Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

Save Game File07/12/09guy_in_a_chair256K
All but Yuzu's icon on the title screen. Yuzu, Atsuro, Midori, and Keisuke are level 99. All 8 demons in the teams are level 99. Max Macca. All routes available.
Save Game File07/08/09MAXSEGU256K
Beaten NAOYA's history. Good demons.
Save Game File03/16/10WhiteTorakizu256K
Beaten Story once ( Naoya path-Demon King ) MC lv 99-Magic nuker. Max Money, have almost Demon
Save Game File09/27/09Jet_Flash256K
Noaya + Atsuro paths completed. 1st Day. Main Char + Atsuro + Yuzu level 99. All skills. Very good Demons.
Save Game File07/22/13Folles256K
Perfect Save Game (All Six Endings and Lucifer defeated)

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