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    Chronicle Script by AdmiralPo

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                          <> FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES <>
                                  <> Echoes of Time <>
                                <> Chronicles Script <>
              By :                                                              
                        Admiral Po                                              
              Version :                                                         
    <><> OVERVIEW <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
    "Echoes of Time", another hack-and-slash type game in the FF Crystal Chronicles
    series, after "Ring of Fates". Same as its predecessor, you can control your
    character in 3D environment, killing monsters, casting magics, solving puzzles,
    etc. Some improvements have been made in this series, especially in terms of
    gaming controls and AI settings. Yeah, those two are really pain in the ass in
    RoF... I even feel that Larkeicus is a lot easier than Pope Galdes... lol
    So, what's inside this guide? Well, in the status screen on the game you can see
    4 main options ("Status", "Chronicles", "Items", "Scratch Cards") and a "Flee
    Area" button. This guide refers to the script in the "Chronicles" option. It
    basically a record of your journey and adventure while you progress in the game.
    If you're enjoying your time too much on leveling up somewhere until you forget
    where to go or what to do next, then just try to check out the "Chronicles". It
    mentions the event that has just been done and the one next to be done. Well, if
    you're using a guide such as this one or other walkthrough-type guide, you'll
    probably won't need to pay attention to them though... just follow the guide.
    As far as I know, this game has only one storyline, so there's no "alternate
    ending" or such. However, the order of the chronicles that written could be
    different at some parts, based on the order of gameplay on a certain locations.
    The numbers on the right refer to the page number (1-35) on the "Chronicles".
    <><> CHRONICLES <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
    -------------------------------------------- <> 1
    Today is my sixteenth birthday and it's time       < Automatically obtained
    for my coming-of-age ceremony. Sherlotta is          at game start
    waiting for me in the forest.
    I fought a strange masked machine among the        < After the first boss fight
    ruins in the forest.                                 and meet Sherlotta
    -------------------------------------------- <> 2
    Sherlotta gave me a crystal. I'm going to
    treasure it forever!
    Eryll is sick. They say it's the crystal           < After return from the
    sickness. The other villagers can't leave the        forest and Eryll got the
    forest, so I'm going to town to find medicine.       Crystal Sickness
    -------------------------------------------- <> 3
    I met a man called Larkeicus in the library.       < After meet Larkeicus the
    He says he'll make the medicine for me. But          first time
    I have to find a Bufassaur horn. buffasaurs
    are magical beasts that live near water.
    Some poeple in town told me how to get into        < After talking to townsfolk
                                                         near the fountain and
    -------------------------------------------- <> 4    learn the location of the
                                                         aqueduct entrance
    the aqueducts. I sure hope there's a
    Buffasaur down there.
    I found the Buffasaur and got its horn! But        < After defeating the
    now all my clothes are super stinky!                 Buffasaur
    -------------------------------------------- <> 5
    The old man in the library gave me the             < After obtaining the 
    medicine. I hope Eryll is still okay. I've got       medicine from Larkeicus
    to get back to the village, and fast!
    The medicine really worked-Eryll is better         < After giving the medicine
    again! Now I have to repay the old man who           to Eryll
    -------------------------------------------- <> 6
    helped me. Back to the library I go.
    The old man has asked me to do him a really        < After coming back to the
    big favor. I have to go to the top of Fire           library and Larkeicus asks
    Mountain and Ice Mountain and check out              to fix pieces of the ruins
    the ancient ruins there.                             in Ice & Fire Mountain
    -------------------------------------------- <> 7
    First up is Ice Mountain!
    I found the ruins on top of Ice Mountain.          < After activating the ruins
    When I put the big rock in the strange               atop Ice mountain
    monument, the ruins soared up into the sky.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 8
    I told the old man in the library about what       < After coming back from
    happened at the ruins on Ice Mountain.               Ice Mountain and report to
    Next I have to go to Fire Mountain.                  Larkeicus.
    I fought a giant spider at the top of the Fire
    -------------------------------------------- <> 9
    I found the ruins on top of Fire Mountain.         < After activating the ruins
    When I put the big rock in the strange               atop Fire mountain
    monument, the ruins soared up into the sky.
    I told the old man what happened at the            < After coming back from
    ruins. I'm pooped from climbing mountains.           Fire Mountain and report to
    -------------------------------------------- <> 10
    I'm going back to the village to rest.
    Everyone has gone. Even Sherlotta. A huge          < After the scene of the
    tower has suddenly appeared. I saw a little          appearance of the tower.
    black cat run into the forest...
    -------------------------------------------- <> 11
    The crystal in the forest is gone! Eryll says      < After talking to Eryll
    that it exploded and all the pieces went             at the forest pond.
    flying away.
    According to Norschtalen, the crystal in the       < After talking to
    forest is an ancient Crystal Core. Maybe the         Norschtalen and Eryll.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 12
    old man in the library can tell me more?
    The old man in the library attacked me!
    The old man in the library is immortal! He         < After defeating Larkeicus
    said something about a "catastrophe" and             at the Library.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 13
    "the cause" and then he dissapeared. Things
    are getting weirder and weirder.
    I'm going to talk to Norschtalen.
    Norschtalen told me about the ruins in the         < After talking to 
    desert. Will I find the secret of the                Norschtalen and tell her
                                                         about evil Larkecius.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 14
    Crystal Core in that ancient place?
    I met a strange Yuke in the deepest part of        < After reaching the last
    the ruins. When the crystal in my pocket             room in the Ruins and
    shone, he changed into a strange beast.              defeat the transformed
                                                         Yuke monster.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 15
    I got a strange device from Veriaulde,
    the immortal Yuke.
    He says it has the power to find crystals.
    Now I can search for the fragments of the
    Crystal Core!
    -------------------------------------------- <> 16
    In a dark corner of the aqueducts, I fought        < After going to the
    the monsters and recovered a Crystal Core            aqueducts (Entrance 2)
    fragment.                                            and defeat the monsters.
    I fought a frog Beast on Ice Mountain and          < After defeating the
    got the Crystal Core fragment back!                  boss in Ice Mountain and
                                                         get the Crystal Core
    -------------------------------------------- <> 17   fragment.
    I wonder what the Crystal Core tastes like.
    In the middle of the magma of Fire Mountain,       < After defeating the
    I fought the monsters and recovered a                monsters and obtain the
    Crystal Core fragment!                               Crystal Core fragment in
                                                         Fire Mountain.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 18
    I returned the Crystal Core fragment to the        < After giving the Crystal
    forest. Inside the crystal I saw a vision. It        Core fragments to Eryll
    seemed kind of familiar. Was it from when I          in the forest pond (1).
    was a kid? What was the Crystal Core
    showing me?
    -------------------------------------------- <> 19
    I returned the Crystal Core fragment to the        < After giving the Crystal
    forest. Hm. That weird masked machine was            Core fragments to Eryll
    Sherlotta's doing?                                   in the forest pond (2).
    I returned the Crystal Core fragment to the        < After giving the Crystal
    forest.  So it was Sherlotta who gave me my          Core fragments to Eryll
                                                         in the forest pond (3).
    -------------------------------------------- <> 20
    I got the key to the library from Waltrill.        < After talking to Waltrill
                                                         after the third fragment.
    I found a monster in the library that              < After fighting the monster
    looked just like a bookcase! It had one of           bookshelf and obtain
                                                         Crystal Core fragment.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 21
    the fragments of the Crystal Core.
    I returned the fragment of the Crystal Core        < After giving the Crystal
    to the forest. I saw a vision of a rainy day.        Core fragments to Eryll
    Was that the day I was born?                         in the forest pond (4).
    -------------------------------------------- <> 22
    Ullz told me about the secret entrance to          < After talking to Ullz
    the ruins!                                           after the fourth fragment.
    I fought the monster deep in the ruins and         < After obtaining the last
    recovered another fragment of the Crystal            (5th) fragment.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 23
    The Crystal Core is whole again. When the          < After giving the Crystal
    pieces came together, I was bathed in a warm         Core fragments to Eryll
    light, the Core went inside me, and I saw a          in the forest pond (5).
    path I'd never seen before.
    I fought the crazy masked machine deep in          < After defeating the
                                                         crazy masked machine boss
    -------------------------------------------- <> 24   (like the first one)
                                                         in the deeper part of
    the forest.                                          the forest.
    There was a ruined village right in the heart      < After meet with
    of the forest. Sherlotta told me how the             Sherlotta and she tells
    village was destroyed 2000 years ago and             history of the village.
    why she became immortal. She told me that
    -------------------------------------------- <> 25
    Larkeicus was behind at all...
    Sherlotta says we need a lot of crystals to        < After Sherlotta tells
    get into the tower. We have to find the lost         more stories about the
    parts of the crystals transforming machine.          Tower.
    Our adventure is just beginning!
    -------------------------------------------- <> 26
    We talked to some people in town and they          < After gathering info
    told us where to find the graveyard.                 from Selkie in Town.
    We found the part for the crystal                  < After reaching the last
    transforming machine, but a scary old                part of the Graveyard.
    witch-I mean, a super elegant lady was
    -------------------------------------------- <> 27
    hiding inside!
    We defeated the lady ghost and got the part        < After defeating the lady
    for the crystal transformer! Now we have to          ghotst in the Graveyard
    go to the library. We might find a clue about        and obtain the crystal
    where the other parts is hidden.                     transforming device.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 28
    We found an ancient book in one of the rooms       < After defeating the
    of the library. It described how to get to the       monsters in the last room
    mine.                                                in the library (center).
    We found a part for the crystal-finding            < After reaching the last
    device, but then a wall-crawling lizard              chamber in the Mine.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 29
    came along and "stole" it.
    Our machine is complete! Now we can release        < After defeating the lizard
    the power in the ruins at the top of Fire            monster in the Mine and
    Mountain and Ice Mountain. There's only one          obtain the staff.
    way to the tower, and righ now, it's
    -------------------------------------------- <> 30
    The crystal power we released from the             < After activating the ruins
    fiery ruins flowed to the gate that seals            in Fire Mountain to power
    the tower.                                           the Gate.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 31
    The crystal power we released from the icy         < After activating the ruins
    ruins flowed to the gate that seals the              in Ice Mountain to power
    tower.                                               the Gate.
    The crystal power from the two ruins flowed        < After activating the ruins
    to the gate that seals the tower.                   in both Mountains to power
                                                        the Gate.
    -------------------------------------------- <> 32
    Sherlotta created hundreds of crystals, and        < After Sherlotta uses the
    we used them to build a giant bridge to the          crystal and the staff to
    tower!                                               summon the bridge.
    We fought the mechanical sentries at the           < After reaching the final
    entrance to the tower.                               part of the bridge to the
    -------------------------------------------- <> 33
    At the very top of the tower, we found a           < After reaching the
    second Sherlotta. I'll never forgive Larkeicus       topmost floor of the Tower.
    for what he did to her. It's time for our last
    Sherlotta is gone. I'm all alone now.              < After defeating Larkeicus
                                                         for the final time (2nd
    -------------------------------------------- <> 34   form) and the ending.
    I guess I'll go and return the crystal to the
    "In the light of the Crystal,                      < After returning the crystal
    a young woman reborn.                                shard to the forest pond.
    The forest sings in joy,
    -------------------------------------------- <> 35
    Two millenia of pain overcome."
    (From a lost Chronicle found in the library.)
    <><> THANKS <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
       - GameFAQs, Neoseeker, Supercheats
            for accepting and hosting this guide
       - myself
            for making this guide
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