What is the bowser castle special attack?

  1. When you get the attack pieces from bowser castle, what special do you get?

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  1. Yes it is the magic window. If you come from the pipe in Bowser's body, use the drill bros. and go under the bars. Don't come up yet, go to the bar counter, and around there should be familliar bars. Go under and pop up to be behind the bar counter. Go through the blue pipe. In this room, fill Mario full of air, and jump up. Head right, and see the switchs with shapes on the top. You must hammer these switchs in a certain order, and then hammer the door *SPOILER ALERT, THERE ARE HINTS AROUND THE CASTLE!! IF YOU WANT TO FIND THEM YOURSELF, DON'T LOOK AT THE REST! THERE'S ALSO PLOT SPOILERS!!*

    Code: Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, door button.

    Chippy will tell you to restore your HP, and SP. He's right. Do so, and walk through the door. Now the shroobs from
    the past game (Mario and Luigi: Partners in time) have been in captivity with in this one cold, cold, room. You will have
    to battle three shroobs. Use the Green Shell, Fire Flower, Yoo Who Cannon, and Spin Pipe (for the last one). After this,
    you will get 10 attack pieces at once. This gives you the Magic Window attack.

    "I Hope this helps!!"

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  1. I beleive it was Magic window.

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  2. For Bowser it is shy guy squad. For the bros it is magic window.

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