Review by IvyX

Reviewed: 08/27/10


I agree that this Harvest Moon is a lot different than the previous ones, but so far it's been nothing but refreshing. You start out as the new farmer in town, but instead of having to build the farmhouse, it's pretty much done for you. The main focus in Bazaar is to raise crops and produce to sell in your upgradable kiosk at the end of every week. There are a lot of nice surprises, such as that holidays no longer conflict! Birthdays and Festivals are separated on different days, so that you don't miss out on a once a year event just because you couldn't talk to someone. And there are plenty of new and old festivals that take place. Your stable is attached to your house, so you no longer have to miss out on feeding them during storms. And another thing, so far during the massive rainstorms I've been able to leave the house (though it's hard to move around. LOL). I don't know if this applies to snowstorms, I haven't gotten there yet. It goes back a little to older Harvest Moon's (like from the time of gameboy color) in that you expand your planting area instead of starting out with the massive plot of land. They've also built you an outdoor pen for your chickens to graze in, instead of having to chop lumber and break stones (which you still get to do for other things). Instead of having makers, you have Windmills, which are actually pretty fun to use. Even though you don't build your stable, there are plenty of things to spend your money on, like storage expansion and tools. The cost of animals and tools and expansions more than makes up for not spending money on other things.

The Bachelor line up for girls kind of sucks (as usual. No surprise there). But the Bachelorette lineup is pretty good. So far I've seen none of the usual translating errors that Harvest Moon is usually full of, or the glitches with the heart icons. My only true complaint so far has been that you can only save when you go to bed. I am a compulsive saver, so it was hard for me to used to it, but after awhile, you don't even notice it. Just pay attention to what you are doing! Another huge plus for me is that you no longer have to rely on the stylus! You can use it if you want to, but if you'd rather use the control pad and buttons, you can play solely using them. Some of the characters were kind of flat in Bazaar, but the sound effects they make when you talk to them are amusing, especially Felix!

This game moves a lot faster than previous games, where you have to build up EVERYTHING, and it all costs an astronomical amount of gold. While I love them, it was really getting old, and Bazaar jumps right into the having fun part. I rate 8/10 for all those reasons.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar (US, 08/24/10)

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