Ores, Tools, UPDGRADE, Where?

  1. How exactly can i updgrade my tools.. for example cooper, silver, gold etc. were are the ores. To who do i give them to?

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    Gamer_Adicted - 6 years ago

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  1. You need to unlock 2nd windmill (by hotel area) on summer 17th first year.
    When you open the windmill menu, it will show you the required materials for the upgrades.
    The upgrades for hoe, watering can will only increase the quality of the tools. The higher the quality means you can plow/water more areas. (for watering can, every upgrades will hold 9 more water points)

    Whereas for fishing rod, it will enable you to fish a better quality fish.
    The fishing rod upgrades will also requires some ores, which you can get either from breaking ore stone)from jumping from the river) or snowball during the winter or buy from Royd (Llyod).

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  1. You get ores during winter by smashing the rocks, or by buying from Lloyd at the bazaar.
    You do NOT, however, upgrade to Copper, Silver, Gold, Mystrile, Mythic like DS/DSC. You use the second windmill, unlocked on Summer 17th, or you can buy them from the Mayor during the Bazaar.

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  2. The fishing rods, watering can and hoe are the only ones that can be upgraded, each time you upgrade you increase the quality of the tool by half a star.
    The materials needed can be found at www.fogu.com/hm9/village/windmills.php.

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  3. Ores: Your best chance of finding them is jumping in the water a lot. Something will catch on your clothes. It can be anything. Your best chance of buying them is by Lloyd. He sells all kinds of ores. And you can find Ore Stones(mostly in winter) and use the hammer to break it.

    Tools: They're sold at the bazaar. Go to the mayor's stand. First you'll have to buy the fishing rod then all kinds of tools will pop up(you can only get 1 tool per bazaar)/

    Upgrade: When you get your 2nd windmill on summer 17th(first year), go to the area below the hotel. Go inside and look into the tank thing. You can make brooches and necklaces and stuff. If you scroll down to the bottom, there are things you can uprade but you need certain ores(and you need that item to upgrade, etc.).

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  4. You can upgrade you're tools in you first year somewhere in ,fall I think.
    One morning Issac will come to your house to show you the play-by-play of the 3rd wind mill. Oh you can also make jewelry and other accesorys with that windmill to.

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