the fork, follow Shizuku, to meet the Elder Tree.
    You’ll have to draw some runes: Fireball (41), then Heal (03). 
    A fairly easy monster fight will occur, with some weak creature.
    Oliver has under Magic: Fireball (2MP) and Heal (3MP), 
    while Shizuku has a defense boost spell, but 
    weak attacks. Auto fight is triggered with the X button.
    Draw the Capture (01) rune. You’ll capture 
    the monster: the Imagen Lucci. Another fight.
    Press Y to change you party members positions: 
    they can hit hard the enemies and receive more 
    damage in turn if they choose the front lines, 
    or trade more defense for less attack power if they stick to the rear.
    You’ll receive an Encyclopedia Stone from the tree 
    with information about known monsters, locations, 
    and a strange perfume.
    The strange perfume has a new entry in the menu under Shards of Heart.
    Return to the fork, and proceed to the other side. Save at the statue.
    [Dungeon 1: Waterfall Passage]
    It is the first dungeon in this game. You can heal your 
    party members from the menu by selecting the 
    Magic Book then drawing (03), then choosing which 
    character to heal.
    Don’t miss the two treasure boxes, with Bread (+30HP) 
    and a Healing Herb. You’ll have to take the southern 
    path at the fork before going further south, where you’ll 
    find on your way a MP-Regeneration Cristal.
    You’ll find to the east a sealed blue box. You’ll have to 
    draw Unlock (08) to open it. A Refreshing Potion 
    (+10MP) is inside. Take the left path and don’t miss the 100G 
    in the treasure box. You’ll reach the save 
    point room. Proceed to meet your first boss battle with Nutsu, 
    at least with Level 4. 
    Keep spamming fireballs and have Shizuku boost your stats as 
    he does half the damage of his comrades. 
    Eventually Oliver will be able to use Fire Storm クアイアストーム, 
    a limit-break attack with much more damaging power. 
    Proceed to the south, then to the World Map. 
    2. THE KING CAT [NK02]
    [Goronail Kingdom]
    The Castle door is closed for now. Talk to the guard 
    to the right to accept the Sidequest 1. You must go to 
    the cheerful guard and use the rune (06) to take his 
    happiness emotions, then go to the depressed guard 
    and use the rune (07) to give him these emotions.
    You can now proceed with the plot.
    Go straight until a cutscene occurs, then continue 
    north to the Castle. The guard won’t let you in, and 
    would give you the sidequest 2 ゴロネール 城 に 入ろう. 
    You’ll have to collect three stamps (you get 
    them by doing sidequests). Follow the red arrow to the 
    sidequest bureau. Talk to the elder then check 
    the request panel, but sidequests 3 and 4 are greyed-out now atm.
    First, let’s go to the weapon shop (to the east): a 
    woman standing besides it (she has a yellow speech bubble) 
    will upon talking to you give you sidequest 3 らく がき を 消そう?: 
    You have to clean the nearby wall. Stand 
    still before the grafitty and touch it with the stylus. 
    Go talk to the woman when you are done.
    (Optional) Go to the central fontain, talk to the man 
    standing before it. He has the Sidequest 4 
    ゴロネール こうか 集め?:
     find for him his lost 5 golden cat coins ゴロネール こうか  
    scattered across the city. You need to smash pots
     and barrels to find them, alongside some items/money, 
    which doesn’t regenerate on a second visit.
    At this point, you can go back to the guard as you fulfilled 
    Sidequest 2, but he says he can’t unfortunately let
     you in because you are dressed as a peasant. Your only choice 
    is to go the item shop to the south-west, to
     get a brand-new tunic tailored for you. Sleep in the inn 
    one night (20G)(You’ll have a short meeting with
     your mother spirit warning you about “him”..) then go 
    back to get it, then head up to the castle. The soldier
     inside tell you the king is ill. Go outside then after a 
    short dialogue with Shizuku cast Gate (02) to go back to Hetroit.
    Follow the red arrow. In the map screen, select工? 地区 , 
    then enter Leila Farm Shop. Here you’ll get to meet the
     king alter-ego. Cast Gate (02) to go back to the ninokuni 
    (second world). Check the item shop woman, then to
     the south-east of the fountain, you’ll see a kid trying to 
    use his Imagen. He’ll give it to you, and you are requested
     to name him. Enter the alley, and cast on the door Unlock (08). 
    You then meet a mouse, requiring you to cast Animal
     Talker (16).
    [Dungeon 2: Goronail Waterway]
    You’ll have a scripted battle, where you’ll learn how to 
    change your players during battle (yellow button). Of course, 
    your best choice is to keep using Fire on your opponents, 
    although some may cast Poison on you. Go east. At the 
    crossroad, there is a green HP crystal, and two chests at 
    the eastern corridor end. Keep going west and check the 
    chest on your way. At the next crossway, ther is an Imagen 
    Card in one chest (no idea what it does) to the west, a 
    blue MP crystal in the middle path, but to the east however, 
    you’ll find a strange statue with three fireplaces. Light 
    them all exept the middle one, using Fire (41) to open the door.
    Carry on and find two red chests, plus another blue chest 
    (use Unlock (08)), then go through the immerged portion
     of the dungeon to find a closed door and a green HP crystal. 
    To open it, you need to light the middle torch with 
    Fireball (41), in front of a second statue found farther to 
    the east. On your way don’t forget to pick up two final red 
    chests in the northern section, albeit there is a purple chest 
    your magical stick isn’t powerful enough to open. Go 
    north, and save. Go to the next room to face the boss, a giant 
    mouse holding the king specter. I recommend fighting 
    it at level 8. When you finish him off, take the teleporter back 
    to the town. 
    [Goronail Castle Town]
    Go meet the king at his castle. After a gorgeous animated 
    cutscene, the king refuses to help Oliver at his quest. The 
    ungrateful bastard! Go outside, and your Encyclopedia Stone 
    advices you to seek generosity emotions elsewhere to 
    give to the king. Obviously, it’s from the kid who gave us 
    his Imagen. He is somewhere near the central fountain. 
    Cast Take Emotion (06) on him, then back at the castle, 
    cast on the apathic king Give Emotion (07). Now he is more 
    willing to cooperate with you. He gives you his specter, 
    and even teaches you a new spell, Ice (43), which you can use 
    during battle! You are prompted to save.
    Your priority now is to check the weaponry shop, so 
    that its owner teaches you how to equip you Imagen, who use 
    different equipment than normal party members. 
    The first two screens are for shields and weapons and are used by 
    your Imagen, but the third ring screen provides 
    Oliver/Shizuku equipment. Use Take Emotion on a cat citizen (06) 
    near the inn if you want. 
    Go all the way to the central fountain, but take the hidden alley at
    the north-east to the grave. Cast (29) to communicate with the spirit.
    It is revealed that this spirit is that of another little wizard, named
    Mirant Astram. If you accept his challenge (SQ32), 
    he asks you 3 questions.
    The answers are:
    右上 then 4 then 反時計回り
    You can accept his challenge for another round of questions (SQ33).
    The answers are:
    なるほど thenさいこうきゅう
    The penultimate character is lower-case, if it didn’t work.
    SQ32 and SQ33 are needed to continue the quest to unlock the secret
    dungeon, in case you were wondering.
    Exit the town to the overworld.
    3. A NEW FRIEND [NK03]
    [Dungeon 3: Moel Forest]
    Once in the overworld, cross the bridge to the east then 
    go south to the forest. Cast Talker (16) on the big flower and 
    a new path will open to the third dungeon. Go south. 
    A pit blocks the path south, so go east to get to the bottom, and 
    don’t miss the red chest, the blue chest hidden in the 
    south-west. Once you get there, use the green and blue crystals 
    to heal your HP/MP, then continue to the west, coming 
    across another pit. There are two red chests plus one purple 
    you can’t open yet in the northern path, but you 
    should continue west to continue. 
    Use Time Rewind (21) on the tree with the blue crystal. 
    It breaks, liberating an Imagen, who has decidedly taken a liking 
    to you. You have no choice but to leave it behind and 
    return to the aforementioned second pit. Use Growth (17) on the 
    mushrooms to create a path to the boss, and if you wish, 
    use it also to create a shortcut on the bottom of the first pit. 
    Save and proceed to see a wrecked landscape, then the 
    boss makes an apparition. 
    A certain Imagen appears and joins you: the battle begins: 
    you should be above level 10, and use wind and ice attacks 
    and position all of your party members in the front line. 
    Upon finishing this boss battle, use Time Rewind (21).
    Exit to the overworld, where you’ll encounter probably 
    way stronger enemies. The city to the south in the desert is your 
    target. It’s Babanatsua Kingdom.
    Go straight to the north three screens until you see a 
    shop with a blonde girl. Talk to her then to the shopkeeper. 
    Time to cast Gate (01) to return to ichi no kuni! 
    [Hetroit City]
    Go oust of the park, choose the portion of the city where 
    we begun the story, then, this time around, take the south 
    alley/ Shizuku will point out the location of the parking 
    where Mark begun his crazy project. Remember the girl from 
    the opening cutscene? She lives in the nearby house! Upon 
    close inspection the door is locked, and a neighbor points 
    this out for you. The solution? Breaking the lock and entering, 
    of course!! Cast Unlock (08) and meet the poor sool.
    Up to this point, you used Heart Catch (06) and Heart Cure (07)
    to give the Empty Shell pesons who have a disrupted balance of
    emotions. Well, if you don’t save them they would eventually
    wound up possessed by a Nightmare.
    Now you are outside, exit 
    to the overworld, and go to the factory in the southwest screen, 
    where you get to see the father, possessed with dark 
    emotions, in a heart-breaking household scene. Cue the…
    BOSS BATTLE! Bet you didn’t see that coming… He casts an 
    attack in a cross form Olivier is in its center, and inflicts a 
    new status ailment, impairing physical attacks. 
    Once you slay him, the poor wife comes worried about her collapsed 
    husband. Take her love emotion (06) and give it to the man (07), 
    and leave them alone ;) Now go back to Shelly 
    (breaking the lock of course using Unlock (08) >:D) and 
    witness her recovery. Borrow her happiness emotions using 
    (06), then use Gate (02) to return to ni no kuni. 
    [Babanatsua Kingdom]
    Here, you can talk to the shopkeeper and give these 
    emotions to this Shelly, called Maru (07), to cure her from her illness. 
    The man thanks you and talks about the secret threat 
    lurking in this world, then Maru and 
    her Imagen, a penguin called 
    Seba, join your party! You learn two new moves: 
    Light Arrow (44) and Shock wave (42). You are prompted to save.
    From the inn, go explore the western part of the Town. 
    If you did the sidequests SQ32 and SQ33, you should run
    into Mirant the little wizard! (SQ34) You must find for him some kind of
    ring from the weapon shop. It’s called ふうすいリング. To get it, you must
    examine a table in said shop to read on it some inscriptions. 
    Go back and talk to him to finish the side quest.
    Head out of the town, then south in the desert. 
    You should level up a little bit here. 
    The magical abilities for Oliver should now be: 
    Offensive (red): Fire (2MP), Ice (2MP), 
    Shock Wave (6MP), Holy Arrow (4MP).
    Curative (green): Heal (3MP), Cure (5MP, must be unlocked)
    Defensive (blue): Auto-Barrier? (10MP, must be 
    unlocked, on all party members, there is a pink stat arrow raising)
    I recommend first to unlock some useful spells, 
    namely the ones which are greyed out for now in the spell menu but 
    have an entry with a “?” mark. Open the spell 
    menu with Y, an choose the option to draw the spell rune. Trace the 
    following runes, then push B so that you don’t 
    consume your MP (hopefully): Cure (05), and Auto-Barrier (?)(24).
    As for Maru, she has a sound based magical attack 
    (6MP), a healing move (2MP), and two stat raising moves (speed 
    and strength, each 4MP). Her speed raising move is 
    very useful during the ensuing battles. Go back on the path you 
    came from, but follow a little detour to the south 
    until you stumble across a pit. Draw the Invisible Road rune (28) 
    to continue. When you reach the flame mountain, 
    your crew takes a break during the night, cue some character 
    development and a friendship oath or something like that.
    [Dungeon 4: Mt. Dekarock]
    During the first portion the path is pretty linear, 
    with two red chests and a blue MP crystal. However once you 
    finish this section you are in front of an embranchement. 
    You are presented with two choices: to take the path 
    of the trial cave, or the path to the summit. 
    And you should pick the first option because not only your choice of 
    second path will be vividly criticized by your party 
    members, but also you would engage in a HOPELESS BOSS BATTLE 
    with a scantily clad magma woman golem dancing thing 
    (Ah, Japan…) dealing 9-square 216-HP-damage attacks 
    (crap). Yet, your masochism is rewarded with a 
    (pointless) full party MP/HP healing!
    Now you are kind enough to avoid invading the poor magma 
    lady private space, let’s proceed to the west (for now). 
    [Trials Cave]
    You should go west to rescue a little bird drom3 
    demons (weak to light arrows, naturally), then return to the cave entrance. 
    After some moon-speak chit-chat with the statue, 
    you are given a gemstone and allowed to enter. Save at the statue, 
    then head left. This area map is shaped like a 
    cross, with a red chest to the left, and a precarious cracked stairway to the 
    top which, you have guessed, is the path onwards. 
    Go ahead and try. Shizuku has us cast Heal (03) just in case, then 
    Levitate (10). You’ll have to make your way to the 
    bird statue at the end, but there is a green crystal and a red chest in a 
    dead end you’ll come across. Upon talking to the 
    statue, you are taken to another room. Go forward, thenthe symbol on the 
    wall will glow and the walls will be closing in. 
    Stand on the tile holding that same symbol (It’s a 12, In case y
    ou were wondering), 
    and wait for the time limit to expire. You are 
    rewarded with a second gemstone. Take the teleporter to the save point and 
    let’s head east this time.
    There is a fork in the beginning of the room. First, you go 
    east you’ll find a blue MP crystal. Then you should head south, 
    then east, then north. There are 2 dead-ends containing red chests. 
    A third red chest is on a lower platform. Once you reach 
    the bird statue, you are once again teleported to another puzzle room. 
    Oliver and Maru are separated, but you can switch 
    between them by pressing Y. You must reunite at the end 
    of the room, but there are several flame barriers hindering 
    your progress. Nothing too difficult, though.
    Oliver must go to the red switch and trigger it. Maru must 
    pass the open red barrier, then Oliver should press again the red 
    switch and pass the now open red barrier in front of him. 
    Maru should continue to the north, pass the blue barrier, then trigger 
    the blue switch so that Oliver can pass the blue barrier. 
    Of course, she has to trigger the blue switch again and pass the blue 
    barrier then continue to the west, to the north then to 
    the east and trigger a green switch so that Oliver can pass, then trigger 
    it again so that Oliver can pass a second green barrier. 
    Oliver should continue to the north until he reaches a strange door with 
    two pressure plates, then an orange colored switch he 
    should trigger, then return to the first closed green barrier, where there 
    is a way to the west leading to a yellow switch he must 
    trigger. Oliver should return now to the north to the strange door and 
    trigger the orange switch, then return to the strange 
    door and stand on a pressure plate. Maru should go west, then north and 
    push the purple switch, then go all the way to the strange 
    door and stand on the other pressure plate. Oddly enough, Neither 
    Oliver nor Maru have collision detection in this level.
    You are rewarded with a third gemstone. The teleporter leads back 
    to the central room.
    Go back to the eastern room, but this time around take the 
    northern path. There are two dead-ends to the north containing 
    each a red chest, and a third one with the bird statue. 
    It will transport you to the final puzzle room. There are several statues 
    with inscriptions in an ancient language, which should be 
    apparently decrypted with the book, so that you cast the appropriate 
    spell. Anyways, here is the solution:
    - Fire (41) on the left statue
    - Ice (43) on the right statue
    The door should open. There are four more statues. You should 
    first talk to the bird statue to the north, then cast the following 
    spells. If you are low on MP, check the first bird statue. 
    The solution should be far more obvious now, even without knowledge 
    of Japanese, but there is a specific order:
    - Heal (03) on the bottom broken statue
    - Talker (16) on the left duck statue 
    - Cure (05) on the right poisoned statue 
    - Unlock (08) on the top statue with a lock
    You are rewarded with the final gemstone. Now is time to face 
    the boss! Save, then go to the north this time. You’ll face Badagos. 
    I recommend to Have Oliver at Lv16 and Lucci at Lv19. 
    It is a difficult battle, yet you should be fine if you use Shock wave 
    and Ice. You get a fifth gemstone. Take the teleporter and you meet the jury! 
    Maru gets from a Totoro-lookalike the Spirit Harp! With this 
    magic item she can capture Imagen during battle. She has to attack 
    them first, then a heart appears above them. There are 3 
    different melodies, and she has to play the one that specific Imagen 
    likes (a musical note appears) and play it repeatedly so 
    that she captures that Imagen. You are tossed in a battle against three 
    Imagen so that you practice your technique. Then, you get 
    the Magical Mirror which makes one of your monsters evolve. 
    They evolve too when they level up to certain levels. 
    Finally, you learn about the blue circles littering the landscape: they 
    are used to store/take your Imagen (first option), but also to 
    exchange them with WFC.
    Other thing about evolving Monsters: sometimes you are offered the choice
    between two evolutions: check the stats (HP/MP/elemental weakness), then
    the new magical attacks, then most importantly the equipment slots:
    these slots get added one per evolution, and they are represented
    by a coloured square (red for weapons, blue for shields, green for
    items…) Of course you won’t have no red squares for a battle
    Imagen, but in case you are dumb enough to do it, there are some items
    which modify these slots (or rarely, add an extra slot).
    So get yourself a balanced party (fire, water, and healers. wind 
    if you want).
    Take the teleporter out. You should be teleported back to the 
    Cave entrance. Backtrack to the fork where you had to choose 
    your path and go this time north to face the magma lady in a 
    boss battle. She is far easier to beat this time around with some 
    Ice attacks. She’ll spam some projectiles which will target 
    your party members but do not do any damage until the next turn. 
    You’ll have to move your party members away of harm way 
    with Y. Proceed north.
    You’ll find a save point. Go ahead and you’ll find on 
    your way a green HP crystal and a red chest. There is also a purple chest 
    you can’t open.  You can capture some Imagen if you have 
    Maru in your party. When you reach a door, search nearby for a 
    red chest holding a red key. Go south, then to the west. 
    There is a blue chest in a dead-end to the north, but ignore the 
    unreachable green chest for now. You’ll find eventually a 
    new door and a new blue key. There is an MP crystal, if you need it.
    Go back to the first door. Neither of the two keys matches 
    its keyholes, but the merchant has got an idea. Use Merge (22) 
    to make a new key, and proceed.
    An ominous save point awaits. You can use those magic blue 
    circles now to store your Imagen if you want. And get ready for 
    a new boss battle. A Lv.19 Oliver with some Ice attacks 
    (95 damage!) should do the affair. DO NOT use Oliver’s limit break 
    attack: it’s a fire-type boss. You are back to the Baba 
    Desert Kingdom Capital. I would advise you to go to the Inn, if not for 
    your party, do it to see the amazing artwork :D
    Exit the city. Oliver’s pursuers, the Empire dark knights, 
    are nearing however…
    5. MEETING JIRO [NK05]
    You should head south of the city this time around. The 
    landscape is suddenly more populated with vegetation. 
    Not far in the south coast lies the …
    [Bikini Village]
    After the first cutscenes, choose the first option (the second 
    if you are not properly healed) and write the following in
     Japanese, supposedly a password of sorts from the grimoire:
    いでよ なべまじ ん
    Then you watch the best boss introduction cutscene ever, and 
    get to battle a genie boss. Apparently, he gives you a bunch 
    of healing items: a HP, status effect, and incapacitation 
    healing item. Then he joins you. He can apparently create items 
    for you. Apparently, your little battler Imagen has a dark 
    cloud above him. Select the Item option (the cake), the select the 
    only visible item to give it to your Imagen so that the curse is lifted.
    This man sells Imagen tickets. They seem useless at first sight,
    but you must go back to the Deckarock Montains to the Trial Cave
    entrance and take the teleporter to meet the two folks who taught
    Maru how to capture Imagen. Talk to the child, select the first
    option then confirm to get your new Imagen! 
    At this point, I recommend using recipe 131 to make +50MP 
    necklaces for Oliver and Mari. You can also make the sandwich 
    100-HP healing item recipe 143 (you need 2 bread and 1 meat), 
    or even better, the recipe 189 (150-HP healing item). 
    Suddenly the food supplies sold at Item shops makes sense… 
    Go forward, and then Oliver gets a swimsuit. Return where you 
    were, then continue to the north until you reach the port.
    There are 3 gemstones in a red chest to the west of the city 
    however. Go to the boat, talk to the captain, then return to the 
    city entrance. Someone will give you a pass. A mysterious lady appears.
    Now let’s return to Baba Desert Kingdom Capital City.
    You must talk to a Bikini woman NPC to learn recipe 171. 
    Its for raw caramel. Go to the Babanacia Item Shop, and buy some
    caramel + concentrated milk. In Japanese it should be:
    キャラメル + のうこうミルク = なまキャラメル
    Back to Bikkini, you should talk to Mirant to finish SQ35.
    [Babanacia Kingdom]
    Go all the way to the north to the palace. However, you are 
    unceremoniously kicked out. Go back two screens, and cast Gate (02) 
    to return to your world. Go to the quarter where your house 
    is located, and check Leila Farm Shop. The woman keeping that 
    shop is ill, and she is the Baba Kingdom queen alter-ego. 
    Cast Gate (02), go to the milk fountain in Baba Kingdom Capital and 
    check it. Cast Cooking (26) to make a giant cheese. Go to 
    the palace and you are let in this time around.
    You give the cheese to the queen, but she wants more. 
    Shizuku tells you she needs Patience emotions. Cast (06) at the minister, 
    then cast (07) at the queen. She gives you a Kauda Letter (?).
    You’ll learn how to cast two spells to reveal hidden 
    treasures: (13) for dungeon treasures, then (20) for over world treasures. 
    You are asked to save.
    Our next destination is the fishermen village to the south.
    But for now, let’s go to the inn (40G). Sometimes when 
    you sleep in the inn you’ll get teleported to a dream world. Refer to the 
    Dream World sidequest for more information.
    [Pikini Village]
    Go to the port and talk to the boat owner. Go south. 
    Pursue Jiro until you’ve cornered him. Turns out 
    he was possessed. Time for a boss battle. 
    The thing inflicts a status effect represented by a 
    skull which apparently decreases attack accuracy 
    but vanish after a few turns. It should go 
    down with some few Light Arrow attacks. But it has 
    a second form! Repeat the same strategy 
    and heal occasionally and you should win. 
    Head south to the house of the fisherman who gave 
    you the swimming clothes, then cast (06) to take 
    some of his Patience. Go back to Jiro and 
    cast (07). He then joins your quest with his Imagen Golutsuke.
    You can now, with the help of your new ally, open those 
    green chests lying around. Have Jiro get a red 
    feather from the one nearby, and then 
    save after the impressive CG cutscene.
    6. THE GREAT SEA [NK06] 
    The destination is the Isle to the north-east. However, 
    a typhoon prevents you from getting there. Plan B, 
    go the other way around, to the 
    Casino Isle to the west. Return for now where you started 
    and go to the inn (90G!) before carrying on. The seaside 
    overworld is populated 
    with boss encounters. You new partner, Jiro, has two magical 
    poison inflicting attacks, and a Steal command, to loot from 
    monsters. When you near the spot marked with a red arrow, 
    approach the beach until you have a small A button prompt 
    near your ship. 
    Press A do disembark. Note there are a few islands you pass by 
    can be explored this way. Go north, picking one red 
    chest in your way.
    [Dell Mokal]
    Go north until you reach a central area with an Item Shop and a 
    Quest Shop. Of course you could explore the western 
    part of the city for a 
    red chest and some hidden goods in barrels beforehand. You 
    should see a glowing NPC on the map you can 
    take his Patience with (06). 
    Go to the north-east of the town to a cabana and talk to the 
    NPC there. Turns out he’s not your target. You’ll have 
    to return to the central 
    area and head north to the Casino.
    Here you can buy special coins from the office in the north to 
    use with the many minigames. If you go to the slot machine, 
    try to align as 
    many golden 777 as possible to get a platinum ticket (if you 
    do it 5 times). It is needed to unlock the cinema (after ending). 
    Of course there are bonuses 
    to lower the machine speed or raise your chances to 
    alleviate this a little bit.
    Once you are done go talk to Maru and answer “Yes”. Go to the 
    office and select the second option to exchange your special coins for 
    prizes: top-tier equipment. Exit the casino and one waitress should 
    give you tickets depending on how many Golden 777 you aligned.
    Now head south of the central place and head to the inn. Check the 
    nearby barrel for 100G. You’ll need them to pay the inn (160G). 
    You are prompted to save. You should rest at the inn at this point 
    if you are low on HP. Anyways, head south, and go to the western 
    part of the town where suddenly interesting things happen.. You must 
    exorcise another NPC in a boss battle. As usual, a Lv19 Oliver 
    Light Arrow attacks, with some physical attackers should do.
    You should go to the cabana from earlier. You’ll have to get the 
    Confidence emotion (06) and give it to the boy standing by (07). 
    You’ll get another item, seemingly special cannon ammo. 
    Go back where you fought the possessed boy. You should find Mirant.
    Accept his challenge (SQ36). The answer is 3.
    On the way to the inn there is the Battle Coliseum. Here you can make your
    Imagen face other monsters, FOR FREE. You can even win prizes.
    Usually there are three rounds per tournament against regular
    monsters, then one against a bonus boss. Your human party members are not
    allowed in, and your team is fully healed between rounds.
    To participate in a new tournament, you can check the receptionist.
    Now head to the western part of the town 
    and go talk to the ship captain. 
    Answer “Yes” and head to where the red arrow is. After a cutscene, 
    you can now reach your destination! You are prompted to save. 
    You’ll notice now that the difficulty of the battles has increased 
    quite dramatically, so you’ll have to do some level-grinding.
    [Borg Empire]
    After entering, you’ll notice some Pigmasks. You should rest by 
    the inn (250G!). Go north. Jiro should bid you farewell. Continue 
    two screens. Cue an animated cutscene with Pigmasks hailing the 
    Emperor Guiden. Jiro should have a friend of his in a house at the end
    of the alleyway guarded by the pigmask. You should now 
    be dressed like a pigmask. 
    Btw if you would like to return there talk to him and 
    select the second option.
    Go back where the Emperor cortege passed. South of there is a 
    200G barrel, but we’ll have to continue 
    to the north and infiltrate the palace.
    Take the elevator. You’ll have then some trouble, so you should 
    escape through the sewers. However, you encounter a Pigmask Tank
    In a boss battle! So much MOTHER 3 goodness ^_^ (they even had a 
    cell phone promotional game in the same graphic style than
    MOTHER 2/EarthBound, so this isn’t unexpected). It is difficult, 
    physical attacks are ineffective and Ice/Fire 
    is the only way to damage him.
    It deals hefty damage (93HP 7-squares attack, 50HP 3-square line 
    attacks). In other words, it is the same as the Pigmask Tank!
    Get the gear and head east. You’ll get to meet Guiden, the 
    Emperor, in a less-than-stellar appearance. 
    Help the poor guy (he isn’t a pig)
    Regain Trust emotions. You must return to the human who helped 
    you earlier. Cast (06) on the girl to get the emotions, then head back 
    to the castle.
    You’ll be met by a servant who guides you to the emperor. Cast (07). 
    You’re prompted to save. It’s worth noting that many NPC in the city have
    now available sidequests for you. Exit the city. 
    This time, explore the north-easten parts of the island. There is a wisp 
    enemy wandering in the overworld that is tricky to evade, as he 
    teleports. Eventually, you’ll meet a soldier.
    [Dungeon 5: Ghost Valley]
    The enemies here are generally weak to physical attacks and light magic.
    Grab the red chest to the north. Cast (28) near the eastern pit to make a
    bridge appear, then use the MP crystal and proceed. You should meet a
    spirit. Continue north. You should see a glowing gravestone. Touch it.
    This should remove a barrier.
    There is another red chest to the west, but we must continue north.
    At the crossway, there are a dead-end with a red and a green chest.
    If you follow the western part you can see another unreachable grave 
    for now. There is a hidden MP crystal to the south.
    To get to the aforementioned grave, you must go all the way to the north
    (a red chest is there). Once you touch the second grave, proceed north 
    to yet another crossway. Continue to the north.
    You find an inhabited house. After the cutscene, proceed to the north, 
    and use the save point. You’ll enter a zombie city, which is very maze-like.
    Going west, one can reach the roofs and proceed. There are a couple red
    chests on your way.
    There is one enemy which look like a black ghost in a dress with a halo.
    It has a total-party healing move (60HP each), so you might want to have
    Maru capture it (she attacks him until a heart appears, then she plays the
    first melody), as it will prove to be very useful later.
    Once you get down from the roof, grab another red chest to the south, 
    then continue north.
    There are two chests (the blue one requires spell 08) and an HP crystal.
    If you continue to the east, you should find a door and an MP crystal.
    Take it to get on the roof, then carry on to the north. A purple chest is
    hidden nearby, but you can’t open it. Save and proceed to the boss.
    Now this boss will easily deal total party kill attacks. To avoid this, have
    Oliver cast the 10MP magical barrier on the team, and whenever you are
    lower than 60% from your total HP use your items. You can also summon
    that total-party healer Imagen. Use Imagen with good physical attack.
    The farther you are, the better.
    You are asked if you want to save. Go north to grab some red chest contents,
    then get back via the teleporter to the girl house. A shocking truth await
    our friends. You should now head south to the Borg Empire.
    Go to the inn (250G). You should meet the emperor. He hands you a book and
    teaches you the Teleportation (09) spell. You can now select it from the Y
    menu to go to any destination you’ve reached before.
    Near the place where you received your Pigmask costume, there is a man
    with a broken engine (SQ14). Cast Gate (02), then go to the factory.
    Talk with the man there to have it repaired, then cast Gate, and talk
    once again with the man.
    There is also a young man in front of the inn who ask you to deliver a
    love letter (SQ13) to Elena, who dwells in a big house down the main street.
    She gives you another letter to give to Logen. He’s obviously grateful, as he
    hands you 10 of these 100-HP sandwiches!
    Now it’s time to continue Mirant sidequest. He is in front of a building one
    screen before the main street (SQ37). This time it’s obvious you have to cast
    the appropriate spell with the hint above. In case you didn’t figure it out,
    it’s spell (24).
    You could go east to continue SQ58 with the spell (07) if you want a new
    pendant, if you wish. It’s the place with the weapon shop.
    Now exit the city, and head south
    to sail your ship. This time let’s head to the nearest island, to the south.
    [Kuginaga Island]
    The northern coast has only a red chest, so let’s go to the southern coast.
    By this time, if you got your very 
    first Imagen to the level 25, he’ll evolve to
    one of two different forms, each enabling him to do a powerful elemental
    widespread attack, either fire-type or water-type.
    You have to get to the spot marked with a red arrow.
    After a cut scene, you have to go to the circular crossway, where you
    meet a kid. Take the top-right path and go talk to the elder.
    Go then from the circular arena to the right, and rest at the inn (360G).
    A kid nearby needs some Enthusiasm emotions, cast on him (08), to complete
    the sidequest SQ61. Continue north. You are asked to save.
    Continue to the north and you’re in the overworld. 
    Continue to the east to reach the dungeon. Don’t miss a chest hidden
    behind its entrance. There are shrimps on the beach to pick for a 
    [Dungeon 6: Dragon Nest Cave]
    After the gorgeous landscapes, youll reach a save point. For now, the
    main entrance is blocked with a fire barrier, so well take the western
    path. The purple goo hurts your HP when you walk on it, so cast Levitation
    (10) or avoid it altogether. It helps if you have double speed to dodge
    enemies (it cost 1 point which you get by having 10 stamps from the 
    sidequests, you could spend those points on making yourself invisible too).
    Continue north until you see a door. Before you enter, there is a red chest
    to the right. Another chest lies in a poisoned north-west alley. Continue to 
    the east and go upstairs. Have Jiro grab the green chest for you.
    There are three paths below. The rightmost has a locked door, the
    middle one has a HP crystal, and the left one has a big statue you
    must examine to extinguish its fire. Down there is some goo and two 
    switches. DON’T PRESS THEM! Cast Levitation (10) then go all the way 
    down until you reach the other side of the door which you can now open.
    You can now go downstairs. At the fork, go down to reach a MP crystal,
    and a useless purple chest (for now).
    There is a couple doors you can open to create a shortcut to the eastern 
    dungeon entrance, with a red and a blue chest (to Unlock (08)).
    Let’S return to the first of these doors, and continue north. Go upstairs.
    There are some goodies in the barrels and a red chest to the left, but
    we should head right, then up. To unlock the locked door, go the engine
    room which is next door. The west room has a MP crystal and a red chest.
    Go to the unlocked door then downstairs.
    Examine the dragon statue, then the broken engine. Cast Rewind Time
    (21) to activate it, then check the statue to extinguish it.
    Now open the Y menu and draw the spell Escape (19). You are teleported
    outside of the dungeon now. Re-enter and save. The boss room should now
    be open. Herubushi The Air Pirates Leader is annoyed.
    Youll know why this place is named the dragon nest ^_^
    Out of nowhere, a trap falls on your party. You learn the spell Awaken (50).
    Then youll play an air-chase minigame (!). You have to dodge at first the
    bullets, then after a while you can fire yourself (your ammo replenish
    after a while). Dodge the flying land pieces of fire at them to heal yourself.
    Cue some cutscenes, and you are prompted to save.
    If you liked this shump, and wanted to replay it, no problem!
    We are forced for now by the plot to stay in the next location until the
    boss fight. 
    But once we are able to return to the firm land, go to the Dell Mokal
    Island, then to the Casino. At the left of the pachinko special coin
    vendor, there is a Game stand, where you can replay the battle segment,
    and try to score a perfect run (i.e. no damage, under one minute).
    Or so it was called in-game. You can’t get out of this place reminiscent
    of Laputa yet, so continue. There are two NPC who hold Enthusiasm and
    Dream emotions, so you ll want to cast (06). In the next screen, there is
    precisely an NPC who needs some Kindness emotions, so cast (07) 
    to finish the sidequest (SQ64).
    Continue to the palace. Stock up healing items as the sage 
    Sazara turns out to be possessed too.Boss battle! 
    This time around, I advise you use Jiro’s Imagen, as he
    can kill it in a few turns, or any fire-type attack.
    After the battle cast (06), then go to the queen and cast (07).
    You should get a harp, and a far better magical wand. You learn how
    to perform an Earth quake spell (48) and Thunder (34). 
    Cast (06) on the guard near the elevator, then cast (07) on the
    servant in the next screen to finish sidequest S65.
    You must apparently seek 3 magical artifacts to fully power up the
    magical wand to cleanse whatever evil is threatening Ninokuni.
    Leave the Palace, and head out of the city.
    It is worth noting there are 3 NPC who need some emotions to get
    from your (07) spells. There are 2 castle officers, and one woman in
    front of the inn. They unlock sidequests SQ63, SQ64.
    There are of course other sidequests involving killing a specific location
    monster (as the ones in the quest guild).
    Once you are ready to go, go talk to the dragon tamer and select
    Yes・ You should now go back to the entrance of the Dragon Nest Dungeon.
    Remember the continent where there is Borg Empire? There is to the
    north-east of it a small island namedムシバッカ 島 where
    there is a monster called ジゼリーナyou have to defeat.
    It’s a sort of a golden butterfly. 
    You should get a message after the battle.
    After it respawned, I had Maru capture 
    it (attack, first melody, third melody ? It was tricky).  
    Go back to Heaven and go to the Quest Office. Talk to Mirant twice (SQ39).
    Now you’ll pleasantly learn you have two new moves for Oliver: 
    Earthquake (8MP) and Thunder (15MP, in blue).
    Now our goal is to find the fabled three dark stones.
    As a side note, you can go to the spell menu and unlock spells 29, 30, 
    31, 33, 51.
    8.a. OF FROGS AND SNAKES	[NK08a]
    This is a very rudimentary map of the overworld.
    The three stones are marked in the map by A, B, and C.
    Note you can get them in any order.
    [00]		[01]		[02]			[03]
    	[04]		[05]		[06]
    [07]	[   xC	]	[		]
    [08]	[(IV) 	]	[  xB		]	[ 	(II)	]
    	[	]	[	(I)	]	[		][09]
    			[		]	
    	[10]		[	xA	]			[11]
    [12]	[13]					[		]
    	[14]					[	(III)	]
    Our first goal is the temple in the A spot.		
    First, let’s head out of the Jungle island and head west toward the coast. 
    You’ll encounter a boss: a mechanical fish. By this point, you should rely
    on Jiro’s red Imagen, Oliver’s first Imagen, and occasionally the total-party
    healer ghost Imagen. It attacks in X shaped attacks spanning 5 squares.
    Once you are done with the boss, you can land on the island. The path is
    pretty straightforward to the ruins.
    [Dungeon 7: Narcelnat Ruins]
    Here, some enemies with an instant-death spell appears, along with
    ones with HP stealing moves.
    The main door is locked, so we’ll have to take a detour to the west.
    Eventually you’ll end up in a pitch-black section, so use Lantern (15) to
    light up the place momentarily. There is a MP crystal nearby.
    Press the switch to lower the barrier, then continue until you find a
    red chest. You should not before long find a locked door.
    Go downstairs untl you see another door then cast 
    Unlock (08), to find two red chests and yet another invincible purple
    chest. Backtrack but go east this time to find a statue with a red key.
    Go upstairs and open the locked door. You’ll get into a lit area.
    Take the northern path for two red chests, one with a reviving potion.
    South of there, there is a switch and a statue you must cast Doll (30) on
    if you want to advance. 
    Go south until you come across a stairway and a HP crystal. To the
    right there is a hidden room with a blue and a red chest, don’t miss them!
    There is a switch which unlocks a shortcut to the entrance. But
    we should for now head east to find the statue holding the second
    blue key to open the main locked door in the entrance. 
    Enter the door, then press the switch. Go north, then cast Merge (22)
    in front of the blue door.
    Here, you must make the statues face to the south to open the door.
    Save, then proceed to meet the … frog!
    It’s the second part of the dungeon. It’s a sort of a maze where YOU MUST 
    follow that frog. If you take a wrong turn you’ll get cursed (your magic is
    sealed). There is a HP crystal too. 
    If you followed the frog you should come across a square shaped room.
    At its corners are 3 chests (two red, one blue), and the exit at the bottom 
    right. However, there is a puzzle: there are red barriers and blue barriers
    which open and close alternatively every time you cross them.
    It is very time-consuming, so try to plan your steps ahead.
    Once you get out, you should meet soon with the frog. To open the cellar,
    cast Unlock (08). Use the MP crystal, then enter.
    After some dialogue, open the red chest, then return to
    the fork after the barrier maze. Go south this time around.
    It is worth noting that if you are willing to risk the curse (some of your
    magic attacks are randomly greyed out, including heal: you must redraw
    them), there is to the south
    a stairway where there is a red chest at the west. But for now, let’s go back
    to the entrance, and to the save point.
    This time around go east. The frog should now help you by hopping
    on the switch and opening the path. After you grab the red chest, there is
    to the north of here a dark place, where you have  to cast Lantern (15).
    You should come across a purple chest.
    Continue to the west, then to the north, then save. Of course, the enemy
    of the frogs you have been helping is none other than… a vicious snake!
    This boss is weak to ice attacks, and physical attacks. You should have
    Lv.30 Imagen at this point or it will tear your party apart. You’ll have to
    use one healer, and the only safe squares not spammed by his 130HP 
    attacks are the bottom left ones. 
    After an epic battle, you should now lift the curse off the two lovers.
    You are asked if you want to save. Now let’s go to our next destination,
    now we have the first stone!
    8.b. ARCTIC ISLAND			[NK08b]
    [Samula Village]
    Once you arrive at the ice island at spot C, continue north until 
    you arrive to the village. 
    Talk to the NPC in the first screen to finish SQ08.
    Go north east of there two screens. Oliver gets something stolen by a
    mouse, and gets some new clothes. However, Jabu the black wizard does
    something horrible to some familiar personage (I won’t spoil her identity).
    He is voiced, so you’d expect he plays some important role in the
    plot (after all, he IS the final boss).
    Go north until you come across a closed gate. Go to the elder to have
    him open it for you. Go through to exit the village.
    The path to the dungeon is pretty straightforward, with only
    two red chests in the overworld. Obviously, the enemies are 
    weak to fire here.
    [Dungeon 9: Great Glacier]
    At the first fork, go west to get a red chest, then north. Don’t miss the
    MP crystal, and the blue chest at an ice bridge.
    Continue until you pass by an area where it is snowing. There, a
    crossway awaits you. The top right path leads to a red chest.
    Head west. At the end of the path there is a green chest, 
    and the top path is the path onwards, with a MP crystal.
    When you reach the final fork, head west, as the two other paths are
    dead-ends (the east one has a purple chest, useless atm).
    Eventually you’ll find a save point. Oliver will attempt to pursue a familiar
    figure, then a ghost boy will warn the party it’s a trap. Then you’ll face
    a boss battle. You must spam fire attacks, but when the boss is weakened,
    place your party in the rear line, to lower the effect of a strong ice attack.
    Now you’ll reach a place with many invisible walls. The red chest should be
    easy to get when you go around the first glass wall. But now if you check
    your map it seems at first sight that you’re pretty much screwed.
    However! You can go through some walls, or some ice formations, even
    if the map makes you think it is impossible.
    I went through a wall in the right side, then went up until I found myself
    on the other side of the second wall blocking us in the beginning. There
    are two more chests at this point. I went up until I found another 
    chest behind another glass wall. I found a way around it, by going through
    a white ice door. Note you can go back and try to get a green and purple
    chest through some creative thinking.
    You should soon find a HP crystal, some glass wall mazes, 
    then a big off-limits lake.
    If you continue to the north, you’ll reach a crossway, then find a flute.
    If you go south from there, you’ll get to the lake.
    However, if you go THROUGH THE SOLID WALL at the north-east of the room,
    you should find your way.  Go north, then save.
    A hard boss battle awaits you. As usual, have one healer Imagen and spam
    as many fire attacks as you can. The ghost boy should appear and then
    you get the second sacred stone. One more to go!
    You are now asked to save.
    You must use your ship to get to the marked spot. You may notice
    some small, barren islands: they may actually hide treasure
    chests, to reveal them use spell (20).
    After we head to the spot marked with C, we can finally get
    to the third and final dungeon.
    [Dungeon 10: Cocconada Caves]
    You are greeted by a rather…peculiar NPC. Your goal is to get to
    the NPC marked in the map. After you get a red chest, and find a
    locked door, you should find him. He asks you to blow up the bomb
    to liberate a passage. Cast Fireball (41), then get the red chest
    Continue until you find an area with many locked cellars. Get the
    green chest, go down then continue until you see the big key 
    lying on the floor.
    You can now open the red doors. There is one nearby with a red
    chest, but to proceed, let’s open the one south of there. Continue, go 
    down the ladders, then at the fork, take the western path.
    (There is only a blue chest east of there).
    You should soon find a bomb. Cast Fireball (41) to clear your path.
    But before you continue, go north to pick the red chest, a HP crystal,
    and to open a black door to create a shortcut.
    Continue south until you reach a save point.
    Go east and watch the cutscene. You get something.
    Go south and pick a red chest there, 
    then go back talk then attempt to go east. Another cutscene. This time
    you are allowed to explore this dungeon further. 
    You should try to get to the north of this area. There are two forks: you
    should go to the right each time if you want to proceed, the 2 other paths
    have a red chest and a HP crystal. There is a ladder leading to a red 
    chest too. If you went straight to the north you should find a huge door
    with a skull engraved on it. It is locked.
    The other paths are dead-ends (one with a purple chest) so go east, 
    take the upper ladder, and grab the green chest. Go down, cast
    Fireball (41) again, then go east. Talk to the undead mother and kid to get
    the key to the aforementioned door. Take the southern exit to get a 
    red chest, and a MP crystal. Lower the bridge to create a shortcut.
    Open it. Confirm your choice, then proceed
    . You should reach a dark place after the MP crystal, so cast if you wish
    Lantern (15), as you will reach a maze, rife with traps which makes Oliver
    forget some magical spells. There are two: one to the south, 
    just on the top of a room holding a red chest, and one in the
    top east path, so you should make detours to get to the top of this maze.
    Save and open the boss door after leveling your Imagen to LV34.
    This pirate boss has strong defense against physical attacks, so get a
    electricity-type Imagen (Like Maru’s one) or a fire type, and have a healer
    ready, as his attacks are way too strong. He likes to attack the rear line so
    be careful. You should now get the final gem! 
    After a heartrending cutscene, get the red chest and take the teleporter.
    It’s time to go back to Heaven, to meet the sage Sazara.
    Talk to her, then select the second option. She said that it’s
    good you’ve got the three magical gems and all, but it’s not
    enough without an incantation. So type the following:
    つえ を ひとつ に
    You should now get a fully powered magical wand.
    So we’ll learn some new magical spells:
    Summon (45)
    Heavy Rain (39)
    Lightning (40)
    You get also the blue dragon, and a flute! Now you can fly anywhere,
    and land with A button. If you want to call the dragon, just go to
    the Item menu, choose the last category then when you find the flute
    press A. Or simply, press B!
    I advise you go to the spell menu and unlock spells (05) [Greater Heal]
    and (14) [Obscuring Fog (to evade encounters!)].
    Now you should get also more battle actions for Oliver:
    Lightning (red:16MP)
    Summon: (red) takes you to a sub-menu where you can summon one of the bosses
    to help you. Very heavy MP-consumer.
    Greater Heal (green:16MP) More powerful than the standard Heal.
    Heavy Rain (blue:5MP) Causes a status effect that prevents enemies
    from casting magic.
    And last but not least, you can now open purple chests! Just cast
    Unlock (08) on them and you get some top-tier items! So you can
    backtrack to the previous dungeons and get them all…
    9. Jabo The Dark Wizard			[NK09]
    Our next destination is Reka, an isolated Aztec town in the same
    continent as Borg Empire. Only the dragon can get us there.
    Go to the Elder woman house. The girl there needs some tenderness
    emotion, so if you don’t have it (i.e. the dialogue repeats with
    the lady), you’ll have to look for someone glowing on the map
    in another major city (Teleport (09)) and cast (06), until you get
    the third emotion. Go back to Reka and cast (07) on the young lady.
    Amusingly, the villagers attempt to lynch Oliver, and then you are
    asked to save.
    Now Mirant makes his final appearance, near the Quest Shop.
    Accept his challenge (SQ39). The answer is
    Now Mirant ghost should return where he was buried, in Goronail
    Kingdom. Only now his appearance is that of his older self.
    To continue his quest, you must go there after you have beaten
    the final boss.
    Now head to the south exit of the village. Note you can go north
    all the way to the next dungeon if you want, but you’ll be blocked
    in the first screen in a sort of a maze.
    Now use your Teleport spell (09) or call the dragon to get you
    to the following locations to meet each country’s king.
    Some NPCs are waiting for you in the entrance of each Town to
    teach you a recipe. It’s very important to talk to all the three
    of them.
    Meanwhile, the evil knights are following you…
    [Babanaccia Kingdom]
    Go all the way north to the palace, and meet the queen. She’ll 
    give you some magical wood to create your magical whistle.
    [Goronail Kingdom]
    Go meet the stupid cat king. He’ll shape your whistle.
    Since you are here, go sleep at the inn (20G).
    [Borg Empire]
    Go all the way to the castle. Say “Yes”. Now the emperor
    will… actually it seems he did nothing. He infused it with
    some “soul link magic” or whatever. When you are done,
    go talk to the guard and say “Yes”.
    Now go back to the Reka village. Although I’d advise you to
    heal properly at an inn, before, as the one in Reka cost 900G!
    Go all the way to the north. The temple should now be open.
    Go all the way up until you get to…
    [The Lake Of The Dead]
    Actually you won’t do that much here. Oliver plays the flute,
    then something horrible occurs. It’s pretty self-explanatory,
    even if you don’t know Japanese.
    Mark’s alter-go, the mouse, advices Oliver to go back to 
    ichi-no-kuni, because something horrible is bound to happen
    Of course, due to the very nature of this mission, Oliver must
    face the danger this time alone, and his friends are staying
    there with their Imagen, so expect the ensuing battles to be
    very hard.
    You are asked to save.
    Cast Gate (02) when you regain control of your party to go back
    to ichi no kuni. This time, you must search for Mark, who is
    in the place where Oliver’s mother died saving him.
    You must be fully prepared for the ensuing battle with a certain 
    possessed empty shell person.
    This boss battle is hard because it casts status effects on
    your party members like being unable to use magic at all,
    sleep, poison… so you should have healing items aplenty.
    It is weak to light attacks naturally. Oliver summons can deal
    destructive damage to it, so it is a matter of time before you
    kill this ghost.
    Mark regains his spirits but is torn with grief over what 
    happened to Oliver because of him. Oliver offers
    him his trust but his offer is answered by an uppercut from
    Mark. Oliver has the strange idea of drawing from his
    own emotions with the spell (06), then give it with (07).
    Cue tears, and then a save prompt.
    Cast Gate (02) to return to Reka. Go north to where your friends
    left the party. Of course, you should buy a lot of items to
    prepare for the hard fights ahead.
    You can now go back to Heaven, to the palace. An old man
    appears in the castle, and he has some questions about
    an ancient magical war.
    The rewards are pretty interesting, so let’s answer his
    question as follows:
    1 . ぶり. 
    2 .てら とぶ どん. 
    3 . いのしか. 
    4 . ちょき. 
    5 . ぱおん. 
    6 . ひ ゅん. 
    7 . ほ く せい. 
    8 . Answer 1 
    9 . ま ほう ふうじ. 
    10 . にゃ ん. 
    11. Cast Lightning (40)
    12 . も ーた ーん. 
    13. Cast Ice (43)
    14 . となり の ゆう ま. 
    15 .が うり お. 
    [Dungeon 11 and Final]
    [Lake of the Dead]
    This time around the mouse is guiding you through the maze.
    Once you get out, the real dungeon appears.
    The path here is pretty straightforward, two red chests, MP
    crystal, another red chest, Mp crystal, a red chest and then 
    if you take a detour to the north you’ll find a HP crystal, 
    and a blue chest.
    Continue to the east (another red chest), then to the north.
    You should come across a save point.
    This boss (approx.4000HP) is very weak against ice attacks: 
    the fourth summon attack (Ice Wolf) deals 600HP worth of damage
    to him! After this battle, Oliver will learn what happened to
    the white wizard of this world. 
    But he is reunited with his friends! Maru and Jiro returned
    to the party. If you want, there is a green chest in the
    previous section, but whatever. 
    Return to the previous save, then proceed to the west.
    After a well-deserved brief anime cutscene, welcome to…
    [Nanashi Darkness Castle] (i.e. Nameless Darkness Castle)
    This sinister-looking place is added to the Teleport spell (09)
    destinations. If you are lacking in items, now is your chance
    to go shopping before the final boss gauntlet.
    If you feel ready, proceed to the right. You must then examine
    a spot on the floor (! mark) with inscriptions in Astram language.
    You need to decode it, as each symbol represents a hiragana letter.
    Now, without further ado, the magical incantation is:
    べる だ ー な
    You should then have a quick lesson in Japanese hiragana pronunciation.
    Then the door opens.
    Now, for some reason, there is another extra save point right at the
    entrance. I guess it’s for theatrics.
    Now open that Imagen sewer to get back Maru’s and Jiro’s Imagen.
    They have been left here.
    In the first area, there is one red chest at each side. Go downstairs,
    then left to find a MP crystal. Not far from there is a path to a door
    to the south, to open. Press the switch to unlock the barriers.
    If you continue to the west, you’ll reach a maze with three doors.
    The left one has two chests (accessory + 10000G) and a HP crystal.
    The right one has a red chest and opens to three paths: one with an
    MP crystal, one with a red chest.
    There is a path to the north rife with enemies, but with a red and
    purple chest. If you keep going east, then go upstairs 
    to unlock a certain switch to open a door, then go through that door,
    you’ll find two stairs. 
    The right one will take you to a blue chest. Take the left one to get 
    to the save point.
    Next, you’ll be taken to the second part of the dungeon.
    Ecsher himself would be dazzled by this architecture design,
    so I’ll spare you the details.
    To the north is a HP crystal, but if you continue to the south-east,
    you’ll find some teleporters
    which takes you to different parts of the area.
    The same-numbered teleporters are connected.
               l5l  [5] Dead End     
    	    l4l  l3l 6 -->Goal
    Start	l23l l6ll4l
    -->1	l1 ll2 l
    Nearby, there should be a barrier with two torchs. Cast Fireball on
    each (41) then go get the two red chests.
    After much more wandering, you should come across a giant balance
    and three doors. The right door is open, but there are way too many
    fake chests there.
    Examine the middle of the balance. Cast Fireball (41).
    The middle door should now be open. There are two chests beyond it
    needing Unlock (08).
    Now Examine the left arm of the balance, and cast Heavy Weight (33).
    The left door should open.
    Continue, and pick up the contents of the last chest, then at
    the penultimate save point, save your game.
    I recommend you be at least at LV39 to continue.
    The mouse was actually …a mole for the evil Jabo! She’ll 
    mutate into a monstruosity that is weak against ice attacks,
    but which takes too long to defeat and thus requires a
    Then, proceed north until you see a second door and the final
    save point (for real, this time). Prepare yourself for a
    hard final boss fight.
    This boss is divided into 3 phases:
    First, his normal form, weak to fire.
    Second, he summons a knight who has high magical defense: you
    need Jiro’s Imagen for this one.
    Third, the strongest, weak to fire, but not electricity.
    Finally we’ll get to see what are the true motives behind
    Jabo’s actions, and Oliver gets to see his mother one last
    You are asked to save after the credit roll. You should
    now have a star on your save.
    10. Post-Game Stuff (Optional)			[NK10]
    [Bonus Boss: Battle Coliseum Extra Final Round]
    [Del Mokal]
    Go to the casino. A cutscene should occur, then you get a VIP
    Pass. Now, you should be able to watch anime/CG cutscenes in
    the room in the top left. Just sit on the canap?..
    Apparently you can watch here events too, but after you have
    got two stars on your stage (i.e. defeat Moya Tower boss)
    As a side note, after you complete the air race minigame before
    Heaven, you can replay that segment here, in the Games stand.
    You should heal yourself at an inn or a save point, then go to
    the battle coliseum, on the way to the local inn. 
    An extra round is unlocked, with obscenely over-powered bosses.
    You shouldn’t tackle this until you’ve got at least halfways
    through Moya Tower. 
    If completed successfully, you are rewarded
    with a powerful Imagen ticket, so it’s worth it.
    Go exchange it in the Elemental Temple to get your Imagen (it’s
    one of the three Deckarock Mountain teleport destinations).
    *Mirant Quest Completion*
    [Goronail Kingdom]
    Go where the grave of Mirant is, and talk to his older form.
    Accept. (SQ40) Cast the spell Ice (43). Then go to the page
    55 where the points are for spell (46), only draw a line between
    the specified ones in the text only!
    It has the shape of a stylized L, then a stylized seven.
    Yi Sela (46) has been added to your battle actions (64MP). It is
    the ultimate dark magic. You are then tested by your friend who
    wants to know if you are worthy enough to take down Shazar, an
    evil wizard awaiting at the top of Moya Tower (the cloudy island),
    who btw has the ultimate light magic, called… Bolos!
    What did you expect? It is a Ghibli production, after all…
    Talk to him again (SQ41). Now you have to kill a bonus boss called
    ゴーリオンlocated in the southwest of Borg Empire.
    He is a stand still robot with a?! mark on the map.
    NOTHING damages him, except water attacks, or maybe Yi Sela.
    For now, don’t move an inch from the rear line and heal a lot.
    This is a preview of what challenge awaits you in the bonus
    dungeons. If you defeat him, you get the Moya Key.
    Show it to Mirant. That would be your final meeting.
    I found also another bosses like that, one darkness creature
    Okishidon in the northern coast of Reka continent, one in a
    oasis north of Babanaccia, and a giant fish boss south-west
    of Bikkini, but near the coast. They seem to be triggered by
    accepting quests at the Quest Shop. 
    BTW, here are some quests unlocked after the ending to kill
    some bonus bosses. The first one is possible to defeat, but 
    the second and the third… yo’d better go halfway through
    Moya Tower before you even consider facing them:
    SQ98: Inokaribu,  in the western plain before the 
    waterfall near Goronail.
    SQ99: Fiery Jaipur, west of Deckorak mountains.
    SQ100: Mogorusu, western coast of Rizzo モグルスIsland.
    [Bonus Dungeon 1: Moya Island]
    N.B. You must have done all of the Mirant quests, to get
    the right to enter this dungeon.
    [00]		[01]		[02(X)]			[03]
    	[04]		[05]		[06]
    [07]	[    	]	[		]
    [08]	[(IV) 	]	[   		]	[ 	(II)	X]
    	[	]	[	(I)	X]	[		][09]
    			[		]	
      X	[10]		[	 	]			[11]
    [12]	[13]					[		]
    	[14]		X			[	(III)	]
    Go now to the cloudy island on the map [13]. You can land on it
    from the dragon and enter Moya Tower.
    This is the bonus dungeon of the game. You can get the genie’s
    father, who merges items ot for recipes, but for creating
    entire dungeon floors.
    To create dungeons, talk to the lady. If you are done, go talk
    to the genie to teleport to any floor.
    You have to get three items: the second and the third can be
    randomized, but the first one can’t. Unfortunately, this
    item may be an item only dropped by enemies. 
    Each enemy can have two pre-set items: either
    a common item or a rare item to further
    complicate matters, and the required item may be one of
    these rare items.
    Sometimes you have to cast spell (13) as much as you can in
    a floor of the Moya Tower to reveal chests containing the
    required item.
    Here is a list of these important rare drop items: do not
    waste them!
    But do you remember Jiro steal move? He can snatch from
    any enemy his item (any enemy has only one item on him).
    You’ll know when you didn’t steal anything
    when it says ぬすめなかった!
    And if you equip on him the Master Rod, his chances at
    getting the rare item increases.
    You must make the Master Rod たつじんのさお
    with the following recipe:
    But to obtain the first of these items you must synthetise
    it using the recipe you got from a Borg soldier at the
    entrance (recipe 138):
    +りょうしのさお (from Jungle)
    +めいじんのやり (from Reka)
    +いんせき (drop)
    You’ll face bosses each 5 floors, I think. And then there
    is another evil wizard to defeat at the top of this tower.
    He has two phases, and is VERY, VERY hard.
    Defeating him will complete (SQ41), unlock the
    second ending, and two stars on your save.
    More importantly, you get a new magical wand, and the
    events are unlocked in the VIP room.
    [Bonus Dungeon 2: Pirate Hideout]
    This dungeon is located in a star shaped island [12].
    To unlock it, you must find the seven coins, hidden in
    various difficult-to access locations. You must cast
    each time the spell (20) to reveal their locations.
    Here I included in this map their rough locations (X).
    When you find all seven coins, go to the star shaped island,
    stand at the top right star branch, then cast (20).
    You should reveal the entrance, and you don’t need to cast
    the spell after that again. Talk to the ghost. Cast
    Communication with the Dead spell (29). 
    If you feel ready, proceed to the north. This dungeon is 
    shaped like a maze you must avoid its dead-ends with the
    help of the included book, or else you are forced into
    an encounter with powerful foes, on par with previous bosses.
    [00]		[01]		[02(X)]			[03]
    	[04]		[05]		[06]
    [07]	[    	]	[		]
    [08]	[(IV) 	]	[   		]	[ 	(II)	X]
    	[	]	[	(I)	X]	[		][09]
    			[		]	
      X	[10]		[	 	]			[11]
    [12]	[13]					[		]
    	[14]		X			[	(III)	]
    If you want the correct path, here it is: Right, Up, Left,
    Up, Left, Left, Down, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Up, Up,
    Left, then Up. All the other paths lead to dead-ends with a
    obligatory encounter, and there are absolutely no chests.
    There are signposts on your way: the one before the maze exit
    requires Rewind Time (21) so that you can read it.
    Ther is a jellyfish bonus boss found in the sea south of 
    where you met the undead skeletons. You must find four red 
    chests in plain sight before meeting him.
    There are also about 20 downloadable Wi-fi sidequests,
    dealing with the recurring knights pursuing Oliver in the
    main quest. For example, SQ110 has you deal with one of
    them on island [11].
    I wish there was a save with all these sidequests ready on
    the web
    11. THE DREAM WORLD (Optional)				[NQ11]
    Sometimes when you sleep in the inn you’ll get teleported 
    to a dream world. 
    You can exit this world anytime you want by talking 
    to the rabbit and selecting the second option. However, this 
    world is full of riddles also involving 
    the physical book, and you are often 
    asked to write answers, or cast spells. I have no idea what 
    they say, but here are the answers:
    Check the chest under the apple tree. Answer あかい つき. You 
    get “Restorative Mallet”. To the left 
    of said apple tree, there is a 
    spot to check. Answer たま ご and you get an Imagen egg. 
    Further to the north there is a random hidden treasure.
    You can cast a Bridge spell (28) in front of the broken 
    bridge to pass to the small island. Then check the Clock 
    Imagen, seemingly dead. 
    Cast on him Rewind Time (21) and he’ll join your party.
    He’s a very good healer. 
    There are some stakes on the ground. 
    Examine them from the top side, 
    then cast Lantern (15).
    When you examine the candles at the 
    bottom left, you are asked which
    one do you want to light: top, left or right. 
    We’ll cast Fireball (41) on the
    top and left candles. The red chest nearby should open.
    After you’ve opened the two red 
    chests, you can re-examine them
    in further visits to get items or battle 
    a (rare) regular monster.
    Talk to the Rabbit and select the first option. 
    These are the answers:
    Q1: 11
    Q2: くじら
    Q3: 0
    Q4: なし 
    Q5: きた
    Q6: そら
    Q7: ぞう
    Q8: きのこ
    Q9: 2
    Q10: Cast Lightning (40)
    Q11: きりん
    You should get increasingly important rewards as you answer the
    rabbit questions.
    After you have answered all of the 11 questions, you’ll unlock a bonus
    boss. You can face him anytime by talking to the rabbit and selecting
    the first option. Beware though: you have only Oliver in your party, and
    this boss is on par with the bosses of the post-endgame content, i.e.
    He’ll wipe the floor with you if you are not highly leveled-up.
    If you manage to kill him you’ll get two rare gems, then on your
    subsequent visits the rabbit is replaced by a stone statue.

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