How do I get through Flab Zone?

  1. I don't know how to get past the Flab Zone?

    User Info: Candie68

    Candie68 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Please tell us what part of the Flab Zone you are stuck at. Are you asking how to return to the Flab Zone? Is there a puzzle too challenging for you?

    User Info: HylianAngel

    HylianAngel - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Yes bowser is fat from eating food &&& now ii'm just stuck

    User Info: Candie68

    Candie68 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. *continued*

    Enter the red pipe to the next area. Save, hit the ?-Block, and hit the block back and forth again for Flab Pieces 6-9. Enter the red pipe.

    Bounce up the two platforms and hit the ?-Blocks for 10 Coins and a Syrup Jar. Head left through the green pipe.

    Bounce up to the platforms and grab two ?-Blocks for 10 Coins and a Supersyrup Jar. Another blue emoglobin in the lower right will give you another quiz for 5 coins. Answer him correctly to get 100 coins as a reward. Enter the upper right red pipe.

    This room again. Head through the lower right red pipe again.

    Save and enter the green pipe.

    Go down and hit the switch with your hammer to make a whirlwind appear. You'll learn the Spin Jump. Jump where you are standing right now to make blocks appear. There's two against the wall and three a little to the left. Spin Jump into the whirlwind then fall into the mucus to land on the platforms you created. Spin Jump right, walk into the wall, and enter a hidden area with two ?-Blocks holding an Ultra Nut and the EXP Socks.

    Go back left, fall down, and then Spin Jump into the whirlwind and Spin Jump across the platforms over the mucus to the end. Hit the Puzzle Block for Flab Piece 10 (New Bros. Attack: Jump Helmet). Enter the green pipe next to you.

    Climb up the platforms to two ?-Blocks with 5 Coins and a 1-Up Mushroom. Jump down to the bouncy ground and jump between the whirlwind and the platforms to reveal a hidden platform. Spin Jump to that platform and through the whirlwind to the next platform. Enter the red pipe.

    Mini Mario through the small gap on your right, Jump up all the platforms, and jump up to reveal more hidden blocks at the top that form a platform to the switch. Climb up and Hammer the switch. Go back to Luigi and unshrink Mario. Jump on the new ground that appeared to bounce really high.

    Another blue emoglobin, another quiz for 5 coins. Answer correctly for 200 coins. Enter the red pipe.

    Get on the bouncy flab for another ?-Block with 10 Coins. Go further ahead and between the bouncy flab for two more ?-Blocks with a Supersyrup Jar, and 25 Coins (5 hits). Jump up the platforms and Spin Jump over to the ledge with the pipes. Enter the green pipe.

    Break the two ?-Blocks for a Supersyrup Jar and Super Mushrooms. Save and go right to the next area.

    After the scene with Peach, Jump up there and Spin Jump away the orbs

    BOSS - Alpha/Beta Kretin

    Form - Attacks - How to dodge
    Alpha Kretin - Light Orb - Hammer the light orbs
    Beta Kretin - Electricity - Jump over the arcs

    At the start, the boss is 6 cells connected (Alpha Kretin). Hit red orbs with Mario and green ones with Luigi (otherwise it's invincible). Each cell has 20 HP and you can't hit blue ones. Once you hit one, the connected ones change color. During the boss's turn, a light will travel through the cells in the order the Bros. will be attacked (Red cells for Mario, Green cells for Luigi). When a single cell remains, use Jump Helmet for big damage and the boss will split into six (Beta Kretin).

    When the boss surrounds the brothers, one will flash with electricity and another will jump to signify where the electricity will arc (straight line):


    2 and 3 - Mario
    4 and 5 - Luigi
    1 and 6 - Both
    Every other combination - Nobody

    It does this a few times per attack. The six orbs retreat and then one jumps a few times. That is the true boss, so watch him. The orbs will shuffle themselves around and you have to remember which was the real boss. If you attack the wrong one, it disappears and you deal 0 damage. After a few turns it becomes Alpha Kretin again. Repeat until you finally kill it.

    Go right to the next room after the boss for another scene. Jump up the platforms to a ?-Block with 100 Coins. Head right to the next room for another scene and you'll switch back to Bowser.

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Other Answers

  1. is bowser fat from eating a lot of food?
    If not, you can't do it yet

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  2. Broken into 2 Parts.

    After Bowser's pig-out session, head to the Flab Zone as Mario and Luigi. Head up the platforms and go left to a ?-Block with a Retry Clock and a Save Block. Save and go right to the next area.

    Break the Puzzle Block for Flab Piece 1. The pink floor makes you bounce and you can press each Bros.' Jump at the moment you leave the ground to jump higher. Head in to two ?-Blocks with 5 Coins and a Super Mushroom. Head right to the next screen. After the scene, go across the platforms to the next area.

    Another scene. You'll get Luigi's Good Badge and Mario's Mushroom Badge and a tutorial battle with Tenderlings. Head up and over the mucus pit to the next area. Jump up the platforms and enter the green pipe.

    Head up the platforms to two ?-Blocks with Super Mushrooms and 5 Coins. Head right past the bouncy flab to another ?-Block. Once you hit it, a number appears. Hit the block back and forth to get Flab Pieces 2-5. Enter the green pipe.

    Jump down to the bouncy flab and keep jumping up to reveal a block platform. Get on the block platform and hit the ?-Blocks for a Super Nut, a POW Boots, and 10 Coins. Go back down and talk to the blue emoglobin. He'll give you a quiz for 5 coins. Answer him correctly to get 50 coins as a reward. The questions below will be used for all quizzes here:

    Q. Which part of Bowser's body feels a little dry? A. Throat.
    Q. What made Bowser's stomach all gurgly? A. Giga-carrot.
    Q. How does Bowser describe the design of his castle? A. Powerful and awe inspiring.
    Q. What does Bowser want to turn the Fawful Theater into? A. Bowser Theater.
    Q. What does Bowser want Chippy to do? A. Work more shifts.
    Q. What does Bowser like about Fawful's cake? A. The cream and fluffy sponge.
    Q. How's Bowser's head feeling? A. Fuzzy.
    Q. Who does Bowser not want to see most of all in his state? A. Mario
    Q. What is it about Chippy that ticks Bowser off? A. She acts superior.
    Q. What does Bowser like about Fawful's chicken? A. Its delicacy and body.
    Q. What will Bowser use to destroy Fawful's machines? A. Bob-ombs.
    Q. How does Bowser intend to finish off Fawful? A. Inhalation.
    Q. What lies inside the treasure chamber in Bowser Castle? A. Treasure taken by force.
    Q. What doesn't Bowser like about Chippy? A. She's always yapping.
    Q. How's Bowser's body doing? A. Normal.
    Q. What was the Fawful Theater at Bowser Castle previously? A. Training facility.
    Q. Of Fawful's dishes, what was Bowser's favorite? A. Spicy chicken.
    Q. What attack would Bowser use on Mario in his current state? A. Pancake Attack.
    Q. If Fawful ran away now, how would Bowser chase after him? A. Paratroopas.


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